develop-your-oc · 2 days
Are any of your OCs polyamorous?
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earlysummer1951 · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
SHARP STICK (2022) dir. Lena Dunham
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Stress isn’t an excuse for your S/O to treat you poorly 
It quickly descends into emotional and verbal abuse 
People can lash out because of stress, yes, but it’s not okay for it to repeatedly happen 
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akindplace · 2 days
Every time I give someone a piece of myself, I regret it. I just feel myself getting smaller and smaller. I truly don’t think there will be anything left of me for me.
Maybe we give pieces of ourselves to others so they can give something back, and if they can't, it should be something we do willingly, not something we feel forced to do, and too drained. You deserve to have reciprocated relationships. You shouldn't have to pour from an empty cup, so please pay attention so you don't give all you have. Resist the impulse, the habit. It's okay to cut people off if the relationship isn't reciprocate. Take a break from pouring yourself out. Focus on what you need for the moment, and fulfill that need, even if it seems basic, like eating something good or resting a lot. Even if it's one thing that makes you feel like you're not missing a piece of yourself, it's already something more than pouring from an empty cup. Something to help with the feeling of emptiness. You haven't lost yourself, you just need to reach out to yourself and nurture a relationship with yourself and a less exhausting relationship with others too.
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xo-indulgence · 2 days
I don’t like it when men assume I have trust issues because of my romantic experiences ONLY from men. It wasn’t a collective group of men that made me feel like that. It was from loved ones who broke promises after another and didn’t take accountability. It was friendships that ended because of jealousy and intolerance. It was professional work relationships with people who I thought had the best intentions for me but they didn’t. That’s where my trusts issues came from. This is why I have boundaries. I’m not going to overwhelm myself to prove to someone that I’m a good person but, they don’t respect me or my feelings.
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kafkasapartment · 1 day
Tumblr media
Couple in MG, Florence, Italy, 1951. Ruth Orkin. Silver Gelatin.
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zaheeragltexquisite · 22 hours
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funnytwittertweets · 28 days
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lukasspookas · 1 month
Who cares what society thinks relationships should be like. Don't be afraid to have strange and unusual relationships with the people around you. Ask someone if they wanna pretend to date for fun. Kiss your homies goodnight. Buy your friends flowers and nice things. Who cares. Love your friends. Be a flirt. Be a whore. Be silly. Be free.
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aroaceconfessions · 20 hours
i know i’m aromantic but recently i’m confused and conflicted
I’ve only ever had true feelings I could say were romantic and went past being platonic for one person in my life nearly 6 years ago now that I never dated or got with, but I met someone new recently and they make me feel the way I did 6 years ago and it’s scary. I’ve dated other people in the past but it felt so forced and fake and I was always the one to break things off first for different reasons and just chose to be friends rather than partners but now everything is different. I constantly check my phone for their texts, just walking past them when we wave to each other makes me smile and I’m even giving them a crystal because they have been feeling pretty down lately. They like me back but it feels so weird to feel this way about someone else, and it feels so weird to actually wake up in the middle of the night when my phone buzzes or that I kept smiling nonstop today when they congratulated me on my acceptance into a specific university program.
They’re so amazing but it’s making me question everything about my sexuality and I feel so anxious because I’m afraid of messing things up.
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"No one can love you until you love yourself" is like the worst possible way of articulating "if you don't respect and value yourself, it's very easy to become attracted to people who don't treat you right and then justify their mistreatment, so be careful."
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thotsfortherapy · 3 months
honestly, normalize quitting. it's so okay to drop a course, quit a job 3 weeks in, leave a relationship when it isn't giving you what you need. quitting isn't a sign of weakness, isn't a sign that you're not trying enough. a lot of the time, it's a sign that you are prioritizing yourself and your values, and that should be honoured.
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akindplace · 3 days
Hi Liv! Kind of a personal question but does your anxiety affect your relationship with your boyfriend? I’m finding my anxiety is affecting my relationship and I’m afraid I can’t get it under control and that my boyfriend will leave me :(
It does, unfortunately, but with time we found ways to communicate and ask for reassurance, so I can say that for you it definitely can help to talk about it, to be direct about how you feel even though it might be hard to be so open at first. I think on some level, your message has a lot of anxiety in itself, the fear of not being able to "control" it and the fear of being left because of it. It can help a lot if you don't see it as something you have to control because the focus of anxiety so often is about controlling everything about yourself, but coping with it, instead of trying to repress it/invalidate yourself by going against it. It can really really really help to talk about it, like saying "I'm having a hard time, can I please have some reassurance that you won't leave/that you still like me" or explaining why you are anxious. Talking about it helps to keep it from overflowing into your relationship, it really does, as long as the other part intends to communicate too. It can be helped. I promise.
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moments-0f-life · 24 days
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retrogamingblog2 · 27 days
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