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catmanbowser · 2 days
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The batfam side profiles i did during lunchbreak i finally get to color it teehee :9
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terrywho-cartoons · 2 days
Dick was a normal name in the 1950’s, but it’s 2022 now, so here’s how I immagine all of the batkids (+ some extras) reacting to Dick introducing himself.
BABS (10 years old)
Dick: My name’s dick
Babs: That’s a bad word.
Dick: No? It’s my name?
Babs: Daddy says it’s naughty to say bad words.
Dick: But it’s my name?
Babs: I’m gonna go ask daddy *runs up to commissioner Gordon* daddy, that kid says his name is Dick, can I say it when I’m talking about him?
Dick: *the son of immigrant parents, grown up speaking an amalgamation of Easter European dialects and was names after Dick Tracy still confused as to why his name is a bad word*
Dick: Hey buddy, I know this is all very new but my name is Dick and I—
Jason: hold up, hold up. Dick?
Dick: yeah, I know, I know but —
Jason: Damn and I thought my parents were assholes.
This little stalker already knew Dick’s entire biography, so there wasn’t a reaction, bless him.
He was brought up by assassins, also no particular reaction.
Dick: nice to meet you Stephanie, my name’s Dick.
Steph: you said Dick?
Dick: short for Richard, yes.
Steph: Nice. *nods*
Cass (Cass uses sign language because I said so)
Dick: *finger spells D I C K*
Cass: *there’s a sign for that*
Dick: yeah but we ain’t gonna use it, kiddo.
Wally (13 years old)
Dick: it’s so cool to meet other sidekicks! I’m Dick.
Wally: as in your name is Dick?
Dick: Yes *blushing because now he knows why everyone is reacting like it’s strange*
Wally: Ok from now on I’m gonna be the one to introduce you to anyone we meet, deal? Oh you’ll see man it’ll be so much fun *proceeds to list out all of the ways they could sneak dick jokes into conversations*
Wally: Roy, I have the pressure to introduce you to my Dick.
Roy: what the fuck do you mean now!?
Dick: *quadruple flips over Wally and lands in between them* ta-da!!!
Roy: who’s the kid?
Wally *placing an hand on Dick’s shoulder*: this, is my Dick
Roy: that’s your actual name?
Dick: it is.
Roy *looking between the other two*: ok I want in on your plans to introduce him to the others
This is all I could come up with but feel free to add more!!
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superklutzkent · 2 days
hey guys guess what? more.
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bonus. kon.
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Danny: you just activated my fight and flight response..
Some dumbass: don’t you mean or?
Danny, lifting off the ground: No, I did not.
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p0ssym1lker · 1 day
Dick and Danny knowing each other from childhood and Dick's basically like "If vigilante life gets too hard I just chill with the one civilian that is chill about everything"
Bruce knows of him but is strictly forbidden into looking into him and the two got into too many fights for him to try.
Damian finds about him and wants to find stuff about him but is ALSO forbidden. So he's like "well then let me meet him" and everyone is super confused when he's told no.
It's one thing that's Dick's, one thing not connected to anything else and he's not giving it up.
So the family is super curious about this guy but are cut off both by dick AND Barbara.
Eventually, it was a mistake and dick silently seethes over it even now, they meet. Jason ran into him and dick.
And Jason? Of course he wanted to annoy his brother and he starts flirting cause duh, only, only the guy is pretty when he laughs. So Jason kinda runs off and Dick next to Danny is like "forget him, he's a menace"
Just, no one knowing Danny is phantom, no one even thinking about the possibility, only caring about "Dick, dick he's so cool let me know him better" and "Richard, do not let Todd continue flirting with him, he is corruption him"
Dick fighting off his family and other friends with brooms meanwhile Danny has no clue about it and is just happy to meet new people
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tofuingho · 2 days
I don't know where exactly this idea came from, but Social Media of the Dead.
Upon returning from the dead, Jason starts to notice a lot of weird profiles and content creators. He thinks they're just weird gimmicks, until he tries to share one in a group chat. The link is garbled and moves and changes. When the others click on it, the video that comes up is pitch black, yet somehow they can see movement. They can hear static, breathing, and the sound of 100 voices chanting in the distance.
To Jason, it's a dumb video of a kid that looks like one of his brothers telling his friends stupid puns and then wheeze laughing.
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sillyak · 1 day
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Had to make this after seeing @codenamed-queenie s post, hope y’all like it!!!
The post :
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DP x DC:
Dani meets Jason in her travels and he gets very protective of her because she comes to him looking for small time jobs but he accidentally interprets it as this can't be more than 14 little girl asking if the Red Hoods prostitution business needs another girl.
They clear up the misunderstanding, but Jason remains not fully convinced.
He's not too keen on her twin brother though who let her travel to Gotham on her own with no point of contact, until Danny (with a 'y' his pseudo adoptee clarifies) crashes through Dani's flat whilst he's doing a check in, bleeding and babbling about how their godfather grabbed him AGAIN.
Jason has 2 kids now. Screw it.
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ky-landfill · 18 hours
Can we have jayroy please :)
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reineydraws · 3 days
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friendship ended with timothy drake. now the floor is steph's best friend. ✋️x
(and then jason and steph create the dead robins club right there on the floor in front of tim so they can tell him he's not allowed to join lol)
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batposts · 2 days
The reason Talia sent Damian to Bruce was because she saw what raising a teenager was like (Jason) and couldn't cope (sent him for an assassin world tour and STILL had to talk him out of several insane schemes). Then she looked at her already-moody, messed up pre-teen, remembered her own teenage years, and decided Bruce would love some one-on-one time with his son right now
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pinkypastal · 1 day
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Why does baby Jay look exactly like Danny phantom to me here??
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herbatahleb · 2 days
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😘 🥰
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kuroishuuha · 2 days
DP x DC prompt - Too broke to care
Wherein Danny is a broke college student living in a crappy apartment that may or may not be haunted and is constantly at the center of villain attacks. His friends and classmates have constantly told him to move, but the apartment is the only one Danny can afford.
At least Red Hood brings him food whenever the crime lord/vigilante/anti-hero needs to have a stakeout. But with the amount of the times Red Hood has staked out at the apartment, Danny’s beginning to think he should start charging rent.
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ambrosethedarling · 2 days
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Follow me on twt I post sillies
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