Why is this site called Tumblr?
It always amuses me that people think it's about how you sort of scroll through an endless jumble of images and stuff when the name is very obviously biblical.
טאמבלר is a plural modernization of the word טמבל, which is the biblical term for a silly person or fool, such as those worshiping the golden calf, the sons of Aaron who played with holy items and got fried by God, and Vernigloth of the Pseudepigrapha, who thought the thousand-eyed glowing winged being who told him not to be afraid was some sort of colossal rodent and ran away off a cliff to his death.
So basically in Biblical Hebrew, a "Tumblr" is a ship of fools, confederacy of dunces, or a massive heap of weirdos online. David Karp, who is not only Jewish but was born and raised in ancient biblical times, clearly chose the proper name.
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sothisisablog · 3 days
Fun fact. BBC Merlin is being taken off Netflix 10 days before the 10 year anniversary of the finale.
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emily84 · 2 days
If goncharov didn't make it into tumblr's 2022 year in review than what's even the point
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keepthisholykiss · 2 days
Dracula Daily Research Survey for Upcoming Conference
Tumblr media
Hello internet friends! I come to you yet again, hat in hand, to request your input on your experience with Dracula Daily. If you read Dracula Daily, participated in the memes or discussions, if you stopped reading Dracula Daily, or if you looked at it and thought it was cool but too daunting please let me know. I have had a conference proposal accepted to discuss this project and how it can set the stage to better impact learning and literacy. As some of you know from my previous research on Hamlet, gender, and social media this is an overarching body of research I am continually participating in. Not only do I write these pieces and produce this research to help me in preparing for my eventual Ph. D. dissertation but I also use it to (hopefully) help educators become better at what they do.
If you have a spare 10 minutes please fill out this survey. It is anonymous and will greatly help with my research. I will STOP taking submissions on Feb 1, 2023. So please fill it out ASAP! Again, I want to hear from anyone who even passingly participated in Dracula Daily. Share it with everyone you know who did, I am seeking a diverse set of answers for valuable and wide data.
I am also tagging some of the big Dracula Daily accounts in hopes that they can help spread the word. @draculadailytracker @draculadailyreactions @draculadailybracket
ETA: Due to the overwhelming response I will be closing this survey on January 1, 2023 instead. I expected and accounted for 250 responses which it has now far surpassed. Please feel free to continue sharing and submitting.
Also to answer some comments, DMs, and questions: I am my own (disabled) researcher and the way I collect, process, analyze, and discuss data is my own choice. Commentary on how I research is not something I am looking for, thank you! Partial results, data, and analysis will become publicly available in late Spring or Summer 2023. Until then I will not be of liberty to disclose anything else. If there are any other frequent comments or questions I will edit this post to reflect the answers.
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somos-deseos · 2 days
Tumblr media
A tu Medida 🔮
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Funny cat  😂
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Me duele infinitamente el corazón de tanto pensar en ti.
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Spirited Away (2001)
Tumblr media
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the-irreverend · 2 days
Tumblr media
You know the whole world has gone completely insane when that making Tumblr your primary social media turned out to be a smart decision.
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vexwerewolf · 11 hours
Really beginning to prefer Tumblr to Twitter purely on the basis that when I say something like, for example:
We should feed every frame of Disney into AI art generators
Most people on Tumblr will immediately understand that I am not suggesting it as some sort of actual, workable long-term solution to the problem of independent artists' work being stolen
I am suggesting it as a goblin curse to make the lives of both the talentless artist-disrespecting AI art scumbags and the soulless corporate parasites at Disney very difficult and miserable, and people on Tumblr immediately get that
Posted the same thing to Twitter and I almost immediately got someone dissecting the tweet as "being indicative of how left-wing creatives will try to side with corporations when the subject of copyright comes up"
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el-lobo-777 · 2 days
Tumblr media
Zero Tolerance!
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break-ur-bones · 3 days
Tumblr media
go down. soft sound. midnight. car lights.
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personalslvt · 2 days
"Wait till we get home"
-Shuri x Fem reader
summary- You and your girlfriend Shuri go on a date but you find out soon as you both made it to the restaurant, Shuri was only hungry for you. Whenever you both made it back home, Shuri slntted you out and tasted you.
