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misssclumsy · 2 days
Earbuds are okay but earphones are emotions >>>>>
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dastur-e-ishq · 2 days
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Only after we separated did I learn // you weren't alone, instead a whole world in self.
Ahmed Faraz
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youseeingthis · 19 hours
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Being a desi girl is knowing that your boyfriend will never know your body measurements like your tailor does
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nokhushionlygam · 7 months
who called it emotional baggage and not griefcase
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exquisitecupcake · 7 months
never forget dorian gray bought nine copies of a book and "had them bound in different colours so that they might suit his various moods"
the original material girl, i daresay.
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letsbelonelytogetherr · 3 months
رميت كل قواميس في النار وسميت لغتي.
I threw all of my dictionaries in the fire and named you my language.
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kurja-tales · 1 year
That's the thing about people who haven't been loved much..They think about every kind gesture, a slightest touch of fingers, kind smiles, random acts of love, intimacy in every small thing done. They find that love wherever they can cause it was never given to them freely. They don't ask for love, they search for it everywhere.
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messymusingsx · 3 months
english teachers complementing your writing is a different kind of drug.
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why is it “right person wrong time” and not “har ishq ka ek waqt hota hai, woh hamara waqt nahi tha par iska vo matlab nahi, ki woh ishq nahi tha”
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unmadana · 7 months
Things Desiblr made me realise & do :
That it's actually really cool to be a Desi .
Old Bollywood movies >>>>
Every Desi girl should wear saree and wear bindi and feel like a retro Indian movie star.
Indian history supports queer people , so whenever your aunt is being homophobic , proudly say her , she knows nothing !!!!! If you wanna know more read "Shikhandi " by Devdutt Pattanaik .
What as an Indian man are you doing if you aren't writing poetry?
That nothing can compare to Indian humour .
Indian goddess are the actual baddies .
Haseena's and brown munde's >>>>> rest of population.
Ittar >>> perfume .
Urdu & Persian poetry are top tier .
Kannada devotional writers like Akka Mahadevi are like diamond in the dust .
A gajra >>>french kiss.
Jasmine & lotus are not just flowers .
Pasoori rules the world right now .
Be free like Geet and bounce back like Bulbul .
Madhubala is the embodiment of being gorgeous and cute at the same time .
Rekha is a Siren .
Learning Sanskrit is a rich experience .
Draupadi's vengeance created wars , so can yours .
Kishore Kumar for rain , Lata Mangeshkar for prem .
Alka Yagnik for feeling confident .
Indian rap is richer and sounds more poetic .
96 sanskrit words for love >>>>> the word love .
South Indian movies have the perfect balance of romance and action .
Khanjar is mightier than a sword.
Ye Maharani banke kaha ja rahi hai >>>> you look beautiful honey.
The tension between me and a cute boy at a puja pandal >>>>>>> speed of the earth rotation .
Gold >>>> any other metal
Chandni raat is for romance .
Talk to me in ghazals and geets only !
And many more .......
Writing this made me love being an Indian more !!!!!
If you want add yours , I'd love to read.
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papenathys · 1 month
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Abha (left) and Noor (right), characters from my novel Sister in the Sun, which I'm currently writing. They are both Bengali girls, and they are very much in love. I am in love with their outfits and the jewellery details. This was a commissioned piece done by the talented @fiovske .
[image ID in alt text. DO NOT REPOST on any site, these are my original characters]
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youseeingthis · 19 hours
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It's "oh fuck why didn't I study throughout the semester" season
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reshmizulfein · 5 months
my friends are going out abroad for college, to live their lives the european/american way and sometimes i want to go too, but, no. i want to live my life like my grandmother did, i want to wear suits and saarees and jhumkas and bindis only to go out on a crowded street to have samosas. i want to go to gurudwaras, mandirs, masjids, churches. i want to be able to speak my first language without hesitation and i want to be able to listen to baaraats on roads and jagratas at 4 am. i want to be woken up by the cry of the kabaadi wala in the morning. i dont want to go to the grocery store, instead want the sabji vala to come with his thela. i want to be able to go to purani dilli just so i can admire the old houses and jama masjid and laal qila. i want to visit monuments so that i can marvel at the architecture which was made so long ago but feels so familiar. i want to have chai at the tapri. i want to travel in rickshaws and dance at bollywood bangers playing on loudspeakers. i want to fall in love with a boy in a kurta. i want him to fall in love with me while i sway my georgette dupatta. i want to talk to all the dada jis reading newspapers in the morning. i want to spread achaar on my terrace. i want to do all of that. i want to live life the indian way. because that's where home is.
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yes-my-life-sucks · 5 months
"you're your only competition" no bro i live in an Indian household.
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lil-stark · 5 months
humsafar? no girl hum suffer because we are not thriving
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premikaunderthemoon · 2 months
Beti bachao beti padhao usko comedy sikhao beti lmao
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