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i can’t shine to save my life
but i’ll feel through the dark without you
i set fires ablaze inside
and stepped into the light to blind you
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sosweetandfragile · a day ago
todos deben de pensar que estoy enamorada o deprimida, tranquilos, mi tumblr se basa en mil personalidades como en fragmentado ah kajskajs
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knittingwithhighlighters · 2 days ago
Out of context thought of the day
I can't think straight, because my head is too full of sea shanties.
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greenheart-anon · 2 days ago
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busediyebilirsinizz · a day ago
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tygerland · a day ago
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The Maiden caught me in the wild - where I was dancing merrily - she put me into her Cabinet, and lock'd me up with a golden key...
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This Cabinet is form'd of gold and pearl - and crystal, shining bright - and within it opens into a world, and a little lovely moony night...
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Another England there I saw - another London, with its tower - another Thames - and other hills - and another pleasant Surrey bower...
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Another Maiden like herself - translucent, lovely - shining clear, threefold - each in the other clos'd - O, what a pleasant trembling fear!
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O, what a smile! A threefold smile fill'd me - that like a flame I burn'd- I bent to kiss the lovely Maid, and found a threefold kiss return'd...
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I strove to seize the inmost form - with ardour fierce & hands of flame - but burst the Crystal Cabinet, and like a weeping Babe became
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a weeping Babe upon the wild - and weeping Woman, pale, reclin'd - and in the outward air again, I fill'd with woes the passing wind.
- The Crystal Cabinet (1803) by William Blake
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vamp-anthem · a day ago
i HATE it when people talk to me when im trying to listen to a really good song. like becca i dont care about your fucking homework that you forgot to do LET ME LISTEN TO MY MUSIC IN PEACE
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blu-joons · 12 hours ago
When You Feel His Smile During A Kiss ~ iKON Reaction
You didn’t quite know where to look after Jinhwan kissed you, taken aback by the feeling of his smile so clearly against your lips as you pecked against him.
Your flustered expression caught Jinhwan’s attention as soon as you pulled back from him too. “How come you can’t look at me?” He whispered.
“I could feel you,” you chimed, feeling a hand underneath your chin, bringing your eyes back up. “I could feel your smile.”
The corners of the smile that you were referring to turned up as you spoke. “Did the fact that I smiled really make you feel so nervous?”
“I wasn’t expecting it, I’ve never felt your smile like that before,” you continued to whisper, still feeling your heart race before Jinhwan.
He couldn’t hide how funny he found it seeing how shy such an innocent gesture had made you. “I might have to smile more often from now on.”
“You can’t, my heart won’t be able to take it.”
A look of confusion appeared on Yunhyeong’s face as he picked up on how cheery you seemed as the two of you both pulled away from your kiss.
Yunhyeong studied you for a few moments before clearing his throat, “what’s got you smiling like that so suddenly, it was just a kiss?”
“It wasn’t just a kiss,” you corrected Yunhyeong in reply, “I could feel your smile during the kiss, it was so wide Yunhyeong.”
His shoulders shrugged as he felt his smile growing once again too. “How can I not smile when I get to kiss you time after time Y/N?”
“That’s not a question that I can answer,” you chuckled back across to Yunhyeong, “I’ll never know why you get excited when you kiss me.”
Yunhyeong reached forwards and took a hold of your hand, “I would tell you, but we’d be here forever with all of my reasons why I like it.”
“You know all of the right thing to say today.”
A chuckle came from Donghyuk as he avoided your eyes, knowing how wide his smile was, and that it was something that you had picked up on too.
Your finger jabbed against Donghyuk’s stomach as you tried to get him to look at you. “I’m not glancing up,” he quickly told you.
“Why are you getting shy?” You teased, tugging against his hand, “you shouldn’t have smiled if you didn’t want to be like this.”
A sigh came from Donghyuk as he reluctantly turned his eyes up to meet yours, “I was hoping you’d not notice, but I could feel you watching me.”
“I’m just admiring you,” you grinned, tightening your grip on Donghyuk’s hand, “wondering how lucky I am to get to kiss you all the time.”
Dongyhyuk’s head shook as your words managed to convince him to have more confidence around you. “I hate how much you make me smile.”
“Really? Because I love seeing that smile.”
He didn’t quite know what to say as Junhoe felt you watching him, his eyes slowly narrowed in your direction as he began to panic about what was going on.
Your kiss still lingered against his lips as Junhoe glanced at you. “I didn’t do something wrong, did I? Why are you looking at me like that?”
“Nothing is wrong,” you hurried to reassure Junhoe, “I could just feel your kiss as you kissed me, it surprised me a little.”
A sigh of relief came from Junhoe as he brushed over his forehead, “I was beginning to think that maybe you didn’t want to kiss me then.”
“I can safely tell you that I would never want for that,” you chuckled, “I could get used to feeling that smile whenever you kiss me though.”
Junhoe nodded in agreement with you, “I think that that’s definitely something that I can do whenever we kiss, as long as you do too.”
“Of course, kissing you always makes me happy.”
There was a moment of silence as the two of you pulled away from each other, with Chanwoo quickly noticing you staring back across at him.
A muffled laugh came from Chanwoo as he waved over your face, “have I done something? Why are you staring at me like that Y/N?”
“Sorry, I didn’t realise,” you quickly responded. “I think I was just in a moment of deep thought then after you kissed me.”
Chanwoo’s expression formed to one of bemusement, “how come a kiss got you thinking? You never normally think too much about these things.”
“That’s true,” you agreed, “but I don’t normally feel your smile as much as I did when you just kissed me, it almost sent a shiver down my spine.”
Chanwoo stepped forwards and wrapped his arm around your frame, “you’re not trying to tell me that feeling my smile made you a little shy, Y/N?”
“I think it might have done, just a little bit.”
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blackswaneuroparedux · a day ago
Tumblr media
Every time one can write a self-deluded song, you are way ahead of the game, way ahead. Self-delusion is the basis of nearly all the great scenes in all the great plays, from 'Oedipus' to 'Hamlet.'
- Stephen Sondheim
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thecalmlittlegirl · 2 days ago
Watch "For Shervin..." on YouTube
most of you already know about what happened to Mahsa Amini and all that followed. But of late, a trend had been in action over on Twitter, as iranian people told of their woes through using the word "for". Which is called free association in psychology. The list grew longer and yet longer. Then, a singer named Shervin, picked some of the most relatable of these "for"s and turned them into an, oh so saddening song. It speaks of pain, of sorrow and grief, it speaks of hopes and dreams, of hard and bitter truths. So simple, yet so deep it could break your heart.
I now present you with this song, alongside my own somewhat broken translation and the edit of someone much more talented than me. so that i can share this work of art and emotion with you, as i believe most of you would relate to us freedom seekers.
And i would like to let you know, that Shervin, the singer, is now arrested. they shut him up because he chose to be the voice of his people, because he sang all that went through their hearts and minds. first they wrote For Woman, Life, Freedom. now they write For Shervin...
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everydaylouie · 4 months ago
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i'm on that dracula daily train lmao. here's a song about it
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dreaming--and--doing · 9 months ago
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“if we make it through december, everything’s gonna be alright, I know.”
if we make it through december
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tikkety-tok · a year ago
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Sade - “When Am I Going To Make A Living” (1984).
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saloomy-memes · 2 months ago
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cloudy-leafy · 3 months ago
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A song that's only for you 🎶
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one-time-i-dreamt · 5 days ago
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