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pairings: Xavier thorpe x Fem!reader summary: hating each other doesn't really work out when there's different feelings hiding beneath it. warning: swearing, them being assholes to each other. note: reader is Wednesday's cousin. again. this one is shorter than the others. last part
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"stop sulking" Wednesday said
"I'm not sulking" you groaned
"you have been upset ever since he basically dumped you 2 days ago, he's just a boy, Y/n. it's nothing to cry about" she sighed
"I'm not upset! I'm...frustrated. he's being a ass" you crossed your arms
"you say that every day"
"yeah well, he is" you grumbled
"he told you he loved you and you didn't care, anyone would say that you're an ass" she spoke dully
"I didn't want to hurt him" you confessed with a deep breath
"it didn't seem like you had problem hurting him before." Enid added
"can we just stop talking about him please, I'm not upset with him" you whined
"ok, what about the Raven? you guys have a dress right?" Enid smiled widely
"no" you and Wednesday denied
"yeah, that's not gonna work" you shook your head
"what's wrong with it? everyone is shopping here" Enid questioned
"isn't the theme supposed to be white?" you asked
"yeah, but that's not gonna fly with us" she smiled
"I like white though" you said simply
"you can go in there, they have a lot of dresses too" she pointed the the dress store across the street
"yeah. that'll do. I'll meet you at the cafe after" you grinned before walking to the street.
you looked around the store for around ten minutes, looking at the white dresses that were different lengths, shades, material and styles until you came across one. a beautiful one.
A long satin dress that trailed on the floor. it was beautiful. you took it down and tried it on, looking in the mirror you gasped at the way it fit you.
you walked out of the store with the biggest smile on your face as you headed to the cafe to meet Enid and the others.
"hey, so I was wondering if you wanted to go with me to the Raven" a guy named Dylan asked you in the halls. you guys weren't friends but were friendly to each other, little 'hi's in the corridors and smiles as you passed by.
"uh yeah, sure! that would be nice" you smiled politely, seeing Enid give a thumbs up from behind him
"great" he nodded and said goodbye before walking to his friends
"now we all have dates!" Enid squealed, jumping up and down
"so I was thinking we go to Wednesday's and I's room when we get ready, so we can all see each other first. we are all going to look stunning!" she grinned
"yeah, sure that sounds fun" you agreed and walked to class
"and you know Xavier is going with Bianca so-"
"-what?" you cut off
"you know, for someone who says they don't care about them, you really seem to care" Enid suggestively said
"I don't care. I'm just surprised, I wonder if they'll get back together?" you trailed off, feeling a type of jealousy.
"I highly doubt they will. seen as though Xavier confessed his feelings to you and kissed you I don't think it's a possibility that he would move on that quickly. not to mention I heard he was going to ask you a few days ago. and even if they did a lot of people would know that she was just a second chance or to make you jealous" she explained quickly
"you scare me sometimes" you chuckled
"yeah, Wednesday said that too, said it's concerning how I talk too fast" she shrugged
"don't worry about it"
"you look amazing! that dress is drop dead gorgeous!" Enid cheered
"you look amazing! way to make Ajax jealous" you wiggled your eyebrows
"I know, that's what I said" Yoko laughed
"that dress is magnificent, Yoko!" you gasped in surprise
"I wanted to dress to impress" she smirked
"you definitely impressed me that's for sure" you giggled
"thank you"
"want to dance?" Dylan asked as you both stood around the dance floor
"yeah sure!" you smiled
you both danced with each other to the music.
"I'm going to get us a drink!" Dylan called past the music. you nodded and let him go to get us drinks.
you continued, smiling as you saw Ajax stare at Enid from across the room
"hi" Wednesday krept up behind you
"Wedns! I though you weren't coming?" you questioned
"Thing" she sighed dryly
you laughed and looked around
"who are you here with?" you asked her
"Tyler" she pointed to Tyler who was talking to Thornhill at the entrance
"Did you guys see Xavier and Bianca" Enid walked up to the both of you
"no" you shook your head
"they haven't danced at all, they're just sitting there" she wondered
"that's a shame. wait, who did you go with?" Wednesday asked you
"Dylan" you smiled at her
"the one making out with that girl over there?" she pointed at a girl pinned on a wall by Dylan. your date. your smile dropped as you looked at them
"yep" you sighed sadly
"oh, Y/n, it's ok! you don't need him. come dance with me" Enid pleaded
"No, it's ok I was going to get a drink anyway" you smiled tightly
you walked away from the pair to the drink table, picking up a glass and going to a table to drink it alone.
you had your hands on your lap and you stared off into space, your eyes were unfocused on the floor beneath you as a new song came on.
you sighed as you heard the song.
See the stone set in your eyes See the thorn twist in your side I'll wait for you Sleight of hand and twist of fate On a bed of nails she makes me wait And I wait without you
you watched as people grabbed their partners and dates and slowly danced on the floor to the song.
With or without you With or without you
Through the storm, we reach the shore You give it all but I want more And I'm waiting for you
you saw someone come up to you and hold out their hand. you looked up at them and a small smile made it's way to your face as you saw Xavier in front of you
"wanna dance?"
With or without you With or without you, ah-ah I can't live with or without you
you grabbed his hand and stood up.
And you give yourself away And you give yourself away
he brought you to the dance floor where he pulled you closer to him And you give, and you give And you give yourself away
you two stared at each other while you begun to dance
My hands are tied, my body bruised She got me with nothing to win And nothing left to lose
"I'm sorry" you both said at the same time
And you give yourself away And you give yourself away And you give, and you give And you give yourself away
you both smiled at each other "I really like you, I guess I was just scared at my feelings." you confessed
With or without you With or without you, ohh I can't live with or without you
he smiled brightly at you
"I know"
"would you allow me to kiss you?" he questioned
With or without you With or without you, ohh
he placed a soft kiss on your lips as you danced I can't live with or without you With or without you
"where's your parents?" Xavier asked from beside you as you looked down from the balcony, seeing students talking with their mothers and fathers
"they never show up. no letter, no text. they just don't come but it's alright. they've always neglected me, I'm used to it" you shrugged.
"you shouldn't have to get used to it, they're your parents" he defended you against yourself. he pulled you into a hug
"well where's your dad?" you looked up at him, resting your chin on his chest
"I got a text this morning. it's like that every year" he replied with a sigh
"I'm sorry"
"hey, how about we do something? I know it's been a week but I haven't officially asked you on a date yet" he smiled smugly
"what would we do" you said, pulling back from the hug
"go into town, or stay in and watch a movie, whatever makes you comfortable" he suggested
"I'd like that" you nodded. he placed a kiss on your lips, hugging you from the waist.
that's the end!!!!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
god he's beautiful (for anon 馃)
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Style study for an animatic鉁
Tumblr media
Bro this works so good like look at them
Tumblr media
Also this song
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"Do I have paint on my face?"
Xavier Thorpe x reader
Synopsis: Xavier let's you study in his art shed while he is painting.
I made a little mixtape for this small blurb and all the xavier simps out there. Also, I have left the end of the story open, so that everyone can imagine how it continues. I hope you like it.
Warnings: none
Xavier invited you to his shed to study in peace because your roommate can't seem to shut up about their new crush.
At first he was hesitant, after all it's his safe place but after seeing your disheveled state as you tried to find a quiet spot, he took you in.
Now you're sitting at his desk and he's working on a new painting while one of his playlists is playing in the background. Only now there's a different kind of problem.
You found the perfect place to study but now something else seems to be distracting you, or rather someone else. You just can't take your eyes off him anymore and watch him. How he moves, how concentrated he works on his new project, how he bites his lip to think about where to put the next brush stroke. Your eyes kept wandering and literally fixated on his lips.
Suddenly the silence between the two of you was interrupted when he said, "Do I have paint on my face? Or why are you staring at me like that?" The tone he used was not meant sarcastically, as he always talks to you but rather in a teasing tone. Then he turned to face you. "What? Cat got your tongue?" He laughed softly and took a few steps towards you until he was standing right in front of the desk looking down at you.
