iz-bee 2 days ago
hi everyone. my grandpa is dying and we need to pay for his medical bills/hospice/potential funerary costs. here is a link to d0nate < 3 pls pls pls reblog to spread
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nocturan a day ago
Hello everyone 馃
I have safely moved into my new place in Texas, and I finally have appointments to continue treatment for the growths in my spinal cord and development of a surgical plan to correct the hardware in my cervical vertebrae. My doctor has ordered a litany of new imaging to keep track of new growth and misalignment, which is going to require out of pocket payments that I could desperately use some assistance with. I have gotten a new job, but seeing as how I started on the 19th of this month, I will not get my first paycheck until the 17th of October. Anything helps, from reblogs to $1 donations. Thank you all for your continued support through these difficult times. I cannot tell you enough that it is literally keeping me alive 馃
GoFundMe PayPal
Cash App Venmo
@pancakeke @that-twink-over-there @were--ralph @my-gender-is @akashicrecord @hotvampireadjacent
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aesthetictrolls a day ago
I鈥檓 going to be making this post for both of my friends who were involved in a violent home invasion. The GoFundMe was made by Dayen鈥檚 friend. But I鈥檇 still like to share it. Don鈥檛 feel obligated to donate. Sharing it will get around to the people who can.
Thank you.
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dimentio 2 days ago
I made a Gofundme
Tumblr media
Hello, not sure how many people still use tumblr but I鈥檇 appreciate if you could share this link for me. Thanks!
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dinosaurquill 2 days ago
Tumblr media
鈥淭hai Teeth鈥
We鈥檙e still raising funds for my little guy鈥檚 tooth extraction due to stomatitis.
We鈥檙e now offering post card prints of art I did last night, wasn鈥檛 sure what kind of art to do to commemorate it so I thought like a little medical chart would do.
If you donate $20 or more you get a hard cardstock recycled paper print with Thai tea鈥檚 signature paw print and a personal thank you!
If you already donated you can send a screenshot of your donation along with a name and mailing address to my email at [email protected]
Thank you!
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bryceslahela a year ago
now that george floyd鈥檚 murderer is behind bars, let鈥檚 help support the people who helped with the guilty verdict as well as george鈥檚 family. the fight is hardly over.
darnella鈥檚 fund - darnella was the young woman who filmed george鈥檚 last moments.
gianna鈥檚 fund - george鈥檚 daughter who has now been left without a father.
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goodnigth 7 months ago
Tumblr media
hey guys, a friend of mine is organizing this gofundme for an unsheltered man in our town who had open heart surgery and is now struggling to pay for a hotel room per night. it鈥檚 a really great story and Andrew is a really nice man.
if you have anything to donate, or if you can reblog, please do. at the time i鈥檓 posting this it鈥檚 23 degrees outside in this area. thanks
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ufoend 3 months ago
We Need Help
tw; homophobia
i am having to remake this post because my last post has died out, and sadly we are still in desperate need of help. for background for those who dont know me, my name is j, i am a 23 year old transguy living with my wife (they are also lgbt, and lives with a neurological disorder among others)
we just received our notice that our rent will be raising from 895 to 1050 in september. we are on fixed income and stay afloat with financial aid, but this is a huge blow because we were under the impression it would be cheaper then this, but they are tacking on utilities. on top of that, we are currently waiting the 10 days for our ebt card, because the first one they sent never arrived, and so we have been going without food despite being paid out on the 10th. this is really bad for the reasons above, since food instability is a major trigger.
as some of you know, my wife and i moved to az from our home in wa exactly a year ago to help her disabled mom who was asking for help. june is the anniversary of the month we got kicked out and lived homeless until we got this apartment, when her mother determined she no longer could accept our relationship because we are gay. it is a complex situation but traumatizing for my partner and the reason i say so is because we have no one to help us with transportation to food bank, extra help, anything. we are entirely isolated here.
with the money we will have by then from school funds to pay our rent and the last post, we would be able to live here for another full year if we somehow made a total of 850. I don鈥檛 expect the full amount and am working on other means right now, but if any one could help, spare even a few cents, or reblog, it would really help. if half of my followers sent a dollar i would have more than enough not to get kicked out, so it really doesnt need to be much to mean a lot. it is really devastating to have to see this happen again after having tried to build a sense of stability again, so it really matters a lot to me everyone who has cared, even reached out, and thank you if you got this far.
feel free to msg me if theres anything else you need to know. spaces so no shadow ban, bold to make this easier to read. I'll try to follow everyone who reblogs (I hit follow limit often but will keep going through notes and following)
timestamp: 6/18/2022
p a y p a l: ptcustomcomp @ yahoo . com
c a s h a p p: $ tobler707
v e n m o: @ tobler707
total as of 6/25/22 12PM MST: 297 / 850
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o-kurwa 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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kjcolland 2 months ago
Tumblr media
PLEASE HELP ME or WOULD LOVE IF YOU TOOK 3 mins out of your time and read this.. tysm鈥
Hi you guys I have until August 6th, 2022 to pay to get my car back, they told I can pay 250$ maximum a week if so until I reach the 704 mark for my car , and at the moment I couldn鈥檛 work because I was handicap from a surgery, if needed proof message me and will do, if a text needed or phone number I could def do that too, please help me you guys. I have 4 days left ., thank you and god bless, anything will help even a dollar 馃檹馃徏 here鈥檚 my gofundme https://href.li/?https://gofund.me/14e3adc1 #gofundme #donate #cashapp #venmo #paypal (CASHAPP $lucid1997) anything else dm me pls
#go fund me #donations #signal boooooost #fundraiser #emergency #boost #finiacial #mutual
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phddyke 5 months ago
So I鈥檝e never posted something like this on tumblr before, but there鈥檚 a first time for everything right? So here it goes.
