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avocadosockz · 3 days
I've made the joke of an actor or actress being one of your mutuals before, but considering Kristina Tonteri-Young's background in cosplay, fanfiction, and fandoms overall, the odds of her being on Tumblr and/or ao3 (and seeing our posts about her/avatrice) are terrifyingly high
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darakaradag · 2 days
The best tool for my writing will always be music. Music supports my belief that anything is possible. There are harmonies, melodies, symphonies and pure sashaying of sound that come from nowhere and everywhere all the same. It is the meeting of heart and mind as they come together to dance at the center of the soul. Whether I’m driving or laying, walking or running or having a meal, music will make it all better. It always does. The way we have recognized sound and all its possibilities should put to rest all forms of doubt forevermore. I am able to tell you this as I dwell on everything that music has given me. It allows me to have complete freedom of emotions without feeling like I’m going crazy. It allows me to see myself in someone else’s tune, in someone else’s vein, in someone else’s note.
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sophiemargotart · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Throwback to my Valentine’s collection from February this year 💗
The daggers and anatomical heart are still available 🫀
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aurorabodenhamerr · 3 days
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lucreziassong · 3 days
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Yo te quiero ver enloquecer ❤️‍��
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chlorenw · 2 days
I love your little doodles
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Mike Nemsith Doll lore REAL
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nebulaleaf · 2 days
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woo!! redid my entire bag to make the pins i got from @thatmightyheart​ sit front and center
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frankiecorleone · 2 days
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heartofmuse · 2 days
I wrote you into the vault of my heavens as a song of dreams, a universe of midnight fire, an ocean of silver salt and moonlit sleep. You are ink and love, twinned around my heart, the magic that awakens when silence becomes a smile. 
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chippythedog · 2 days
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yoichira · 3 days
Hi i love ur posts sm, have a nice day!! :) (also can i please request nagi or itoshi brothers hcs if ur open) >< feel free to ignore!
hi! of course i can do some nagi AND itoshi brother hcs for you ♥︎ — i am so sorry that i responded late to this :(
Tumblr media Tumblr media
warnings (?) ; swearing, kinda angsty but for the most part fluffy and hcs/scenarios with a happy ending
“one day i will stop falling for you. some day someone will like me like i like you.”
Tumblr media
༉ SAE would be the type of guy to be a “narcissist” and think he’s way too good for anyone,
“did you see that chick at shidou’s party? she was totally eye fuckin ya” oliver snickered towards the bored male beside him,
“do you think i’d ever care about something like that. she was fucking ugly.” — (note: he is not talking about y/n)
^ at the same time i feel like sae is definitely just wrapped in his own emotional issues that makes him act cold towards everyone. like the whole era of him being a dick to rin when they were younger. it felt like sae saw things that rin at the time didn’t/couldn’t understand.
༉ sae would totally act uninterested if he were interested in you, but would definitely have a mental note of every passing period he’d see you (like in between lectures).
༉ oddly good at science? idk i just feel like sae would be so good at it.
༉ enemies to lovers or fwb to lovers — maybe even something normal because i don’t think sae is that heartless, i mean he has to have a soft spot??
^ OH. ex friends to lovers?
༉ sae would greatly appreciate you coming to his games and cheering him on, wearing one of his jerseys and jersey number on your cheeks — would act like he doesn’t care and would act cold,
“aw you’re s/o is cheerin ya on!” oliver grinned while he nudged sae,
“this is embarrassing.” sae deadpanned while he fought back a small smile.
“well fine, if you won’t appreciate them then maybe i’ll snatch them up from ya.” oliver sneered triumphantly.
“zip it before i punt your head.” sae said in a cold tone.
༉ RIN is the type of boy that would shove away physical touch, cringe at it and keep pushing someone away.
^ but if you were close enough to him—like kids before his whole altercation with sae—maybe then just MAYBE he would have a soft spot for your touch.
༉ yeah pretty much sae poisoned his poor head.
༉ rin is someone who won’t give up easily, like yoichi for an example—though if you compared him to yoichi he’d probably kick you or call you dirty idk.
༉ would def be the romantic type, im getting the sense if he were truly in love he would do anything to help heal his inner child and give you the love and support he didn’t receive from sae (?).
༉ eh.. but at the same time, he would probably (realistically) unintentionally ignore you if that makes sense?
༉ i just can’t see rin as the type to really communicate when he’s upset so it’ll be up to you to wait for him to come around or just leave it.
^ “rin you’re not speaking to me, what’s the matter? was it the match you just played..? you won though?” you frowned while extending a hand to rub his shoulder.
“i need to go train, leave me alone.” he got up and walked.
༉ (childhood) friends to lovers, enemies to lovers
༉ would 100% deny his feelings for you because he wouldn’t believe you liked him the way he liked you.
༉ late night talks.
༉ late night car rides from matches and just quality time together.
༉ rin’s love language is probably quality time, affirmation and believe it or not—physical touch (since he probably craves it from someone he loves).
༉ while rin’s love language are those things, seishiro’s love language would be gift giving and physical touch.
༉ nagi is the type of guy to say “nah let’s do it tomorrow. come cuddle with me and stop your worrying about that assignment.”
༉ would really enjoy if you liked the same video games as him and if you gave him a shit ton of affection. (back scratches, playing with his hair, playing with his hands and shoulder rubs).
༉ like rin, i feel like nagi would also have late night talks with you, something about him being dead tired and speaking in such a serious tone to you.
༉ would probably say “laugh out loud, 👹, 😍‼️, 😩‼️, 🫶���, 💀, 👁️👁️, 👁️👄👁️, bro, dawg, lawl, :p, :), >:), ??” over text.
༉ yk i feel like he’s gentle with you, like he will listen to your feelings in his own way.
༉ a big procrastinator, but always manages to get a high grade on something he finished last minute.
༉ the type of dude to be oblivious to flirting or nonchalant to it.
༉ unintentionally flirty?
༉ a HUGE cuddle bug
༉ he would give meaningful gifts and would treasure everything you gave him—even if it was just a bracelet you made, he would wear it everyday.
uhhh hi :) — im back?
thank you so much @cl3v-j for requesting this and i hope you all enjoyed! ♥︎
OH! by the way this is aikuverse, i just changed my username to yoichira :)
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euesworld · 3 days
"I found forever the day we met, it didn't come in a box, it wasn't shiny like you'd think.. it wasn't in the shape of a heart, it wasn't in the shape of a ring. As fate would have it, forever looked just like your smile.. in a heartbeat I knew when you smiled at me, this is where I would find eternity."
Your smile is my fav song and it will forever be a sweet melody in my heart - eUë
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lifexxxdeath · 1 day
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poetryofmuses · 3 days
Boy where else are you gonna find a girl who can say 'i love you' to you in five different languages???
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me @ every fandom creator
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[alt text: screenshot of rhy’s darby’s instagram story featuring a motivational quote sticker on his water bottle. he is presumably in his trailer on the set of our flag means death season 2. the quote reads “you’re criminally talented, we should arhyst you”]
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