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Ceres Observations (childhood/parent addition)
Tumblr media
9h or Sagittarius ceres people may have had parents that had two different ideas of parenting, one being strict and one giving freedom. One of them may have been emotionally distant or absent in some way at some point. Their Parents may have taught them or surrounded them with their culture a lot, and traveled a lot whether it be alone or with them.
people with 4h/cancer ceres may have been undervalued or had less attention from the mother but still attached to her, if they have siblings the mother could've given their siblings more attention than they them at some point. I've seen these people to prefer their mother more than their father or stick with their mother a lot tbh.
I've seen many people (including me) who have their ceres connected to some Neptune influence tend to have one or both parents deal with addiction or drug abuse most of the time, maybe witnessing it with their own eyes or not at all. One or both of the parents could've had a hard time connecting with the real world and maybe could've been neglectful at some point. This usually applies to those who have it negatively aspected or in 12h
10h/Capricorn ceres people usually have one or both parents who are workaholics and usually paid attention to their work than them. Their parents often chose their careers and money more which can cause a lot of neglect at some point. They might not have been an emotionally expressive parent; instead, they may have shown you that they cared by merely providing for you. Their parents usually try to put their work expectations on them.
8h/Scorpio ceres (me including) people can have parents who had trouble financially, they borrow money but can usually not pay it back like that. Their parents may have even asked them for money from them but weren't finically stable to give it back. Their parents may have projected their trauma or emotional pain onto them or usually teach them to suppress their feelings. People tend to trust these people easily. They may also have witnessed traumatizing things that's happened to their parents. Type of people who try to heal others but themselves
I've seen many Virgo ceres people learn organizational skills, helping others etc. at a very young age at some point cause their parents may have been a bit messy and busy with other stuff.
Taurus/2h people tend to have one or both parents who buy their love, to substitute the lack of affection or nurturing whether it be emotional or physical, this usually applies to those who have it well-aspected. These people have the types of parents who excuse the fact that they give materialistic things to them or provide for them so that they can't give proper affection. If it's negatively aspected or afflicted it's the complete opposite, they would've lacked proper materialistic/needs and being financially stable.
People with ceres-saturn negative aspects may have had too much or too little freedom/ restrictions from those who raised them. Their father or a masculine figure that was in their life might of been very cold or distant.
Sun-ceres people may have generally lacked attention from their parents, which gives them low esteem and looking for attention else where . this could apply to Venus as well but they try to find this in their own partners or love interest
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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@naffeclipse made me cry so here's my retaliation 馃槫
Tumblr media
I can't believe the first time I color him is when he's dead
Is it really that pixilated?? Gosh I hope not.
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don't you know that i am right here? - xavier thorpe
Tumblr media
summary: Xavier finds an obsession with the new girl leaving you behind. You want him to realize you鈥檝e always been there.
a/n this is to all the people who can relate to satellite by harry styles <3
word count 1.3k , fluff , slight yelling
you got a new life. am i bothering you?
You and Xavier were best friends. Until Wednesday Addams came along. It was as if there was a magnetic force surrounding her, because as soon as she arrived you were left in the dust.
At first it hurt, a lot. But as the weeks dragged on, you grew used to the absence of your best friend. Soon that would fade, and you would grow jealous. Jealous of their relationship, jealous of the way he looked at her, jealous of the time they spent together, jealous of her.
The Rave'N dance was quickly approaching. You decided instead of moping around you were finally going to get your best friend back. And maybe even confess your feelings in the process.
do you wanna talk?
You spent the entire school day hyping yourself up to gain the courage to finally speak to Xavier. You decided you would catch up to him after school, he'd probably be by his art studio by then.
Your last class ran a couple minutes late, so you were speed walking to catch up to Xavier at his shed. Except when you arrived you realized you were far too late.
"Would you go to the dance with me?" Wednesday shyly asked.
"Yes, Wednesday, I would love to go to the dance with you. I thought you'd never ask." Xavier answers with a smile.
As you hid behind a tree to hide from Wednesdays gaze, you could feel your heart sink. As tears prickled your eyes, you fear you may never regain your best friend.
i don鈥檛 wanna talk to you. she said 鈥済ive me a day or two鈥
Tears now streaming down your face, you rush back to your dorm. On the way Enid notices your disheveled state.
"Oh, em gee!! y/n what happened are you okay??" Enid asks with concern while grabbing your shoulders.
"Wednesday and Xavier are going to the dance together" you say between sniffles.
"What do you mean? Everyone thought you two were gonna go together." Enid asks, a bit confused.
"What do you mean everyone?" you say confused.
"I mean it's like totally obvious that you two are in love with each other. You'd be an idiot not to see that." Enid explains.
You can feel even more tears begin to form.
"Hey c'mon don't worry about it, you'll get him back. You can come dress shopping with us! Show him what he's really missing." Enid laughs.
"Yeah okay." you agree with a small smile.
i go 鈥榬ound and 鈥榬ound satellite.
It was now a day before the dance, you were a little nervous to see Xavier. You decided that if you stuck with your friends, you'd forget about him and finally have some fun. Enid helped you pick out a beautiful white lace dress.
The school day was going fine until you heard whispers around you.
'Did you hear about Xavier and Wednesday??'
'I heard she ditched him for Tyler'
'She totally played him'
'Poor Xavier must be heartbroken'
You wanted so badly to talk to him, but you knew you weren't strong enough to face him. Besides, you were finally starting to do good on your own. Stick to the plan and don't get caught up.
As you entered the quad your eyes immediately landed on him. He looked tired and lost as he continued working on his mural. He turned around, almost immediately sensing your eyes lingering on his frame.
Your eyes locked from across the quad. Two broken teenagers hoping to become whole again.
i can see you鈥檙e lonely down there
It was finally the night of the Rave'N dance. You spent the few hours beforehand to yourself getting ready in your dorm. You were going to meet Enid and your friends right outside the party entrance, so you took your time.
As you finished the final touches you felt absolutely beautiful. The silk and lace fabric hugging your figure. The glittering eyeshadow making your eyes sparkle in the moonlight. Your hair falling in perfect curls contouring your face.
Walking over to the Rave'N you felt the best you had in weeks. All eyes were on you as you made your grand entrance. The lights and atmosphere amplified your beauty even more.
While your friends made their way to a table, you felt a familiar pair of eyes on you. You look over to see nonother than Xavier. Just like in the quad it feels like time stops for just a moment. You soon break the contact trying to stay strong. You are here to have fun, not mope.
Shortly after your entrance everyone silenced as Wednesday Addams arrived. She came with some normie from Jericho. As much as you hated to admit it, she looked amazing.
You look over to see Xavier's eyes immediately glued to her. Of course. You were stupid to think Xavier would be easily pulled away from her. Your heart stung for a moment, feeling insecurities take over you.
spinning out, waiting for ya
You were out on the dance floor dancing with Enid, who was pulling out all her signature moves. Once again you felt a pair of eyes on you. At this point you were so tired of his stupid little games.
Just as you were about to advert your gaze he quickly shot up, walking towards you. Before you could even say a word, he was grabbing your wrist and pulling you outside.
"What is your problem?" Xavier quickly asks.
"My problem? What's my problem?!? Why don't we start with yours?" You ask, feeling the anger rise inside of you.
"What-" Xavier was about to question before you cut him off.
"You seriously think I didn't notice? Ever since Wednesday's arrived you haven't given a shit about me" You explain.
"y/n that's not what-" Xavier tries to explain.
"I'm spinning out, waiting for you to pull me in. I can see you're lonely down there. Don't you know that I am right here??" You slightly shout, watching Xavier's face for any sort of answer.
"y/n can't you see! That's why I had to back away." Xavier cries out.
"What?" you say. You suddenly feel insecure standing in front of the man you're in love with.
"I am so fucking in love with you I don't know what to do with myself!" Xavier exclaims.
You stand there confused.
"I can't keep my eyes off of you. I constantly hear your voice in my head. I can't stop drawing you. You're all I think about. It's like you've consumed me. It feels like summer when I'm with you. You're this constant beam of light in my life. And I didn't want to ruin you." Xavier sighs.
"Ruin me?" you say confused.
