aliters · 2 days ago
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aeshwaryadudeja · a day ago
I read it somewhere....
when you can't hold the hands just hold it with words.
Tumblr media
Intimacy is not just about making love, its not just a tumble in the bed.
It's about the truth...
When you realize that you can tell someone your truth, When you can show yourself to them...
It's all about the connection.
The intimacy of some warm words,
Some warm memories, Some soft illusions ,
Some real vibes.
It's a kind of aroma with wholesome feelings.
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drcouts · 2 days ago
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illustratus · a day ago
Tumblr media
Views of the hunt in front of the Castle in Wolfersdorf in Kahla (Thuringia), with the homecoming of Hanfried, Johann Friedrich I of Saxony at the bridge.
by Friedrich Carl Mayer
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palecouple · 2 days ago
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noxha-ll · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hey guyssss (/ref) here is some unfinished art from recently that i’ve decided that i probably wont ever continue
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hexafu · a day ago
Some guy in a car just belted out the lyrics to george michael's careless whisper at me while driving by
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pandamaster203 · 2 days ago
Are you willing to write romantically for Alastor?
Alright 😊
Alastor x Reader hc’s
•If your this guys partner, he will treat you right!
•This guy will treat you to home cooked meals and slow dances.
•He trusts you to touch him a little bit, it will take awhile before he will want to cuddle.
•A simple arm around the waist is enough for him right now.
•He will simply talk to you about anything, he trusts you enough to have meaningful conversation.
•Being a guest on his radio show was a giving, and when that happens you two have a ball.
•When he can’t be with you he simply has a shadow follow you and protect you if necessary.
•I read somewhere that when a deer likes you they will gently wag or swish their tail, so alone if your lucky enough he will relax with you and you will see his tail at the corner of your eye wag.
•”Darling” is the main nickname from this dude.
•He can’t see his (after)life without you
I hope you like it 😊
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seaside-writings · 2 days ago
Prompt #461
“I better get paid in kisses,”
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raven-runes · 22 hours ago
It's snuggle season.
Can I get you a hot drink, a good book, and go down on you under the blanket?
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s-ofthearted · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Saw these luvers at the New Orleans Botanical Garden
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aliters · 2 days ago
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happyheidi · 3 months ago
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to my dear, with all my love ♡ x
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drcouts · a day ago
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photografya · 7 months ago
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me and who
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palecouple · a day ago
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dikotur · a month ago
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