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ritikajyala · 2 days ago
How do I tell you I love you without choking on the words?
Growing up, I never heard my family say 'I love you'. It was something people confessed in films and books and not what mother said to us or father told my mother. I love you was an exotic bird that existed somewhere in the world- too far away from us. I love you was a weakness that required immeasurable strength.
So, I pour my love in the morning coffee. And in the evening, I peel an orange for you, I love you. And I send you 15 cat pictures an hour, I love you and I hope you see it. And I text you good morning at the same time everyday, I love you, I love you, I love you. And until I learn to swallow it and live in it and whisper it, I hope you see how much I love you.
-Ritika Jyala, excerpt from The world is a sphere of ice and our hands are made of fire
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academia-lucifer · 2 days ago
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metamorphesque · a day ago
Tumblr media
— Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood
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queenmoriarty · a day ago
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As the hours pass
I will let you know
That I need to ask
Before I'm alone
How it feels to rest
On your patient lips
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fairydrowning · a day ago
"Milena, if a million loved you, I am one of them, and if one loved you, it was me, if no one loved you then know that I am dead."
– Franz Kafka, "Letters to Milena"
"I love you because I love you, because it would be impossible not to love you. I love you without question, without calculation, without reason good or bad, faithfully, with all my heart and soul, and every faculty."
– Juliette Drouet (1914), "The love letters of Juliette Drouet to Victor Hugo"
"I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close."
– Pablo Neruda, "100 Love Sonnets"
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valahaliane · a day ago
《 How does the touch of Ferid Bàthory feel on the hand of his beloved woman? 》
• Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
Tumblr media
His cold hand, with thin skin like paper, taut on the long fingers and slightly abrasive in its pathological sensitivity, reaching out into the darkness to seek yours. This is how it happens every time, at any time, when Ferid Bàthory looks for your living and warm hand to hold in his. So it is now, when the vampire is behind you, getting closer and slightly trembling. Maybe because of the moment, the pleasure of being so close to his woman. And Ferid's arm slips, wraps around you and pulls you closer ― meticulous, careful, searching, as always.
The coldness of his chest stings you even through the material of the shirt that covers him, but this kind of coldness seems to draw you into its sweetness. And you let yourself be soft, calm and serene against your lover's chest. Your eyes close and then all the senses of your being intensify. Even the way Ferid's cold fingertips gently pinch your elbow in their light, thin touch that slowly falls like a veil over you ― they all burn you with a new heat, delight your being, and as his palm slowly comes down, touching your bare arm, you feel the thrill running through you from his body.
Even if Ferid is theoretically a cursed dead, even if his skin is rough, his simple yet so meticulous touch feels like it gives you so much life.
Where would such a miracle flow, from that body frozen by the curse? But the heat still comes at his touch on your body and you know, how alive Ferid lives when he touches you.
His long fingers move smoothly in their motion, so smooth you can not see them, but in your mind's eye, they can be so much like the fine legs of a spider ― articulated in their lines, so meticulous and often lethal. So do his fingers, pale and elegant, slightly rough and trembling, with nails so clear at their tips ― they reach and slide down your bare, warm arm, as if trembling, desiring something. And desperately as if in a shiver of his cold body, once his eyes close and you feel how Ferid's face sinks into your tender shoulder, exposed by the nightgown, that pale, cold and bony hand grasps your wrist.
His grasp is not sudden, but on the contrary, Ferid's touch can be likened to the examination of a precious stone in the hands of a fine jeweler ― thus his cold fingers wander, feeling every fine line of your arm, every vibration of your pulse, the warmth, the blood beneath your skin so fragile.
Ferid pulls you closer in that darkness of your bedroom, his icy nose digging into your soft hair, like a sneaky child grudgingly dipping its nose into whipped cream and milk. Ferid smells you and his eyes close, until his slightly tight, frowning features take over your serene expression and make it their own.
His hand gripped your wrist more, and beneath the thin, cold skin, your living pulse vibrated ― already Ferid could hear it perfectly in his keen ears. But he still wants to feel you, more, closer. And that shiver shakes him again, that wave of overwhelm at feeling his sweet woman so close.
But his touch does not stand alone. Slowly, your tender, living fingers stretch, in that dark room, until in their twisting, they intertwine with his ― Ferid's fingers, cold, trembling, and slippery, like a spider's legs. Except that what this spider has grasped ― its butterfly ― is not sap-dried to death.
“ And for the first time, the butterfly caught the spider, gave it life… It won't eat it, Y/n, right? Maybe with just a kiss….”
His suggestion vibrates in your shoulder with a different inflection ― a little goofy, but vulnerable.
Another kiss of those cold lips tingles your warm skin. Ferid pulls you closer again, but already your warm fingers are entwined with his, and soon, from their tips to their wrists ― yours with a pulse and his without, your palms are kissing in a secret touch.