"I just, I was so scared I would somehow mess up our relationship. I didn't want to take that chance, so I just left. I went with Wednesday to try to distract myself, but that didn't work at all. All I could think about was you" Xavier explains.
"You're an idiot!" You yell.
"What?" Xavier questions, confused by your outburst.
"I've been right here this whole time! You could've talked to me. We could have talked this through" you exclaim.
Xavier stands there for a second.
"Is it too late now?" He asks, grabbing your hands to pull you in closer.
"Please just kiss me already" you plead.
Before you could even finish that sentence his lips came crashing down onto yours. His hands fell to your waist, pulling you in. Your arms swung around his neck, deepening the kiss. The world stopped for just a moment. You finally pulled away, gasping for air with pink swollen lips. Neither of your smiles could be contained.
There you were. Two teenagers kissing in the moonlight. Finally whole.
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,,Fuck you'' ,,Can i have this dance?" X.T
Pairing: Xavier Thorpe x reader
Pronouns: Non rlly used
Warnings: None just Xavier being lowk mean
Preview: You and Xavier haven't always been so friendly with eachother but it's the Rave'N and you just got stood up by your date and he's been feeling something for you sometime now so he takes matters into his own hands.
Tumblr media
I sat, lonely as ever at the Rave'N looking at everybody else dancing or chatting with their friends and dates. Unfortunately for me my date just stood me up like it was nothing, I looked as Yoko walked over to me.
,,Y/n, are you sure you don't want to come with us? I don't want you to be alone most of the night'' she commented, small glint of worry in her tone. ,,No, i want you all to have fun not to be worrying about me all the night, have fun I don't want this to be a pity party" you remarked with a sad smile shooing her away to have fun with the other's.
Now there was someone's eyes studying your every move, you had no idea of course your thoughts only being on how you got stood up by some normie. I mean you kinda expected it but you had some hope they would've showed up.
You stood up to get some more punch for like the 100th time this night. As you poured the punch in the cup the person who has been eyeing you the whole night approaches you behind.
,,Getting punch again? Aren't you tired of drinking it don't you have anything better to do?" He asked as you rolled your eyes ,,What does it concern you? Think I'm gonna die from drinking too much punch?" You remarked annoyed.
,,Just asking don't have to be so moody all the time, Jesus." He replied with an offended look ,,So what happened to your date?" He asks again. ,,You scared them off already?" He commented as he smirked stupidily ,,No they stood me up." You responded your mouth drawn in a thin line. ,,Makes sense, you're too much to deal with" he sheepishly said looking straight into your eyes as they widened.
,,Fuck you." You remarked angerly with your eyebrows furrowed ,,Can i have this dance?" He asked as the new song started playing and he put his arm out for you to take it. You looked at his smirking face and back at his hand again and again. You took his hand still with the same look on your face, if you're having a miserable night why not make it miserable for him too? He started leading you to the dance floor.
You could probably recognize it as a chase Atlantic song maybe uncomfortable? You both start dancing to the song as everyone has their eyes on you two especially Bianca, whispers where heard all around you either liking the duo or the opposite.
As the end of the song started coming closer you both begined getting closer and closer to eachother to the point where you both could hear your hot breathes hit eachothers faces. Xavier started leaning in closer to your fave, lips getting near eachothers. In this moment it just felt right, the music, the place everything. You pulled him by the collar of his shirt and emerged your lips to his, his hands cupping your cheeks on his hands massaging them lovingly and your hands moving to his neck. He smiled against you lips.
,,You can't even imagine how long I've waited for to do this.." he whispers into the kiss and you both slowly pull away. Your face with light blush and him smiling stupidly at you ,,You were really a bitch just to get a kiss out of me" you remarked moving your hands to cup his cheeks ,,And you still went along with it" he commented back as he got close again and kisses you softly as he pulls your waist to make you both closer to eachother. You smile gently in the kiss as you caress his cheek.
Tumblr media
Thx to everyone that read this fic also sorry for not being active in writing I've been very VERY busy with school and since I got into volley I've been busy with that too 馃懡馃馃徎
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f1letters 2 days
paris | eo31
"romance is not dead if you keep it just yours"
summary: maybe their family and friends didn't understand all the secrecy of their relationship, but why risk ruining what they had when they lived happier than ever inside of their own bubble?
warning: the absolute fluffiest fluff ever, secret relationship, platonic!reader x mick schumacher, brief mention of alcohol, no big warnings - just here for the 鉁╲ibes鉁
pairing: esteban ocon x reader
word count: 3.2k
note: everything in bold are song references and in italic are thoughts, which includes memories from the past.
french words used: mon tr茅sor = my treasure; mon amour = my love; je t'aime tellement = i love you so much
omg?! cat posting a HAPPY FLUFFY STORY?! yes yes yes, I know everyone, but after last week I think you guys deserved a little sweet, lovey-dovey story haha! what can I say? I love estie bestie haha! I hope you enjoy this one, I loved writing it! (but it's actually 1:30 AM and I have to wake up in like... 5 hours! haha)
Tumblr media
"Your ex-friend's sister
Met someone at a club and he kissed her
Turns out, it was that guy you hooked up with ages ago
Some wannabe Z-lister
And all the outfits were terrible
2003 unbearable
Did you see the photos?"
No, I didn't, but thanks, though
Paris is unquestionably a city for lovers, said Mary McAuliffe.
And it is indeed the city for all lovers. The romantic lovers, head over heels in love with each other. The soon-to-be lovers, so shy and so scared to reveal their feelings. The inseparable lovers, so consumed by their adoration that they can't seem to keep their hands away from each other. The secret lovers, lost in between discreet touches and memories built in confidence.
Paris is the one place where your heart seems to beat even faster, where your eyes seem to glow a little more, where your head seems to be completely and utterly focused on the idea of love.
Y/N and Esteban were no exception to the rule.
No matter how many times the couple visited the French capital, the two seemed to become magnets, unable to let go of each other, whenever they went to the city of love.
The young woman was combing her long hair in front of the large mirror in the hotel bathroom, towel around her wet body, after taking a shower.聽
With her eyes locked on her reflection, Y/N didn't even notice her boyfriend's tall frame walk through the door until the driver wrapped his arms around her waist from behind while resting his chin on top of her head.
She smiled at him through the mirror and Esteban responded by placing a soft kiss on his girlfriend's cheek, sending shivers down her spine.
It was amazing how he managed to have the same effect on her since the first day they met two years ago.
It was her best friend's birthday and a bunch of people were gathered at his house, ready to sing happy birthday to the boy. Everyone was taking their seats around the table, Y/N opting to stay tucked away in the corner of the room as she wasn't a big fan of people in general.
"You're Y/N, right?" A familiar face asked her, as he leaned against the wall next to the girl.
"Yes, that's me." Y/N smiled, feeling her cheeks flush as she looked at the Frenchman, immediately feeling an attraction to him. "I'm sorry, but I don't know who you are..." She laughed nervously.
"Esteban, I'm a friend of Mick's." The driver introduced himself, extending a hand for the young woman to shake, with a smirk on his face. "I saw you here and recognized you from the pictures. He constantly talks about 'his best friend Y/N' and I had to approach you."
The two stayed there, maintaining eye contact for a few seconds, smiling from ear to ear, until they heard the other guests start singing. They turned towards their German friend, but, in reality, the two maintained their focus on each other, keeping their gaze on each other from the corner of their eyes.
After Esteban expressed his interest in Schumacher's best friend and after much insistence on his part that he had good intentions, Mick ended up giving in and began to arrange more outings involving his two best friends.
Months passed, with Esteban always persistent in trying to build a stronger bond with the girl in the hopes of asking her out one day, but Y/N got ahead of him and she took the first step.
"Este?" She got the driver's attention, as the two of them fell behind the rest of the group on top of the snowy mountain.
"Yes, tr茅sor?" Esteban answered, looking in her direction, the nickname rolling off his tongue as usual.
"What if we had dinner this week?" The girl suggested, a confident smile plastered on her face.
"You mean..." The man hesitated nervously, thinking he might be misunderstanding things.
"A date, yes. Me and you. This Saturday night. My place." The girl explained, reaching her gloved hand into the boy's coat pocket, where she managed to grab his.
