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What's the point of dandiya night if you don't get someone jo chup chup kar dekha kare tumhe saari saari raat, saari saari raat <3
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Evey desi student's school ranting is incomplete without
"5th-6th tak to mai bhi topper tha, phir patani kya ho gaya"
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✨Sab chutiya hai✨
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Feel a little More
Tywin Lannister x Reader
Tears of Gold AU
A/N: Imagine Dany’s dress when she was presented to Drogo but in red, and instead of metal dragon pins they are golden lions.
tw: hands tied, manhandling, breeding kink, slight condescending Tywin but in a sexy way. overstim!!! cockwarming.
Ps. Aftercare scenes are a must for me!!
Tumblr media
The hour of the owl held a certain anticipation, warmth and content in your heart. It brought you hours of unfiltered and honest moments of your marriage, whether it be a conversation, an argument or the pleasures of the flesh. These four walls were sacred to you, they protected you. That was the complexity of your union, to be in a loveless or unaffectionate marriage was one thing, being in marriage of intertwined souls was another. But the relentless mirage making that came with what you and your husband had was tiresome at best. To the rest of the world, your marriage was respected, Tywin protected you and you bore him heirs; that was it.
In the shadow of these walls however, your fear and yearning for one another ran wild, though Tywin was better at managing it, yours was in the testament of your duties as a wife. Here you sat in a yet another dress, sheer to the skin that clung to your body. A soft material against your goosebumped skin, and the cool metal of the lion pins against your shoulders. The sheer red material, exposed parts of you. Just enough to make a man want the rest of you but not quite give him the full gist of it. It was different than a trousseau, or perhaps a laced corset. More Essoi, in the fashion of seduction but you’d been rather open minded to most things that occurred in the bedroom.
You’d laid with your husband more times than you had fingers to count on, you’d birthed his children and he watched the blood flow from your core as his heir graced the world. Though every time his eyes raked down your body, a certain nervousness filled your senses. Like a lion anointing it’s prey before making the kill, it was silent and masterful. Just the way your husband loves you, a respectful and practical way. While you had been the nick of a dramatic lover beforehand, demanding of stars and dragons, his love towards you taught you to love better. To love within reason, and that love is stronger. It reminds you, each passing day that it could all wash away within a blink of an eye. Which made you desperate to love him harder, and to not mask any of your hearts wanton desires.
The handmaidens that dressed you took their leave, they were quite quick with it, changing you and getting your hair undone. Preparing you for your husband. You had moved around the room thrice, first you had picked the seating by the hearth, the second time- your bed and the third was the varenda. Long before circling back to the bedroom, you waited as your senses were shot to shit. You’d heard him coming before you saw him, his crafted boots crooned at the corridor of the tower before the door to your room creaked open. Your eyes met the green of your husband’s. Who still sported that same irked frown from earlier but one corner of his lip curled from seeing the ensemble you were in
You stood in the middle of the room, picking on your cuticles and fighting the urge to look at the floor. You weren’t sure where to put your hands, and nearly cursed your handmaiden for not talking about how stupid one might feel trying to be seductive. You stalked over to your husband, reaching your hand out to curl on the collar of the coat, pulling him further into the room. You knew he was still a bit bothered about you dancing with the lords that offered their hands, and you were only wondering what surprises awaited the sack.
His rough hands trailed down your body, feeling the sheer soft material against your skin, his hands coming to stop at the round of your bosom as his thumb ran over the now hardening nipple, his eyes fixated on how the cloth accentuated your figure, a soft hum left his body as his eyes trailed back up to yours. His eyes darted between yours, an emotion filled them that you couldn’t decipher but you knew your dress had an effect on him. He scoffed moving away from you and walking to the serving cart, picking up a cup and filling it with wine, bringing it to his lips as he turned to you. His chest rose and fell as his breath heightened, he scoffed again before closing his eyes and shaking his head. It made you a little nervous, not being able to understand what he was thinking about.
