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Mecury signs as writers
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm sure people have done posts like these before but this is just my take on it, enjoy I hope it resonates !!
Tumblr media
Aries mecury 》 wants to pioneer in a new style and wants to be the best at their style of writing. Similar to Aquarius mecury in this way because Aries wants to go by their own rules. They are adventurous writers, Aries mecuiries will use writing to explore their own ideas and creativity. I feel like this placement enjoys anything that motivates them and riles them up. They may feel competitive with other writers and strive to always imporve
Taurus mecury 》 the taurus mecury has a distinct voice in their writing that doesn't change over time. You could always tell who it was through their writing. they write to relax and unwind. They may get stuck on technicalities or struggle to express intangible ideas.
Aquarius mecury 》 this is the writer who knows the rules and how to break them. They write to inspire, provoke or even offend. Their style of writing is always changing and evolving. Aquarius mecuries will write and express ideas in unheard of ways, they may have a very mature way of communicating just about anything. Their style challenges ideas surrounding what makes a person a good writer.
Libra mecury 》 this placement can make someone an amazing writer. Libras balance and harmonize so they will likely have a sense for perfect sentence variety, language, grammar, etc. Libra mecuries know when a sentence is too long, when there's too many repetitive phrases, when there's not enough adjectives or verbs. This is a writer who also becomes a perfectionist as they want a sense of harmony in their writing. Libra mecuries write to influence people as they have a chronic awareness of their audience. They are also AMAZING editors.
Capricorn mecury 》 this is a writer who writes to make things tangible for themselves. They create lists, outlines, plots. I also feel like Capricorn mecuries would also be unnecessarily good at erotica fiction. They know how to make nonfiction engaging to read as well. Capricorn may get a reputation of being stoic and while their writing serve a professional and pratical importance
Virgo mecury 》 I feel like this writer is a mix of libra and Capricorn. But of course, having a sign in its home planet is bound to make you a great writer. They are very cirical of their own writing, always editing and going back to revise something. They write to organize, understand, and differentiate between ideas. They are also amazing editors, but their perfectionist approach makes it hard to even finalize a project. Their technical and creative skills are refined but they'd never know it because of how high their standards are. They are also great at analytical writing, such as analyzing the creative value of a piece of media or a person.
Scorpio mecury 》 don't even get me started. This sign is detailed, thorough and meticulous in their writing. If they want to write a scene they would make sure every aspect of this scene was understood, from the dialouge, setting, mood etc. Their essays are long, well researched and beautifully written. They like to focus on ideas that are underground or not well known. They write to integrate and transform the parts of themselves they don't even understand.
Cancer mecury 》 their style of writing is very personable, they know how to tap into emotions and manipulate them in order to fully engage a reader. They write well from a feminine perspective and they may be talented at Journaling. Their style of writing is also very intuitive. They go with the flow and let whatever comes out to touch pen to paper. Cancer mecuires may also have a great humor in their writing as well
Gemini mecury 》 this style of writer can adapt to whatever is required of them at the moment. They can be technical writers, creative, straightforward, influential etc. They love to express opinions and ideas, they engage all sides of a situation like a libra can, but unlike libra they allow contradicting ideas to co exist without feeling pressure to choose between them. They can mimic the voice of anyone as well, gemini writers may struggle to find their own voice for this reason. This type of writer has a dynamic approach, always adapting and using their senses to understand the world around them.
Pisces mecury》 this is the poets, imaginative and visionaries. So many poets and song writers have pieces placements. This writer doesn't adhere to rules right away, they have an awareness of what's going on subconsciously and have an ability to make that subconcious energy surface in their writing. Their style is not always easy understood. you would have to approach their writing from the heart. Their style is intuitive and unique to them.
Leo mecuries》 these placements could create some of the most entertaining and popular pieces of all time. Their writing is meant to to be read aloud, or even made into a screenplay. Their voice can be dominant, dramatic and powerful. They have a dramatic way of expressing mundane things. They have a style of writing where you can't put it down or look away, you're fully engaged and feel inclined to share it with others.
Sagittarius mecury 》 Sagittarius mecruies have a way of crossing boundaries, their style appeals to people of many cultures and spiritual backgrounds. They write to free their own ideas and develop them to educate others. Their writing has great depth and meaning, like Scorpio mecuries they bring layers and complexity to ideas. They have a purpose in their writing and they want that to be accessible to everyone.
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.ೃ࿐ Signature Sign ˏˋ°•*⁀➷
When we say signature sign this is the astrological signature sign that is specific to you, or to put it shortly, the zodiac sign of your whole chart. This sign may or may not correspond to your rising or sun sign. In certain cases, people's signature signs don't even include planets. However, it's likely that you may relate to this zodiac sign's traits very well.
In order to calculate your signature sign, just calculate or put your dominant element and modality together. For example, if a person is a fire dominant and fixed modality, then they will have the Leo signature.
How to Calculate Your Astrological Signature Sign?