Cold-hot, that is how the sensation melts in your senses, vibrating through both of you, and when your bodies twists again and you meet his gaze with open eyes, Ferid again looks like he wants to observe you much more deeply, with all his sharp and brilliant mind ― maybe not just with his two sharp eyes, maybe not just with his long fingers. Perhaps the arachnids are luckier and Ferid wishes he had many eyes to better observe the one who gives her own pulse and rhythm of life to such a dead man as himself.
But until then, the vampire's two deep eyes, as if wet now, warmed and touched by a different purpose, faith, are reflected in yours ― alive and clear. And his pale hand fulfills that need, searching and merging into every vibration your living hand gives him.
Your fingers are aligned, your palms are together, just as your bodies have turned to look closer to each other. Leaning a bit over you, tall shoulders slightly gathered towards you and loose gray locks framing his face caught in this frenzy and fascination, Ferid stares at you deeply, waiting.
Beneath gray eyelashes, his eyes flicker in warm lights, and every line of the vampire's perfect face is devoid of the eternally dramatic expressiveness. The pale outline of his thin lips trembles and Ferid's mouth is parted, as if a breath were vital to him. But physical breathing is no longer of any use to the vampire.
But you know, because just as your warm, living hand clasps his and kisses it with every simple touch, you slowly stretch back, your chin lifting. Ferid stares at you, almost perplexed in his vague shyness, but full of need when your lips merge into the kiss he has already asked for so eagerly.
Slowly, your fingers intertwine more, just like your bodies pulling closer. You just pull away slightly and your feverish breath envelops him in a whisper, “ My mouth offers life, Ferid, not a ticket to death. It teaches you to fly, Mr. Spider.”
A soft chuckle from him, the vampire's eyes full of a warmth too bright under his thin eyelashes for one like him, a serene look and a smile from you, until your faces are close again, eyes meeting and so are lips in another sweet kiss for the two of you.
You squeeze Ferid's cold hand in yours, your warm body clinging to his as much as possible and slowly, Ferid's so tense fingers, which seemed to be the expression of every agitated thought of his mind, fall soft, light in your warm palm ― just like Ferid, who is slowly lost, floating between your warmth and lips.
Oh, it is just as he said, Ferid then thinks. For the first time a live butterfly gives life to a spider, without any of them dying caught in the thin web. The sticky glue seems to be melting around Ferid and he feels lighter, more serene, with every touch of yours, of whatever nature, with every caress, kiss, simple breath, look.
And yet his being wants more, he is that kind which can not get enough, from that something he believes in, from you ― that is why Ferid longs for your simplest, banal touch, for your vibration soothes and awakens him; a simple, warm pinch on the fingers and the tingle is felt all the way to his shoulder that is now pressed by your body in the embrace of both.
And Ferid kisses you more, longing for his sweet woman to detach him more from the web of despair wrapped in his own life, and just like when your living hand squeezes his more tightly and everything is felt ― pulse, warmth, heartbeat, breaths come into his dead mouth ― for him to fly with you.
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velvetkisses28 · a day ago
Tumblr media
my sexuality is Connell Waldron's neck chain in Normal People.
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poetic-wilderness · a day ago
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Perhaps one did not want to be loved so much as to be understood.
— George Orwell, 1984
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royalapocalypse · 2 days ago
listen bro i am just trying to read this book and listen to my silly little songs and watch my comfort movies while eating chocolate ice cream. do not ask me where i see myself in five years i cant even see myself getting through this week yet here we are.
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drizzlingtears · 16 hours ago
mentally climbing up a tree and screaming my lungs out
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ritikajyala · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
-Fatale(a villain reimagined) by Ritika Jyala
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old-school-romantics · 2 days ago
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peepads · 2 days ago
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typewriter-worries · a day ago
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Man in Space, Billy Collins [transcript in ALT]
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fairydrowning · 20 hours ago
"ولو خيروني لكررت حبك للمرة الثانية."
"And if they made me choose, I'd choose to love you once more."
– Via "warag-3nb" on Tumblr
"و في قلبي مدينة كُل سُكانها أنتي."
"And there is a city in my heart where you are its only population."