Tumblr media
You and your girlfriend Shuri went on a date to a fancy restaurant. You both matched the place, you had a long black turtleneck dress on with silver chains, earrings, and some classic black heels. Shuri had on a black turtleneck shirt with some black professional pants, she also had silver chains, earrings, and black airmax nikes.
You both hopped out the car, Shuri first then she walked around the car quickly to guide you out. When she opened the door she looked at you for a few seconds then said "The way your looking we can go back home." she said leaning down and leaning into the car to kiss you. you pulled out after a few seconds, "Come on love we have to go inside." you said realizing Shuri was never gonna pull out of the kiss. Shuri made a sarcastic pouting face and grabbed both of your hands and slowly pulled you out the car. When you were out the car Shuri quickly let go of your hands and pulled your waist looking you in your eyes saying "You look so good mama, I don't think I wanna eat the food here." she said in a serious tone. "This was your idea love and our seats are reserved, you really wanna call and cancel as we're standing outside?" you asked Shuri. "I'll do anything to keep you happy." she said leaning closer to your face. "I'm happy here love, i'm happy being here with you." you told Shuri removing her hands from your waist and grabbing one, dragging her in the restaurant.
You look around the beautiful place, "Why would you wanna leave this?" you asked in a joking manner looking back at Shuri seeing she was faking her enjoyment. "Shuri.. you okay?" you asked a little confused but knew exactly what was wrong. "I'm fine baby, let's go find our seats." She said finally taking control again and walking in front of you still holding your hand leading you both to the reserved seats. Once you both get there Shuri pulled your chair out and she let go of your hand to hold one side of your waist as you sat down. Shuri sat down and just stared at you. She didn't pick up her menu or anything and she never looked away.
It was about 4 minutes, Shuri never looked away from you and the waitress walked up and started speaking. "What can I get you both?" the waitress asked. You looked at Shuri and she was still looking at you but said "Tell her what you want princess." your pussy tingled the way your girlfriend said those words. You looked back at the waitress , "can i get shrimp chicken alfredo and no sides." you ordered. "What drink would you like?" the waitress asked. "mmm, iced strawberry lemonade." you replied. The waitress was writing on her notepad until you felt a poke at your private. You realized Shuri kicked her shoe off and let it rest on your chair in between your thighs.
The waitress then asked your girlfriend what she wanted to eat. "Can I get a y/n meal." she said very casual and you quickly were embarrassed. "uhm we don-" the waitress was cut off. "My fault, uh can I get the same thing she ordered?" she asked. "Of course, same drink too?" "Yes." Shuri replied. When the waiter walked off you barely heard their conversation due to Shuri's foot between your legs. She looks back at you with more of a lustful look in her eyes and say "wait till we get home"
Shuri pushes you on the bed dropping down, ripping your heels off your feet. You just laid there like you couldn't move, full from the food you ate while you were out. Shuri wasn't so full because she didn't eat much off her plate. "I've been waiting all night for this moment." Shuri said randomly but started lifting your dress. Once your panties were showing Shuri kissed them and continued to pull the dress all the way off of you. She removed your chains and you started arching your back as Shuri revealed your torso from the dress kissing your whole torso.
"mmh" you hummed as Shuri carressed the top of your body. She finally got the dress off you and was clearly impatient and just dragged your bra off your head instead of unclipping it. She leaned in between your legs to kiss your breasts. She then takes her left hand and places it on your left breast and took her thumb to massage the nipple as she went down on you pulling your panties down with her right hand. "mmmmmhm" you moaned as Shuri basically tickled your nipple. "What a pretty pussy." she said letting your underwear drop to your ankles. She took her right thumb and rubbed your clit in circles. You lean your head back tugging the sheets as she touched on both of your private areas. Shuri chuckles watching you enjoy her touch on you. "i'm gonna make you bite down on your lip so hard that you bleed." Shuri said bringing the hand on your breast to your neck. "do whatever you please my queen." you said hearing your own breathing from the grip Shuri has on your neck. She rose up and bent over the bed to rub her lip down your ear and whispered "You sure you want that princess? because you would then be a slut... my precious slut." she said and you feeling her lips form a smile on your ear and making every vein in your body twitch.
