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Less of a Brando bro content and more Sky High focused because its kinda becoming one of my fav stands, its just a froggy bracelet. so cool
3 days till stone oceans finale be upon us!!
[Commission Prices][Etsy][Buy me a Kofi]
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@ Letícia Pelissari
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A: "see you when our path cross again"
B: "don't worry, i'll pave my own path to you"
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Sometimes when we’re alone, he looks at me in a way that makes me feel empty when he looks away.
— Colleen Hoover, Regretting You
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i feel safe in your arms, baby
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Anya :') ♡
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Spy x family ch 69
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I just wanted to take a moment to point out the differences in Aziraphale's and Crowley's outfit vs the rest of the angels/demons outfits
Azi is always dressed in white to contrast Crowley's black, thats obvious, it's evil and good. But here's what I wanted to point out. Both Crowley and Azi don't fit into either of the demons/angel's "aesthetics". Crowley, for a demon, is very put together and organized. With Beelzebub, Hastur and Ligur we can see the scrappy apperance they take on in the show. Beelzebub is covered in flies and has torn clothing, Hastur constantly looks sweaty and as if he just woke up from in the mud, and Ligur is just plain scary. Crowley, on the other hand is well dressed.
He wears a clean neat blazer and clean vests/jeans. Trough the series he's also always seen taking really good care of his hair, putting it up, when it's down it looked brushed, when he cut it, it was always styled semi-neatly. And even though he doesn't value human objects as much as Azi does, (like Crowley's fifty sunglasses compared to Azi's one very old coat) Crowley still has his own vices. Unlike the other demons, Crowley, as much as it doesn't seem, he values his plants and perfection. This isn't a common value in demons, perfection, tidyness, Crowley's very presentable appearance. Even though readers/viewers semi-knew that Crowley and Azi were the odd ones out from their respective teams, their looks alone call that out.
Going back to the sunglasses, a lot of the demons wear their respective animals on their shoulders or blend it in to their general appearance. We know Crowley is a snake but he actively uses sunglasses to hide that part of him, as if he’s ashamed (we can also assume he’s ashamed of it bc he did so much as fall just hung around the wrong crowd). I think the sunglasses are also a way for Crowley to pretend to be something he is not, to hide himself. We can assume this because when he’s with Azi he rarely wears the sunglasses after they’ve become friends, this is even more prominent when Azi “dies” and Crowley isn’t wearing sunglasses at all. His sunglasses hide his vulnerability and his care for both humans and his angel.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Now on to Azi. During the large amount of Azi's screen time, he is in his human form. We see him in his semi-otherworldly/angelic form when he gets "killed" once in the whole show. What I want to point out in specific is that each angel has a different outfit for earth and for heaven. Gabriel, each time he pops up on earth he has a ever so slightly different outfit than his angelic version (the tracksuit, the scarf suit, the turtleneck). Azi on the other hand wears the same thing pretty much all the time. He has no REAL big change of outfit between heaven and earth, the only time he does have a change in outfit is when he gets discorporated. This is the first real thing that places him a part from the other angels.
Now Azi is also known, by Gabriel and a lot of the other Angel's, to indulge in human things (like the sushi, the coat, the bookshop etc.). These are things that we can assume aren't valued by Angel's (when Gabriel made the comment about the Suhsi or mistreated Azi's books). For the rest of the angel's the things that Azi indulges in are irrelevant and are "material objects". So right off the bat both Crowley and Azi have very different values and are just plainly visually the opposite of their higher up's.
Let's break this picture down a bit. All the angel's are wearing suits, thats obvious. But here's what set's Azi visually a part and what the director wants us as the viewers/readers to comprehend about the characters without watching/reading the whole story. Azi always puts his hands behind his back when he's talking to someone from the higher up's compared to the hands in front that the other angels have. Putting your hands behind your back is known to be a symbol of confidence and superiority, Angel is challenging Gabirel and the demons. Azi uses the tactic of putting his hands behind his back to almost flaunt his human indulges. Azi doesn't button his suit as a sign of rebelion, he's showing off the older vest, the golden, his stomach. All things that connect him to the human realm, all things that Angels don't care about.
One more thing that visually put's Angels outfit a part from the other Angel's is the color. All the Angels have grey tones or brown tones, most of the tones themself are closer to a cool-off white, whereas Azi wears a very white suit layered with yellow cool-tones. Yellow is the color commonly associated with god or etheral beings, so even though Azi is directly challenging Gabriel and the other angel's with his choice of outfit, he's also still conecting himself with the almighty. Still showing that he is an angel, that he still has respect for the almighty and, this might be a long shot but that Azi does what he does in the name of the almighty's values itself.
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The girl of my best friend pt.1
Description: 1958 you moved to Memphis because of your dads work. School was the greatest thing not before meeting Jack. You and Jack became inseparable and even feel in love but that changes when Elvis comes back to town. (Based on the song The girl of my best friend)
Word count: 1.2k
Warnings: angst, sex, alcohol and cursing
A/N: I just wanted to say thank you for all the likes on my last post, really appreciate it 🫶🏼
Tumblr media
The summer of 1958 had made a dramatic change in your life, your father moved the entire family out to Memphis, because of his work. You were still pissed at his discussion because it meant you had to start all over with the social part at your new high school, but thankfully there was only two years left before you graduated. The social part didn't really come as easy has you had hoped. You were alone most of the time, only time you spoke to someone was when they asked to borrow a pencil or what the time was. You didn't really fit into the school, your style didn't really helped you either, always polish white shoes, fresh ironed dress and your hair always sat in place.  You were a walking example of the upper class and you were embarrassed about it, but you couldn't help it.
