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"NDIDI NATURE" by odhara
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--- - F3LC4T
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Sintra, Portugal
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Sky on fire
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Mariusz Lewandowski
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Sagau but the reader is the ACTUAL creator
All eyes were on you as everyone's mouth was agape while the girl looked even more terrified, not realizing that you were gonna protect her.
"Your Grace," Morax's weapon disappeared as he immediately knelt on the ground with his head down, the other Archons quick to take action too.
The 2 remaining Archons mumbled out a quick greeting to you as they both knelt on the ground, alongside Morax.
You barely even acknowledged them as you walked towards the girl, slowly approaching her as her eyes started to tremble and tears escaped her eyes the more closer you got. "Please...do-don't hur-hurt me.." She whimpered out.
Gently, you wiped her tears and shushed her, "No one will hurt you, darling," You calmly told her. You placed your hands over her eyes and within a second, she went limp in your arms, her face smudged with dirt and sticks stuck in her hair. Her clothes had been torn apart too.
"Seraphina," You called out and a normal-looking cat appeared. Glancing at her you told her to take the girl somewhere safe. Seraphina surprisingly replied in human language, "As you wish, Your Grace." With that both the girl and the cat disappeared.
Not one of the Archons had dared even stand up or the crowd to even blink. You clapped, and the whole crowd fell asleep.
It was just you and the Archons now.
"Stand up." You ordered, as your back was to the Archons, their ears perked up when they heard your lovely voice address them.
All of the Archons stood up instantly and looked at their shoes. They couldn't really think of why you would be mad. Shouldn't you be glad that they were only getting rid of an impostor? She isn't innocent if she impersonated the creator! All of the Archons were thinking of this.
"Tell me; why?" You demanded, turning to face them as your eyes narrowed.
"Your Grace, if I may explain, we were simply trying to get rid of a...pest, however we shall not repeat this again if it seems to upset you-" Barbatos started speaking before you cut him off, "You've got quite the mouth; don't you Barbatos?"
One thing the Archons knew for sure about you was, if you use their formal names then they are DOOMED.
"I did not mean it that way, Your Grace-!" Barbatos hurried to deny what you said, he would never mean to irritate you!
"Quite now." You commanded and everything went silent. "Pray tell; what gave you all the right to defy my rules?"
No one answered back.
"I assume a punishment is in order?" You suggested, well, told them.
"Of course, Your Grace. Whatever punishment you think is fitting; I shall accept it without hesitation." Ei replied, rather confidently. You are pretty sure they all are somewhat...masochist.
Chuckling you told them one punishment which they don't think they can survive. "Alright. I forbid you all from seeing me."
They could feel their world shatter before them, what do you mean they can't see you? Oh, if only they could be a little bit stronger than you. If only you weren't the one in power here.
tags: @shizunxie @dearloonies @iruiji
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“ The sign off… “ // stefan leal
Music:  Kalandra - Helvegen
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by pavena.w
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Magenta / Fuchsia Electric Violet (#fc11f8 to #6e13f5)
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gabriel picolo
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[Dark replies - 101]
“The only ones Ah’ve met were the “chosers of the slain”, coming after a battle, and taking the worthy dead to the Halls.”
If anyone wants, there’s more info here.
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“ Valhalla is calling “ // Rees 
Music:  Trevor Morris - Death of a Legend
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