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i am so tired of queer experiences being reduced to oppression, mental health issues, isolation, and bad things in general. I want yall to flood my inbox with stories where you had a queer experience and it was good. 
you and your girlfriend’s first date, your first major haircut, the first time you made another gay friend, when a family member was accepting, when you first realized you were queer, i don’t care. i want to hear about happy experiences from queer people or from straight people about a time they saw their queer friend being happy or accepted or something. we’re spreading positivity this month, bitches! reblog this so others can see if you feel like it and send me a sentence or two!
(if you don’t want to be called queer/it to be tagged queer since you don’t identify w/t the term, please let me know in the ask)
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Hey everyone,so yesterday I posted a success story which I was sent by somebody (not gonna reveal the user's name unless she wants too sometime)and somebody commented what was the advice I gave her, which led her to entering the void successfully
Not only that but people sent me private messages asking me the exact same question and I replied to them but then I thought 💭 to myself:what if many more identical DMS be sent to me these days? it's boring to reply to each one specifically and separately,so I decided to make a post (which btw I'm gonna 📌 so you can find it easily and immediately), sharing my advice ,so you can stop asking from now on
My advice
Take a few days or at least one day to affirm that you are God and that the Void is instant easy and simple (especially if you are taking a challenge in order to manifest your desires then take it as chance to Affirm for void too if entering the void is ofc included in your desires "wish list")
Find a quite place either at daytime or night time
Sit down or lay down in the most comfortable position to you
Start breathing in and out slowly and imagine/picture a black 🖤 space or a black 🕳️ hole or just a black image in general ,so this can help you in feeling closer to void (ofc it's not necessary)
Now start AFFIRMING I'm void or any other blanket void affirmation/affirmations of your personal preference
Persist until you reach void
Boom 💥 you entered void congrats
Extra tips: Don't mind "time", listen to a void meditation or theta waves/alpha waves meditation,stop overcomplicating the void or putting it on a pedestal 🙌💕
That's all❤️
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It can be hard to be vulnerable again, but not everyone will be like the people who hurt you in the past
It's okay to trust again
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Drinking Water & Staying Hydrated
On this account we cover how to do things that are "common sense" for the people who dont know. Shame-free. Today, we'll be covering some tips and tricks for drinking more water when you're unmotivated to or simply forget.
If you were to ever find yourself lost in the wilderness, the first thing you would wanna look for ASAP is a source of water. Humans need around 8 glasses (~2L) of water a day that our bodies can function right! It's very important, as dehydration can lead to constipation, kidney stones, overheating, exhaustion and generally a really bad mood!
Water helps to..
• keep your joints flexible
• regulate your temperature
• clean your insides via sweat/urination
• digest, salivate, transport nutrients
• carrying oxygen to your cells
• maintaining electrolyte balance
And much more. We're made up of around 60% water, after all. Though, drinking that much water every day can be a very tiresome chore for many of us, especially those who struggle with executive dysfunction and mental illness. Never fear: we've compiled a big list of little actions you can take that might help you drink a little bit more water in a day. Don't worry if 2 liters of water sounds like a big step! Even a few sips more makes a big difference. Progress is not linear!
1) Switch it up - Water is obviously tasteless and for many people this deters them from staying hydrated when they could opt for something more sweet or exciting like a juice or soda. Luckily, there are dozens of ways to spice up your drinks. Hundreds of artificial flavorings exist; MiO, Sunkist, Starburst and other more affordable off brand water enhancers can transform your drink into something more flavorful. Whether you want something tart like lemonade, savory like iced tea or sweet like fruit punch, there's an enhancer that will fit your taste.
If you would prefer something more natural, there's countless recipes for fruit infused water. Cucumbers, lemon slices and mint can give your water that subtle boost you need to encourage hydration. Below we'll link some recipes if you'd like to try them.
For some people, its not so much the taste, but more so the texture. If you're a soda lover, opt for some sparkling water instead, flavored or unflavored. Brands like LaCroix, Sparkling Ice and Bubly can all give you the same smooth sipping of a soft drink while helping you meet your water quota for the day.
If none of these sound like something you're interested in, you can always opt for making tea instead, hot or iced. If you like cold drinks, you could make a whole pitcher and keep it in your fridge for easy access, whether its chamomile, matcha or plain old Lipton.
2) Make it fun - Making yourself genuinely want to do something is a great way to tackle executive dysfunction. If you're able and open to spending some extra money, buying yourself a fun new water bottle can make you want to use it and carry it with you. Personalization is another way to make a new water bottle even more fun or enhance one you already have. Add dishwasher safe stickers, customized beaded/braided handles and marked timestamps.
A free, more low effort alternative to make drinking water fun is to download an app such as Plant Nanny. Its premise is simple - drink water and in return you water an adorable plant in app. With your help, they'll grow up and you can slowly collect them all. Its a bright, colorful, interactive game that will help you visualize your needs and be rewarded for taking care of them.
