transingos · a day ago
I really need to get a flu vaccine, I’m immunocompromised and a lot of my family has had the flu, so I really need to get the vaccine. I don’t have insurance so I need $75 to get the vaccine. If three people sent $20 and one sent $15 I’d be set. Anything helps.
PayPal.me/AKirk432 (pls send via someone you trust)
Cash app: $autumnroses93
Venmo: @catmom934 (pls don’t send via purchase protection it takes a few)
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sanctifiedbf · 5 hours ago
me trying to be normal about may (2002) and not go on a rant about the fucking poser guy she dated and the fact that he thought he was so edgy and he made this horny cannibalism short film and showed it to her like I hope u can handle it and then when she bites his lip and makes him bleed a little bit and she's into it and is like just like ur film :-) he freaks out and leaves and tells his friends that she's a freak like you are so fake you are nothing you are WEAK
Tumblr media
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fightingdragonswithwho · a day ago
another important moment in the tara is queer lore: emily clocking tara and her girlfriend IMMEDIATELY
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thelasttime · 2 days ago
this is what i’m thankful for this year:
fearless (taylor’s version)
speak now
red (taylor’s version)
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girlsnout · a day ago
i love the phrase “one more for good luck” because i’ll use it to justify literally anything. one more dryer sheet for good luck
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myscaramouche · 9 hours ago
i love when self shippers have inserts with different pronouns than theirs normally are. like yes experiment and play around with pronouns and identity! regardless of personal gender identity, pronouns do not equal gender anyway, and i love getting that sense of comfort from someone when their insert uses new and different pronouns. your f/os are really proud of it too and happy to support you. you are all so cool
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latinotiktok · 3 hours ago
Ok so recap:
Argentina vs Mexico match made everyone mentally ill. It also proves sometimes villians win
For some reason people in my askbox still wanna fuck Neymar? To change him?? You cant fix him. Do better
Other gay people are saying we should solve all futbol rivalries by kissing each other. Valid at some degree
Insane people are sending their futbol fanfics, most of them either involve Ochoa and Messi or Richarlison and Messi or Messi and whoever tf you people want to f that short man
Country humans??? Latin hetalia???? In ny askbox??
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bearisweet · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Blessed with shiny pink pokemon !
(I forgot to take Flaffy pics because he leveled up really quickly u_u ..)
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fatmasc · 2 days ago
U say to urself "i dont need notches, ill know how to orient the pieces when sewing bc i made the pattern" this is the devil speaking. Put notches in ur pattern and cut them into ur fabric. Youll be glad for it
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twowink · 6 hours ago
"you know what they say! its hip to fuck bees" "NOBODY SAYS THAT"
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dicaeopolis · 9 hours ago
its so unfair that i was born so long after most megafauna
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smallidarity · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
okay i understand the asks i got now
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widescreencircus · a day ago
Fun tag game for everyone! Put your answers in the tags!
- Do you like hurting other people?
- Who is leaving messages on your answering machine?
- Where are you right now?
- Why are we having this conversation?
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dreamronans · a day ago
guys you've gone mainstream you're in the guardian
Tumblr media
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thesituation · 9 hours ago
i love how weed strains can be named literally anything and ignore copyright. chiquita banana. bruce banner. girl scout cookies. i can go on, it’s like naming racehorses
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myscaramouche · 5 hours ago
artist friends, what digital program for drawing do you use or recommend most? where do you get your main brushes and do you have any tips when it comes to sketching + lining? i only ever use paint 3d and pixiv sketch so i'm really trying to broaden my horizons, but i'm also clueless <3
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