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Tumblr media
Starting the week with this one in mind. Every single moment is a new birth.
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𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐞 — 𝐛𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: steve harrington x fem!reader
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: smut, breeding kink, unprotected sex, p in v, daddy kink, nickname mama, vanilla lovey dovey shit, porn with feels LMAO, so many feels, steve has it BAD — kinktober masterlist
Tumblr media
steve harrington is tipsy. not drunk, nowhere near drunk, but buzzed enough to go on his familiar gushing rant about you - his beautiful girlfriend, future mother to his six children - to his friends. nancy rolls her eyes, robin grins and eddie faux pukes, all the while steve’s lovesick puppy eyes never fall out of place, never falter, not even once. steve harrington is sweet on you. steve harrington is in love.
when you wander in from a separate room, smiley and laughing and seeking steve’s warmth and affection, he pushes up and meets you by the door, wraps thick arms around you and smiles into your hair.
“hi, my pretty. daddy missed you.”
“oh, that’s how you’re feeling, huh?” you tease, endeared and turned on all at once by his hunger for you.
“mmh, need you bad, mama. wanna put a baby in ya.”
you prickle at his words and press yourself closer, further into his welcoming embrace.
“then what’re you waiting for?”
you’re under him in no time following a giggly journey to the bedroom, slow undressing where you bask in each other’s presence; hands clasp each other and drift, roam to other places until he’s rutting into your hand and you’re moaning into his mouth and he’s pressing into you from above, pushing his thick cock into you, watching in awe as your soft cunt parts and flares around him.
“my sweet wife,” he moans into your neck, pausing in his slow, steady pistoning of his hips. his sack is heavy, the skin pressed flush against your drooling cunt as you squirm and push back against him.
“we’re not married yet, baby.”
“wanna be. wanna be- fuck - married to you. my angel, heaven sent. need’a keep you forever. wanna put a baby in you, knock you up ‘til you’re all round.”
“so do it,” you murmur. you rub your hands up his chest and smile, nothing but adoration in your eyes for your sweet boyfriend.
“you know what you do to me. what- shit, ah- what that does to me, angel? you want daddy to knock you up? cum in you ‘til it takes?”
“yeah, yeah.” you’re breathless, grappling for any sort of stability against him as his pace quickens; your heartbeat is fast, and his faster as he tenses and collapses against you.
“fuck, mama, i’m gonna cum. your pussy is unreal.”
and he does, ropes of it, thick and almost unending, filling you to the brim until you leak. he continues even after, pushing his thumb against the little button that turns you to mush, the swollen bud that quivers and trembles with arousal as he builds you up and coaxes you to orgasm. you wail and gush and he holds you down, presses you to the soft mattress as your legs kick and you try to escape from the pressure bearing down on your tired body.
“one more, angel. one more and we’ll stop.”
and he pulls one more from you, your muscles strung and tight with the tension of a coiled spring until it all releases with a sob. it’s cathartic, the way you let go and he does with you, presses sweet kisses to your shining cheeks, your spitslick lips and your shoulders, collarbones, every inch of skin he can reach until you’re both spent, laying in a jumbled mess of limbs.
you hold each other tight until the music of the party fades and everyone wanders home. and you have steve. alone, in the quiet hours of the night, pressed against his neck and breathing in the smell of his hair and his skin and even his sweat. you watch him as he dozes, peaceful and unaware.
“i love you, stevie.”
“i love you.” he answers, muffled, even in slumber.
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Worldbuilding Categories | Part 1
I'd like to preface this with two things:
worldbuilding is complex; none of this is exhaustive, but rather a starting point
unless you're doing this for RPG purposes or you're George R.R. Martin, you don't need to have a comprehensive bible on every aspect of every little thing. start with what is important to you and the story you're telling.
Tumblr media
Most common by geographic location, demographic, religion, etc. Dead languages. Pidgin + creole languages. Different dialects, pronunciation, and communication issues within a language. Class and economic influence. Generational differences, slang, and evolving connotations of words. Education and preservation of languages. Monolingual, bilingual, polyglot prevalence.
[Folklore encompasses legends, tales, proverbs, and myths.]
Origin of lore (religion, morality, societal need/panic, historical sightings or explanations of (super)natural events...) Focus of lore (agricultural, seasonal, health/wellness, lessons...) Common themes (deities, supernatural, cryptids...) Expression of lore (oral tradition, art, dance, rituals...)
