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superkursunaskr · 9 hours
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free-my-mindd · 23 hours
Ain’t nothing worth more than my peace of mind.
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sharkgirldick · 12 hours
"The new Pokemon rival is a yandere!"
"The new Pokemon rival wants to fuck you!"
Bro, the new rival is autistic and her hyperfixation is battling.
Can you imagine someone introducing you to their favorite thing EVER and going "Wanna try it out? With me? I promise it'll be fun!" And you're like. Sure. And you're fucking AWESOME at it despite never doing it before.
Then they ask if you're gonna keep doing it and you go. Yeah I guess so. It's pretty fun.
Like can you imagine? Of course they'd instantly want to be your friend and hang around you and do the thing together.
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jonmoxleys · 58 minutes
holy shit excalibur insulting regal 👁️👄👁️
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frostedpuffs · 11 hours
i am once again asking the fandom to please use episode specific spoiler tags because it only takes an extra two seconds and could spare someone from seeing spoilers/potentially ruining their watch experience. if you’re only using the # ml spoilers tag, that is a tag that is widely used across multiple episodes that have aired months ago vs days ago, so it isn’t really practical to use ONLY that tag.
it isn’t hard to add a few extra. please, consider using tags like:
# ml emotion spoilers # ml perfection spoilers # ml protection spoilers
it’s totally fine if you choose to watch the episodes as they air, but please be respectful of how other people may want to watch the season in order. it is really, really disappointing to be spoiled for major plot events this season, especially when this season is the most important season to watch in order.
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shieldofiron · 5 hours
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You never know, it might work. Special post for fluffy harringrove day!
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superkursunaskr · 12 hours
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Ohmygod Ed teaching Mary to tattoo tho
he loves her art and she loves his tattoos and he pulls a platonic 'wanna do something weird?' with her
amd Stede and Doug find them in her studio space with her practicing for the first time by doing a v small tattoo on Ed's ankle
It's just Stede's signature, but it comes out p damn nice for someone literally just starting
She gets squished into a Doug and Ed hug afterwards because they're so proud of her!
And Stede gently asks after if she'd still like a chance to stab him, via tattoo instead of skewer akdnkgg
the answer is yes, but she gets to pick the design and it ends up being a little one of a wooden toy sword like the ones he used while playing pirates with their kids. Her other idea was Property of Ed Teach as a tramp stamp but Doug talks her out of it last minute, just barely
She's still convinced Stede would like it, and tbh she's almost definitely right that Stede would get a kick out of it and do it
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life advice from shamura?
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jonmoxleys · 46 minutes
new ugly title...... fickle.........
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lesbiacebian · 3 hours
i really wish people without adhd could truly comprehend the scope of time blindness. like yeah everyone occasionally gets the feeling that time flew by but with adhd it’s impossible to tell how long it’s been. i am not exaggerating when i say i woke up at 9, went to class for around 2 hours, came back to my dorm, got on my phone for 30 minutes and suddenly it was 6pm and dark outside. because it genuinely only felt like a few hours! i haven’t eaten at all today because i missed all the signals my body is supposed to give me to tell me i’m hungry and if no time is passing, why would i need to eat when i just ate “a few hours ago” (yesterday)?
i’ve sat down to write a paper, checking the clock as i got started, and then forgot the hour and only remembered the last two digits (minute) when i started. by the time i finished writing, the minute on the clock was 5 after, and i could not for the life of me figure out if 5 minutes had gone by or an hour and 5 minutes, maybe even 2. like we really do not sense the passage of time. “oh sorry i haven’t texted you in three months, i thought it was last week.” like !!!!
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shieldofiron · 9 hours
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He’s fine. He’s fine!
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superkursunaskr · 6 hours
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I haven’t been posting much illustration as I’ve been a busy bee with commissions and my shop. In the mean time, would people be interested in seeing more sketches from sketchbook? I’ve got some from my trip to Copenhagen recently I’d like to compile into a zine?? in the future :^))
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thefloatingstone · 8 hours
When you get so used to referring to your mutual by their nickname that when you want to search for their blog you don't actually know what their username REALLY is...
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jonmoxleys · 43 minutes
no but mjf turning on regal is exactly what regal wanted. remember when regal turned his back on him, waited for mjf to attack, and when he didn’t regal turned around, disappointed, and said “you still have much more to learn”
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