You can calculate it through astro.com > charts and calculation > extended chart > pullen astrology > simple chart delineation and look for your dominant element and modality. You can also calculate it here astro-seek.com
Ambiguous Signature Sign
You could have an equal number of planets in two different elements or qualities. For instance, your chart shows that you received 5/5 for both earth and water. You don't have a single signature sign here. When there is no distinct astrological hallmark, the sign is referred to as ambiguous.
Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
Fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius
Mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces
Modality + Element
Aries: cardinal fire
Taurus: fixed earth
Gemini: mutable air
Cancer: cardinal water
Leo: fixed fire
Virgo: mutable earth
Libra: cardinal air
Scorpio: fixed water
Sagittarius: mutable fire
Capricorn: cardinal earth
Aquarius: fixed air
Pisces: mutable water
Signature Signs Through the Zodiac:
Aries Signature:
You are ambitious and willpower-driven if Aries is your signature sign. You may occasionally behave without thinking because you are impulsive and hot-headed. You naturally take the reins and enjoy starting things. Your natural tendency is to take action.
Taurus Signature:
You like to deliberate before taking action. When making a decision, it often takes a lot of time, but once you've made up your mind, nothing can convince you otherwise. Your level of obstinacy and persistence is astounding. Hedonism rules the sign of Taurus. If this is your astrological signature sign, you are a fun-loving person. You value fine cuisine, exquisite clothing, and all things opulent. Taurus yearns for security, both materially and psychologically. You are trustworthy and enthusiastic.
Gemini Signature:
You are smart, inquisitive, and talkative. You are really perceptive; you take note of every little thing, and then you make a pun about it. Gemini is a very wise sign. They have a passion for reading and writing, and they frequently have a gift for self-expression. Gemini, however, lacks focus and can occasionally be shallow. You immediately become bored. You therefore require a lot of mental stimulation. Geminis simply adore knowledge and are lifelong learners.
Cancer Signature:
You have a kind heart. However, the amount of noise around you can easily overwhelm you. You require a lot of alone time in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by your loved ones. You are kind and sympathetic. Cancers are sensitive to other people's feelings. They are fiercely devoted to their family members. Cancers have such strong intuition that occasionally even they are unable to comprehend it. You can sometimes overreact. Cancers are quite delicate.
Leo Signature:
You enjoy sharing. Luxury is necessary for Leos. They take pleasure in being with people, bringing joy and laughter to them. You have a positive outlook and lots of energy. Your enthusiasm has the power to spread to others. You may develop conceit and boastfulness if you live the bad aspects of Leo. Leos have a tendency to have a huge ego, but it's crucial to understand that this hurts those around you. It's possible to be bossy and tyrannical. You will receive all the affection you need if you let people see your vulnerable side.
Virgo Signature:
You are kind-hearted, productive, and supportive. You put a lot of effort into your work. You put a lot of value on productivity. The attention to detail and analytical problem-solving skills of Virgos make them highly successful. One of your biggest talents is rational thought. A strong sense of duty and dependability characterize Virgos. The brain of this sign is quite strong. It can occasionally be difficult for them because they value thought over emotion.
Libra Signature:
Whatever you do, you always do it with elegance. Gratitude and charm characterize Libras. They get along with everyone since they are incredibly socially adept. However, they occasionally fail to speak up for themselves when they should since they are determined to avoid conflict at all costs. You have excellent taste. You're often talented in the arts. Both visually and in terms of human interactions, this sign aims to promote peace.
Scorpio Signature:
Scorpios are passionate and enigmatic. They have keen minds, which make them excellent detectives. Nothing is kept a secret from them. You feel strong emotions and are passionate. Although you have excellent insight, you also have a high level of sensitivity. Scorpios have a tendency to grow fixated on the person they adore.
Sagittarius Signature:
People adore being around them because they are upbeat and have a fantastic sense of humor. They have a lot of energy and are constantly active. You have unwavering faith in the universe. As a person born under this sign, you have a philosophical outlook and think that everything will eventually make sense. Maybe that's why you're so upbeat.
Capricorn Signature:
Regardless of your true sign, you have some earthy feelings. You are trustworthy, efficient, and very ambitious. Your successes give you confidence. You value discipline and order greatly. Typically, you achieve success in life. You may occasionally be accused of being frigid. Despite your restraint, you need a relationship and a commitment. You require a lot of time to get into a relationship, but once you do, your partner can always rely on you.
Aquarius Signature:
Distinctive and eccentric. You favor leading an independent life. Your top priority in life should be your freedom. Even though your interactions are typically not emotional in nature, you appreciate being with like-minded others. You are a wonderful thinker who is enamored with contemporary culture. Humanitarian principles are represented by Aquarius. This sign is strongly represented in your chart if you have a strong sense of justice.
Pisces Signature:
Your intuition is quite powerful. Additionally, you are extremely sensitive and prone to feeling overburdened. The sign of Pisces requires a lot of alone time. You're sympathetic to people who are hurting and caring. Work to alleviate their suffering if you can. You have a great sense of music and are frequently artistically gifted. Additionally, you are incredibly creative and have a strong imagination. To avoid escaping reality, though, be careful. Escapism and illusion are vulnerable to Pisces.