“You should go to bed.” Tywin finally spoke up, making your heart drop, did he not like your dress. Your brows furrowed as the gentle excitement in your face dimmed. Tywin still looked at you ravenous
“You should come with me then.” You threw back, he wasn’t just going to forfeit from this battle, he dragged this out for so long, only to deny you? You felt a little angry, you were frustrated and you were frustrated with lust. Your fingers reached to the gold pins on your shoulder, letting the dress come loose. Your thumb went under the straps to let the dress fall, in one swift push the dress pooled around your feet; leaving you naked in front of Tywin.
You body glistened in the light of the candles, the oils from earlier leaving your skin plump. You weren’t as talented in the art of pleasures and you were no whore, but your stood there naked, hands rested flat on your thighs. Your breathing a little heavier from the adrenaline rushing through you body. Tywin stood tall, leaning against the table, his hand clutching the edge and the other held the wine cup. His eyes shamelessly gave your body a once over as they slowly went down your body and back up to you eyes. He slammed the cup down on the table.
“Why do you find amusement in disobeying me?” He said as he closed the gap between the two of you in three long strides.
“You wanted a bride with more than half a brain.” You shrugged nervously smirking at him.
His pushed forward as your feet stood its ground, his hand came up to hold your jaw harshly, his nostril flared as his eyes raged on silently. You were a thorn to his side, and the more days the two of you remained married, your claws only seemed to have gotten sharper. Your husband however was well versed in how to tame you, how to make you obey. Though he quite enjoyed this rebellious and confident side of you, he preferred you on your knees for him.
“You truly want to toy with me, tonight. Hmm?” His head gently tilled to its side, his feet taking him forwards as your followed backwards. The grip on your jaw hardening. “Have your words lost you Lady Lannister?”
“Put my head on a spike, because yes husband.” You whispered back fluttering your eyelashes at him “I quite enjoy toying with you.” You gave him a smirk as best your could with your cheeks squished between his fingers. Were you poking a lion with a stick? You absolutely were, but there is just a sinful thrill to the things your husband does to you. It’s more like a prayer than a taunt, it’s begging for pleasure at his mercy.
“All those lords tonight, my wife.” He whispered as his lips grazed down your neck, his cool finger tips tracing down your spine making your flinch just a little. “Those pious, young and boneheaded boys.” He tutted slapping your hands away from his chest, the back of your thighs felt the edge of your bed. “Everyone one of them wanted you, I should know, I was their age at one point.” He let go of you jaw, reaching to undo his cuffs. You weren’t done toying with him though.
“Does that mean that your were boneheaded once, lord husband.” You bit your inner cheek to stop yourself from smiling, the thrill of teasing your husband made your stomach flip.
Tywin eyes menacingly raised to yours, his fingers still work on undoing his clothes, one brow quirked up as the green in his eyes appeared darker. “Do you think I’d be in my position if I was bone headed?” The look in his eyes made your confidence shrink, you gulped as your eyes stayed on him.
He pushed your body down to sit on the bed, you obliged and lowered down, the soft furs tickled against your bare legs. His hands reached to unbuckle the belt that held his coat together, letting it come loose and bending it in his hands. His other hand came right under your chin, his demeanour completely shifting as he gently tilted your head back to make you look at him.
“The second you feel discomfort, please tell me to stop. Is that understood?” Tywin’s voice ordered you in a softer tone as his thumb stroked your cheek. You nodded but that made him hold onto your face harder “Words, wife.”
“I understand.” You nodded again with your reply.
He held your hands up, looping the cool leather around your wrists, tightening them enough for you to not break free, his fingers lingered a moment as they held your tied fists in them his fingers caressing your hands as if to assure you that you were perfectly safe.
“Kneel for me, Y/N” His voice laced with lust as he ordered you.
You pushed yourself of the bed and onto your knees, the rug under you protecting your knees from being hurt. You looked up at him on your knees waiting his next command as your tied hands rested on your lap. He took a moment to appreciate the beauty knelt before him, your hair, your glistening skin and that pretty face with the sweetest eyes looking up at him. Your chest rising and falling as your breath quickened, your husband caressing your face as he looked down upon you, his fingers trailing from your cheek to your hair before flattening his hand you head to stroke it.