My girlfriend (STB fianc茅) just lost their father on Tuesday. Their mother died a few years prior (was ruled a homicide) so now they have no living parents at the age of 24. The grief has been soul-crushingly painful and I鈥檒l be honest, I can鈥檛 fathom how they鈥檙e feeling right now.
I鈥檒l get straight to the point. I have been on tumblr for close to 9 years, which spanned high school through graduate school, and I have gone through multiple financial crises without having asked for a cent. I鈥檓 really glad I saved it because my life partner needs this way more than I ever could.
Here鈥檚 a breakdown of the costs:
1) their work offered them 2 days paid bereavement leave, which meant they went back to work literally four days after their last living parent passed away. They ideally want to take 2 weeks off, so we need to raise the amount of wages that would cover.
2) Their father鈥檚 wishes were for his ashes to be dispersed in a specific area of St. Louis, so we need to raise the funds for a (very simple) trip there (no stays at Ritz Carlton or first-class flights, just basic travel)
& 3) Their father was unable to work from the time my partner was 7 onward, so he subsisted purely on SSDI. He died with just barely enough in his bank account to cover the cheapest cremation in the area鈥擜FTER the funeral home gave us a discount. If we could raise that money, they would be able to receive the (meager) amount of inheritance they would have gotten, and we also added in enough to pay the funeral home the full cost if we manage to raise it since the director of the funeral home has been an incredibly kind and generous man, plus it鈥檚 a family business.
Currently, we have raised $775/$4600 with the GoFundMe and Venmo. I鈥檓 incredibly grateful and humbled for the support we have received so far. If you鈥檙e struggling, please do not feel guilty about not donating; we understand people are struggling and don鈥檛 want to take food out of anyone鈥檚 mouths. If you can spare even $5, thank you. If a thousand people gave that much, they鈥檇 reach their goal and then some. If you can鈥檛 donate, sharing would be very helpful. Here are the links:
Venmo: @Asht1997
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iridessence 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Hi, and thank you for taking the time to read this message!
For creative, personal and work-related reasons, your resident ethereal, sparkling and chonky aesthete is relocating from Chicago to New Orleans this summer! A cross-country move is expensive, so my锟 goal with this gofundme is to cover the costs to transport my belongings, as well as have a head start on the rent for my housing as I transition and begin to work.
Donations via via gofundme, as well as via Venmo (@iridessence), cashapp ($iridessence) or PayPal are welcome.锟
Thank you for considering and/or sharing!
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vaspider 18 days ago
Okay, so.
I guess it's my turn to ask for help.
Ser Davos Seawoof is currently in the vet's, getting a punch biopsy of a potentially cancerous lump on his butt. We're already $800 in and that's just lab work.
Tumblr media
I love this stupid butthead so much. If this happened any time except right after a convention that we lost money at, that would be easier to manage... but... it didn't. So here we are.
Ser Davos Seawoof needs surgery to remove a potentially cancerous lump from his butt. (Of course it's his butt.)
PayPal/Venmo: @vaspider
CashApp: $ vaspider
Either way, reblogs are appreciated.
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barkbarkbarkbarkbarkbarkbark 6 months ago
I decided to make a new surgery fund post with an update, anything helps.
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pastandfuturequeen a year ago
Tumblr media
So I鈥檓 aware I haven鈥檛 really posted anything in a while but I hope this reaches someone. My brother鈥檚 name is Efren. Growing up he used to tease and make fun of me, but among all the teasing he also helped raise me along with our mom. When he was little he wanted to be an architect. But his is the story that a lot of Mexican American working class families face: either take the opportunities available to you to attain your dreams, or curtail those in order to take care of your family. He chose his family. After graduating high school he turned down full ride scholarships in order to stay and work to help pay the bills. It was just him, my mom, and me. After a couple of years we got stable enough economically that he was able to go to college, but after graduation we fell on hard times again and instead of finding work in his field or applying to architecture school like he always dreamed, he decided to stick around and help us again. It's because of his choice to help our family that I was able to go to college too, something that for a time I didn't think was possible. It's because of him that I was able to apply to and get accepted into a PhD program in the hopes of becoming a professor. It's because of him that my mom has a house to call her own. My mom and I owe him everything. Yesterday, he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). He's uninsured. I'm a student, our mom works in childcare. There's a high success rate for remission if he gets treatment, but we can't afford it. He's all me and my mom have, and we can't lose him. He chose family growing up, and it's my turn to choose him. Please, any donation helps. I just want him to come home.
I know times are tough with covid and everything so if anyone could please just spare a dollar or a reblog thatd be great. I can鈥檛 lose him.
venmo: @Yulenni
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decolonize-the-left 6 months ago
Hey yall
You've helped me a lot and I've always been grateful.
Now I'd like you to help my little sister.
This week her partner of 10 years passed. He was only 27. A heart condition he never knew about.
She has 2 babies and one on the way.
I know this sounds short and curt but I don't know what else to say or how to ask.
I myself can't work so I can't offer her financial help myself. But I'm hoping that by sharing her GoFundMe for him here... You guys can help too. The universe knows she needs it.
....Y'all she saw it happen and it was awful. His babies too. Like really, anything at all helps. Please.
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lapin-noire a month ago
Love it when our salary is late due to external processing problems /s
I'm on my last dose of meds today, I have an overdue bill, and I'm out of cash for the next few days until I get paid...
Posted: SEP 02, 2022, 4:00 AM UTC +8
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