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𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐨 𝐦𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 ²
☆ poorly aspected moon or mercury in the 6th 🤝 cleaning up/organizing when stressed or overwhelmed. (square, opposition)
☆ capricorn eighth house/capricorn mars could have a daddy kink or some sort of kink involving power play, like teacher/boss roleplay for example. they could also enjoy bondage during sex (ruled by saturn, saturn=restrictions)
☆ chiron in the ninth 🤝 having an existential crisis often
☆ those with virgo in the fifth are perfectionists who are never satisfied with what they create, nothing they make is ever good enough
☆ people with saturn in the first/second could have bad skin or acne that improves over time & with diligent skincare
☆ people with mercury rx in the sixth house could struggle creating a schedule to stick to (mercury: thinking patterns, plans. rx: mental fog, confusion. sixth house: daily routine, work)
☆ those with chiron in the fourth/on the fourth house cusp could have been hurt/traumatized severely in their childhoods; however, they also have the opportunity to heal others' wounds
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Pisces moons, i think, are the most intuitive of all the pisces placements- and all of the placements period. Pisces, being such an emotional sign, is at home with the moon. One of my closest friends was a pisces moon, and she was so emotionally sharp. She just knew what i was feeling and could tell when someone else was off. She knew her own emotions very well too, but that doesn’t mean she could easily explain was she was feeling. She is so kind and caring and will put your emotions above her own as if she knows that she can help you work through what you’re feeling… and she almost always can. Pisces moons are also natural mediums. They have such a cozy and comforting energy, and i think that is why entities reveal themselves to pisces moons easily. Especially paired with libra placements, pisces moon is an inviting, sociable, and deeply compassionate/empathetic placement. There can be a bit of disconnect with the sign of pisces in some placements, like sun or mercury, but in moon and venus, pisces can shine its full spiritual/emotional understanding and connection.
Now… if you’re a pisces moon, you are susceptible to deep deep depression periods. It’s ok to let yourself feel that, but don’t swim in the depths of your minds self pity or hatred for too long, or it will consume you, and you will have a hard time finding your way back to the surface. On the other side of this, pisces moons can have a wonderfully optimistic mindset when they are on the beaches of their minds, and this is what you should focus on. This is such a wonderful placement, but the emotions can be incredibly intense that you don’t know how to unpack them. Start literally anywhere- wherever the fuck you want. Anywhere is better than no where.
Whatever, if you are a pisces moon just know that you are capable of digging into the depths of literally ANYTHING better than anyone else. Pisces is the soul sign, and you have a good placement to get right to the heart of anything you want. Be yourself, be understanding, don’t be judge mental -leave that to your sister sign, virgo- and just keep your heart open. I love pisces moons. ❤️❤️❤️
sincerely, a pisces sun 😎☀️🫶
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Inconjunctions by Sign
Aries-Virgo Inconjunction-
 Wanting to do the most for people who didn't ask for it, then ripping away the help when they don't respond like they didn't promise to. Running ahead to hold open doors people had no plan of going through. This inconjunction is one that almost treats relationships as achievement-based, thinking that if they push forward, overachieving, the bond/loyalty will build quicker, but in all that pushing, they tend not to know what direction the other person actually wants to go.
Aries-Scorpio Inconjunction-
The need to defend themselves against threats that weren't made. This is someone who always needs the other person to show their cards first, no matter how much they claim to trust the person they're sitting across. When people come to expect this... distanced love, it puts limitations on the relationship that this inconjunction then doesn't know how to move past, thinking it's something the other person is doing, and letting the relationship die off because they're [protecting] themselves.
Taurus-Libra Inconjunction-
 The demand for credit to be given where credit is due. This inconjunction keeps points, holding onto resentment or guilt until the score is exactly even and not letting go until a second before then. This influence is one that takes reason past the point of reason, expecting such exact and specific answers that the grey areas of life have no place in theirs. I think this inconjunction forgets patience isn't always a sign of weakness.
Taurus-Sagittarius Inconjunction-
The mouth with no ears that asks questions increasingly louder until it hears the answer it wants to hear. This inconjunction is so devoted to "the truth" that they forget there's a difference between their personal truth and the actual truth. Technicalities can only ever play in their favor, or else rulebooks and player history gets pulled out, the [truth] of being wrong being that they feel they shouldn't ever be singled out for what "everybody does". Accountability tends to be a one way street here.
Gemini-Scorpio Inconjunction-
The secret that never needed to be kept, an unnoticeable flaw that changes the entire way we approach new people. This inconjunction is one that feels unheard before anyone has the chance to not pay attention. This influence is one that has so much to say about how they feel, but one who won't say a word until they're directly asked about feelings no one knows they have, which can result in accidentally reciprocating the feelings of unfair treatment and exclusion.
Gemini-Capricorn Inconjunction-
The english teacher that disapproves of contractions but can't and won't stop using them themselves. This is the influence that only memorizes the rules enough to list them off for other people not following them. This inconjunction is one that feels like they're pushing the people around them to be the best they can be, but sometimes setting an example has more impact than any overcritical speech that people have heard ten times before.