– Quote to owner
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valahaliane · 2 days ago
— Owari no seraph x female!reader masterlist:
[ Mostly Ferid Bàthory x female!reader and few pieces of others characters... ]
• First masterlist -> Second one
Tumblr media
• ❝ I wanna save that light ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• ❝Oh what I would give to sleep in your arms tonight...❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• ❝ The Light from the darkness city ❞ - Platonic one shot
• ❝ Wanting humanity back ❞ - Ferid Báthory x female!reader
• ❝A moment he belongs to❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• ❝ Angel, devil, or human ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• ❝ Reader's name ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• What job would vampires have if they were human and how would it reflect on their beloved woman? - Ferid Bàthory, Urd Geales x female!reader
• ❝ Both ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• How they are on the first day of their children's first year of school - Alternative universe, where everyone has a normal life and vampires are human - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• In the first day of school of their kids
• Ferid as a proper gentleman
• Owari no Seraph! Vampires x reader
• ❝ Perfect body, rotten soul ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• Vampire!Ferid Bàthory x female!reader (in the canon universe, but around '90s, before Apocalypse)
• ❝ My angel ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• How would Ferid Bàthory make love to the woman he loves? - Romantic headcanons
• ❝ His fingers ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• Does Ferid Bàthory has any sexual preferences? - Romantic headcanons
• ❝ What can love do? ❞ - Ferid Báthory x female!reader
• Ferid Bàthory's favorite positions during the act of making love
• Urd Geales's favorite positions during the act of making love
• Your “ thing ” during the act of making love - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• After the moments of love - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• Ferid Bàthory looking at his beloved woman in her sleep after they made love
• ❝ Your sleeping prince ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• ❝ Art is the reflection of the soul ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• ❝ Flame dance ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• ❝ Life without life ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• Rígr Stafford x female!reader - daddy kink
• ❝What I see in the dark❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• Crowley Eusford's favorite positions during the act of making love - Crowley Eusford x female!reader
What do they call your genitals?
• Ferid Bàthory, Urd Geales x female!reader
• Crowley Eusford, Rígr Stafford x female!reader
• How their cock looks and feels: Ferid Bàthory, Rígr Stafford x female!reader
• ❝ You are his Sun ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• ❝ You taste the dead one as you want ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• ❝ Until we turn into flames ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• ❝ The sinner's holy temple ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• How does your vagina feel to them? - Urd Geales, Ferid Bàthory
• ❝The sixth sense ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• How did Rígr Stafford raise Ferid Bàthory in his childhood? - Platonic headcanons
• Ferid comforting his beloved woman who fell asleep on his lap - Romantic headcanons
• How does Ferid Bàthory react if his beloved woman had to leave for a time? - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• How does Ferid Bàthory fight or defend verbally his beloved woman? - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• What is Ferid Bàthory's process of falling in love? - Romantic headcanons
• How does love make Ferid Bàthory react irrationally? - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• Ferid Bàthory showing his origin country to his beloved woman - Romantic headcanons
• Ferid Bàthory teaching his beloved woman piano - Romantic headcanons
• Ferid Bàthory's beloved woman writing a song for him - Romantic headcanons
• How does Ferid Bàthory react to the realization that he is in love with his special woman?
• How often does Ferid Bàthory think about the woman he is in love with?
• Ferid with a certain type of woman - Romantic headcanons
• What type of dads would they be? - Ferid Bàthory, Rígr Stafford
• Concept of Ferid Bàthory as a forest fairy
• Concept of Ferid Bàthory as a man-eating mermaid
• A short summary of Ferid in Wonderland ...
• Concept about Ferid Bàthory
• Brainrot - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• Brainrot - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• Concept of a marriage with Ferid Bàthory
• Concept of a teen, geeky Ferid Bàthory in 2000s
• Short concept about Ferid Bàthory as a prince of the Middle Ages in love with a wild writer
• Concept of Ferid Bàthory as a child shipwrecked on an island with another girl and how they both evolve as adults
• Brainrot about Ferid as a child
• Ferid Bàthory x female!reader - Canonverse Aesthetic
• ❝ The birth of the Adonis of the Sea ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• ❝ Too kind, too dangerous ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader, part I
• ❝ Too kind, too dangerous ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader, part II
• What would it be like to be a vampire in OnS?
Physical affection prompts list - Ferid Báthory x female!reader, one shots:
• pats on the head
• interlocking pinkies
• smiling in a kiss
• a hug after not seeing someone for a long time
• giggly cuddles
• chasing someone’s lips after they pull away
• squishing their cheeks
• brushing hands by accident
• wiping away someone’s tears
• lifting someone up out of excitement
• back hugs
• an incredibly loud and painful high-five
• Concept about Ferid Bàthory as a potter
❝ SKYLARK❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader series:
• ❝ Lie ciocârlie ❞
• Concept - Ferid Bàthory as a member of a nomadic group from Antiquity and you as his stolen bride
Their smell series:
• Ferid Bàthory, Urd Geales, Rígr Stafford
• Ky Luc, Crowley Eusford, René Simm
• Sika Madu, Mikaela Hyakuya, Lacus Welt
• Guren Ichinose, Shinya Hiiragi, Narumi Makoto
• ❝ Your hero's cape ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• ❝ Read my eyes ❞
• Ferid Bàthory x female!reader - Imagines
Human Ferid Bàthory as a librarian series:
• ❝The librarian's book ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• ❝ I love you like I love my own Death ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• ❝ While our heads are still on our necks ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• ❝ Offering the nectar to the Butterfly and the Thorny Rose ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
• ❝ The book of both ❞ - Ferid Bàthory x female!reader
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