Oral vs. written. Types of recording + distribution. Common and popular genres, themes, lessons... Importance in society and certain demographics.
Folk art, "high" vs "low" art, fine art, popular art, classic art. Common mediums. Popular themes. How it's valued, displayed, traded/sold. Influence of socioeconomics, religion, region, history, demographics... Societal view of artists, mediums, and importance of art.
Stage plays, narrative dance, operas/musicals, radio, television, film, literary/poetic performance... Geographic and socioeconomic access. "Art" criteria can be applied here as well.
Instruments. Purposes (religious, traditional, entertainment...). Lyricism and composition. Performance, recording, + distribution. Genres, themes, popularity. Perception of different variations. Prevalence and importance. Interaction with political movements and modernity. Accessibility of composition and consumption.
Who is valued above others (royalty, politicians, public figures, artists, performers, writers, certain families...) How gossip and information about celebrities are shared + consumed. Trends and crazes. Reality vs. generated press.
Available fabric, dyes, labor, + technology. Expectations of modesty. Class and occupational influence. Social importance of style + quality (+ possibly brand or designer). Gendered considerations (both of wear and creation of fashion). Implications of certain colors, materials, symbolism...
Access. Restaurants, street vendors, chefs... Recipe distribution. Popularity or disapproval of cuisine from different groups. Agricultural considerations. Preparation, processing, health and safety regulation, trade/sale... Diet culture. Delicacies and comfort foods. Hunting + gathering. Who's in charge of each stage of food from acquisition to plate.
Water + Sanitation
Cost and accessibility of clean water. Sewage. Running water. Bathing. Hot water. Rural vs. city. What happens to gray and black water. Toilets.
Historical significance. Modern view + prevalence. Branches + denominations. Conflict between groups. Church vs. state in government. Religion-based assumption of rights/ownership (colonization, crusades...).
Religion (individual)
Monotheistic, pantheistic, polytheistic, no deities... Prophets, messengers, spiritual beings (like angels or demons)... Closed or open religion. Written or documented material. Historical and cultural significance. Traditions, holidays, and other sacred practices. Buildings, sites, objects, and other sacred physical things. Afterlife belief. Magic. The "soul" and values/morals.
Holidays, Traditions, + Celebrations
Cultural and religious influence. Government recognition. Birthdays, equinoxes, lunar/solar calendars, anniversaries, births, marriages... Parties, parades, gifts, gatherings, ceremonies. Food, dress, location. Associated symbolism.
Marriage, Family, + Parenting
Age, gender, socioeconomic, religious, race/ethnicity considerations for partnerships. Marriage definition, importance, + practices. Birth vs. adopted children. Surrogacy. Community and extended family involvement with childrearing. Morality and ideas of "sanctity" around partnership/marriage. Legality and legacy of family. Strict vs. gentle parenting. Views of parental involvement vs. nannies, wet nurses, + other childcare. Single parenthood. Polyamory and multiple "direct" parents. Divorce, remarrying, + step-parenting. Family pride, loyalty, name importance...
Non-Religious Beliefs
Anything that (even if originally rooted in religion) has become mainstream, commonplace, universal, or widespread. Etiquette and manners. Superstitions. Understanding of science and the natural world. Ethics.
The type of government and its popularity among the masses. Voting + the people's voice. Political parties + important families. Politicians. Corruption. Inherited vs. elected vs. appointed positions. Divisions (local, designated counties/states, federal...). Branches of government. Executive power. Inherited power.
Law (Enforcement + Judiciary Systems)
Who defines and implements the law. Geographic divisions of law and enforcement. Systems of law enforcement and judiciary procedure (e.g. police vs FBI, local court vs. Supreme Court). Investigations, trials, sentencing, punishment or rehabilitation efforts. Forensics and law enforcement ethics. Community-based efforts. Non-government positions (lawyers, advocates, informants, clerks...). Procedures, protocols, and protection of individual rights. Emergency response and law enforcement patrol.
Religious + cultural influence/view on criminality of acts or substances. Prevalence of crime and prejudiced/preconceived ideas of certain crimes/criminals. Legality of certain substances or services (such as marijuana or sex work). How it affects perception or traffic of certain areas/times of day. Disparities in who is victimized, suspected, and prosecuted.