His other hand undid his pants and breeches, your hands instinctively coming up to tug them down his long legs, his cock sprung free of its clothed restrains, Tywin’s thumb grazed your bottom lip before tapping it, indicating you to open your mouth. As a good lady wife, you did as he said. Keeping your tongue flat and opening you mouth for him; all the while your gaze was fixated on him. His placed the tip of his cock on your tongue, on cue your lips wrapped around the red tip, suckling it in your mouth. The gentle weight of his length against your tongue as your mouth worked on him, he pushed his hips forward slowly until he felt himself touch the back of your mouth.
Not wanting to overwhelm you, he retreated out before pushing back in again. A hum rumbled through his chest in pleasure as the warmth of your mouth caressed his cock. His hips rolling into you mouth and back out, even in pleasure Tywin’s eyes watched you for any discomfort or hesitation while you sat there with you hands in your lap, letting your husband fuck you mouth. He gently picked his pace up, making you gag on his cock. The corners of your eyes tearing up from the strain of it before gagging again, making Tywin groan in ecstasy. He held you head there for moment as you focused your breathing through your nose, gagging shouldn’t feel good but with each thrust, your pussy pooled. You coughed as your head was pulled back, Tywin giving you just a second to breathe properly before going on to fuck your mouth again.
You mouth was covered in saliva as your husband’s assault to your mouth persisted, his hands had tightened their grip on your hair as he guided your head to meet him halfway through his trusts, gagging and choking on his cock.
“That’s it my girl, choke for me.” His breath hitched as he once more he held your head as his cock found itself deep in your throat. Your eyes watered even more as you gagged on his cock, you dug your fingernails into your palm to calm the panic coursing through your body while focusing on breathing through your nose. You were oddly enjoying your husband using you like this.
His pulled himself back, a trail of saliva from your mouth to his length connected as he gave you a moment to breathe and collect yourself. He watched you for any indication of discomfort but your eyes were flared in lust just like him. Once you cleared your throat and could breathe properly again, you looked up at him a smiled. With that he yanked you by your arms, your bobbly legs stood it ground but the speed of it all making your squeal as he turned your around and pushed your body onto the bed. Your marriage bed was tall enough for you to bend over and still have your feet on the ground. Tywin’s hand smacked the flesh on your back before groping it with both hands.
You could feel him lower down to his knees as he pressed a kiss to your ass, your pretty wet pussy presented to him like a meal on a platter, he used his finger to spread your outer lips open, hoisting one leg on the bed to give him more ground to work on. His fingertips grazed the sides of your cunt, teasing you and denying you from touching your most needy spot. Your hands laid under you, useless as your writhed in anticipation. You felt the tip of his nose nudge your clit before his tongue flattened on your folds, licking a stripe from your clit to your hole and repeating that few times. His tongue worked its magic on you as moans and whimpers began to slip past your lips.
“All mine.” He boasted as he ate your cunt, making your head fall in shame.
His thumbs pushed your lips further apart, making your clit grace the world bare. His tongue gently flicked the bare bud making your squirm and yelp out. Earning you a sharp slap on your ass by your husband. “Move any longer and you will go to bed right now.” He warned you before diving back into his assault. He loved paying attention to your sensitive nub, how it reddened and peaked through the hood in excitement making your sing the sweetest songs for him, it pushed your highs, brazen and crazed with pleasure. He took the flesh in his mouth to suckle on it, making you cry out. You were getting pushed to the edge the more he played with that part of you, his beard leaving the sweetest burns on your inner thighs as he devoured you.
You could feel yourself push right over the edge, and your wanton moans made Tywin aware too.
“Let go for me, my love.” He sat back on his knees to admire the mess between your legs, his finger rubbing circles on your cunt. His lips found your sensitive bud again, his tongue flicking the little bud until you felt the coil of pressure in your belly explode, making you scream out as your gushed on your husband’s face. He ate through your orgasm as you cried into the sheets, your nails digging into your palms.
Tywin’s beard glistened in your juices as he shamelessly licked his lips. Your cheeks heated in embarrassment as you tried to catch your breath, he gave you only a moment of respite before pushing both your legs onto the bed and holding your body weight up to turn you. You knelt on the edge of the bed facing him, he held your face to make you look at him. His fingers trailing down to cup your cunt.
