gasbunny · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Dream: did something happen?
Pandora: *grumbles*
Dream: do you want to talk
Pandora: *crawls under his coat*
Dream: …what are you doing
Pandora: hiding from the world
Dream: fair enough
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philosophybits · a day ago
To want to judge everything is a great fallacy, or a venial sin.
Friedrich Schlegel, Critical Fragments
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apenitentialprayer · a day ago
Isn't the point of Biblical faith that God has chosen to be at home not among angels but among humans?
- James Carroll (Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews – A History, page 114). Bolded emphases added.
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hopepunk-humanity · 5 months ago
So I went to an art exhibit recently, a collection of Native American art from pre-colonial times to the present. As you might guess, there were a few pieces whose artist was lost to time or erased. But instead of the usual “artist unknown” credit, the curators instead chose to label the artists as “Name Once Known”.
I think that’s amazing. It says, “we don’t know your name any longer; we’ll never know who you were, exactly. But you were a person once, and you mattered. You had a name, and you were loved, you had a life, and you made this art. And that means something. Your name was once known.”
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homosexual-having-tea · a year ago
You ever think about how unified humanity is by just everyday experiences? Tudor peasants had hangnails, nobles in the Qin dynasty had favorite foods, workers in the 1700s liked seeing flowers growing in pavement cracks, a cook in medieval Iran teared up cutting onions, a mom in 1300 told her son not to get grass stains on his clothes, some girl in the past loved staying up late to see the sun rise.
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the-devils-feather · 5 months ago
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every room has it's own story to tell
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tolerateit · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
everyone in this room will someday be dead - emily austin
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honourablejester · 2 months ago
I just want to dwell a little bit on the raw awe that the Webb telescope pictures evoke in me. We built a thing, we spent 20 years building a thing, and we flung it over a million kilometres away, and the thing we built takes … pictures of infinity. Pictures of 13 billion years in the past, pictures of the birth and death of stars, galaxies colliding, snapshots of other worlds. Lightyears of distance, aeons of time, glories almost beyond imagining.
This is a thing humanity can do. We can pool imagination, we can pool resources, we can devote decades of our lives, to building a camera that can photograph infinity. We can reach out, fling a piece of ourselves, our ingenuity, our dedication, our collaboration, our imagination, and create a lens so that we can see, we can touch …
There are people who say that pictures like this make them feel small, so tiny in comparison to the vastness that’s out there, but we touched that vastness. We took its picture. We put our palms on the panes of infinity. We flung a tiny tiny fragile machine, a collection of mirrors and motors and shields and fuel, out into the absolute vastness of space, more than a million kilometers distant, and took a picture of a dying star orbiting its partner two thousand lightyears away.
I mean, yes, we are tiny, we are incomprehensibly tiny, and so is everything we do and everything we build. But all that shows is that something so tiny can still do that. Can reach that far. Can witness that much.
We are incomprehensibly tiny and an incomprehensible miracle, that we can be so tiny in all this vastness, that everything we witness in these pictures aligned in such a way that we could form, and that in response, as tiny as we are, we can think and imagine and create on a scale that can … witness the universe right back. Touch it. Focus its light into an image of a billion, thirteen billion years ago. Share that image with a billion other minds.
We can see wonders. Absolute wonders. On a scale to beggar meaning. What more purpose do we need than that?
Sorry. Just. Sometimes science does something that just … wraps a whole fist around your heart and just goes … this is what wonder is. The wonder of the universe. And the wonder of us. This is what wonder feels like. This is what awe feels like.
This is what it feels like to be tiny. This is what it feels like to be infinite.
I love the stars so much.
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mag22 · 6 months ago
human beings love to be like 'heres a thing with a finite number of variations' & then sort it into categories. & theyre always wrong. everything is multitudinous & unfathomable & theres nothing you can do about it. but the human desire to make sense of the universe is also boundless & inexorable & theres nothing you can do about that either.
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4yuel · 4 months ago
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gasbunny · a day ago
Surprise kiss
Tumblr media
Morpheus prefers forehead kisses and I will not hear anyone out 😌
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universallovebot · a year ago
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love is stored in the kitchen
perhaps the world ends here - joy harjo // the world unseen (2007) - dir. shamim sarif // text post - @jacebeleren​ // daidai’s kitchen - @pakchoys​ // text post - @bicarusgf​ // in the kitchen - helena janecic // letter to donald windham - tennessee williams // お仕事  - @tomokohara​ // summer kitchen - donald hall // perhaps the world ends here - joy harjo
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retreat-to-your-mood · 13 days ago
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adhd-hippie · 3 months ago
Saw yet another bullshit take that everything is about love and love is what makes us human and I will again remind you of the following
1. Reducing humanity to a single emotion will always exclude some people who choose to avoid that emotion, have a complicated relationship with it, or cannot identify/feel it.
2. Not all humans have experienced love in a way that was healthy or safe and assuming that love is a default "good" emotion is potentially hurtful and/or triggering.
3. Humans are capable of experiencing dozens of emotions love is just one of these emotions and should not be upheld as more important or worthy than any other emotion.
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lookatthestarswithmee · 8 months ago
I crave warmth everywhere. In the morning sun or in sunsets or in music, art, places, just warm energy. When people recommend you songs or movies or tell you how much you mean to them, when people say I love you out of the blue, or a smile from random strangers, people going on walks with you or a picnic date with friends, when somebody talks about the person they love or the times when you are laughing uncontrollably with a group of people you love, I crave that warmth.
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dyrdymalki · a year ago
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tea kettle... simple everyday object... shaped like other simple everyday objects.... beautiful.. poetic even... this are the little things that life's all about
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mysharona1987 · a month ago
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Nice when we finally can all come together as humanity and understand Alex Jones should suffer.
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