Tumblr media
As always, take what is helpful and leave the rest.
Again, this is far from exhaustive and more of an attempt to kickstart your brainstorming. There are always caveats and asterisks and whatever else because every world, universe, galaxy, etc is incredibly varied.
Take what ya need and happy writing!
[Call it Good] Writing
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Tumblr media
after reading that kind of fic you need one too
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Eddie X Reader - Best friends to lovers
I think I might love you
Part 2:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Word count: 4k words
Warning: 18+
Cunnilingus, creampies, naming kink, public sex. Kissing. Drug misuse, school skipping.
Tumblr media
Eddie had slept over at your house for the second time this week, looking at him all frazzled and messy hair made him look adorable. His raspy voice was turning you on every second, you wore his t-shirts to bed. He knew you looked good in them, the eyes he would make as he watched you get out of bed. It had been a month since you first slept together, you adored each other.
''We should really go to school today Eds'' you speak into your mug of coffee, hair still a mess. His clothes clinging to your body as he kissed your shoulder and neck.
''But why? I want to stay in bed all day with you'' His words were muffled as he continued to kiss your body, goosebumps appeared on your skin making you roll your eyes and smirk.
''I'm being serious Eds, we have to graduate this year'' you turned to face him, lightly kissing him and raising your eyebrows at him.
He rolled his eyes, sighing as he fell down onto the bed hard. You laughed lightly as you watched him be dramatic. Getting up, you opened your closet and began picking your outfit for the day. Eddie's clothes were neatly folded in the drawer next to your hanging clothes, you threw the clean clothes at him. Watching his eyes widen in amazement at the clothes being hurled towards him.
''My mom cleaned them for you'' your words were quieter as your head became buried inside your closet.
He had changed out of his current clothes and into the fresh clothes you had just thrown at him. He looked good. His older clothes were crumpled on the floor by your bed, sighing you walked over and picked them.
Noticing that Eddie’s eyes hadn’t left you, you were in a black lace bra with mismatching panties but his eyes widened at the sight of you. Smiling at him, you disappeared back into your closet before throwing down a combination of clothes that would create your outfit for the day.
You had chosen, a black velvet mini skirt, thick black tights with a cropped pastel pink colour with a short sleeve that’s hem barely kissed the waist band of the skirt so when you move, small peaks of your skin are shown. As you searched around the matching headband and other assorted accessories. All the while, Eddie was lay on your bed just staring at you. He knew that you dressed up for school, he'd been your best friend for a long time. He'd seen the darkest parts of you, he'd seen your bra strap in the back of his van, he'd seen how your eyes lit up when you saw something that excited you. The excited run you do when it began to snow in the middle of the winter.
But he had never seen you in your bedroom deciding clothes for school, or how annoyed you got at him just lying on your bed trying to force him to go to school with you.
''Eddie, are you ready to go?'' You turned around, your outfit was nearly done. Grabbing your knee high combat boots, that had matching pastel pink hearts scattered across them.
''Fuck'' he muttered under his breath as you zipped up your boots, you smiled to yourself as you pretended not to hear him.
''Yes, I am. Shall we go?'' he linked your hands together, your bag was slung across your shoulder as you wandered down the stairs. His shoes were dangling in his hands, he quickly put them on his feet as you called your goodbyes to your parents.
You went out the door first, Eddie smacked your ass as you went past, lifting up with skirt. You squealed, holding your skirt in place and shooting him a look, he smirks and chases you towards his van. Grabbing you and pushing against the passenger door, kissing you passionately. His tongue slid inside your mouth, you sucked on his tongue making him moan softly. You feel his trousers bulge up as you continue kissing him on your driveway.
“We should go Eddie, we’re going to be late” you break away from the kiss. Nothing the lust in his eyes, he continues kissing you.
“Let’s skip, I just wanna kiss you. Be with you” his hands travel their way down your body, lifting up your skirt and rubbing over your underwear. Making you shiver.
“Eddie, my parents” you push him away slightly, pretending to sulk. He kisses you once more before stepping back to look at you.
“Fine, goody two shoes. Let’s go” he winks at you before walking over to his side of the car.
The drive to school was long, Eddie’s fingers were hammering on the steer wheel as you were stuck behind queues of traffic. Everyone the road had decided to leave at the same time.