Esteban couldn't help but think to himself: my God, I'm falling for this girl already.
I'm so in love that I might stop breathing
Drew a map on your bedroom ceiling
No, I didn't see the news
'Cause we were somewhere else
Things between them evolved quickly, and the two simply became obsessed with each other overnight.
However, Esteban's fame scared Y/N a bit, as she had experienced a lot of the attention that came with accompanying Formula 1's blonde prince to his races and witnessed first-hand some of the hatred that other drivers' girlfriends, that she got to know over the years, got.
And that's why the couple decided to keep their relationship private between them and the people closest to them, even though many of them didn't understand all the secrecy.
No one knew but their friends and family. Even on the driver's team, no one knew who she was in specific, although there were some rumours and speculation due to the noticeable chemistry between the two of them and their occasional escapades to his driver's room when they thought nobody was looking.
The same can be said about the fans. Y/N was a familiar figure in the paddock, especially to Haas' fans as she was a usual member of the German driver's entourage over the years. But that didn't kill their curiosity about who she was, and what connection she had both to Mick and to other drivers with whom she was seen around the circuits.
But the couple couldn't care less. They were happy. The happiest they've ever been.
Esteban gently smoothed his girlfriend's hair away from her neck and placed a romantic kiss on it, making her giggle as he tickled her with his beard.
"Hurry up, mon amour." He told her, continuing to caress her as he spoke. "We have to go. Paris awaits us."
Stumbled down pretend alleyways
Cheap wine, make believe it's champagne
I was taken by the view
The girl dressed quickly, without much effort, keeping her outfit comfortable and discreet: some black sweatpants of her own, an army green hoodie stolen from her boyfriend, a winter Nike jacket on top and a black beanie on her head.
Her partner's look mirrored her own, both opting to blend in with the crowd as just two normal lovers in the city of love. There was no fame, no attention, and no fans.
"You look so cute in my clothes, mon tr茅sor." Esteban complimented the girl, pulling her beanie down further, playfully covering her eyes with it. Y/N slapped his hand away from her face, adjusting herself to the new one, while the Frenchman laughed and placed a kiss on her forehead. "You look beautiful, as always."
Her little heart warmed with her boyfriend's words. He never went a day without making her feel like the most special person in the world, even when she was standing in front of him in sweats, with messy wet hair, and no makeup at all.
"Shall we? I thought you said Paris was waiting for us." Y/N joked, recalling her boyfriend's words. "Enough compliments, let's go, babe."
The girl's fingers intertwined with his and Y/N pulled the driver towards the room's exit as she walked backwards towards it.
Like we were in Paris
Like we were somewhere else
Like we were in Paris, oh
We were somewhere else
After leaving the hotel, the couple聽stumbled down an alleyway,聽hand in hand, hidden from the rest of the world, but always with happy smiles on their faces.
Y/N told him all about the latest gossip at her work, the new music she discovered on her Spotify, and her most embarrassing teenage stories with Mick.
And Esteban just listened. His favourite sound was her voice, especially when she told him the smallest details of her routine in an attempt to make him not feel left out due to the distance between them most of the time.
At that moment, they walked through the crowd and not a soul cared who they were. They were just... them. A couple in love among hundreds of others.
A few minutes later, they found a small, empty restaurant and when they saw an older couple dancing in the centre of the room, they decided to stick around, assuming they were the owners and would probably not recognize the driver.
The two entered, smiling at the couple, and sat at the booth in the most reserved corner of the room, picking up the menus to decide what to eat.
The night continued in the best possible way. The food was delicious, the restaurant remained just for the two of them and the old couple continued to sway gently to the French music blaring from the radio, making Y/N, the ultimate hopeless romantic, smile with her eyes half tearing up as she lay her head on her boyfriend's shoulder.
Y/N and Esteban didn't have a care in the world, since Paris always managed to聽keep their romance just theirs.
Privacy sign on the door
And on my page and on the whole world
Romance is not dead if you keep it just yours
Levitate above all the messes made
Sit quiet by my side in the shade
And not the kind that's thrown
I mean, the kind under where a tree has grown
After finishing their dinner and paying for their meal, the couple left the small establishment and decided to return to the comfort of their hotel room, which was not far away.
The young woman's hand found its home again in the hold of her boyfriend's hand. The girl's gaze sparkled as she studied every detail of the street they passed: the lights, the shop windows, the people, and the flowers on the balconies.
Meanwhile, Esteban couldn't help looking at her as if she had his whole world in her hands. No matter how much time passed,聽he was so madly in love with her that he almost felt like he might stop breathing聽at any second.
The driver pulled her closer to him, letting go of her hand to wrap his arm around her shoulders and let out a sigh at the feel of her body touching his. "Je t'aime tellement, mon amour." He said almost instinctively.
Y/N looked at him, with the most sincere and genuine smile, ready to return the driver's declaration of love when the two were interrupted by an unexpected intruder.
"Hey, you!" Upon hearing this, the two immediately moved away, fearing that their cover had been revealed, and the girl continued to walk forward alone while Esteban paid attention to the small boy who approached him. "You're Esteban Ocon, aren't you? You're my favourite driver ever!"
Clearly, little Louis - as he introduced himself before he enthusiastically told his idol all about the races he'd seen - hadn't been up to speed with the latest gossip from the world of Formula 1 and the couple had overreacted, but they were both used to react like this in the rare instances when Ocon was recognized during their secret dates.
Y/N started to slow her pace when she discreetly looked back and saw her boyfriend bending down to take a picture with his fan.聽
In a matter of seconds, Esteban took the place beside her and the two continued on their way to the hotel, although now there was some distance between them.
It was difficult at times, they admitted. Especially for a couple who couldn't seem to keep their hands off each other. But they knew their sacrifice was for the greater good, so they could have the privacy they valued so much.
Almost as if they were communicating telepathically, the two looked at each other simultaneously, though no words were spoken, and Esteban gave her a half smile, making her body relax with the comfort it conveyed to her.
The date might have ended, but the night was still young: it didn't matter where they were because, as long as they were together, they were having the time of their lives.
I'm so in love that I might stop breathing
Drew a map on your bedroom ceiling
No, I didn't see the news
'Cause we were somewhere else
As Y/N walked into their hotel room and started to take off her coat, Esteban gave her a smirk and聽placed the privacy sign on the outside door handle.
"Now it's just you and me at last, mon tr茅sor." The boy said, approaching his girlfriend and giving her a peck on the top of her pink lips.
The two removed the outfits they were wearing and changed into more comfortable clothes, prepared to continue their night just enjoying each other's company. Esteban put on his pyjamas, and Y/N put on hers, which basically consisted of a pair of dark blue shorts and an Alpine t-shirt from the previous season obviously stolen from her boyfriend's closet.
The girl walked over to the room's mini fridge and took out a bottle of聽cheap wine聽that she had bought for them.
"Just pretend it's champagne,聽Este." She joked as she poured two tall glasses for the two of them to drink from. "Not all of us can be Formula 1 drivers, I'm just an accountant."
The two brought their lips to their drinks, feeling the pleasant taste of alcohol spread through their mouths. Y/N walked over to the window on her side, where she could see the view of the Eiffel Tower, and Esteban wrapped his arms around her, placing his large hands on her stomach and resting his chin on top of her shoulder.
The Tower shone like the brightest star in the sky, hence why Paris was known as the city of lights, and the two maintained the comfortable silence that settled in the room, both聽taken by the view.
Stumbled down pretend alleyways
Cheap wine, make believe it's champagne
I was taken by the view
Tired, Esteban sat down on the edge of the wide double bed, pulling his girlfriend with him. The two giggled while the Frenchman lay down against the headboard and the girl took the place on top of him, straddling him with one leg on either side of his lap.
Y/N took her hands to his neck, letting her fingers intertwine in his hair, and her mouth joined his in a serene kiss, full of love, comfort and peace.聽
The connection between the two was simply inexplicable and completely out of this world.
The young woman took the place beside him, removing herself from the top of it and lying down on the mattress, with her head now on his shoulder. Both were looking at their cell phones: Esteban looking for the results of the football matches that had taken place that day, and Y/N checking her Instagram feed without much attention.
