envyclearlace · a day ago
Liminal Spaces
hospital waiting rooms
laundromats at midnight
empty parking lots
playgrounds at night
school when you're too early
sleepovers when everyone else has fallen asleep
empty classrooms
bathrooms at parties
hotel pools at night
everywhere, the day after your birthday
neighbourhoods at 4am
on a bus with just a few people
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medstudentblues · 2 days ago
I don't like femme fatale. messy hair, fingers with a cigarette scent, spontaneous choices, impulsiveness --
I like seeing women in movies sitting on her desk at 10PM, a faint lamp lighting her desk, working, then quietly packing up after to sleep. decisive women, strong women. women who know what they want, and what they have to do to fulfill their ambitions. hard working, determined women but still kind at heart. women who appreciate the fruit of goal-setting and also the slowness of the present, the necessity of simple things -- a coffee in the morning, the damp cold air during dusk, a solitary moment by the beach, reading a bad book. it's not all mess and confused thoughts. sometimes it's just power and fire within, unmasked.
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corpsey12333 · a day ago
I've said this before but it hits so hard especially now that writing dnf is soooo ridiculous because no matter how unhinged we get, we never top whatever dnf gives us. Like, did anyone ever think George's first words to Dream irl would be 'you're like a god'?????
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ulyx3s · 2 days ago
i love the way she lights up when she talks about hurting me. it’s one thing to be hit by someone, but it’s a totally different experience to be hit by someone who WANTS to hit me. i can see on her face that she’s not hitting me because she knows i enjoy suffering, she’s hitting me because she enjoys dishing it out.
she wants to watch as the smile leaves my face after a rigorous series of harsh slaps to my face, ass and cunt — once it finally begins to ache so badly that i’m not laughing anymore. she wants to push me to take more than i ever have and be able to trust that when i tell her it hurts, it absolutely doesn’t mean that she should relent. she wants to hear me moan out of pain. and what she wants is everything that i want.
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werewolfbarista · a day ago
Tumblr media
now that tumblr user hypnokinkdoggo seems 2 have deactivated . this man was like a case study 2 me.
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dearbraus · 2 days ago
being the big spoon and feeling ajax fall asleep between your arms, his fingers still laced with yours and the both of your legs tangled together. being his safe place T~T
zehr i'm fr gonna cry real tears rn....
he's never slept well, not since he fell into the abyss, it became almost a habit to stay up for days on end. what did a harbinger need sleep for anyway, he had a job to do. so, he isn't too keen on sleeping with you. it's intimate and odd, the last time he slept with someone was when he was a child no more than four, crawling into his parent's bed after a nightmare, searching for a comfort they couldn't truly provide. so it felt strange to lay intertwined with you, a warm body and a steady heartbeat that lulls him to sleep at a frightening pace. when he wakes he feels refreshed, content even and that scares him just a bit but he feels safe with you :(
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butch-alchemist · a day ago
I'm trying to sneak in late to an event but my carabiner with keys jingles with every step, drawing everyone's attention
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candyredmusings · a day ago
                            I need to feel needed  .... and I need it more than I let on
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aparticularbandit · 15 hours ago
I thought Travis playing FNAF would be hilarious but LAURA BAILEY.
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therattsden · a day ago
Sometimes time blends together in such a manner that the days of the week no longer matter. The hands of an old quantum battery-powered clock, with each ticking second, no longer offers him any information of substance. Not like it did before. It's 6'oclock. Is that AM or PM? He would know if the digital clocks hadn't reset.
He knows every moment becomes the same as the one before it when the days and nights are pressed through the fine mesh sieve of the facility. Simulated daylight only offers so much in the way of help because of course sleeping only makes it worse. Waking up in a stupor, lost and dazed... What time is it, he considers. Does it matter?
After all, his internal clock is running on the fumes of proper daylight he hasn't seen in years, of a darkness impossible in anywhere but an air vent or a broom closet. Horrible automated fixtures unable to be turned off manually, it drives that fluorescent light through his eyelids directly into his skull just right. There is no real rest, no real awareness here. Just stumbling through each moment like a child lost in the woods, clinging tightly to a paint bucket that kept him from floating. Am I lost? To time perhaps, he thinks to himself, mind echoing as his footsteps did in the empty halls. What else can I do?
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casanovasadmiral · a day ago
Tumblr media
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medstudentblues · 6 hours ago
was planning on sleeping and waking up early because I was so tired after gym but I had coffee at 9pm and now I couldn’t! sleep! so I got up and studied instead. I actually had a sweet, productive study session in dc with my peers. it was nice to be surrounded by people who are as determined as me. now it’s almost 3am, I need to try to sleep. good night, tumblr world
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musingovermusings · 2 days ago
               I would risk everything for you,                                                                and...                                                                    I’m not sure why.
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ileaverosepetalsinmywake · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“Do I have to be 18 to fight the gods?” 
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werewolfbarista · 2 days ago
doggirls are just sleepu
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katy-l-wood · 3 months ago
Have you REALLY lost your scissors if you aren't walking around making scissor motions with your fingers in an attempt to lure them back out?
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misconceptionsofus · 4 months ago
it’s so true that the greatest weapon against nihilism and existential despair is to find joy in the mundane and never stop chasing after love
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