Impatiently, Eddie’s hand travelled to your thigh. Rubbing across your underwear, smirking as you gasped loudly. Your head tipping back as slipped underneath your underwear, his cold hand touching your warm pulsating clit. With a single touch, you moaned loudly as he moved in circles your hips began to buck up. Your eyes looking at him with lust as he moved the car slowly forward.
“Eddie”you gasped, your hands and fingernails gripping onto the seats with pleasure as he smacked your clit with his hand. You didn’t want him to stop as he rubbed your juices around making you moan louder.
He switched between lightly smacking your clit and rubbing it faster each time, there was a slight bulge in his pants as his attention flickered between you and the road. He was biting his lip quite hard, gasping as he felt you getting wetter and wetter.
Your hips were practically touching the ceiling as you moved with his hand, moaning loudly. Your eyes tightly shut, your ass slightly numb from grinding it hard on the cold seat. His hand moved and gripped your ass cheek, making you whimper and move your hand to touch yourself. Noticing his, he shot an annoyed look and pushed your hand away from yourself.
“Only I’m allowed to touch you” he growled, his hand began rubbing your clit faster and harder this time as he continued to move the car.
Your moans filled up the car as your eyes rolled back in pleasure, your hips still bucking at the sensation. Feeling your body tingle and shake as he rubbed your clit harder into your orgasm, your body shook violently as you moaned loudly. You came hard, covering his hand and your underwear. He didn’t stop moving his hand until your body began shaking once more.
“Eddie, you’re going to make me cum again. Oh fuck” your moans had got louder and louder, your eyes rolling back hard as your body trembled in the car seat. You came hard once more, coating the car seat with your cum.
Eddie’s eyes were full of amazement and lust, his bulge in his pants had got bigger. He was grinding his dick against his chair as he made you cum again.
He was driving the back lanes to school, noticing a lay-by he pulled in at the side of the road. Turning the car of for a second, turning your legs to face him as he buried his hand between your thighs and he began to lick your cum up from your thighs and pussy. Moaning loudly as he did. Your body trembled once more as the feel of his tongue, gasping underneath him.
“I want you to fuck me Eddie” you gasped, his eyes shot up to look at you. He had a look of greed in his eyes as he sucked on your clit lightly, slowly inserting a finger inside you and watching you whimper beneath him.
He curled his fingers inside you until he felt you become wetter and wetter around his finger before inserting another finger inside you.
“Fuck Eddie” you moaned loudly, he was grunting between your thighs as you got wetter.
“Let’s move into the back” he growled at you, you nodded as his face moved from you. Giving you room to climb over him, he spank your ass as you moved past his head. Gasping, you turned back to smirk at him. He winked at you before climbing over the seats.
He unbuckled his jeans, letting them fall to his ankles as he positioned himself closer to you. You were lying back on one of the chairs, your legs spread apart. Your hand reached across and stroked his dick making him groan and twitch. That look of greed appeared once more in his eyes.
His hands grasped your face as he kissed you roughly, sucking on your tongue before rubbing his tip around in your juices. Inserting himself slowly inside you, you both gasped at the sensation. He groaned at the feeling of being inside you.
“Fuck” he grunted as he slide all the way inside you, your legs were wrapped around his waist as he slowly thrusted inside you.
You were already quite wet, with every thrust the noises of you growing wetter and wetter. Your hips moved with him, riding his dick as he thrust slowly inside you. You could feel him twitching, tightening yourself around him as he pounded into you.
“You feel so good” his hand had found it way around your throat as he moved quicker and quicker inside you, his eyes locking with yours as they rolled back. You felt yourself shake as he fucked you, slowly fucking you into your orgasm.
“Fuck, Eddie. I’m cumming” your eyes roll back, your body shaking as he continues to fuck you. Your gasps and moans echo throughout the van, he mumbles under his breath as he feels you wetter around his dick.
His dick twitching inside you as you tighten around him, slowly beginning to move on his dick. Reaching up to his neck and choking him, he groaned loudly as you squeezed harder.
“Give it to me Eddie, fill me up with your cum” you suddenly felt a sudden primal urge to be completely full of his cum. As you moved on his dick, needing him to cum inside you.
His moans got louder and raspier as he thrust inside you, your hands tighter on his neck. His body tensing up inside you with every word you spoke, his eyes closing tightly as he painted.