Until the girl's phone alerted her to a new message and, after reading it, she fell into a fit of uncontrollable laughter, leaving her boyfriend more confused than ever.
"Mon amour, are you alright?" His voice revealed the smile plastered on his face.
"You won't believe what Mick sent me." Y/N moved her cell phone so that Esteban could read what was sent by the German.
From: Micky
Have you seen the news?聽Apparently, we are dating AGAIN! 馃檮馃槀
Attached was an image that contained a particular comment left on the last photo posted by Mick, where you could see the two friends in the middle of a snowball fight.
'@f1fan: Mick and Y/N are FOR SURE together, they've been dating for years!! You have to be blind to not see it! 馃憖'
"Oh my God, are you cheating on me with聽Mick聽of all people?!" Esteban pretended to be hurt, with his hand over his heart as if she had broken it. "I expected better from you, Y/N."
The two simply laughed at the rumours, thinking to themselves how comical it was that people were so certain about her supposed love affair with her best friend when she was lying in the same bed as a completely different driver from the grid, who was, in fact, the one who truly owned her heart.
Like we were in Paris, oh
Like we were somewhere else
Like we were in Paris, oh
We were somewhere else
Y/N recalled all the times those closest to them had criticized their choice to keep their relationship a secret and couldn't help but ask about it again.
"Do you think our family is right?" Y/N asked, resting her chin on the Frenchman's chest so she could see his expression. "About how we shouldn't hide our relationship. Do you ever regret it? I mean, not telling the world about us?"
"Honestly, mon tr茅sor," Esteban replied, pushing the hair that hid his girlfriend's face behind her ear. "As much as I would love to scream until my lungs give out that I am the luckiest man alive and that the sexiest girl on this planet is mine, nothing would make me change our relationship."
"So no, I don't regret it." He continued, stroking her cheek with his thumb. "Mon amour, we are in Paris.聽No one here to judge us, or to try to tear us apart. Just you and me against the world, come what may."
I wanna brainwash you
Into loving me forever
I wanna transport you
To somewhere the culture's clever
Confess my truth
In swooping, sloping, cursive letters
Let the only flashing lights be the tower at midnight
In my mind
"You know," Y/N pulled her body closer to his, circling his neck with her arms and leaning fully on the driver's torso.聽"I swear I just want to brainwash you into loving me forever sometimes."
"I think I should be worried about those words," Esteban teased, earning a gentle pinch from the girl in return. "But to be honest, I think I'm going to love you forever either way, so no brainwashing needed."
"God, we really are corny." Y/N laughed, laying her head over the Frenchman, being able to hear every beat of his racing heart. "No wonder why Mick hates us so much."
We drew a map on your bedroom ceiling
No, I didn't see the news
'Cause we were somewhere else
In an alleyway, drinking champagne
A few minutes went by, and the two fell asleep in each other's arms, again surrounded by the silence within those four walls that protected them from the rest of the world.
Their relationship may have seemed wrong to others, but Y/N and Esteban both knew that their love was the surest thing in their lives.
Their hidden connection completed them, made their stomachs flutter, gave them the motivation to wake up in the morning.
In the bottom of their heart and in the depth of their soul, they kept their best secret hidden from all the evil, all the jealousy and all the judgment.
And maybe they would never tell a soul in the world about their love.
But in the end,聽they would always have Paris.
'Cause we were in Paris
Yes, we were somewhere else
My love, we were in Paris
Yes, we were somewhere else
Tumblr media
taglist: @dan3avacado @starxqt @roseinnej @spiidergirlsworld @ccloaned @hotpigeon22 @dr3lover @lovelytsunoda @primadonnasdream @luxebeautystyle @wallfloweriism @ilivefortheleague @gwynethhberdara @satellitelh @adavenus @audreyscodes @wifeoflucyboynton @th6ccnsp6cyy @classifiedsblog @flyingmushroomss @motylekrozi @claramllera @gabrielamaex @handsupforamiracle @pierre-gasssllyy @lorenaloveslewis
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(taglist continues in the comments)
thank you to everyone that asked to be tagged! please let me know if you want to be added to the next stories! 馃拰
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ashwhowrites 2 days
Pretty boy
鈿狅笍 real smutty feels, sub Eddie! Pretty boy/mommy ( also kind of a sugar momma?)
Eddie is very fem in this fic. He wears skirts, panties and likes his make up done, so if you don't like that I do not recommend reading :)
You look better in that dress than I do
Imagining you wearing white, saying, "I do"
Y/N and Eddie were fooling around at the mall. Giggling and laughing as they looked through the racks. That's when she saw it, a gorgeous white dress, knee length and flowy. She grabbed it off the rack
"baby I need to try this on!" She squealed. Her boyfriend following her to the fitting rooms.
Eddie waited outside the door as she changed. Slipping the dress on and smiling at her reflection. The dress fit her well. Tight in the right places and flowy at the bottom. She twirled in the mirror watching as the dress followed her movements.
"baby! Let me see!" Eddie said from behind the door.
She smiled and walked out. Spinning for her boyfriend. His eyes watched the dress.
"do you like it?" She giggled
"beautiful baby" he complimented, kissing her lips quickly
She watched as his eyes studied the dress
"you want to try it on, don't you pretty boy?"
His cheeks blushed red and he shyly nodded. She pulled him into the room, locking the door behind them.
She slipped off the dress, standing in her panties and bra.
"arms up baby" she demanded. Eddie put his arms in the air, she pulled his shirt off. Kissing his chest softly.
She unbuckled his jeans and helped him step out.
"beautiful soft boy" she whined, stepping back to look at Eddie's pale body, standing in just his lace panties.
She handed the dress over. Eddie smiled and quickly pulled it up his body.
Blushing as he looked in the mirror.
"look at how gorgeous you are my pretty boy" she smirked standing behind him, wrapping her arms around him, "you look better in that dress than I do"
Her hand slipped down to lift up the dress, tracing her finger tips over the front of his panties. He shuddered, whining and falling into her body
"I can just imagine you wearing this while saying I do, don't you baby? Standing there all pretty in white" she spoke seductively. Her hand slipping into the front of his panties. Gripping his cock in a tight grip and pumping him slowly.
"yes" he moaned, melting even further against her chest. One hand reaching behind him to push her ass against him. His eyes watched them in the mirror.
The dress pushed up as he held it against his stomach. He watched as she spit in her hand, pumping his cock again. She was twisting her fist around his tip. Her other hand reached up his chest and tugged on his nipples.
"you still watch me drain your cock with my hands and you will cum all over that mirror. Then we are going to buy this dress and go home where I can fuck you the way I want, understood?"
Eddie nodded fast, throwing a hand over his mouth to keep his moans quiet
"I don't think so baby. You better be loud. I want people to hear how much of a slut you are" she demanded. Pinching his nipples harder as he squirmed.
"fuck mommy" he whined. Head throwing back against her shoulder
"look at you in this dress. You like when mommy plays with your big cock when you dress up for her? You dress up only for me right? No one else?"
"yes mommy. Just you, no one else. I like to be pretty just for you" he could feel himself getting closer. Heavy breaths of air puffing out of his lips.
"good boy. Now show me how much of a pretty boy you are when you cum. Cum all over that mirror in your pretty dress" she jerked his cock into the direction of the mirror watching as he fell apart.
Before he knew it he was cumming with a loud moan. His cum shooting onto their reflection in the mirror. He gasped and rocked into her grip. Eyes rolling back as she latched her lips on his neck. His knees were shaking and his toes curled. He always was whiny when he came and being in public made him no different.
"good job pretty boy" she whispered as she pulled down his dress. Smacking him on the ass
"lets go buy you this dress" she smirked, throwing on her clothes and grabbing his. Walking out to the register.
Eddie took one last look at his cum on the mirror, blushing as he raced after her.
Lipstick on my neck, borrow my skirt, won't get it back
I'm obsessed, I've never met someone like you
She was moaning on Eddie's lap as his lips kissed her neck.
"making your pretty marks for me baby?" She asked.
