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Meteors Strike Through Orion
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A Laboratory for Star Formation
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Location: In the Carina spiral arm of our Milky Way Galaxy
Distance from Earth: About 20,000 light-years
Object type: Nebula and open star cluster
Discovered by: Sir John Herschel in 1834
Imaged here by the Hubble Space Telescope, NGC 3603 is a collection of thousands of large, hot stars, including some of the most massive stars known to us. Scientists categorize it as an “open cluster” because of its spread-out shape and low density of stars. Surrounding the bright star cluster are plumes of interstellar gas and dust, which comprise the nebula part of this cosmic object. New stars are formed from the gaseous material within these clouds! NGC 3603 holds stars at a variety of life stages, making it a laboratory for scientists to study star evolution and formation. Astronomers estimate that star formation in and around the cluster has been occurring for 10 to 20 million years.
Read more information about NGC 3603 here.
Right now, the Hubble Space Telescope is delving into its #StarrySights campaign! Find more star cluster content and breathtaking new images by following along on Hubble’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
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I re-made my Tumblr because this is the only social media site I can go and not be inundated with ~*products*~ that are pretending not to be products.
Anyway, my dash is so dead and I would like to find people to follow so I don't have to rely on this website's terrible algorithm and search functions??? Please feel free to like/reblog/follow if we share any common interests!!!
Cool art/photography
Astronomy, biology, and just like science/nature in general
History, and especially weird history
Video games (some of my favorite series are Pokémon, Ace Attorney, and Animal Crossing, but I've played it all)
Board Games/TTRPGs
Interior design
The horror genre in general
Memes I guess? (Seriously if I see 1 (One) more tweet that's screenshotted and reposted here instead of a good old-fashioned Tumblr meme I'm gonna scream)
Word-vomiting my insignificant opinions everywhere
Stick around, if you want, or don't! I hope your day is going well, regardless. :)
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Longitudinal section through a white asparagus shoot tip (fluorescence, 10x objective lens magnification) Photograph: Dr. Olivier Leroux
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“We must surrender our skepticism only in the face of rock-solid evidence. Science demands a tolerance for ambiguity. Where we are ignorant, we withhold belief. Whatever annoyance the uncertainty engenders serves a higher purpose: It drives us to accumulate better data. This attitude is the difference between science and so much else. Science offers little in the way of cheap thrills. The standards of evidence are strict. But when followed they allow us to see far, illuminating even a great darkness.”
—Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot, 1994
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This is a flamboyant cuttlefish and while it is extremely captivating to look at, it is as deadly as a Blue Ringed Octopus - one of the most poisonous creatures in the ocean.
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Rules of a scientist's life
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See failure as a beginning, not an end.
Never stop learning.
Assume nothing, question everything.
Teach others what you know.
Analyze objectively.
Practice humility
Respect constructive criticism.
Give credit where it’s due.
Take initiative.
Ask the tough questions early.
Love what you do, or leave.
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As was commonly the case in the scientific communities of the 19th century, Alice Evans's revolutionary work studying pasteurization was largely ignored for no reason other than her gender.
Through decades of study and research, Evans proved that consuming unpasteurized dairy could lead individuals to contract a dangerous bacterial infection called brucellosis. Evans recommended that all dairy should be put through a pasteurization process, but was laughed at by the dairy industry and the scientific community alike, until finally, after 10 years of convincing, pasteurization became common practice.
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Large Magellanic Cloud and Gum Nebula
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november 29 2022
it feels so good to really enjoy life. like, enjoying the gentle warm tingle of the sun and how crisp the cold air feels
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(via Orion flies far beyond the Moon, returns an instantly iconic photo | Ars Technica)
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Variations in Earth's magnetic field from 1590 to 1990.
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