“Would you consider this attention enough?” He whispered next to your ear as he dipped a finger in you, slowly thrusting it as he used his other hand to hold your face tighter. Your mind still disorganized from earlier, however his finger stirring your insides again made you pathetically whimper and nodded to his question before muttering out a quiet “Yes.”
Another finger slid into your cunt, his pointer and his middle finger filled your cunt as he slowly began to pick up the pace, his finger curling to stimulate the already sensitive nerves from the inside, your hands wriggled against it’s bonds. You wanted to touch him, you always touched him. Tywin looked intoxicated from the scene in front of him, your head fell forward to rest on his shoulder as he pumped his fingers fast, making you moan out. You felt hot and clammy and so sensitive but his fingers persisted as he began to urge you peak
“No, please, please.” You whimpered against his shoulder
“Please what, hmm?” Tywin’s voice held a amused tone to it, watching his wife break apart on his fingers.
You couldn’t reply but only grunt and then scream out as his fingers kept hitting the right spot inside you, your pussy clenching around his fingers, ready to blow through another orgasm that hurtled toward you. You took deep huffs of breath as your husband held you to stop your from falling forward, fucking his fingers purposefully into your pussy. Unlike the one before where pressure built up, your second orgasm bursted through like a dam. Your body weight held up by Tywin as you shut your eyes closed, tears of pleasure falling from them as a squeak and then a silent cry fell from you lips. A jolt of numbness shot through you body, the only thing you could feel was the constant throbbing between your legs and your husband whispering praises in your ears to coax you through the orgasm.
“You’re alright, so good sweet girl.” He whispered against your ear as your body shook from it’s post orgasmic state. Though your husband was not done with your yet. He gave you only a moment before pushing you back into the bed, climbing in after you, with absolute ease turning you to lay on your stomach. You were too engrossed by the sensations running through your body to protest. He lifted your hips up as your upper body laid flat against the sheets, your hands tied and yet again useless.
His tip was leaking with pre-cum and slick, and his body about ready to mount his wife into unconsciousness. He positioned his tip between your slick folds, rubbing his cock through them before circling his tip at your oversensitive clit making you flinch and cry out. Wriggling your body away from him, he told you this would stop whenever you told him to but you wanted this, you wanted his cock deep within you no matter how sensitive from pleasure you felt. He pushed himself in with ease making him groan, he took a tight hold of your hips for leverage before slamming his hips in completey. Making you grunt out into the sheets, Tywin’s body erupted in ecastsy as he thrusted into you hard, the sound of skin slapping filled the room with your incoherent moans.
“Perfect little wife.” He groaned between bresths as he fucked into you. “Made just for my cock, isn’t that right?” He slapped your ass to coax a reply out of you,
A mumbled “yes, made for your cock.” Slipped past your lips but sounded more like you crying for more cock. Tywin hands reached forward, pulling you up as his arm curled around your throat, the other went to greet your throbbing clit yet again. As his finger rubbed your nerves you cried out, tears covered your face from how oversensitive you were and Tywin relished in the pretty cries that left your lips. You felt yourself nearing again.
“Please, please I can’t.” You begged for mercy
“Yes you can, you will. Just relax.” Tywin grunted as he felt his peak reach him too.
He held your clit between his point and thumb and rolled it in between his fingers, it only took a few more thrusts before you came undone. Gushing yet again, wetting your husband’s cock. Your cunt fluttering around him, pushed him right to the edge.
“Take all my seed, nice and full.” He roared as his cock spurted it’s warm seed into your cunt. Your body falling forward into the sheets as he let you go, his hand slammed next to your head as he held himself up through his orgasm.
Your body felt like the apple pudding the kitchens make, any control of your limbs were lost to you as you felt as if your were floating through the seven heavens. In reality you weren’t but you sure were out of it, in an odd limbo of consciousness and unconsciousness. Once Tywin could move himself he gently pulled out, a rather full cunt this time considering he hadn’t laid with you in two moons. You whimpered as you felt yourself empty, clenching instinctively to keep his cum within you. Though even that turned to be a hard task. He gently turned you over to untie your hands, a gentle red mark had looped around your wrists which he lifted to inspect, rubbing them in his hands.