"yes mommy"
Eddie's favorite thing to do was put on his mommy's red lipstick. Coating his lips then pressing his lips on her neck. Enjoying the marks of his lips that stained her skin.
He remembers when he first did it.
The way he blushed when she walked through the halls. His lipstick stains on her neck and disappearing down her tank top. Leaving to the imagination of just how far down the stains went.....and they went far. Guys and girls staring as she passed. Watching as she pushed Eddie against his locker and shoved her tongue down this throat
Eddie has done it every since. Enjoying how proudly she wore his lipstick stains, like they were a work of art ( 5sos referenced)
She was obsessed with Eddie Munson. The way he cried, begged, whined and moaned. He was a pretty boy who deserves to be worshipped and she vowed to be the one to do it. She's never met anyone like him.
He also had a thing of stealing her clothes - especially her skirts
Eddie smiled at his reflection as he stood in his bedroom. Slipping on the skirt his girlfriend left on his bedroom floor. Twirling as the soft material flowed around his thighs. Bare underneath the thin material, his hard cock was easily seen through it. She watched from his doorway, he didn't notice her staring. A skirt she'll never get back. She smiled as his eyes caught hers, freezing in his spot as the lust clouded her vision. Gulping hard when she walked over to him, confident and head held high. He watched as she dropped to her knees, "hold your skirt up for me pretty boy" his cock twitched at the name and he lifted his skirt up fast. Bunching the material in a harsh grip as she sucked him off.
All that testosterone
Leave me alone
Oh, I want a pretty boy
Ah, ah, I like 'em soft, I like 'em skinny, boy
Ah, ah, don't need a macho man to treat me like a toy
Want him lady-like and poised, want a pretty boy
Ah, ah, yeah, you're so pretty, boy
She hated masculine men who spent their time running after balls like dogs. She'd glare when they looked at her. She tell them to fuck up if they ever walked up to her.
She wanted a pretty boy. She likes them soft to the touch, and skinny little waists that she can wrap herself around.
She will never be caught with a jock. All they do is treat girls like toys. Fucking them and ignoring them. Macho men were not her type. She wanted the power. She wanted to destroy something so beautiful and put it all back together again. Just to do it over and over. She wanted a pretty boy.
And that's when she snatched Eddie Munson before any other girls found out- he was a pretty boy.
To be honest, I've been gunning for the girls
So if it's gonna be a boy, it's gonna be a boy who twirls
She's hooked up with many girls before. Loving the sensitivity of their delicate bodies. She craved a female body more than men half the time.
Until she saw Eddie Munson twirling on the floor. Dancing with Steve, just spinning in circles over and over again. Definitely drunk but he twirled in Steve's arms so beautifully and softly. Those puppy eyes had her reeling it fast.
She was only giving up on girls if she got Eddie Munson
All that "bro" - got me bored, yeah, I've seen it all before
But, I've never seen a boy dressed up in pearls
Eddie didn't quite understand why she was so attracted to him. He knew he wasn't built huge or acted manly at all. He cried at romance films. He liked to dance in the kitchen. He liked to take baths with her when he was stressed. He liked to be fucked and treated like a toy.
But whenever he tried to talk down on himself she'd snap. She's seen that bro shit before and it makes her bored. All boys are the same but not him. She's never loved anyone like him.
The way his neck looked so much more inviting when it was laced in pearls. She's never seen a boy dressed in pearls until he tried them on in the store. He smiled at his reflection and fluffed up his hair.
"what do you think mommy?" He asked, looking over to his left where she was standing. She got as close as she could, hooking a finger underneath the pearl necklace and yanking him closer
"I think I'm going to fuck you in these pearls, and just the pearls"
The necklace didn't make it through the first round. She was fucking him from behind, her strap in him deep. She grabbed the pearls and used it to yank his body against her bare chest, Eddie whined as the pearls dug into his neck. She was fucking him so hard and lost control. Yanking harder on the pearls as he clenched around the toy cock inside of him. The necklace snapped, his pearls breaking one by one onto the bed. Once she flipped on his back he was all over the place. He was screaming as his hands searched for something to grab, knocking all the pearls on his floor as he gripped his sheets. They still find random pearls underneath his bed. Reminding him he needs a new one soon.
We can take turns using my makeup
We look so good, they can't even hate us
We can play house when we're together
I can be Ken, and you can be Heather
Now on date nights, they do each other's make up. Eddie was infatuated as she painted her face with multiple products. Asking questions of the purpose of each one, so she offered to teach him
He sat on his bed as she was seated on his lap. Mascara tube in her mouth as she held his face with one hand and the wand with the other. Coating his long lashes in the liquid. Puppy eyes staring into her. He'd beg and pout for a kiss after she finished each step. Smiling to himself when she'd kiss him then grab the next product. He'd watch her tongue poke out in concentration as she blushed his cheeks up with pink powder. Kissing the skin before she covered it with the product. Smiling as his cheeks were rosey pink, even before the blush was added. He'd purse his lips together as she coated them with pink gloss. Telling him to rub it together. He loved how sticky it was. Never fails to mention, "mommy you need some too" and smashing his lips onto hers. Using the distraction to rub himself up against her. He's been hard as she sat down.
People wanted to hate them. They hated the freak and they hated that the freak got her. But they just couldn't hate them, no matter how hard they tried. Y/N and Eddie always looked like they walked out of a magazine together. Like God physically sculpted them just for each other.
Eddie knew he was definitely not the "man" in the relationship but he didn't care. He loved getting spoiled with gifts, kisses, cuddles, and orgasms.
He loved getting taken care of. He loved that Y/N owned him and controlled him. He liked being her property (even though he knew he wasn't. He was always allowed to be just as independent as he wanted to) but he never did. He clings to her like a koala bear. That's his mommy and he was going to always be her good little pretty boy.
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imaginesbymonika 3 days
Cruel Summer - a prequel
Pairing: Tenoch Huerta x fem!Reader
Plot: Tenoch and Y/N meet at the set of Narcos and fall in love, what more is there to say...
This is the prequel to my story About You. You don't have to read the story before you read this one.
Tumblr media
Y/N lets out a frustrated sigh and observes how her breath turns into a little white cloud that flies upwards and disappears. "Fuck me.", she softly whispers, while more snow falls down and lands on her shoulders. If it wasn't so cold, she might have been able to enjoy the white sight in front of her.
When her agent told her, that she got the role in the upcoming Narcos series, she was so excited. Finally, she thought, finally she would be able to work somewhere where it's warm. That fantasy however was short-lived. The snow started falling a week before she arrived at the set, and instead of T-shirts, she had to buy tons and tons of sweatshirts and jackets. Y/N truly couldn't wait for the outside locations they would visit at the beginning of summer.聽
"Fuck me, God!", the actress curses under her breath and begins to jump up and down. Melanie, called her at three in the morning to inform her that Diego Luna somehow managed to get sick and wouldn't be able to try on his costumes until Monday. That's why she got moved up the list. Y/N wants to take out her phone to look at the time because it feels like she is standing outside in the frostiness for the last four hours. However, her hands are so red and cold that she truly cannot do anything with them. "Worthless fucking hands.", she whispers and begins to dance on the spot in order to keep herself a bit warm.
When she hears how someone behind her giggles she quickly turns around and flinches when she spots a man. A cigarette is loosely hanging from his lips and Y/N watches how he brings up his lighter. "Lo siento.", he mumbles, while a smile plays on his features. One that drops together with the lighter when he sees the perplexed expression on Y/N's face.
"Oh, no me entiendes鈥 I said that I'm sorry. I didn't mean to laugh at you."