3) Eat your water - If the action of drinking is something you struggle with, opt for eating water-rich foods. On top of being a great way to meet your water goals, it comes with more nutrients, vitamins and fiber than regular water while leaving you feeling filled. Below are some fruits and veggies you can snack on that will leave you feeling more hydrated.
Cucumber - 96% water
Celery - 95% water
Spinach - 93% water
Watermelon - 91% water
Cantaloupe - 90% water
And much more!
For something more fun, you can always make some popsicles with coconut water (94% water) and fruit. Pop those in the freezer and have delicious ice pops ready to go in a few hours.
4) Reminders and Encouragement - If you dont have an issue with drinking water but you often forget, a gentle push in the right direction may be all you need. Ask your friends or family for motivation and reminders. You can even challenge them or work towards goals together! Theres nothing better than some friendly competition.
Apps like Waterminder, Waterllama and Habit Tracker can all send reminders to your phone and help you track your progress. If you dont want to download an app, you can always just set some alarms as well. Plant Nanny, as mentioned above, is a fun alternative to this that brings gaming into the picture.
5) Passive Influence - Making some small changes to your routine can make drinking water passively a lot easier. Keep your water bottle on you, carry it from room to room, that way its always easily accessible when you're thirsty.
Switch out your regular snacks for something spicy or salty. Get a bowl of pretzels and a glass of water at the same time and you'll find yourself drinking it with ease. Potato chips, lays, fries or salted nuts are all great options.
If you cant find yourself able to replace your regular beverage with water, challenge yourself to drink a glass of water before you have one. Keep water bottles (plastic or reusable) next to your regular drink in the fridge so you remember to grab both. Another quick way to get some added hydration is adding extra ice to what you usually drink. About 8 cubes is a cup of water!
Always get a glass of water before bed so you have something to sip on, and in case you wake up feeling thirsty. Its a good habit to also get a glass of water right when you wake up. Thats already knocked two glasses out of the way for the day.
Another great idea as a passive, unscheduled reminder, is to drink water every time you use the bathroom. Theres no shame in leaving your water bottle in there as a gentle reminder when you walk in.
Most importantly, more important than drinking 8 glasses of water a day, is to be gentle with yourself. Its okay if you struggle with drinking even one glass a day. Just trying to take small steps in the right direction takes a lot of strength. Try some of these tips out, even if you don't think they'll work for you. Who knows, one might change your relationship with water before you know it!
Products, Recipes & Articles:
8 Infused Water Recipes
MiO Liquid Water Enhancer
Plant Nanny
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Regardless of the circumstances of your conception, your life matters and you’re worthy of love ❤️
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Emotionally immature/unstable parents can easily project onto their child their own fears and insecurities, making it all about them: they feel triggered or attacked by their child's behaviour and are not able to comfort them, cause they haven't been comforted either in their childhood. This can teach the child that their emotions are related with how they make feel the other person and not with how they feel. So the child may grow knowing that they don't need comfort, that they're misbehaving and start self abandoning themselves, in order to make it all about others.
Please, if you're/have been into such a cycle, remember your emotions are about yourself and yourself alone. And it doesn't depend on you how others feel about them or how you may involuntarily trigger them: it's their own job to discover and heal their wounds. You only have to care about you, and feel and validate your own emotions, to heal yourself. And to care about yourself again: don't give up on yourself ever. You never deserve this.
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something i don't really like about the internet nowadays is the "neurotypical" vs neurodivergent divide.
The label neurotypical is the label most people have come to think of as "Without mental illness" - and while that's true - they may not be mentally ill,
that does not mean they do not experience what most mentally ill people do. You can be traumatized without meeting the criteria for PTSD or even register how the trauma effected you. You may not even notice it was trauma.
You may have severe depression spells and not meet the criteria for depression.
One big thing people online i think miss about psychology in general is that mental illness or diagnoses do not... define you. the criteria is just there to aid your specific version of getting help. Mental illnesses don't really... exist? in a box that is. it's just certain criteria that is labeled or an effect of your environment and experience. even depression was revealed to not be a chemical imbalance. It's just how the brain works because of life, and sometimes the brain needs extra help. The human race just put labels on it... to help.
All humans have mental struggles but some just do not meet the diagnostic criteria, and they may not struggle the same ways others do with it. Neurotypical people are not people without mental struggles or people without need of help, they are people who were are not meeting the criteria of a mental illness because they are able to handle their struggles.
But, the mental struggles kind of come with being alive. I don't like separating myself completely from "neurotypical" people or deciding they'll never understand me. They do understand me. They're capable of compassion and maybe they've even dealt with exactly what i'm dealing with, but just not for my extended period of time.
Trust people around you are like you.
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This is just a reminder that you have fought and you have survived. You have fought through the hard times and the toughest challenges. There’s no need to continue being in survival mode. You can live now. ✨🧡
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