#Bruce Wayne
Clockwork sees how stressed Danny is from trying to be the goodest boy and never do anything remotely bad that could turn him evil and thinks he may have overdone it. At this rate his panic over never doing anything evil is going to force him to emotionally burn out and stop caring. Then he'll turn evil anyway.
So Clocky does something that sounds completely ridiculous in theory. He scoops Danny up and drops him into a universe full of superheros and villains and tells him to "Do whatever you want. There will be no consequences for you." Then he leaves.
And just like that, Danny goes apeshit. He decides to do the one thing he always wanted to do but was too afraid to because he didn't want to be judged, or worse, forced to join his parents.
He becomes a supervillian. Not as Phantom, no. But as Fenton! He goes full super genius mad scientist and terrorizes whatever city he's in. The local superhero is being driven insane as Danny builds death rays, shrink rays, his own modified version of the GAV, ect.
The best part if that the local heros can never catch him for long and when he is caught he always escapes before he is transported to whatever facility they wanted him in. He always ends up back in his home dimension where he goes back to acting normal and no one from either human dimension or the Infinite Realms knows what he's up to (except the stop watch of course)
After a particularly fun day in which Danny highjacks all broadcasting services to teach everyone in the world how to make insulin at home so you didn't have to pay a ridiculous amount for necessary medication, the Justice League was now on his tail.
Danny just laughs, thinking there's no way they'd ever be able to arrest him. Little does he know some guy calling himself Batman is leading the mission and he has no intention of arresting him. Danny, much to his horror, becomes far to familiar with adoption papers. As in he keeps having to set them on fire.
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thebirdsandthebats · 2 days ago
Jason and Damian wrestling in the cave over something stupid, and Jason (while using a hand to hold a swinging Damian back by the head) just yells “B, GET YOUR SON!!”
And Bruce turns around but starts walking with open arms towards Jason who is backing away with increasing horror and a red face. “Not what I meant. NOT WHAT I MEANT. GO AWAY.”
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aloofwindbag · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ah,,no smart caption, just Bruce being a good dad
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mayamarvil · a day ago
Tumblr media
Alfred went sledding with Bruce
Batman: White Knight #3
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batfamhyperfixation · 2 days ago
Batkid Groupchat
Dick: someone save me pls
Jason: What's wrong?
Dick: Gala at Wayne Manor
Dick: This guy won't stop talking to me
Jason: lol sucks to suck
Damian: Sorry Richard, I cannot attend to the situation. That would give up my hiding spot.
Damian: I meant vantage point.
Damian: If any of you tell Bruce, I will murder you.
Cass: Damian, look up
*sends photo of Damian in the rafters of Wayne Manor*
Damian: Ah, great minds think alike I see.
Tim: hold up Dick, I wanna get out of this conversation too, I'll be over in a sec
Steph: Can't relate
Steph: This is why you don't let the first billionaire who offers adopt you
Steph: then you gotta go to the stuffy parties
Steph: Duke and I are the only smart ones
Duke: Agreed, have fun at the party
Later at the Gala
*Red Hood and the Outlaws come busting through the door*
Red Hood: This is a hostage situation
Red Hood: We want Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain, and Damian Wayne.
Bruce, also desperately wanting to get out: Aren't you forgetting someone
Red Hood: Oh, right, Alfred Pennyworth
Bruce: aren't you forgetting someone else?
Red Hood: No
Bruce: Ja- Red Hood. Aren't you going to take me!
Red Hood: what would I need you for? I already have CEO of Wayne enterprises *ruffles Tim's hair, about to get fought by Tim* (under his breath: you fight back, I'm leaving you behind), a police officer, biological son of a billionaire, cool af dancer Cassandra Cain, and Alfred the Almighty
Bruce: don't you want a billionaire too?
Red Hood: If I take you, who is going to pay the ransom?
*Taking the Batkids and Alfred out of the gala as Bruce pouts*
Jason: one of you swipped Bruce's credit card before we left, right?
Tim: of course, we aren't amateurs
Jason: then ice cream on Bruce!
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just-an-enby-lemon · 2 days ago
Bruce: What movie should I pick for family night?
Steph: Goncharov.