Weeks had went by slowly, and everyday felt like hell walking into school. You were ready to drop out, if you could and moved to another school, but you kept reminding yourself that in two years you would be able to get out of this town and travel around the world - it was the only thing that kept you going.
You had opened more and more up and felt more relaxed in school, you had been talking to a "lot" more people. Jack, his name was Jack. The first encounter with him, was in the hallway were he ran into you because he was late to physics, causing you to drop all your books on the floor.
"I'm so sorry miss, I will help you" he said kneeling down to the floor, collecting all your books.
"No, it's fine" you said while bending down and holding his wrist.
"You sure?" He looked at you, he had the cutest puppy eyes, beautiful brown hair and a perfect bone structure in his face.
You were breathless of the sight of him. "Y-yes, I see you're busy" you chuckled at your own words. He smirked at you, pushing himself onto his feet again.
“Thank you, I owe you one" he yelled while running down the hallway. His words left a smile on your lips.
And ever since your little meeting, you two had been hanging out at school and one time he invited you out on a "friendship date" as he called it.
"You, me and how to Mary a millionaire, tomorrow at 19'o'clock... deal"  he said with excitement in his voice.
"Deal" you replied to his invitation.
"Great I'll pick you up at your house" he said while walking away while giving you a thumbs up.
"Wait Jack, you don't even know where I live" you yelled after him.
"I'll find it, doncha worry" he talked back.
Oh this guy!
Everything was great about Jack, he had becoming a closer and closer friend, you two were inseparable. Everywhere he went, you were there and opposite. But things became a mess when he kissed you, it changed your friendship and the way you saw each other. You loved Jack but in the friendly way, but the friendly way quickly turned into a more intimate relationship.
You still remember the turn over, it happened at a party. You had been drinking a bit to much, to calm you own nerves.
Everything was going great, until the clock hit midnight and you had been taken way too many shots.
It wasn't your intention to do what you did, but jack was there and everything happens so quickly and...
One year quickly went by with the flash of a blink, You wouldn't believe yourself if you said to yourself one year from now that you would be sitting at your boyfriends graduation.  
You still had one year left of high school, but you knew it would be over before you knew it. Summer break was just starting and things were going smoothly, you had been making friends, a great payed job at a diner and even gotten a boyfriend how much could you possibly wish for...
"Baby I got someone you have to meet" jack was almost out of breath, of saying hi to all of his family members that were attending at his graduation party.
"Huh, what Who-" the sight of the beautiful young man standing in front of you had you breathless, you felt like you had seen the young man before.
"Hello miss" the sight of you had his eyes widened, he held out a hand to you.
"Oh gosh, hello... you-" you shook his hand and he cut you off before you could end your sentence.
"Y/N right, I feel like I have seen you before..." his eyes was locked on to you. You felt a red flush take over your cheeks, his deep blue eyes burning into your mind. His cologne waved over your face like a heat wave slapping your face.
Then you remember...
One night you had to close the diner alone, when this tall handsome man came walking in, 10 minutes before closing.
"I'm sorry, are ya closed" his thick southern accent, played a melody in your ears. You turned around to answer him, his face inches away from you. You moved away to breath fresh air and not his strong manly cologne.
"I'm closing in 10 minutes" you said, your heart were pumping fast, almost scared that he could hear the sound of it.
"Okay great, can ya bring me miss. Thompson? She knows what to get me" He said, while seating himself at the barstools.
You dried the counter off, "I'm sorry sir, I'm the only one here" you siad while looking at him.
"Really? Are ya new honey?" He asked with a frown look.
"I have been here since may"
"Ohh, I see. Whatcha name doll?" He stood to his feet, while admiring your body.
"Y/N" you said slowly.
"Well Y/N you tell miss Thompson, I'm in town okay" he walked slowly up to you, making sure he looked at every inch of you body.
You just nodded at his words. He took one last look at you, before backing off and leaving. Before you even could get his name he was already driven off.
And this was the last time you saw until the graduation party.
"Me? No I don't think so" you answer with a bit of sarcasm in your voice not to make it awkward.
"Oh sorry for manners, my name is Elvis" he looked at you like it with spark a light in your eyes, but nothing. 
"Well nice to meet you Elvis, how long have you two known each other" you kept trying make a conversation not to make any awkward silence now that Jack had left you two alone.
"Oh Jack and me go way back, he's like a little brother to me" Elvis said while shifting his attention to Jack.
"Really... he has never really talked about you" you said with questioning voice.
"It's long story but I left for Germany 2 years ago to be in the army, Jack was pissed at me for leaving him behind but I couldn't stay" Elvis explained while trying to lock eyes with you.
"Oh so that's why you're back in to-" you cut yourself off before ending your sentence, you hoped he didn't hear it, but of course he did.
He faced the party again and before leaving you he smirked at you
"So you do remember me" he whispered in to your ear and walked off.
You were left stiffened as his warm breath, sending shivers down your spine.
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Naughty or Nice - Coming Soon... 😉
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you deserve someone who is gentle with you and your feelings
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@ Priscila Zovia
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Embrace (Unknown)
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Be gentle 
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