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i still remember the way i smiled on my way home after we met for the first time
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instanceandthephrase · a day ago
Dire Faith
There once were Dreams worth writing,
Instead they are Softly spoken
With feet treading ground Once hallowed Upon sacred dirt Soon to hold What living bones Take their walk Over calling graves Being buried -
Deeper each day While we suffer These minutes So tragically fast.
Those blades of grass Only know An existence Repeatedly trampled Like our own breaths Always too shallow Chasing distance Never that close -
Though we push On subsequent hopes,
Even working hard Getting soiled,
When trailing mud Pushing further Through a graveyard Running away.
This experience Entombs us all -
Such useless lies Offer silence
Since words Ambitiously falter If uttering none After death.
But loss tells tales In itself,
Much how rain Creates puddles.
Perhaps poetry Is forever conversing Politely from hell Here and now.
       ⁃       J. Pigno
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illbeyouranchor · 2 days ago
“Tell me that you’ll save my number. That one day our paths will cross again. I can’t handle a goodbye. Just lie to me,” I said.
“I haven’t gone anywhere,” you replied.
But that just wasn’t true.
And I guess I had no right to be mad at you for saying it.
I asked you to lie, after all.
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deadlypoetacademia · a day ago
real world isn't enough for any reader
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fs-lewisartistry · 2 days ago
Stockholm’s Sonata
Far too easily I sit beside
and watch as you commit your crime.
Each calculated slice,
each cut precise.
Inquiry led to injury;
Shall we share a common vice?
Unlock my cuffs,
I’ll show you how
I would kill for you tonight.
-FS Lewis 9/28/22
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panic-in-the-attic · a day ago
Today, I watched the clouds reach down for their mother.
Soft fingers clinging through gaps in a chain link fence.
Even the earth yearns.
Even the sky.
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itimetraveller · 2 days ago
If you daydream of being in a relationship with a specific person, then that will soon manifest into your life. Because telepathically you send love signals to that person and they start thinking of you in many ways. It takes time but if you are consistent with your vision, it will happen as fast as possible. Be aware though of what you wish for in a relationship.
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the-stars-collided · a day ago
I wonder how many stories are unfolding right now, which the world will know about later
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lets-dance-to-joy-division · 14 hours ago
this has been
my year of lost summer,
every day exposing
one hundred degrees of heat.
wandering through these deserts
I know snow awaits me,
soon I'll be home,
where the frost will match
my heart grown cold.
-Year Of Lost Summer-
BL 2022
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ylaka · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"We never realize how frozen we are until someone starts to melt our ice"
— Bridgett Devoue
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ab-initioo · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
- rebecca solnit
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polishgirlinamericaaa · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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megleepoetry · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
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illbeyouranchor · a day ago
It’s not enough to mean
Something to someone is it?
I want you to crave me
I want you to take me
I want you to taste me
And when you’re done
I want you to rest your mind
And then discover me once again
Finding new ways to make me scream
I tend to think of myself as selfless
Always putting others first
But when I look at you
All I see is my deep greed
And my desperate need
To be freed by your hands
And can you really
Blame me Darling?
You just have the right key
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lunatic-muse · 5 months ago
If the moon smiled, she would resemble you.
You leave the same impression
Of something beautiful, but annihilating.
— Sylvia Plath, The Rival
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unspokenevermore · 2 months ago
Have you ever had a dream so real you think it is a memory?
- I’m still trying to figure out if you were real or not
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writingandyearning · 2 months ago
How do you prefer your coffee?
With you.
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