The other batkids: *agreement sounds*
Bruce: Uh, okay. What's it about?
Tim: You never heard of Goncharov, B?? Is the best mafia movie of all times.
Duke: Wow, Mr. Wayne, Dick told me you loved mafia movies, but you don't even know Goncharov?
Bruce: I'm not a big movie fan or a Scorcese fan, I guess this one jusy slided me by.
Damian: T-T I'm disapointed with you father, you have to be a truly uncultured swinne to have never wached such a masterpiece as Goncharov 1973 directed by Matteo JWHJ0715 and Martin Scorcese.
Dick: *who is more of a little shit than people give him credit for* He should know it! We watched it on our early novie nights. You don't remember, B? *sad eyes*
Bruce: *who did sleep during most of his first family movie nights with Dick* I-I-I'm soo sorry, Dick. We can watch it again today? Make new memories?
Dick: I guess.
Jason: The fact you never watched it diminish the value of a critical discussion of certain aspects, like the religous symbolism of the market scene with the two forbiden fruits with Katya seing christianity in the apple while Sophia represented the paganism with the pomegranate, that can only be appreciated in a second view.
Cass: Finally someone is talking about the pomegranate and the apple.
Steph: Can we talk about Mario's glass motif and how it subverts expectations since normally broken glass represents loss but here is Mario's obcession, not seing the beauty in the fragments - or in the members of his mafioso empire- in a drive for the perfection and assumed superior quality of the whole - his trials to be like the tradicional criminal families going against change and his facistic suprass of individuality - to the point were when he finally fixes his broken glass vase to perfection his most trustworthy allies - namely Andrey and Joseph - have betrayed him in one way or another.
Bruce: *completly lost* This does sound like a great movie!
Barbara: It is one. And you would know that if you had any ressemblance of culture.
Dick: Honestly Bruce I can't belive you sleeped and missed such a perfect movie like Goncharov.
Alfred: *entering the living room* What's going on here?
Tim: B never saw Goncharov.
Alfred: *who has absolutly no idea what they are talking about* Really? Master Bruce, I thought I had teached you better than that! Goncharov is a mark of cinematography!
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dick-the3rd · a day ago
HE'S CARRYING BATMAN LIKE A PURSE. A little portable bat. Hehe.
Tumblr media
Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman Trinity (2003) #3
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frownyalfred · a day ago
Tumblr media
Alfred while Bruce is overseas training
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pinkypastal · 2 days ago
Jason todd,age 15 after being betrayed by his mom,beat up with a crowbar,blown up,waking up in his grave and having to dig his way out only to get hit by a car almost immediately. then finding out that his murderers still alive and his family replaced him.... and now his only source of comfort is his dad's murderous ex
Tumblr media
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herbatahleb · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bruce!Danny in my interpretation
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ky-landfill · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“I couldn't– I don't think I could process it. At least, not in the right way. Sometimes, I'd go sit in your room. Just sit, for what I thought would be five minutes, and the next morning Alfred would find me there, asleep."
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Red Robin on patrol as usual when he heard something move behind him. He whirled around with his bo staff extended expecting a fight. Instead he was faced with a green puppy. He would have thought it was Beast Boy if not for the fact the dog was glowing.
The vigilante eased down to the puppy, making sure he didn't give off any threatening vibes before petting the dog. He checked the collar and discovered the puppies name was Cujo and under the name it read, "Warning: He had EARNED that name"
Tim wondered what that meant. In any event the dog was clearly a meta and Tim discovered it could walk through solid objects. Density shifting perhaps? Finding himself unable to shake the dog it managed to follow him back to the batcave where he was teased for picking up a stray, cause appearently that was Damians thing. Don't get him wrong, Damian did try to sway the dog but it stayed glued to Tim's side.
It was only a few days later that they realized the dog tended to fixate on Tim's left side. More specifically, the location of Tim's soulmate mark.
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batposts · a day ago
Do you think the reason why Bruce tends to not piss Tim off like he does the rest of his kids is because he knows both Lady Shiva and the League of Assassins would be happy to have Tim. And that's not unique in and of itself—many villians/villain organizations would be ecstatic to take on any of his kids. The difference is that Tim’s the only one of them petty enough to take the offer. Bruce knows Tim's insane enough to put himself through horrors and change his whole moral code out of nothing but pure spite, and he refuses to let that happen.