Cancer-Sagittarius Inconjunction-
The inconsolable need to know, pushing through the closure it needs so it can never say it regrets not finding the answers it said they didn't want before. One whose seen more than most, but only speaks on it in sympathy for others. This inconjunction is one that wishes to be the answer that others never gave them, not necessarily seeking out pain, but being able to charge through it knowing they have more knowledge to bring back to the people they'll think it'll help.
Cancer-Aquarius Inconjunction-
Nobody ever understands someone who never allows them the opportunity to truly understand them, making guesses to fill holes being an insult that was only meant to give voice to a part of us that's never been heard. This inconjunction has feelings no one has ever felt before, but that's mostly because they can't share an experience with someone they're too afraid to expose themselves to, truly risking being the only person who feels the way they do and jumping over that hurdle.
Leo-Capricorn Inconjunction-
The judge that wanted nothing more than to become a doctor one day. This influence is one that's so focused on being known for one thing that their success in any other area means nothing to them, being more critical of their work than anyone else. This inconjunction is one that almost depends on their [purpose], feeling they were debatably somehow brought onto this planet for a specific goal that will destroy them if they don't achieve it. This influence is the tunnel vision that can derail whole lives.
Leo-Pisces Inconjunction-
 The cousin who needs you to know they once felt that emotion more than you just did right now, not giving people time before pulling the energy back in the direction they had planned before whatever off schedule chaos ensues. This inconjunction DOES care about other peoples' emotions, but they can forget people don't have as much control-- or ability to detach-- as them. This influence tends to think they're helping by drawing attention away in situations where the spotlight needs to be more direct.
Virgo-Aquarius Inconjunction-
The robot that keeps breaking because it thinks it's found an even more perfect way of doing things, short circuiting trying to push itself past it's limits even after people already said it does better work than they could've ever expected. To this inconjunction, dreams are almost undeniably achievable by anyone willing to work for them, but this is an influence that tends to lack so much respect for the word "no" that even their own body saying it doesn't make them hesitate.
Libra-Pisces Inconjunction-
The artist who repainted pictures in different colors to match their changing mood, the stories that come along with the memories that inspired them changing along with the art itself. This influence is one who reframes their perspective to keep sane. This inconjunction is one who can honestly be very easily caught in a lie, but the reason behind them are almost always about protecting something or someone from the harshness of the truth. Not a justification, but a risk they take to protect the ears of the people they love.
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Signs and their months on an alignment chart
Tumblr media
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The signs as lyrics from daft punk’s 1997 hit “around the world”
Aries: around the world
Taurus: around the world
Gemini: around the world
Cancer: around the world
Leo: around the world
Virgo: around the world
Libra: around the world
Scorpio: around the world
Sagittarius: around the world
Capricorn: around the world
Aquarius: around the world
Pisces: around the world
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
19th century Purim pastry stamps from Odessa, Ukraine. Pisces and Fish symbols are associated with the Jewish calendar month of Adar in which Purim occurs.
The Jewish Museum, New York City
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11th house: our ideal friends and how we are percieved in social settings.
This post will talk about the type of relationships that you like to hang out with according to the planet or sign that falls in that house, since one of the themes of this house relates to friendships and what type of person you appear to be in social events or gatherings.
As always, take it with a grain of salt, I hope it resonates with any of you and please don't copy or repost this post without giving the proper credits to the owner.
Tumblr media
Aries/Mars in the 11th house: you tend to attract people who are athletic, energetic, driven, enthusiast or, at the very least, you enjoy to hang up with people who have this kind of energy. On the downside, you could atract people who are agressive or violent. You are the most happy when you are able to spend activities with your friends that helps you to canalize your marsian energy such as sports. With Mars in that house, depending on how well developed that energy is, people look at you either with a little bit of fear since you show an aggresive side sometimes or they admire the driven energy that you posses.
Taurus/Venus in the 11th house: you are someone who likes to hang out with caring, responsable and reliable people. Spending time with people who shares the same passions, the same hobbies like cooking, art, photography, etc, isa big bonus too. The friends that you keep close to you not only posses some of this qualities but they also are a reliable source who can provide security to you and your self-esteem in the best of the cases. For example: they always keep your secrets safe. On social events, people look at you as someone caring to others, beautifull, maybe a little reserved but trustworthy. Be mindful of being too generous that people take advantage of you and viceversa.
Gemini/Mercury in the 11th house: you like to hang out with people who are smart or, at the very least, someone with whom you can talk a lot about different topics, no matter if both of you share the same opinions or not. The most important thing for you in a friend is having a mental estimulation between the both of you. You can also atract with ease a lot of people who are naturally chatty or gosspis a lot about everything. Being the ruler of the third house (the house of school) in the eleventh, it is possible that many of the connections that you have today comes from your school days. On the other hand, you may appear chatty, smart or someone who enjoys gossiping in a social gathering.
