enigma-the-mysterious · a day ago
I love how football teams get potentially knocked out after a single loss meanwhile cricket world cup group matches are like "yes, Pakistan lost the last four matches but they still have a chance of qualifying to the quarter finals if India ties against Australia and Bangladesh defeats New Zealand by a 6.9 run rate and Ireland smashes at least 17 sixers against Sri Lanka but also loses the game against them and also if it rains 420mm in Lords stadium and the King of England trips on a banana peel and dies and the Australian Prime Minister disappears in a swimming pool."
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deesi-academia · a day ago
Another day another slay reminder that platonic friendships are as good as romantic relationships. At the end of the day, you just need someone who loves you and sticks with you. It can be a friend, or a lover. <33
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a-really-hot-caterpillar · 2 days ago
There are no enemies to lovers media in india cuz we had one a long time ago and us gaane pe aaj bhi log naagin dance karte hai
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modern-anarkali · a day ago
You ask me about love and I’ll start talking about heartbreak.
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everythingsouthasian · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
DEEPIKA PADUKONE for Elle India (November 2022) 📸 Bikramjit Bose
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duvidhaa · a day ago
कहीं दूर चल जहां समय का पहरा ना हो।
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sabonhomeblog · a day ago
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kiffarab · 2 days ago
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papenathys · a day ago
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look at my professor shonku brooch! bought it at a college stall today ♥💜💛💚💙
professor shonku is a character by satyajit ray, made popular in his sci fi series of the same name. he is an eccentric scientist who lives with his cat, named newton. his stories are written in the form of diary entries and range from funny to downright macabre and I cannot recommend them enough.
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cyberphantompuppy · 2 days ago
How come every time I feel like opening up and start socializing, i start a fight?????
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yourdailyqueer · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Maria Thattil
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
DOB: 10 February 1993
Ethnicity: Indian
Nationality: Australian
Occupation: Model, makeup artist, podcaster, activist, reality star
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nokhushionlygam · 6 months ago
who called it emotional baggage and not griefcase
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deesi-academia · 2 days ago
"The moon is beautiful even with its dark craters"
How about the moon being beautiful BECAUSE of its craters?
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thebctman · 2 months ago
Everybody cheers to my great grandpa, he has now outlived dear old Lizzie and is OLDER than her mashallah
He’s lived through colonization, the partition, traveled from India to Pakistan, the rise and fall of many governments and has now lived to see 3 British rulers.
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modern-anarkali · 13 hours ago
My coping mechanisms are unhealthier than my traumas
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duskissed · 2 months ago
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