Y/N swallows thickly before she shakes her head:""Oh, no, no, no. I'm not offended!" She crosses her arms in front of her chest and eyes as he takes a deep breath. "Okay, good. I was worried about that for a second.", he points past her toward the entrance of the big silver trailer: "Are you also waiting for the costumes?"聽
The young woman didn't break his gaze, instead, she just nodded her head and answered perhaps a bit too fast:" Yes!" He chuckles. "I am going to be playing Louisa, the American journalist.", she explains and his eyes light up while a smile once again emerges on his pretty lips. "You're the one playing my TV girlfriend. It's nice to meet you." He holds out his hand and when Y/N shakes it, she feels its warmth. "My name's Tenoch Huerta.", he states and winks at her.聽
"Y/N Y/L/N." At that moment the door to the trailer opens up and when Tenoch lets go of her he already misses it. "Y/N!", Melanie's voice declares, with way too much liveliness for this time of day:" Come on in darling, god it's freezing."聽
Y/N turns back to Tenoch:" See you around, I guess." He nods his head in agreement and watches her as she walks up the few stairs before she steps past Melanie inside. The brunette woman eyes her co-star skeptically:" What are you doing out here, Huerta. I hope you know that your turn is this afternoon."聽
"Yeah, I know."
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lovelytsunoda 19 hours
mr. winter // pierre gasly
Tumblr media
summary: bad weather is keeping her flight grounded for the foreseeable future. as her holidays fall apart, she meets a handsome stranger in the terminal next to hers.
pairing: pierre gasly x female! reader
author's note: this is the most ambitious one yet guys . . . i hope it's as good on paper as it was in my head. there are only three (??) fics left in the christmas collection (daniel, charles, zhou)
when you left, she was a wreck, she said you left a mess but you said that you'd be back home, didn't wanna be all alone (..) hey mr. winter, did you miss her? she'll be waiting all alone, please just say you'll come back home
warnings: lack of christmas spirit, talk about relationship troubles, drinking (but not nearly as much drinking as some of my other fics), y/n gets into pierre's car after not even knowing him for an hour which is a very stupid decision to make (but i think i would too if given the chance-)
author's note: this is the most ambitious one yet guys . . . i hope it's as good on paper as it was in my head. there are only three (??) fics left in the christmas collection (daniel, charles, zhou)
"west jet flight ts74000 from milan to toronto international has been cancelled until further notice."
"fucking hell!" y/n groaned with the other travellers, slumping back in the uncomfortable airport chairs.
she knew she was cutting it close by having her high-school friend group's annual reunion in europe, this close to the holidays, but she never could say no to althea.
althea was lucky: she was staying in italy with her fiancee, jonas, for their first christmas as an 'almost married' couple. y/n on the other hand? she'd already been waiting for her flight for almost six hours. and now it was looking like she'd have to spend the foreseeable future in that gross, sweaty airport as well.
she was going to miss christmas.
it was with a heavy heart and drained spirits that she managed to rouse herself enough to get to the receptionists desk so that she could arrange a new flight.
"are you sure you don't have anything sooner? and by sooner, i mean at some point today, tomorrow at the latest?"
"sorry, signora." the receptionist shook her head, her blonde curls bouncing against her pale skin. she was wearing earrings that looked like christmas wreaths.
the christmas spirit was making y/n nauseous.
"you don't understand, i need to get home."
"you and everybody else. the next flight is twelve a.m in two days time, i'm sorry, signora." the receptionist passed her an envelope before waving the the rest of the line. "next!"
"where the fuck am i supposed to stay for two days? i can't afford a hotel!"
"that's what happens when you travel at christmas, signora."
with a dejected sigh at the realization that she wasn't going to get anywhere, she grabbed the handle of her suitcase and walked back towards terminal b5, dejectedly settling into the uncomfortable plastic chair that was bolted to the terminal's tile floor. she debated calling her mom, letting her know that she wouldn't be home in time for christmas.
she tapped a delicately manicured fingernail against the screen of her iphone before she decided against it, dejectedly burying her head in her hands as she tried not to scream.
"i saw what happened back there. that's rough."
she sat up a little straighter, swiveling her head around. on the other side of the rigid plastic chairs, a man was staring at her. he had a mane of fluffy, brown hair atop his head, and a smile that had definitely broken more than a few hearts.
"yeah, well that's what i get for trying to fly to canada three days before christmas. from what i've heard from my mom, it's been a rough winter back home."
"what brought you to milan?"
"high school reunion. my best friend is getting married and this was the only time that we could all get off." she rolled her eyes "and now look at where i am."
the stranger laughed. "i have been making this flight back to normandy for three years now, and something always goes wrong."
"ah, france. i should have guessed." she said lightheartedly before extending her hand. "i'm y/n."
"pierre. nice to meet you, cherie." pierre winked before shaking the young woman's hand.
"air france flight af20865 from milan to normandy has been cancelled until further notice"
as his side of the terminal just groaned, pierre grinned as he raised an eyebrow. the devilish grin on the frenchman's face made the butterflies run rampant in y/n's stomach, her cheeks heating up pink underneath his gaze.
"it sounds like we could both use a drink. i'm buying?"
y/n laughed, throwing one backpack strap over her shoulder. "as long as you're buying."
the airport bar was the one place where y/n and pierre could find even a semblance of quiet in the stressed, holiday atmosphere of milan international airport. she sat at the bar, listening to the italian christmas carols play softly in the background as she pulled the paper wrapping off a plastic straw, taking that first sip of her sprite.
"do you not drink?" pierre had asked her
"i don't like the taste of alcohol. it's too bitter for me. i don't mind mixed drinks, though. it's weird."
pierre cocked his head, elbow against the counter and palm of his hand propping up the side of his head. his muscles rippled underneath the cable knit sweater he was wearing, and y/n couldn't tear her eyes away. "it's not weird. it's quirky."
"it's one of the eccentricities that gets you called a 'wet blanket' and never invited out with anybody."
"come on, your distaste for alcohol can't be the reason that you came to italy alone. usually people come to europe to search for something. they're looking for love, self-worth. self-discovery."
she almost choked on her mouthful of sprite, coughing in her elbow before turning to pierre. "wow, you really went for the throat there. calling me lonely in four different ways. i've been single for just over a year and a half now. my college relationship fell apart after graduation. it's hard when all of your friends are in committed relationships and you aren't."
"all of my friends are getting dumped, so we can go be idiots together now." pierre shrugged, taking a sip from his drink. "it's actually quite nice."
"typical bachelor behavior." y/n giggled, completely entranced by the frenchman. "god, i fucking hate christmas."
pierre raised an eyebrow. "why is that? how can you hate the most wonderful time of the year."
the young woman groaned, shocked that she was even considering baring her most vulnerable emotions to this stranger.
this very, very beautiful stranger.
"it's just that there's so much pressure on you to be happy, to feel festive, and then you feel bad when you aren't immersing yourself in holiday spirit. there's also so much emphasis on christmas as a couples holiday, and well, if you don't have a boyfriend, it's kind of shit."
"then clearly you haven't been doing christmas right."
y/n raised her eyebrow at the frenchman. "and you have?"
"since both of our flights are grounded, and we have all the time in the world," pierre began, getting up from the barstool and pulling on his leather jacket. "why don't i show you?"
i must be crazy, she told herself as she took his warm hand in hers. "alright, casanova. show me what you've got."
getting into pierre's car was not a smart decision, and even though every neuron in her body should have told her as much, she couldn't bring herself to turn the man down. there was something about him that made her want to let he guard down.
his car was shockingly nice, a honda sportscar that rode low to the ground, had no trunk space and leather seats. why on earth he was about to let it sit in an airport parking lot was beyond her. maybe someone was supposed to come and pick it up for him once he was on the flight.
he pulled out of the airport parking lot, and y/n finally saw sense. she sent off a quick text to althea, knowing that the greek girl was still in italy, including a gps tracker for her location and a scrambled message explaining the handsome man in terminal b4 and the cancelled flight back home.
"im still shocked that italy gets this much snow." she said softly.
"does it not snow where you come from? i thought you were from canada, no?"
y/n laughed. "it doesn't snow around christmas. sometimes we get lucky and there will be a freak storm in january, but christmas is usually just cold and damp and gross."