“Fuck, I’m going to cum” he groaned loudly as you continued to move. His voice was struggling with the tightness of your hands around his neck. He painted hard as you felt him empty himself inside you.
He continued to fuck you after he finished, your legs were still tightly around his waist. Your hands loosened around his neck as he leant forward and kissed you sloppily, he grunted as you thrusted your hips closer to his. His eyes tightly shut once more as he came for the second time inside you, you moaned at the sensation.
“Fuck Eddie” you bit your lip as his eyes opened, staring at you full of lust. You didn't care in that moment that you were both late for school. You both stayed in that position, him still inside you for a couple of minutes longer.
He slide out of you, his hands grasping your face. Grinning at you happily, some of his cum was dripping lightly down your thighs. He felt this and wiped his fingers in before placing his fingers back inside you until he was sure that it was deeper enough in.
You both changed back into your clothes, sitting back in the front of the van staring at each other. It replaying over and over in your mind as he kissed you, pulling out a blunt from his pocket and winking at you.
''We might as well be high when we finally arrive at school'' he smirked at you, you rolled your eyes and begun rolling down your window.
''Well, I don't want to reek of weed Eddie'' shooting him a concerned look, he rolled his eyes and cranked his window open too.
Smoke filled up the van quickly as he began smoking, he looked hot as the blunt moved from his mouth. Your eyes fixated on him in amazement. He was so pretty, his sweaty hot face was hidden by clouds of smoke as he leaned closer to you and handed you the blunt. You took a drag and hung your hand out the window, feeling paranoid about stinking of weed before school. You smiled sheepishly at him when passing the blunt back to him.
After finishing the blunt, he flicked the reminder of the end onto the floor outside. Taking one last look at you before driving off, his hand was gripping onto your thigh the whole drive there.
You were feeling the effects of the blunt as he pulled into the school car park. His music was blaring out the window when the car came to a hault, standing outside at the front steps was the principal. You sighed and got out the car, Eddie lit a cigarette as you walked towards the school entrance.
“I would like Mr Munson to come with me, you hurry off to class please Miss” she firmly scowled at you both.
Eddie grabbed your face with his hands and kissed you sloppily before nodded to you. Panicking you rushed off quickly into the school, you had English. As you hurried into the classroom, all eyes were fixated onto you making you blush heavily. You found a spare seat and sat down, opening your books and began focusing. Your thoughts drifted to Eddie.
As the day went by, you didn’t see Eddie in the corridor. The Hellfire Club were scurrying about, to quickly for you to even get a chance to ask.
You glumly walked around the school, in and out of classes. Worried about Eddie, as the bell rang at the end of the day. You wondered out of the classroom and right into a familiar smell, looking up you saw a long curly haired boy grinning down at you.
“Hey, sweetheart”
He had an un lit cigarette in his mouth, his arm fell naturally around your shoulder as he led you out of the school.
“You had a good day?” He asked, lifting his cigarette. Exhaling a cloud of smoke as his brown eyes pierced into you, making you blush.
“It was okay, I thought about you a lot” you turned your head to try and hide your red hot cheeks. His hand felt cold against your skin as he turned your head to look at him, he as smiling at you.
“Oh yeah? Well I thought about you too Sweetheart” his body was closer to you now, exhaling the smoke away from your face as he looked down at your lips.
“Really?” Your big eyes stared up at him, licking your lips as his hand caressed your cheek.
“Of course I did Sweetheart. How could not think about a pretty little thing like you?” He watched as you blushed at his words, he smiled again turning his head away to exhale.
“Let’s get you home” he stroked your face before throwing the cigarette on the ground and stubbing it with his boots.
Throwing his arm around you as you walked to his van, he opened the door for you and smacked your ass as you climbed up inside it making you squeal. He laughed and walked around the other side, his hand placed back on your thigh as he drove to yours.
Once he arrived at yours, he pulled up outside and turned to look at you.
“Do you want to come in?” You began playing with your hands, diverting your attention between him and your lap. Hoping that he would say yes.
“I will, only for a little bit. I do need to see my uncle at some point but I would like to see you first” he smiled at you and turned off his van.
His hand travelled up your thigh, lightly touching your underwear. Watching you gasp as he leant forward to kiss you, his tongue sliding inside your mouth as he rubbed across your underwear. Feeling you suddenly become wetter and smirked into the kiss.
