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Madarch - Mushrooms
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copias-thrall · 2 days ago
✨ Eternal Slave ✨
Papa was, um. Really into the song.
📸: Me
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galahadwilder · 2 days ago
Sorry your funny batman post is full of people arguing the ethics of victim blaming Batman for being poisoned
That wasn’t a Batman post that was a thing that actually happened to me on Thursday afternoon. I am not an RP blog. If I say “this thing happened to me,” it happened to me in real life.
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hypnopabinia · 2 days ago
Oh no, I did it again.
"The Infernal Combustion Engine is widely regarded as one of the most impactful thaumaturgical devices ever conceived in the history of the world. The underlying principle behind it is a fairly simple one – using the appropriate arcane equations, a small speed demon is summoned, bound, and made to sort pressurised gas particles in a bifurcated chamber by the speed of their movement. Faster-moving, higher-energy particles are collected by the demon into one chamber, where they gather and thus heat the chamber up, whereas slower-moving, lower-energy particles are not permitted to leave the other chamber, thus cooling it down.¹ The temperature-differences between the two chambers can then be harnessed to perform work – and such engines were promptly utilised in powering assorted devices, eventually sparking a small revolution in the field of transportation.
Naturally, concerns have been raised on whether or not the entrapment of demons in such manner was ethical or sustainable. Proponents suggested that being exploited for their labour without reward was fitting punishment for the demons in question, and the good inherent to punishing the wicked thus offsets the the decidedly evil act of summoning them to begin with. Those opposed, however, suggested that – beyond two wrongs not making a right – the runoff of inert particles vented into the environment as a waste product may lead to the buildup of a miasma of low-grade evil, which could have dire consequences in the future if kept unchecked. The prevalence of Infernal Combustion Engines in this day and age suggest, above else, that the proponents have much better public relations.
Meanwhile, the man who initially conceived of the device – the famed arch-warlock Maxwell – has refused to weigh in on the discourse as, in his own words, he is not qualified to opine on the ethics of the situation when his sole purpose in creating the damned thing in the first place was to see whether or not he could break the second law of thaumodynamics and actually get away with it.²"
¹ As slower-moving, lower-temperature particles may rapidly decay into an inert state and are generally not desired, and vice versa for the faster-moving, higher-temperature particles, these chambers have come to be referred to as "Malice" and "Bonfire".
² He did, as the Infernal Combustion Engine made it possible for his getaway car to be fast enough.
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deanwasalwaysbi · a day ago
Excuse me. What in the name of Disney queerbaiting children is this?
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Just Gals Being Pals!
(I don't even go here, somebody educate me. if this is queercoding good for the creatives)
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krvegerr · a day ago
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albedo is always on their ass
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xxsaracaldwell · 7 hours ago
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What are you going to do with this ass 🍑 daddy?
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inky-quilled-dragon · a day ago
And of course. The reveal. The final callback to the mystery plaguing me for at least 3 maybe 4 seasons. The flashback to the hen&athena conversation—the first mention. The CINEMATOGRAPHY. And then—ending with the name. The first time we hear it.
Absolute perfection.
No notes.
Next monday when?
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jellyfishrnice · a day ago
hehe ex-boyfriend story concept
Tumblr media
Okay so Imagine. You just broke up with your now ex-boyfriend and he seems to be taking it rather well, considering that he thinks you won't last a day without him.
Until a month passes by and you're still not back with him. Odd, he thinks. Whatever, you'll be back before he knows it.
Except you aren't. Its been 3 fucking months and you are still not on your knees begging for him to take you back. He's starting to panic a little.
How are you not back yet, how are you surviving without him?? He stalks your Instagram on a private account and see's your hanging out with a lot of male friends that he previously didn't let you see while you two where dating. He's not jealous. Not at all. It's not like the thought of you holding someone else's hand is eating him from the inside out, not at all. Or the idea that someone could be kissing your soft lips that were only meant for him to touch. Oh God, what is you're having sex with others that are not him.
Nevermind, he is not okay.
He lays awake at night thinking about you, what are you doing, where are you at, who are you with?
It's tearing through his mind and heart like maggots to flesh.
He can't sleep, he can't eat, his diet now mainly consists of alcohol and he's starting to think maybe letting you walk out of the door of your apartment was the worst mistake of his life. He looks sick, he looks like someone hit him with a car. No, a bus.
He continues stalking you on your social media before he builds up enough will power to just text you a simple "Hey". In your Insta dms because he was blocked on everything else. You didn't even know he had instagram.
He stares at the screen if his phone until he saw the little dots indications you were typing, his heart was pounding against his chest. But no message came.
It suddenly dawned on him, he could win you back.
He could do it, out of all the times you said you where through with him, you would still manage to take him back within a few days.
What's to say he couldn't convince you one more time?
Or, who's to say.
You don't know how he found your address, but you didn't question it when he showed up on your doorstep with a bouquet of roses and a shy smile on his lips, you couldn't recognize him.
Even though he dressed his best and bought you a huge cluster or roses, he still couldn't hide the eyebags or the obvious weightless.
You cant take him back, no matter how sad and pathetic he looked with his big puppy dog eyes and pretty, soft looking lips.
You simply didn't feel the same way anymore.
You sighed before shutting the door in his face.
"What the fuck?"
He thought to himself, he had never rejected him. Ever.
He did everything right, he dressed well, had a big bunch of flowers, and he even had a little speech prepared!
How could you do this to him!
Rage bubbled up inside him, he couldn't survive without you. That was much more obvious now. The sight of you made him want to fall to his knees and you just shut the door on him?
He needed you.
And no matter what he would make you feel the same. No matter what it takes.
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For Sale
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copias-thrall · a day ago
Holy Mother ☀️ 🌙 ✨ 🌌
📸: Me
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residentevil-4 · 2 months ago
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now you're just making shit up
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galahadwilder · 19 hours ago
There were so many TERFs in the notes of The Post that I’ve blocked now but the funniest one was one with a pinned post saying “I’m not a TERF I’m trans and if you call me a TERF that’s transphobia!” right on top of a post talking in-depth about how thought-provoking and clever and relatable Robert Galbraith’s new book was and I’m like ma’am if it walks like a duck
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aleha84 · 11 days ago
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reasonandempathy · a year ago
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Our system is broken.  It is cruel.  It is dehumanizing, degrading, and it’s vile nature is so, so unnecessary.
We need universal healthcare today in America.  We needed it 40 years ago.  It’s cheaper, it’s simpler, it’s more efficient, it’s more effective and it is so, so, so much less cruel than what we have.
Tumblr media
Additional sources/references:
Universal Healthcare Cost in America would be cheaper by trillions of dollars
The US has worse life expectancies than socialized healthcare countries
We have worse generalized healthcare results
We have the most expensive care
Our system is so cruel and unique that doctors from other countries literally can’t believe what happens here
I can’t tell you where or how to activate to help solve this.  There are politicians, groups, and activists pushing for this in so many ways.  I can tell you when, though.
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mismess · 20 days ago
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*They Might Be Giants voice* Hi, your head's on fire.
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xxsaracaldwell · 7 hours ago
sells content too and if you want to make some with me 😻😍😽
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Dm 😍
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