Cancer/Moon in the 11th house: you are the nurturing and empatethic group. In social settings, or when you hang out with friends, you prefer the company of those who embody the energy of cancer, of the moon. Someone with whom you can have an emotional connection, someone with whom you can talk about your memories, your past or someone with whom you can confess any emotional problem that you are going through at the moment. In social setting, you could be seen as the mother of the group. The nurturing figure who cares about others wellbeing.
Leo/Sun in the 11th house: you're either someone who captures a lot of attention when you get out in public settings, reunions or meetings with friends, or either you are someone who enjoys meeting people who have a bright personality. Just like the sun. You enjoy spending time with friends who are not afraid of being who they really are, who are confident and spread positivity around, because that makes you feel better and viceverse. You like to make them feel better too. Be careful of atracting egoistical people though. On the other hand, with the Sun in the house, people could look up to you with the same description that I've already mentioned.
Virgo/Mercury in the 11th house: you tend to make friends with people that are responsable, hard workers, detail oriented, intelligent and health conscious, or maybe you appear that way to others. Intelligence is something that you value too because, just like the sign of Gemini, this sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. You like to make people with whom you can talk about your day to day life, your work, your health and viceversa. You like to know the same things too. You don't mind to comment or recieve comments from others when you now that they are doing it to help you.Just be careful of not being affected by people who are overly critics and wants to look smarter and viceversa.
Libra/Venus in the 11th house: you like to be friends with people who are caring, loving and put the right balance between give and take. Treating others fairly and respectfully is a crucial element that your potential friends need to have because that is what you value the most. I mean, it's like, if one day I spend a lot of time giving you confort because you need, I will really like to think that you'll be there for me in case I go through something similar. Well, we are not perfect, so be carefull with cutting people off if they don't fit in this criteria unless they really step over your boundaries despite trying to make it clear what you don't tolerate. In social spaces, people see you as loving a fair to everyone.
Scorpio/Pluto in the 11th house: those who have this aspects, you tend to connect with a small group of friends, but when you do connect with someone, you do it with all your will. You defend and protect your friends with all your might and espect the same thing from them. If someone breaks your trust or confidence, you cut them from your life, even though that hurts and transforms you deeply. Only in a few cases there is a second chance but, despite this, they don't tend to be the same because they had breaked your values of intimacy, trust and respect in a relationship. On another view, you could have a transformative time while socializing (this can be both: good and bad), maybe it is easier for you to connect with people that went through traumas or transformative experiences through life. For others, you are someone who looks either intimidating or private in a social setting but, despite this, they can not ignore the fact that there is an inner power within you.
Sagittarius/Jupiter in the 11th house: these people tend to make friends with relative ease and tend to be popular due to their ability to uplift others through their light energy and sence of humor. Honestly, there have not limit in terms of who they want to be friends with. They can be friends with people that comes from different cultures, countries, religions or beliefs. They don't care much about these things in my opinion (unless the individual has strict rules/beliefs that alows them to only meet certain types of people), because they are naturally curious about the stories they have to tell. Despite this, a sence of humor and stories/knowledge is something that these natives value in friendships.
Capricorn/Saturn in the 11th house: these individuals tend to make friends with people who are either older than them or maturer. They don't socialize much due to circumstances or because they simply don't like it, specially with people of your generation. Be careful with that. And maybe that's because you were the younger sister/cousin and had to interact with much older people so, when the moment came to play with kids of your own age, you didn't know what to do or didn't understood why they were acting so immaturely. You may come across as someone serious/mature in their interaction or responsable and enjoy talking about the older generations, their experiences through life, and struggles.
Aquarius/Uranus in the 11th house: the natural sign and planet that rules this house. The type of people you like to hang up with are those who either share the same humanitarian nature as you or have a rebellious side that they are not afraid to show or they are seen as outcasts by other people. Your friends could belong to the groups such as the LGBT or the feminist movement, but it doesn't have to be. The most important thing is that you like to make connections with people that will accept the unique qualities that you posses, your rebellious side, your humanitarian nature without judgement. In a social gathering, people could see you as rebellious or as someone who brings a unique energy to the space that it's very magnetic if you use it well.
Pisces/Neptune in the 11th house: with Neptune or Pisces in this house, it is clear that you can connect easily with people who either share the same passion as you towards espirituality or are as imaginative as you or maybe they understand you on a soul level. With these aspects, it is possible that you are able to feel the energy or the emotions of the people with whom you spend time with. The downside of this, is that you could attract energetic vampires or people who have problems with drugs or alcohol. You could even hang out with them. Be careful with this, especially if you end up having problems with addictions. On a lighter note, if you had the last problem, this can give you a compassionate look towards people who went through hard process such as addictions and rehabilitation. In a social getting, you may look dreamy, mysterious, tired or ethereal to others.
I hope you enjoyed this post.
Send you love and light.
Tower Girl Anon.
