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I can't believe it. They passed the new trans law in Finland, allowing adult trans people to change their legal gender without having to provide lengthy documentation from doctors. It passed. I am so fucking happy. I know people who've been waiting for years to get their gender recognized by a doctor to get treatments. I can't believe it. Really can't.
We won鉂わ笍 edit: Here is the news article if you have any questions, it's also linked in the comments馃挅
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morsobaby 18 hours
Dysphoric trans girls who put a ton of effort into their presentation and non dysphoric trans girls who just exist in whatever style they already were. Both are equally valid n deserve love and respect. Neither is gross nor the "wrong" way to be a woman.
Trans girls who are dysphoric but unable to present how they want? Due to safety or sensory or health problems? Due to any reason? Super valid and deserving respect and also I'm sorry girl I wish you strength in that.
Trans girls who aren't dysphoric but feel pressured to conform to gender roles and put too much effort into their appearance just so they're accepted or respected? I'm so sorry girl you deserve better. You're super valid and you're enough of a woman already as is
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origsmocs 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Trans pride flag except color picked from the GWP Tahu and Takua set
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bulbagarden 2 days
lisia from bulbagarden says that sylveon is trans
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southeastasianists 8 hours
Shinta Ratri will forever be missed as somebody who fought for religious inclusivity on behalf of those who may have felt deserted and alone.
The trans icon, best known for founding a pesantren (Islamic school) for trans women, passed away this morning at the age of 60, as confirmed by LGBTQIA+ rights group GAYa Nusantara founder Dede Oetomo.
鈥淸Shinta] will be buried at the pesantren at 2pm,鈥 Dede said.
Shinta, who was herself a trans woman, founded Al Fatah pesantren for waria (a portmanteau of the Indonesian words for woman and man) in 2008 with two other trans women. The school was dubbed the first and only Islamic school for trans women in the world.
As Al Fatah鈥檚 headmistress, Shinta dedicated her life towards helping other trans women who may not have found acceptance elsewhere.
Running the pesantren did not come without challenges. Al Fatah briefly shut in 2016 amid threats from hardline Islamic groups, who view transgender people as sinners and deviants. The school reopened with the support of human rights groups, religious figures, and local authorities.
In 2019, Shinta received the Front Line Defenders Award honoring her dedication and courage as a human rights activist.
Today, some 40 students are enrolled in Al Fatah, where they are taught prayers and Quran comprehension, among others. Most importantly, the pesantren serves as a safe space for trans women to exercise their right to religious worship.
Tributes have been pouring in for Shinta, including from UK-based trans scholar and Chevening Award recipient Amar Alfikar.
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sophyjones 2 days
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Reblog if trans lives matters
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sofiadior 2 days
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REBLOG. If you like what you see
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Reblog if you love this beautiful Tg 鉂わ笍
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littlekweerxoxo 2 days
Hello everyone. So tumblr user @lostelvenqueen who used to be a pro trans discourse blog is now shifting their views on trans issues.
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As you can see they used the term "TRA" which stands for "trans rights activist" which is also a terf dog whistle. I'm really devastated rn I used to look up to this person and would say to myself :"I wanna be like them and fight for trans rights in the future" and now? They're siding with TERFS!!!! I honestly don't know what caused this sudden shift but I called them out and they didn't respond to me .
Please block and stay safe everyone <3
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dualityofcastiel 1 day
the finnish parliament has voted YES on the new trans legislation 馃コ this is a step in the right direction for trans rights in this country!
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alliesworld1 2 days
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Hottest piece of cake 馃ぉ馃ス馃馃従馃馃従鉂わ笍馃グ
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iibislintu 1 day
aaaaaaaa finnish parliament is voting right now about whether trans people should have a little bit better rights than we have now* and aaaaaaaa i can't watch i have to watch i can't i have to
*we still wouldn't get a ton of rights but like. some?
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she-is-ovarit 3 days
Reminder that Men's Rights Activists (a male supremacist group that believes feminism is used as an ideological tool by females to oppress males) have attempted for decades to force women's organizations and resources to include them.
Transgender Rights Activists (who argue that there is a cis/trans axis of gender oppression where females who are cis oppress males who are trans) have succeeded to force women's organizations and resources to not only include them but, in many cases, focus on them instead.
Both of these groups could have simply created their own resources and organizations for their focus groups, like women have done and are still trying to do. But the goal isn't to actually help men or transwomen, the goal is to redefine/replace feminism and weaken what resources women have.
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faelapis 20 hours
the most annoying part of terfs reblogging your stuff and trying to "debate" your transness is you can always just... tell that they'll never see you as a person. to them, you're always just trans before anything else. they'll make up all kinds of shit that you allegedly do and believe - none of which is based in reality - and it won't matter. even if you aren't this evil antifeminist rapist caricature they've made up in their heads, you "are" anyway, because you're trans. because they say so.
its not just that they're bigoted towards trans people - they don't even see you as an individual. you can critique their stupid anti-queer bullshit hate movement in 100% accurate terms; and in return, instead of answering to the criticism, they'll just make shit up that you MUST believe, because you're trans. and now you have to answer to every dumb stereotype they have about trans people.
i don't even think there's like a clever debate fallacy for this. i think its just the most pure form of bigotry. its clown brain.
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aloeverawrites 2 days
First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out鈥攂ecause I was not a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out鈥攂ecause I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out鈥攂ecause I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me鈥攁nd there was no one left to speak for me.
鈥擬artin Niem枚ller
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We won馃彸锔忊嶁毀锔
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