funnytwittertweets · 19 hours ago
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one-time-i-dreamt · a day ago
I was waiting in some weird town to get on a train to this facility (?) inside Mt. Paektu. I managed to befriend someone before finally getting on the train. When we arrived at the facility, the mountain started erupting and everyone got boiled alive.
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thepeacefulgarden · a day ago
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And those aren't your people.
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entropy-sea-system · 2 days ago
You are allowed to have boundaries about friendship, including not wanting to participate in it at all
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harriyanna · 2 days ago
yall don’t be wanting to be friends with people cause you don’t think they cute enough to talk to you and ion like that. 
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2pretttyy · a day ago
currently inna hot tub with @angelfckdoll both of us scrolling on tumblr with a joint in hand <3
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0ut-of-my-head · 2 days ago
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Be honest. What’s it like to be human? Is it better than a Nine-tailed Fox? I thought it’d all be wonderful, but it’s not. How do I put it? There are just so many variables. Variables? I'm astigmatic. And only on one side.
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shyblacksheep · 2 days ago
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[ X ] Her best friends~
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drcouts · a day ago
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To my Darling Rebel: things that reminded me about her during our afternoon date ♥️👑 @ms-rebelheart
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divineexpression999 · a day ago
It feels difficult to really get close to someone in a non romantic way. It takes time & effort. Are people willing to give a friendship time? Are people willing to invest in a new friendship? Are people willing to open up? Just like a romantic relationship, we have to click & develop comfortability in being with each other. It feels easier to get close in a romantic container. I'm going to explore this! I deserve new & authentically fulfilling friendships.
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ashleyfableblack · 2 days ago
A Little Tea for Two is the perfect setting for airing grievances with an old friend and learning a bit about perspective.
Tumblr media
Twilight sipped at her tea and listened intently.
"See, the thing I don't get, Twi-" Applejack set her flagon on the table and raised her hooves, frogs up in a gesture of non-aggression and neutrality. "Nothin' against Chryssi. She's your wife and I respect that. I respect her. We're all friends." She bunched her eyebrows in frustration. "But why is it that with you, she's all peaches n'cream, like somethin' outta one of Rarity's little romance books but with me, she's always hackin' on me?"
"Hacking on you?" The queen arched an eyebrow and cocked her head to one side, confused by the unfamiliar phrasing.
"Yeah. Half the time she's pickin' at me like she's about to bop me one. The rest of the time- if I didn't know any better, I'd think she's about to try and have marital relations with me."
Twilight brightened. "Oh! That's just because she loves you." With a pleasant smile and a light glow to her horn she lifted a few sugarcubes in her magenta aura and dropped them into her tea.
Applejack's eye twitched. Her brow shot up so sharply she had to snatch her hat before it hopped from her head. The orange farm pony sat in silence, stone-cold frozen as she attempted to process what she was almost certain she could not have heard.
"She what?"
Twilight stirred her tea. Staring into the cup she monitored the tiny white blocks of sweetness as they interacted with the herbal mixture. She repeated herself a bit more slowly and with sharper pronunciation. "She loves you."
For several seconds there was no sound between the two mares.
Applejack's uncomfortable silence caused Twilight to look up. The queen had to stifle a giggle when she saw her old friend's face twisted up in a shattered tableau of confusion. It reminded her of the morning they'd spent relaxing at the Apple family farm, cloud-watching and the two had come across a overly affectionate grass snake trying to mate with a garden hose.
"Not like that, of course. Not romantic love. We're married, after all and a closed couple." Twilight tried to reassure her old friend. "VERY closed. You wouldn't believe how seriously Chryssi takes fidelity."
Applejack's expression remained one of pained effort. Twilight chuckled and patted the old farmer's hoof.
"A.J., you're one of my best friends. You're practically family. To Chryssi, that makes you part of her hive so she treats you the way she thinks you want to be treated."
"She what?" Applejack was incredulous. "She thinks I WANT her to be giving me the business all the time? Being all flirty and teasing with me and- and pushing on my buttons like all that?"
"Well, of course. She's an emotivore. That's how she sees Rainbow Dash treat you and you two are married so naturally she follows suit with what behavior she sees makes you happiest."
"Rainbow doesn't-" Applejack reigned in her rising voice and paused. Her jaw squared as the farmer considered this new information against what she understood. A thousand and one interactions played out in her mind. The shoving and prodding, the racy jokes and teasing. From the times they'd bar-hopped the weekend away to their impromptu cussing matches and bawdy laughter. Though the changeling queen was almost four times her size and far less colorful, covered in chitin and dripping with venom, her raunchy sense of humor, aggressive demeanor and overall tomboyish antics were every bit a mirror to those of Applejack's one and only.
"Hunh. Well... how about that."
Twilight smirked knowingly over the lip of her cup as she took a long slow sip. Through the soft haze of steam she watched the realization dawn across Applejack's face. She felt that warm sense of guiding pride she'd developed since assuming the role of Queen alongside her bughorse wife.
Twilight set her cup aside and gently dabbed at her lips with a napkin. "If you'd like I can have a talk with her about respecting boundaries in the future. I'm sure she'll be understanding."
"No." Applejack waved a hoof, chuckling. "No, I don't think you'll be needin' any of that."
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bookquotesfrombooks · a day ago
“I don’t like knowing people in the context of things. … Because once the context ends, so does the friendship.”
Jennette McCurdy
I’m Glad My Mom Died
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akindplace · 7 months ago
Allow people to like you, to enjoy your company, to want to be your friend. Allow them to compliment you, allow others to think you're cool and funny even if you think you're not. It is not up to you to tell others how to feel, and remember that people might see the positive things in you and qualities that you have been failing to see while being too self-critical. Allow yourself to be liked by other people, even when you don't see why they should. Don't self-isolate because you think you are not good enough for other people.
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miss-bibbles · 3 months ago
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friendship lives in little things and little things make up love. and what is love if not knowing everything about them before you know their name?
just something i made for school on the prompt internet. to my best friends and to my amazing online friends &lt;3
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peasunflower · 9 months ago
I'm in love with involuntary validation of a relationship. My best friend saying "our spot", my brother saying "our cookie recipe" or my mum saying "our song". Like YES I LOVE YOU TOO. I'm so soft for it.
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jaubaius · 3 months ago
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beardedmrbean · 3 months ago
Boys will be boys
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