Thankfully your parents were home yet as his hand moved quicker, making your hips thrust in the chair.
“I want you Eddie, let’s go inside” you gasped into his mouth. He smirked once more, moving his hand under your underwear and stroking your clit. His bulge getting bigger in his pants, he nodded and removed his hands from you.
Opening the door, you rushed after him. Unlocking the front door quickly, he pushed you against the closest wall and kissed you passionately. Moaning into your mouth as you stumbled towards the sofa, his hands pulled down your underwear as you unbuckled his jeans.
His head was instantly kissing your thighs and your clit, moving his tongue in the shape of his name. Your hands gripping onto his hair, forcing him deeper between your legs as you moaned into the room. Your eyes tightly closed as he ate you out, making you wetter and wetter. His fingers made their way to your opening, softly inserting one finger as he sucked hard on your clit. You moaned as he curled his finger inside you, feeling you getting wetter. He softly inserted another finger and began moving quickly inside you, listening to your moans and gasping noises as you tugged onto to his hair.
“Fuck Eddie” you were already getting closer and closer to cumming as he sucked hard on your clit, your hips bucking at the sensation. His free hand began playing with your nipples, feeling them get harder with each touch. He continued until you moaned loudly, your eyes rolling back as you twitched. Your legs began shaking as your body got close to cumming, Eddie noticed this and moving his body so that he was lying down, his legs either side of you.
''Get on top of me. I want you to ride me'' he looked at you, watching as you moved positions. Aligning to lower yourself down onto his dick, groaning as you felt him fill you up.
You began grinding against his dick, your hands rubbing his chest as his hands dug into your hips. Moving you back and forth with his hands, groaning as his tip grinds inside of you. Tightening yourself around him, your head is tilted back as you begin to move faster. It felt good grinding against his dick, his moans were broken up as his dick pulsated inside you. His eyes were tightly shut as you tilted your back and moved up his dick, grinding faster against him.
''Oh fuck, you feel so good'' his broken moans, moved as he grabbed you by your waist holding you down and thrusting into you. The tip of his dick hitting your sweet spot, causing you to moan loudly.
''I want to make you cum'' you moaned loudly as he continued to pound into you, your legs began shaking as you reached climax. You came hard, coating his dick with your cum as he gasped and grunted beneath you, his eyes rolling back as you tightened yourself around him.
''Fuck, someone was horny'' he smirked slightly, letting go of you as you began grinding against his dick again. Feeling the urge to make him cum in you.
''Stay still'' you growled at him, doing as he was told. He let his head fall back back on the arm of the sofa. Watching you grind against his dick, using your cum as lube.
The couch began creaking loudly as your bodies together, back and forth against his dick. His hands were tightly holding onto your hips, he groaned loudly as you tightened yourself around him. Not listening to you, he threw you onto your back and began thrusting into you. Groaning into your ear, leaving wet sloppy kisses on your neck. Your hands moved down his back leaving scratch marks, digging your nails into his ass cheeks. Moaning as you felt him move in and out of you, still tight around his dick.
“You feel so good, I really want you to cum in me Eddie” you panted down his ear, at your words he suddenly began pounding quicker and quicker inside you. Making you moan really loudly, still gripping onto his cheeks. Your legs tightly wrapped around him, not wanting him to pull out.
He groaned and grunted his body twitching as you felt him empty himself inside you, as he continued to fuck you. He hit your sweet spot, causing you to gasp and pant loudly as you came once more on his dick. He continued until he knew that he had finished and had fucked his cum deeper inside you.
Staying on that position for a few moments, he stared at you with a big smile on his face. Grabbing your face and kissing you sloppily, his tongue sliding into your mouth. You made out for a few minutes longer, before deciding to get changed. As Eddie was pulling his trousers up his legs, you both heard the noises of cars pulling up to your drive. Panicking you grabbed his hand and rushed up the stairs, tripping on your way up. You crawled quickly up the stairs and into your bedroom, falling onto the floor together laughing as you waited for your parents to enter the house.
Staring at him softly as you heard the noises of your mom opening the front door and shouting upstairs to you. You waited for a few moments before peeking your head around the door and smiling down to your mom.
“Do you and Eddie want something to eat?” She raised her eyebrows at you and smiled. You nodded, before Eddie pulled you back into the room and pushed you against the door.
