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Seventh Day of Gift-Giving
Seven Nights
... seven prompts about seven nights
The night was still young. Everything was possible in a night like this.
Light fell through the window, illuminating the couple lying in bed, entangled with each other and perfectly content with it.
Nothing was how she wanted it to be and she desperately wished for this night to be over.
It was the middle of the night, when the ringing of the phone woke them up.
Their nights together were spent more sleepless than they may have wanted in the morning.
On a dark and rainy night six people changed the way their lives would go from now on.
Kissing each other good night was the one thing they would never miss in their night time routine.
24 Days of Gift-Giving
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writingwithfolklore · 8 hours
10 Questions to Ask About your Protagonist
What’s their ancestry? Where’s their family from? Do they know? Are they proud of their ancestors?
If they could be or do anything in the world, who would they be? What would they be doing? What does their ideal world look like?
How is their relationship to their family? How often do they speak (if at all)? How close do they feel with them?
How do they cope with stress? What’s their main go-to comfort?
What skills do they have? What skills do they not have that they maybe should’ve learned?
An accident has occurred, who are they calling first? Who are they closest with, and who do they trust the most? Are those two the same person? (And who would call them in the same situation?)
What responsibilities do they have? School, work, personal?
How do they feel about their government? Or other forms of authority?
What’s their perfect day look like?
What would absolutely destroy them? What can’t they live without?
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notpikaman · 9 hours
Tumblr media
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theplottery · 2 days
Sad plot ideas besides killing characters
Need sad story ideas that aren’t character deaths? I’ve got you covered! Here's 14 sad plot ideas that don't require character deaths!
Having to give up an item of huge emotional importance A leader being abandoned by their own people
Redemption arc that comes just a little too late Making a mistake that’s too big to be forgiven for
Unrequited love with a childhood best friend Betrayal by a sibling, parent or child
Realizing who they truly love when it’s too late Not being believed by those closest to them when it really matters
A character who’s completely at peace with their tragic destiny Relapsing on an addiction after doing so well
Making an honest mistake that leads to horrible consequences and endangers people they love Trying so hard time and time again, and still not achieving any results
Having to watch a friend or family get tortured without being able to stop it Realizing someone they love is in danger, but they’re the ones who sent them into it
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laila--things · 2 days
Tumblr media
Uzun soluklanışların ardında, büyük yıkımlar bırakmış bedeni. Artık anlatmak değil de anlaşılmak isteyen ruh hali de ondan bezmiş...
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what-iz-life · 3 days
Maturity is healing and unlearning your own toxic patterns, so you don't unconsciously pass your pain onto people who didn't hurt you.
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nixylubouv · 1 day
💫Writing Prompt #57
Villain’s next master plan involves faking their death and then once everyone’s guard is down making a comeback. It’s going well so far, but before they start getting to the actual comeback part, Hero goes nuclear. They’re on a rampage vowing to destroy the person who ‘killed’ Villain while proclaiming to the world that they loved Villain deeply. Expect….Villain killed Villain? And Hero’s kind of taking over their job? And also Hero loves them?! Villain is terrified. Maybe it’ll be safer to keep feigning death after all.
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Dialogue Prompt
"Killing someone is the easiest thing in the world."
"Pillow over their mouth?"
"Poison in their tea?"
"Missing breaks and ice on the road?"
"Easy peasy"
"...You guys need therapy."
-Mod Vienna @see-through-stars
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corvidiss · 3 days
when someone calls an animal “old girl” i'm like screaming kicking biting oh my GOD she's weathered!! she's wise!! they've been friends for years and they know her so well!! she's a vibrant yet gentle soul!!! they have a bond that could write legends and she is valued for her experience and her reliability!!!!!
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sleepyprompts · 2 days
Prompt #874
“Oh, is that all? I thought you meant something terrible.”
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ghostly-prompts · 5 hours
Prompt #432
I am begging you.
Just one more.
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pettyprompts · 3 days
“What a terrible fate to suffer.”
“It’s only terrible from your perspective. For me, this is perfectly acceptable,” they studied themself in the mirror, admiring the pulsating inky darkness of their new form, “preferable, even.”
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notpikaman · 9 hours
Tumblr media
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blackrosesandwhump · 2 days
Whump Prompt 82
Write something inspired by this line of dialogue:
"Kill me, and put an end to my tainted blood."
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I Write With Pastels (Embracing Imperfection)
                I am no where near a perfect writer, and I try to get that across on this blog often because as long as I’ve been writing and as much practice I’ve had, it’s important to remember every writer is going through a constant journey of learning and improving—always. Forever.
One of my biggest hurdles in writing is that I tend to write with pastels. By that, I mean I tend to make things pretty, and simple. I shy away from allowing my characters to be gross, or messy, or painfully embarrassing. I love creating worlds that exist in shades of pink and perfection—and it holds me back.
                What I’m really doing is protecting my characters, and myself, from discomfort, embarrassment, and imperfection. Ultimately, I’m censoring out their humanity.
                The truth is, humans are complicated and flawed creatures that mess up and say the wrong things and sometimes smell bad or look bad and not in an aesthetic way, but a horribly hits-too-close-to-home human way.
                I think when we get caught up in these aesthetics—the cool thief, the beautiful intellectual, the figure in the lighthouse—we can forget that they are meant to connect to readers, and they do so through their humanity.
                So get rid of the pastel filters, really delve into that imperfection we all share. That’s why we’re all here, and that’s the best way to connect your characters to the people across the page from them.
                Good luck! (To me, and you)
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theplottery · 15 hours
How to spot info-dumps
Afraid you’re info-dumping in your novel?
Here are some big things to look out for, and make sure you’re not overloading your readers with information
Backstories Sometimes a few sentences to place a person in some context can be a great way to paint a picture of someone. But going too deeply into their backstories and telling us where they came from can feel a little cheat-y to your readers.
Dialogue dumps Dialogue dumping can be spotted by putting yourself in the position of your characters in their current moment and asking whether they would ACTUALLY be saying the information you’re having them say, or the person they’re talking to might already know it.
Exposition & world-building Does your reader truly need to know all the amazing details about your world right off the bat? Likely the answer is no. The hard truth is that most of your world-building won’t explicitly make it into your book. If you find yourself explaining how things work in your world, it’s a surefire sign of info-dumps.
Prologues Don’t use your prologue as an excuse to info-dump everything you think your reader needs to understand the story. It won’t stick and it won’t be important to them before they’ve actually connected with your characters. Organic world-building throughout your story will always capture more attention! Prologues are for setting up questions, not answering them!
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laila--things · 2 days
Tumblr media
Hayatın içinden geçerken, kalbine uğradıklarınız olsun...
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what-iz-life · 2 days
One day you will look back and realize that your timing was perfect, and why things had to happen the way they did. To protect you, to guide you and to redirect you to where you were always meant to be. Trust the process of your evolution and growth - it's all divine timing.
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