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capricorn moons are the most grown-ish children i’ve ever encountered. they will be like “ yeah i will get wasted with you till 3am and play ding dong ditch while at it but just know i have to be in bed by 7am to have enough sleep for my 10am class” and they will not miss that class!!!
gemini moons consistently have a battle between themselves whether or not they want to be upset about something- always analyzing their emotions. comedic individuals though, they thrive on their sense of humor
sagittarius moons are very unserious people. their emotions are on a whirl— the smallest, petty things they would get so upset about but when it’s something huge “they’re like wow, that’s f$cked up but it happens..” also they come up with so many creative ideas randomly it may catch people off guard!
scorpio moons can be lovely therapists for others yet can never be that for themselves. emotional ones even though they try to hide it most times.. anything is a trigger to them. gotta put a warning sign that says “ watch out! may explode at any second”
leo moons are such attentive friends and can be selfless people but oh my God! the dramatics 😳😳😳 something that gets them upset will be the end of the world for anyone around them. if people disagree with them then that’s even worse.
aquarius moons loves to pull the nonchalant act, and then never stops speaking about what bothers them for the next 3 days. they’re always in tune with the media or news. whatever you thought you done first, they been there done that..
cancer moons are the mommy friend, the one who will come through when you need something or they will try to assist you with anything, they’re the ones everyone expects to show up when it comes to a gathering because people dwell on their comfort and security. can also be the most sensitive too!
taurus moons love being in luxury, whether it’s eating good food, getting a nice treatment at the spa, doing hair, shopping whatsoever.. they love the pleasure and nicer things of life.. and want people to experience that with them! can become too materialistic though if they rely on those things to make them feel secure.
pisces moons doesn’t know if they want to be in dreamland or live reality. they have a exaggerated perspective of the way they live and perceive themselves yet completely live a different way. fragile egos, with mommy issues.. visionary and artistic people though with a lively sense of humor
aries moon has an inflated sense of self, but i believe that’s after a lot of people tried to play with them! headstrong and know what they want, and will tell you how it is, they’re not scared of you so don’t think that. they love to romanticize and broadcast whatever is happening in their life.
virgo moon people has a mid life crisis every 2 seconds. wants to get better and be better but will lash out on everyone around them in the process. never satisfied with their achievements & wants to aim for something more. can play dumb but will know more than you think
libra moon just want to satisfy and appease everyone.. and will try their best to but once they’re tired of everything they will legitimately force themselves to be mean.. it’s like a kid throwing a tantrum! can’t ever pick sides always fluctuating between something.. whatever is their love language in they do it best!
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thevviitchinghour · 24 days ago
Astrology Observations
Tumblr media
DISCLAIMER: This is based on my own experiences and research it does not mean it's inherently true!! Pisces Placements aren't intentionally fake but switch up so quick. I have had so many pisces placement friends that r just so wishy washy. Pisces Venus depending on the person will literally choose shitty partners over even their closest friends! They just want to fit into the mold their partners create for them so bad u won't even recognize their personalities sometimes in certain relationships smfh. Taurus Placements get just as jealous as scorpio and can be JUST as bad about it. Have you ever dealt with a Taurus who felt lesser than you? just terrible. Pluto in sag is an interesting generational placement. It's cool to look at how it shows up. The way ppl are so self righteous and like to flaunt how their life philosophy is best. Going on social media spreading dogmatic beliefs and wanting to be a teacher but actually guiding people into the dark. Unrealistic morals & ideas that are half-baked and rooted in egotistical projections of what people deem correct. Even if the legitimacy is questionable at best. The way there is an excess of waste, consumerism, and lack of appreciation of it. The rise of fake spiritual influencers & conversations being hd around xenophobia, racism, religious beliefs & cultural appropriation. Pluto - Mercury people seem to be able to develop telepathy fairly easy or have a natural predisposition towards it? A lot of my friends who are clairaudient or sometimes hear other ppls thoughts have Pluto - Mercury aspects. Gemini Moons are actually very emotionally nuanced and understanding, I feel like Aquarius is the main air sign who tries to rationalize the emotions of OTHERS. I feel like Gemini moreso tries to understand every aspect of something. The emotional and logic, the dynamics of it all, the duality. Libra Moons seem to be more selfish than both Aquarius AND Gemini moons. It's not that they don't care about others, but the way they think/feel (which isn't surprising considering they're aries sister sign) is usually in relation to how people feel about THEM. What people think of them, how they are being perceived. How they can be liked more, etc. That's not to say Libras are not caring about others because they are!! I honestly like Libra Moons, I find them to be very sweet and considerate and if they really love you they are super giving and chill.
Aquarius Moons are solution oriented, they want to figure out how to solve or understand the root of an issue so it can be done and over with. This can cause them to come off as emotionless, dull, and unempathetic. I notice though that immature Aquarius moons are very selfish & think they're the only ones who suffer. I see that in immature capricorn moons as well. I believe it has to do with saturn. Libra Mercuries are so poetic imo Virgo is literally ruled by mercury, the only way you're going to find them boring is if they don't trust you enough to open up to you or converse with you. They are extremely intuitive & pick up on the patterns of others easily. More often than not it usually only takes a virgo a small period of time whether it be minutes or days to decide they actually just don't like you and don't want to engage with you. They also tend to mirror, so if you're boring maybe that's why you think they're boring.