“Convince me to go downstairs” he mumbled into your neck as he peppered sloppy kisses on your skin, making you laugh but gasp at the sensation. Some of his cum was making your thighs stick together as his body was pressed against yours.
“Eddie” you giggled. “Please come down, for me” you raised your eyebrows at him, he tutted and sighed. Moving away from you and gesturing for you to lead the way. You grabbed his hand and led him downstairs. As you got halfway down the stairs, he pinched your ass cheek making you squeal lightly and turning around to glare at him with a smile. He winked at you, reaching the bottom of the stairs.
You turned to look at Eddie, with an expression on your face saying ''be nice'', he smirked and tracing your underwear outline over your skirt. You gasp softly at the sensation, his hand moved further down your leg and cupping your left ass cheek in his hand and pinched it harder. You bit your lip, groaning softly. Turning around to kiss him at the bottom of the stairs, his hand still imprinted on your ass as you kissed him softly and quietly.
‘’I can’t get enough of you, the idea of you will not leave my mind’’ he mumbled quietly onto your lips as his free hand cupped your chin. You broke apart and tilted your head towards the dining room, he sighed kissing you once more and walked through the hallway. His hand was holding tightly to your hand, squeezing it before letting it go and standing awkwardly next to you. You both stared at the spread of food that was laid across the dining room table. Waiting for your mom to renter the room.
Tumblr media
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Tip for those who struggle with maintaining constant motivation with your stories: try to always have two or three chapters ready to be put out in advance, so when you do go through a patch where you have absolutely no motivation, you've still got things to post :)
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Writing Challenges
// 12 writing prompts designed to help you practice difficult types of writing
➼ Write a short story with an unreliable narrator
➼ Write either a short story or a chapter of a story in a genre you’ve never written in before
➼ Re-write a chapter of a story you’ve already written from the perspective of the antagonist
➼ Is there a particular type of scene you always struggle with? Write that!
➼ Set a timer for 20 minutes and write a complete scene. Try not to get bogged down with the editing and perfecting, just start writing and see where it goes :)
➼ Write a short story with a major plot twist (that’s still believable)
➼ Write a character the reader is meant to hate passionately
➼ Write a character the reader is meant to love
➼ Write story arcs for the above 2 characters that makes the reader feel the opposite to how they started (love the character they hated, hate the character they loved)
➼ Switch character perspectives at least 3 times in a short story
➼ Write a story in 1000 words or less. And I mean 1000 words or less. Seriously. No overwriting. I’m watching you.
➼ Write a character who’s very different from you
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poemsofangela-simone · 2 days ago
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writing-ideas-inc · 7 hours ago
When the local supervillain decides to hold the city/country hostage, instead of the usual money or material possessions, he demands a wife. And the twist? The bride is okay with it. With her husband's abilities and network of villains, she can finally make the world a better place. By force.
- submission by nonbuncos on Instagram
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yourdailyqueer · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
William Finn
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
DOB: 28 February 1952
Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish
Nationality: American
Occupation: Composer, songwriter, playwright, writer, musician
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revengeromance · a day ago
HEY!!!! my poem about Gerard Way is out NOW! I wrote it after MCR Nashville and it keeps getting more relevant every single day. 💖💖
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leonardospoetry · a day ago
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Look around with an open heart to see what you really are.
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delicatewordds · a day ago
You are my eternal season of love.
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callitgoodwriting · a day ago
Cool Nicknames from the 1920s | Interesting Character Name Ideas
Tumblr media
Art | of Arthur, meaning "noble one"; Celtic
Cleve | of Cleveland, meaning "from the cliff"; English
Ike | of Isaac, meaning "laughter"; Hebrew
Fritz | of Frederick, meaning "peaceful ruler"; French
Tumblr media
Obie | of Obadiah, meaning "servant of God"; Hebrew
Monty | of Montgomery, meaning "man power"; Norman
Clem | of Clement, meaning "merciful"; Latin
Sol | of Solomon, meaning "peace"; Hebrew
Tumblr media
happy writing!
[call it good] writing
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expressionist-hira · a day ago
I miss you, 
More than my heart likes to admit, more than my soul can bear.
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crudeverse · 2 days ago
I don’t know in what flame
does my heart burn
but I’ve never seen any fire
healing the flesh before.
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write-on-world · a day ago
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