squidthing · a day ago
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♡ — Transfeminine / Transfem ; Here ' s squid take on the transfeminine flag since squid didn ' t see any that she liked !
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♡ — Transmasculine / Transmasc ; Here ' s squid take on the transmasculine flag , same thing with transfeminine  ♡(≧∇≦) ! 🍮
These flags are inclusive all of transfemmes && transmascs !
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chronicallylav3nd3r · a day ago
men aren’t inherently evil
men aren’t inherently abusive
men aren’t inherently bad
spreading this rhetoric is incredibly harmful.
also, some men aren’t as privileged as you may think, don’t forget about:
- men of colour
- disabled men
- trans men
- gay/bi/pan etc. men
- GNC men
- intersex men
- fat men
and so on.
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incorrectrtc · 2 days ago
The teens reactions to being called cishet:
Mischa: The fuck, no I'm not.
Ricky: Excuse the hell out of you?
Ocean: Who told you that? And why did they lie?
Noel: Rude.
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magidragon12 · 2 days ago
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professorupdog · 20 hours ago
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what two years of testosterone and antidepressants will do to a mf
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Reblog to put testosterone into a glass of strawberry milk
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kissycore · a day ago
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^^average california male
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sonicaro · 2 days ago
its literally so stupid that transfems and transmascs fight over whether they both have separate experiences because its so obvious when you look at it that no matter what kind of trans (OR intersex for that matter, or gnc, or anything) youre experiencing both misogyny and yes. transandrophobia. think about it. trans women are treated like e makes them weak and stupid, once they pass theyre talked over, if they dont do The Most Possible 2 appear feminine (god forbid yr happy w yr body or butch) ppl will NOT respect u as a woman. and yet they experience fear from others and are treated like interlopers because of their traditionally masculine traits. everyones like ewwwwww you have a penis blah blah raging hormone monster blah blah and saying you dont REALLY belong in womens spaces. and then trans men and mascs are treated like silly confused girls from what i hear. like o are u SURE u dont want boobs its PERMANENT and youre so PRETTY blahblah we have to save you from yourself and assault you so you realize yr just a lesbian. but then, and especially once/if you pass, its all "you shouldnt be in womens spaces (gynecologist, stuff thats for people w vaginas not just women) youre a threat that t will change you into a raging monster ewww u want a penis??? like we are really not that different and are both discriminated against for having traditionally masculine and feminine traits. too much and not enough of either. but in different ways which is why i think its good to have a word for common experiences that transcend agab and direction of transition, and words for things that affect specific groups of people (nonbinary people, transfems, transmascs) because its all so connected but nuanced. and lets be real stuff like race and disability and class figures into this all heavily. its complicated it cant be boiled down so much. if a word w a similar purpose sounds similar its not copying and its not the same as being an mra and also we have to both listen to eachother because literally no side is consistently doing that i think. whatever this is just a ramble we're all connected we're all different we're all beautiful transmascs and transneutral ppl are my besties my allies we should all feel safe and seen and heard together.
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punkpillywiggin · 2 days ago
trans man named adam tearing out his extra rib and giving it to his trans woman friend named eve send post
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bitemarksplusbruises · 2 days ago
I can't even begin to describe how badly I want a dick that I can just... switch out whenever I want.
No. Not a strap. I have those. I want a fully functioning dick. That I can just... oh today I'm going to wear a dick. Oh today I want to fuck my boyfriend with MY dick.
Oh today this dick is inconvenient, it can go back in my drawer.
Why can't this be a thing.
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nan-zi-han · 17 hours ago
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wud u subscribe?
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chronicallylav3nd3r · a day ago
masculinity is beautiful
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welcometothenightcourt · a day ago
I got my top surgery date today!!!
Please help us raise funds by reblogging, reposting, donating, or commissioning us!
My top surgery is set for December 1 of this year (2022) which is really soon! Obviously, this is great in terms of our transition and for our mental health, but financially this is really tough.
We are a disabled did system and a full time student as well as someone who works part time for just over minimum wage. Top surgery will be thousands of dollars that we very simply won't be able to have by then without some help. So we are sharing our gofundme and asking for help 🥺
Reblogs, Sharing on different platforms, and of course donating are all really helpful and we appreciate them a lot.
Our Esty and Commission Info!
We are also starting up an etsy shop for Kandi, and are happy to work out direct commissions via dms in the meantime/while we are setting up other products. We make Kandi bracelets, cuffs, rotating cuffs, chokers, decorative face masks, and even covid-safe face masks with an optional filter pocket! Adding pronouns or names for different alters or for people who want to display their pronouns or their name is also something we totally do and are willing to do commission for!
We also do tarot readings are are totally willing to offer those on commission as well, so feel free to dm us for more on that!
Thanks so much to everyone that supports us!
Some pictures of our Kandi Mask and Rotating Cuff below!
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craycraybluejay · 2 days ago
Today is transmasc with chronic back and/or neck pain awareness day
Source: dude trust me
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arsonforcharlie · 2 hours ago
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had a fucking amazing day yesterday. hauled ass to the punk rock flea market, then spent the evening at a craft jam making friendship bracelets with this special guy. AND i looked incredibly attractive. champion of days
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lowpolycas · 3 months ago
Reblog to have something lgbt happen to you this summer
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imsrryboris · a month ago
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trans unity
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