Tumblr media
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gentlebush · a month ago
Astrology Observations VIII
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hello everybody! Here's some astro observations again. Please take note that these observations doesn't resonate with everyone. Hope you enjoy this!
🟤 Mars in 2nd house have a change of voice when angry.
🟤 Even if you are an introvert, having a Fire Venus or Aries Venus to be specific can make you an extrovert when it comes to love or to your crush/partner. Since Fire signs are confident, aggressive and usually extroverted in nature.
🟤 Earth/Air Mercuries and Sun conjunction Mercury people are usually the top students in your school/classroom.
🟤 Libra if underdeveloped can embody or be the "young and dumb".
🟤 Also, Libra are easy to influence imo. My brother who is a Libra is easily influenced by his friends. When he was young, he was the favorite child because of how kind he is, but through meeting his friends, he became the worst.
🟤 Libra however get along really well with Virgos.
🟤 Scorpio Sun with water moon/ water sun + water moon can really make a person stoic or look emotionally unable and detached.
🟤 Fixed sign have a reputation for being stubborn, but have you heard about cardinal sign? Libra to be specific.
🟤 Aquarius reminds me a lot of Taurus, but less sensual. This is due to their stubbornness, detached nature, and social awareness.
🟤 Imo, Taurus is the friendliest sign among the earth signs. But the earth element keeps them grounded, down-to-earth and stable.
🟤 Mars in an earth house (2nd, 6th, 10th) gain so much money but also spend too much at the same time.
🟤 Moon-Pluto aspects can make a person intense and also your appearance can also have a Pluto influence.
🟤 Jupiter in Leo in 8th house can marry or attract rich men or gain wealth/money through marriage, inheritance, or from other people.
🟤 It is true that Aquarius or Air sign can act accordingly to their environment. If their circle, community and friends are extroverted, they can also be one. But if the people surrounds them are introvert, they can also act introvert.
🟤 I noticed this with Capricorn placements but y'all have an addiction at some point of your life? Like drugs, alcohol, smoking or medicines.
🟤 I think Aphrodite asteroid has a lot to do with your fashion style. For example, if you have a Pisces aphrodite you can have no specific style, or you changes your style often.
🟤 Gemini or Virgo in the 6th house can really make a person good at communicating or expressing themselves, unless they have a personal planets with earth and water signs that can restrict their communication with other people.
🟤 I noticed having a Chiron in your 1st house can affect your communication with other people, since Chiron is our deepest wound and trauma, having it sit in your 1st house which is the house of "appearance", you tend to be conscious on how you appear to other people. (like public speaking etc.)
🟤 This doesn't apply to everyone but Libra with Aquarius Moon tend to be kind if they want something from you.
Signs who care so much about reputation:
🟤 Capricorn in 2nd house - these people tend to value status.
🟤 Jupiter in the 1st house/Sagittarius Rising - cares about their reputation and values respect.
🟤 Earth Mercuries - tend to restrain themselves from doing something stupid so that they are perceived all too well.
🟤 Pluto rising/Scorpio Rising - these people don't like other people to see their vulnerable side so they come off as intimidating and will only let you know what they want you to know.
Tumblr media
🟤 Aquarius placements tend to be copied a lot by other people. This is because Aquariuses are unique and often think differently than other people, so they might do things that are new and unique from the eyes of others.
🟤 Scorpio is the sister sign of Taurus (rules the throat, neck and chin), so expect that these people can also gain money from their voice or have a beautiful voice.
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sherkirti · 2 months ago
Leo Moon (5th House)—Unique style, likes to accentuate look by being flashy or different, adorning self with a lot of jewelry, gets weirder and louder over time (the more you get to know them), has a secret talent
Cancer Moon (4th House)—The sweetest talkers, likes to dress comfortably, emotionally open and vulnerable, wants to discuss personal things, and is comfortable sharing it 
Gemini Moon (3rd House)—loooooves to text and talk, could talk to you all day long about every subject, easily loses interest too, and is always seeking new people to have stimulating discussions, likes to invite others into the conversation
Taurus Moon (2nd House)—routine types, dedicated to their practice and goals, physically active, sensual and sweet
Aries Moon (1st House)—short fuse, good at making new connections, can be like a little kid, loves to play
Pisces Moon (12th House)—into weird art, poetic, loves being with friends more than being alone, falls deeply in and out of love often
Aquarius Moon (11th House)—an expert in their field of interest, has a large circle of friends, unique tastes
Capricorn Moon (10th House)—loves making money more than any other sign, constantly planning their future empire so they can retire at 35 
Sagittarius Moon (9th House)—always researching, and discovering new ideas to share with others and figure out the what, where, how and why of things, difficulty settling down, and is planning for the next trip/move/adventure
Scorpio Moon (8th House)—always questioning and observing others, a possessive, or smothering mother (especially when younger), piercing presence, magnetic
Libra Moon (7th House)—loves to have a good time (maybe a good make out session), attaches deeply to whomever has their current love and attention, experiences heartbreak no matter how short or small the connection
Virgo Moon (6th House)—very particular with how things are done, especially in or at work, easily the most critical because they have very high standards, protective of people, especially friends or coworkers.