Her right thumb still circling your clit was replaced with her middle finger that was instantly shoved into your pussy. "do you want princess treatment or to be slutted out?" she whispered circling her middle finger around your insides. You had your mouth wide open ready to say 'ooh' from Shuri's rough entrance. "I wanna be.. I wanna be your slut." you said. "Good choice." Shuri kissed your jaw and pulled her finger out of you and sucked it walking over to a drawer to take something out. It wasn't hard to guess what she was getting but you knew this wasn't going to be gentle.
Shuri grabbed a clear strap from the drawer. She set it on top and got undressed. She then turned around so you could see her connect the strap to her. She walked over to you and grabbed your waist to move you higher on the bed so you were comfortable. "Your a beautiful fucking slut." she said looking at you with a look that almost scared you. You eagerly grabbed the strap and rubbed it on your pussy yourself, Shuri watched you in joy but quickly took it from you and pushed it in.
"Aughh" you groaned loudly. She immediately went fast in and out. She stared at you with a straight face as your face showed pleasure. "Oh fuck Shuri!" you exclaimed. "Your so fucking wet I'm slipping so easy out of this slutty pussy." she explains. She reaches her hand to choke you and goes faster. "Fuck fuck fuck me!" you yell. "Keep it down you slut or i'll deny your orgasm." she warned you. You bit on your lip to keep your noises to yourself while Shuri fucked you uncontrollably. She leaned down to kiss you. She kissed you very sloppy, she tilted her head opening her mouth wide closing into yours as her tounge meets yours. You both share saliva as Shuri fucks you with her hand on your neck. She rises back up to return to the pace she was at and as she sees you about to let out another moan she took her hand off your neck to hold her hand over your mouth.
"I don't want to have to take your breath away." she says aware you were about to let something out. She removes her hand from your mouth and places both of her hands on your gut pushing your lower stomach down fucking you in a speed you couldn't watch anymore. But you kept your eyes open just to keep them on Shuri's because they made your orgasm come 10x faster. "oooooh shit" you said in a lower tone but not a whisper feeling your orgasm. "Cum for me my precious slut, i wanna taste your insides." shuri says out of breath fucking you to the moon. "im cuming, im cuming, it's here- fuck Shuri!" She wasn't even mad at the fact you were loud at that point because the pleasure you felt you weren't thinking about anything else but your orgasm and Shuri's seductive eyes. You came on Shuri's long strap and she pulled out quickly and leaned her head back trying to catch her breath. After at least twelve seconds she took her middle and ring finger and rubbed those fingers on your pussy so she could taste you. she licked her fingers like she was holding a lollipop. "you taste amazing princess." she said. You could tell she wasn't horny as before cause she no longer called you 'her slut'. After she tasted you she rubbed you to get more for you to taste yourself. "give me your tounge princess." Shuri said then rubbed your cum on your tounge. She then quickly leaned down and made out with your tounge with your cum on it.
You and Shuri just got out the shower and are getting into bed after a long day and a rough orgasm. As your both getting into bed Shuri asks you, "What tasted better? That alfredo or yourself?" You wanted to laugh and smack the shit out of her but you said, "the alfredo.. are you dumb?" you clowned her. "I personally thought you tasted better. So much creamier, fulled with flavor, and produced from my beautiful princess." she said sounding very serious. You looked at her and smiled, you grabbed her face with both of your hands and kissed her. "I love you my queen." you say. "I love you more baby." she said kissing all over your neck. You let your head back in pleasure but didn't wanna get in the shower again so you pulled her head away from your neck. "Mama we can do this again tomorrow." You said fingering Shuri's hair. Shuri smacked her lips and pulls your waist into her body as you both are laying down. "Goodnight baby." You said laughing. "night my love." she replied.
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sketchbookdean · 2 days
Do we really have to say it again?
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solxs · 1 day
Pasa que un día simplemente aceptas que esa persona no va a volver, lo aceptas y sin darte cuenta, sigues adelante.
Porque no hay de otra | Babi PM.
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Tumblr media
A tu Medida 🔮
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