The sheets on your bed were absolutely destroyed, Tywin had walked over to the basin were the water was still rather warm, he dipped a cloth in to clean you up. When he reached to hold your legs open, you whined while lazily pulling yourself away
“No more, I can’t.” You whimpered
“No more my love, you did so well.” He cooed at you as he ran the cloth through your in thighs before wringing it and running it through your body. He wiped the stray tears that left your eyes as you blinked them open, sniffling before focusing your gaze on your husband. Who had a soft and comforting look to his face.
“Are you alright, Y/N” He inquired as his hand pushed your hair back, you nodded in reply; making him tap your lips for an answer
He lifted you up effortlessly, taking you to the lady’s chambers. You lazily watched him with a post orgasmic bliss spread through your face. He put you down on the bed, you sat naked on the edge as you watched your husband walk around to your dressing table and retrieving your hair brush. You would have protested that he needn’t do that, you could have called your maids but when his fingers rubbed into your hair. You melted further. He took his time in comfortable silence, as he untangled your hair, one he was done he pushed you further onto the bed, maneuvering you under the covers before climbing in on the other end. You immediately curled up to him, he looked down onto your face. A small satisfied smile spread through his face as he took in the effect he had on you.
You however were fighting an internal battle, you were exhausted. Your husband nearly attempted to fuck you dead, but you needed his seed to catch. You tried your best to hold it in but youwere so tired, so you whined annoyed making your husband look down at you.
“Can’t hold it.” You pouted and your husband as usual had a solution for this too, he turned you the other way, his larger body spooning you. You felt him move around until you felt his softening cock enter your sore hole, you whimpered against his hold but he shushed you while gently pushing in. He stayed there still as his body cuddled into yours as every night before. He felt you flutter around, unsure of what to do until he spoke up.
“Sleep my love.” He whispered and so you did, your body grew heavier as your slipped into the world of slumber, content, warm and safe.
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Tumblr media
Please join us for Visarjan 🙏🏻🌺
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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The most Indian feeling is when you are walking in an overcrowded market and your mom is bargaining with the shopkeeper and you are just standing like 🕴️
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Maa durga pls don't kill my demons they make me sexy.
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blue eyes hypnotize was sucha vibe bro
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Chyaas - chai ki pyaas
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Pata nahi yaaaar, mujhe lag rha hai agar social media use krna band karduga toh utna lonely feel nahi hoga jitna abhi ho raha hai..
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Beti bachao beti padhao usko comedy sikhao beti lmao
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lighting myself on fire this dusshera taki andar ke ravan ke saath bahar ki shurpanakha bhi jal jae
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Toote huye dil ke saath jeete kaise hai?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
वो अब नाराज़ है मुझसे, जो कोई ना कोई बहाना बनाकर बात ज़रूर करता था मुझसे, चाहे चांद की तस्वीरें भेजना, चाहे समुद्र तट पर जाकर उस सूरज को क्षितिज में घुलता देख, मिलों दूर होकर भी उस लम्हे को तस्वीर में कैद कर मेरे दिल तक पहुंचाना उसे अच्छे से आता था, पर, अब वो नाराज़ है मुझसे, वजह कुछ खास नहीं बस शायद यहीं तक का सफर था उसके साथ,
Tumblr media Tumblr media
मगर याद खूब आता है वो, गलतियां करी मैंने, खूब करी,उस से ज़्यादा करी,पर उस से मोहब्बत होना गलती नहीं थी, कभी सोचा न था की इक छोटी सी बात कहने को भी उसे सो बार सोचना पड़ेगा मुझे, क्योंकि वो अब रूठ गया है ऐसा की अपनी आवाज़ को मेरे दिल तक नहीं पहुंचाएगा और मुझे तरसा देगा, क्योंकि....
वो अब नाराज़ है, और मुझे अब मनाना नहीं आता।
- cs 🌙🕊️
two years ago i wrote this :p was in my notepad, now the time has come to show it to the world
@adityaaax @scribblesbyavi @astrocatfizziks @sufiiiiiiii @rheaaahaha @diltohbachchahaiji @misssclumsy @o-sahiba @oye-listenn @oyeevarnika
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