"well, then we must celebrate the snow while you're still here, mon cher."
she was staring out the window as pierre drove, tiny, imperfect snowflakes collecting against the window, traffic lights glowing through the snowfall and the fog. he drove down a side road, casually looking back at the gps.
at least he put the address in a gps, so there will be a trace, which means he's probably not trying to murder me.
they drove in a comfortable silence, and y/n was completely taken by the atmosphere around her. it was like a hallmark movie: christmas music playing softly in the background (pierre had changed the radio station as soon as y/n got in the car), pierre's fingertips tapping on the steering wheel, the snow falling gently outside.
if only she was in a vintage pickup truck in small town america instead of a sportscar in milan.
pierre pulled off the main highway, taking a side road down a dirt path lined with evergreen trees dusted with snow.
it was magical.
the car came to stop, and pierre cut the engine, leaving the headlights on as he undid his seatbelt. "come on, i want to show you something. you can see the whole city from up here."
she undid her seatbelt, and she reached to open the door only for pierre to have materialized on the other side, pulling the car door open for her. she took his hand and the frenchman helped her out of the car, guiding her towards the area where the glow from the headlights ended.
"oh wow."
she was standing at the edge of a hillside, in a clearing of sorts, the city of milan sparkling and twinkling brightly in the dark. she took our her phone, snapping pictures of the landscape as snowflakes dissolved against her baby blue puffer jacket.
"it's stunning, isn't it?" pierre chuckled, leaning against the hood of his car. "it's a nice place to come when you want a minute away from reality."
she looked back at him, her hair ruffled from the gentl breeze, snowflakes caught in the strand. oh how stunning pierre looked with this mane of fluffy hair dotted in snowflakes.
"come up here often."
pierre grinned. "often enough. shockingly, it's also a very good makeout spot."
"oh, is it?" she laughed, turning back to the breathtaking view of milan, a sense of peace in her body despite the cancelled flights and the lack of christmas spirit.
and then she felt it, the impact against her back, the snow hitting the exposed skin on her neck. she turned around to see pierre standing behind her with a devilish grin on his face.
she couldn't help but laugh. "oh, you're going to regret that." she giggled, reaching down to gather snow in her hand, pierre's hands flying up to block his face as she threw the snowball at him.
the frenchman laughed, retaliating with an even bigger snow ball. they ran around the clearing, lobbing snowballs at each other as they ducked and his behind trees and cars.
when they were out of energy, they came to meet each other at the hood of the honda, faces pink and hair damp from the melted snow as they laughed, breath coming out in clouds in the cold, night air.
"can i kiss you?"
they said it at exactly the same time.
"do you try that with every girl you bring up here?" y/n grinned playfully.
"only you." pierre hummed, cupping her cold face in his palm as he leaned in to kiss her softly in the headlights.
"well, my new flight doesn't leave for two days." she said slyly, raising an eyebrow as she ran her hands over pierre's chest. she never did things like this. she didn't even know his last name.
but maybe this was what she came to italy to do: to meet a handsome french man who made her not hate christmas. a hallmark movie, if you will.
"and i doubt my housesitter will mind if i throw him out for the night."
"so what are you waiting for, casanova."
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Tumblr media
Simon "Ghost" Riley/Reader
Dedicated to @yeyinde and @moondirti for their incredible writings! Seriously I haven't written this often in years so...let's go! Song this was inspired by 猬囷笍
Simon was alone.
Alone on the roof, mask off and a cigarette in-between his lips and a beer bottle hanging precariously from his fingers. He had nothing but the multitudes of thoughts doing sprints in his brain, a rare chance when he wasn't aware of his surroundings and he could just...be.
He'd been on this mission all of two weeks when he got a call from you, going straight to Price to make sure you wouldn't be delayed. At first he thought the worst, someone had broken in, someone had targeted you, an enemy from his past had showed up and had you hostage and this was the last time he would hear from you.
He wasn't sure what to expect, but it wasn't two words he'd never thought he'd hear.
Simon took a long drag of his smoke, focusing in the cherry red end go brighter before dulling, the soothing feeling of smoke entering his lungs and tobacco on his tongue easing his mind somewhat. He had no idea what to say, hardly said anything to you before he had to hang up and go over the plan with the team before they were dismissed for the evening. Simon should call you back, but still he had no idea what to say.
"You alright Lt.?" Soap's familiar comforting accent cut through the otherwise quiet night.
"Johnny. Thought you'd be at the bonfire."
"I was, then I noticed a certain Ghost wasn't haunting the area." Soap grunted as he sat beside him, passing him another beer before cracking open his own. "Saw you take that call, was it your hen?"
Soap was the only one other than Price who had known about you, and had been at the elopement ceremony simply because you two needed a witness and he was right there. He was about to go on a deployment for months with no guarantee he would come back, and Simon wanted to make sure you would get his pension if the worst did happen. So, a quick run to the dress shops and then to the courthouse and you were officially Mrs. Simon Riley. He'd gotten you a better ring when he did return, a rock as big as Soap's head and a house away from the city to make up for all the time he's away. That was a year and a half ago now, and he still liked calling you Mrs. Riley.
That wasn't the only reason to marry you, he should clarify, he did want to spend the rest of his life with you, a sense of belonging when he came back home and a reason to stay alive. He supposes he has another reason to come home now though.
"Yeah," he knocked off the ash and took a swig.
"Yeah? Everything alright?" He took one look at the far away look in his eyes and felt his heart break for the man. "Dont tell me it was a Dear John call."
"No, no, she wouldn't-" Simon hoped you wouldn't, "it's not that. She's pregnant."
Why did that leave his lips so easily? He could barely wrap his mind around the idea of you with a lad inside your belly and it being half of him and half of you and-
"Fuckin' hell she's pregnant." He said it again, snubbing out his cancer stick and standing with his hands on his hips.
"Steamin Jesus." Soap breathed out behind him. "That just hit ya?"
"Shut the fuck up Johnny." There was no real venom in it, too focused on the more important revelation at hand. What would he think of him? The lad could call him the old man or some variation, toddling on his little legs to him with his arms out stretched for his dad to pick him up. What could he teach him? Sure, he could teach him to fight or to swim but that was it. He had no life skills, no domestic traits that he could pass on to a son.
"Fuck am I going to do? The hell am I going to do for Jack?" He muttered, pacing a few times before sitting back down next to Johnny.
"Well, you're gonnae do ok if you've already got a name picked out." Soap leaned back on his hands and nudged him with his boot. "What do you think he'll look like?"
"Probably be as big as me. Tall and as a tough as a bloody tree. Can't imagine having to squeeze out this head through you." He knocked on his head.
Soap had never seen him like this. He was...hopeful, dare he say it. Ghost had probably never thought about something like this, never had the opportunity to think this far in his life before. God knows Soap was the most confused he's ever been when Ghost told him to put on a tie and get to the courthouse and lo and behold he had a sweet lil Bonnie lass he was marrying that day. Now, hes got a bairn on the way?
"I think you're forgetting a very important part of the pie, Simon."
He turned to him with a fire in his eyes, arms crossed over his chest and venom in his voice. "What?"
"Jack could be Jackie."
His eyes went wide in a rare display of emotion. "What the fuck am I going to do with her? I can barely handle the woman I'm married to how the fuck am I gonna handle a daughter? Fucking Christ, I can just imagine her...if she looks anything like her mother I'm fucked. Might as well get a bloody shotgun to hang on top of the fireplace..." Simon ran his hands down his face, doing just that and imagining a little girl attached at her mother's hip. She'd be sweet and loving, like peaches and cream from the shop his own mother would take him when his father hadn't drank their money away.
Or perhaps it could be two? One of each or two daughters or two sons and they'd be the apple of his eye. His heart began to pound, imaging the life his children, God his, yours, a family. An honest to God family and he didn't want to miss a moment of it.
"I need to talk to Price." Simon tossed his cigarette over the roof and dumped the rest of his beer out.
"What for?"
"To go home!"
Soap watched him leave with a laugh, cheering to him behind his back. "Good luck, brother."
Price managed to get him home in another two weeks after he worked his ass off to finish the mission. He hardly had time to wipe his ass he was so focused on getting home to you. He hadn't even called you which was a massive fuckin mistake on his part, yes he knew, but he hoped the bouquet of flowers and tiny beanie he had bought on a whim would make it up to you along with a promise that he wasn't going anywhere for a very long time.
Price got another call about nine months later, inviting the team to meet his wife and daughter. June was her name, and he had been right. She was the spitting image of her mother.
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