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whalehouse1 · 2 days ago
Every Bat upon entering Metropolis: Oh my god, what’s that!?
Supers: That’s the sun?
Bats: And that smell?
Supers: Fresh air?
Bats: And why are the people so quiet?
Supers: It’s peaceful here?
Bats: Why doesn’t the air taste chemically and feel heavy?
Supers: Again, fresh air.
Bats: And why is the sky blue here?
Supers: It’s not cloudy?
Supers: We have safe drinking water?
-later after they have retreated to cozy little Gotham-
Alfred, on the phone: Master Clark, I do not know what you did to them but they are all traumatized deeply from their trip.
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kiunlo · 2 days ago
*presents Batblob with a wedge of cheese*
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🧀🦇 yummy! 🦇🧀
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damianbugs · 2 days ago
dc might not like to address how they've unofficially retconned a lot of jasons original robin run to end up being absolutely classist, but i most certainly will bring it up whenever i can. while this is definitely narrative criticism, it is more of a study, as i am not expecting anyone, readers or dc, to really change how they view the todd's.
jason goes from being a rather reserved, kind and genuinely friendly child to an angry and cruel boy who was contemplating murder at some point (batman: urban legends). not to mention willis going from an absent but well meaning man who turned to crime to support his family to now being an abusive father and husband. catherine todd was originally stated to have died from overdose, but was later confirmed in death in the family to pass away from cancer, so while the 'poor addict mother' stereotype still applies, it is more complicated in her case.
Tumblr media
it is no surprise that in modern tellings, all three of them represent very realistic form of poverty. willis the abusive criminal, catherine the addict (her battle with cancer is always left out) and jason the violent child stuck in the cycle.
dc simply couldn't allow the todd's to remain poor but an all in all good family (though i am careful to say they were perfect, past or present, since depending how you read him, willis can still be seen as a bad father and horrible husband), and instead had to dramatise negative stereotypes of poor people in order to really perpetuate the existence of jason being the "angry" robin. this mostly comes down to dc perhaps wanting to bury older comics featuring the original characterisation (since the only way to read them is through piracy), and there is no better way to do that than make his current characterisation nothing like his old one, at all.
Tumblr media
after all, how else can we ensure readers are aware of how angry, evil and emotionally unstable jason todd is, if not making his life the pinnacle of why poor people are terrible and should not have kids? dc is not trying to hide it at all, it's almost laughable.
while the blatant classism is very clearly the biggest issue, from a storytelling perspective it is also really disappointing. deconstructing catherine and willis todd to their morally reprehensible, abusive and neglectful 2d personalities in modern telling leaves a massive gap is what made jason so personable as robin. personally, i also think it takes away how homelessness and his own poverty seperate from his family might have affected jason's morals and opinions on certain topics — another aspect of his character that is very important but often undeveloped.
especially with jason; making him having always been this quick to rage and violent child/robin takes away the true devastation of his death and subsequent revival. he died an innocent, damaged and complicated but caring boy, and came back vengeful and spiteful. he is a boy who has suffered a lot in life, with a sick mother he had to provide for due to his absent father, who also died due to a life of crime — and yet jason broke free from the cycle and became something more.
he loved to learn, to go to school, to play sports and to help people. he loved being a hero, even when it got tough, and though sometimes it was hard to remember, he always tried to stay on the bright side of things.
Tumblr media
it's one of the main reasons bruce is so unable to process and accept his son's return, because to him, the person who came back is not the son he lost. though, that is another conversation entirely.
Tumblr media
on the one hand however, i can see why jason's current life story might be more appealing to readers (and depending on the work, fanon or canon, it makes more sense). since now that he's broken out of the cycle of abuse, he can use his strength to protect other vulnerable people. the true 'people's hero' in a way batman and other adjacent vigilantes can not be.
it is just a little regrettable that to fulfill this, he and his family must adhere to classist stereotypes to make it more believable. after all, jason was very much the 'people's robin' even without all the retcons to his character. he has always stood up for people who couldn't do it themselves.
Tumblr media
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