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sayhoneysiren · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
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astroqueer15 · 3 months ago
80's astrologers were savages. 😭😂
Tumblr media
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plutonianvenuss · a month ago
random astro observations p4 🕸☆°
Tumblr media Tumblr media
take what resonates leave what doesn't!!
3H uranus/3H aqua/aqua mercurys tend to have very specific type of humour/inside jokes that not many peoples gets! ☆°
7H uranus/aqua DC/7H/aqua venus/venus-uranus are attracted or attract peoples who r different in some ways ?? like unique type of beauty or unique style, personality, music taste etc and also attract peoples who can be hard to read and who have hard time expressing feelings also with this placement/s u can have a very unstable/short relationships ☆°
7H pluto/scorpio DC/7H/scorpio venus/venus-pluto are intense in love and can be obssesive even if this person is bad but its can also happen if someone have 7H neptune/pisces DC/7H/pisces venus/venus-neptune bc these peoples (im one of them) tend to idealize peoples esp in relationships to the point that they ignore red flags and notice only positive side or can lie to themself that this person is good but is very toxic ☠ ☆°
2H is not all abt money.. like yea its also is but NOT ONLY!! 2H placements can tell u also abt ur self esteem, ur relationship with food and in general can tell u abt food for example food that u like alot etc and alsoo ur voice, face (yes face not many peoples talk abt this alot tho) what makes u feel comfy and many others !! :3
2H pluto/2H scorpio can be very possesive to things that mean alot to them yes even peoples lol and they are very protective for the peoples that they love ! also can have complex issues with food ?? (same can goes to 2H saturn/2H cap) anddd also they can like loud music, music types like goth, darkwave, shoegaze, grunge, rock, metal etc ! (5H pluto/5H scorpio and scorpio risings/1H pluto can like these types of music too !! and peoples with 2H pluto/2H scorpio can have also bad self esteem or CAN been growing in a poor home :/ ☆°
3H neptune/3H pisces daydream alot in school lol ☆
pisces placements/dominants likes connecting to peoples on a spiritual level also they can giving so many good advices !! ☆°
moon-uranus (hard aspects) can growing with distance relationship with their mothers and mother here can be very unsupportive.. ☆°
mars-jupiter (hard aspects) and mars/uranus (hard aspects) are very impulsive lol when making decisions or smth they can act pretty fast with not thinking first what they r doing .. and these peoples also have very chaotic energy around them help 😭 still lov them tho ☆°
virgo venus/6H venus r very caring peoples when they r in relationships with someone omg yes they can be very picky peoples when its comes to choosing peoples but if they choose u then they will rlly be protective and caring over u aww ☆°
ur moon is ur side that is hidden in some kind like not everyone will see ur moon sign only peoples rlly close to u ☆°
cancer placements are mom of the groups .... tbh ☆°
geminis placements/mercury dominants can oversharing alot ! ☆°
7H moons/libra moons/3H venus/gemini venus/mercury-venus rlly need someone who will understand them and like communication in relationships ! ☆°
1H saturns/4H saturns 4H/cap IC can have a very strict parents .. and u can grow in very young age such a hard placements ☆°
virgo IC/4H live in a home that parents either both or one of them were very critic and can very critic u and u feel bad abt urself bc of ur parent/s ☆°
cap risings/1H saturns/asc-saturn) can look very reserved and on their face can be lack of emotions ☆
1H moons can be rlly bad at hiding their emotions bc others will easly know whats going on when they just look at ur face they see everything ☆°
3H moons/gemini moons/6H moons/virgo moons/moon-mercury (hard aspects) are overthinkers !! and can be prone to alot of anxiety abt small daily things .. also more prone to get a stomach issues when stressed (6H mars/virgo mars too) ☆°
cancer moons/4H moons can not have a good relationship with thei mother if moon is afficted by hard aspects etc! ☆°
leo saturns/5H saturns can have hard time when they have to express themself in creative way or can be the type of person that doesn't like to show their arts ☆°
virgo saturns/6H saturns are fearing of judging by others and can also be very critic/hard to themselfs ☆°
7H saturns/DC/7H cap/cap saturns can have non existing love life they can make a more existing love life when they get older tho ☆°
10H neptunes/MC/10H pisces/neptune-MC (esp hard aspects) can not know what to do with their life or can be very confused when its comes to what they want to do.. ☆°
9H venus/sag venus/venus-jupiter peoples can have loveee to travels/others cultures and languages and even can look mixed if they dont or peoples can easly think bc of thei features that they dont belong to the country that their was born in ☆°
taurus mercury/2H mercury/mercury-venus have a very calm and pretty type of voices!!
2H neptune/2H pisces can have very soft and sweet voice also they can speak quiet and others have to tell them to speak louder lmao ☆°
12H neptune/12H pisces are very draining and sensitive to the peoples and energy around them also can be sensitive to loud noises etc !! ☆°
the sign that ruler ur 11H can be the sign of peoples that u get along with pretty well ! with these placements u can have good friendships :3 ☆°
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