skeleton-squid-boy · 2 days
im queer as in no part of my gender or attraction can be explained. im queer as in i don't know what the FUCK is going on.
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mindhaste · 14 hours
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sch-uwu-lchen · 2 days
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ft. my wool and leather winter attire ❄️
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intersexfairy · 2 days
trans, gnc, nonbinary, and intersex people who were assigned female: you aren't forsaking or insulting womanhood. your body and mind are not ruined or wrong. you are not beholden to queerphobic, patriarchal ideas of gender. you do not exist for other people's eyes or comfort. you do not belong to anyone but yourself.
you deserve to exist and be happy and fulfilled. you deserve to have people in your lives that support you - the real you. you deserve to be safe, seen, and heard. and your being is beautiful - inside and out - regardless of what you look like, or what your identity is. you have every right to be and embrace your truest self, whatever that means to you.
you're not doing anything wrong. the world is blessed by your existence and i hope you get the joy and peace you deserve.
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genderpunks · 2 days
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cant wait for top surgery so i can wear this shirt around more often (and the mesh body suit underneath) ... *sighs dreamily*
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socialistexan · 1 day
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One of these days I'm going to learn how to make my hair not a frizzy mess, and then it's over for y'all.
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thefrogginbullfish · 21 hours
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rinakitty19 · 3 days
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Do you like pink?
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aroaceconfessions · 17 hours
We have a new trans student in our class (at an art school, where about 75% of the class are openly queer in some way), and they don’t really talk much, but recently I noticed they had a little aromantic flag sticker on their drawing tablet. So naturally, as I don’t know about anyone else in my class being ace or aro, I couldn’t help but feel a little excited, and responded by putting an AroAce flag on my laptop. And then! The next day they also had one on their tablet! Dunno, just made me happy somehow :)
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uncanny-tranny · 2 days
My hot take for today is this:
Trans people don't have to love all of the affects that transition (especially medical transition). Cis men and women talk extensively about aspects of their bodies/presentation/selves they aren't too jazzed about - they are important discussions. However, there is a double standard where cis people are (generally) allowed to have these discussions, but if trans people have them, we are berated for them on the basis of our transness. Any displeasure we display must, to other people, be proof we aren't ~truly~ trans, or that if we transitioned, our discomfort is righteous justice for the crime of transition.
Trans people aren't obligated to preform happiness and pleasure to prove ourselves worthy. Transition is just as nebulous as cis peoples' puberties. This means that we don't always like the changes we experience. We should discuss this without fear. We should talk about how we feel, and discuss, even, ways of coping with our changing bodies in a neutral way. This isn't proof you aren't your gender, sex, or even if you're trans. You don't have to preform anything you don't want to. You deserve to be heard.
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cocopudu · 21 hours
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STAR5 is a group of queer nerds 🌟
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sapphic-sprite · 3 days
for all of those who have to go back into the closet during this time of the year, I would just like to say that you are not weak or any less lgbtq+ because you have to go back into the closet. taking your safety seriously is the best thing you can do for yourselves at the moment!
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my-gender-is · 3 days
My gender is the 7 elements… water, nature, fire, air, Tumblr, autism and to top it all of the feeling of inevitable doom that rocks each and every one of our souls into submission.
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novae-comic · 22 hours
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Vivi and Sesam talk about their powers~
(Click the link below to see dialogue~)
It's the start of the month which means it's a great time to join our Patreon! If we reach our goal, we'll update 3 times a week!
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madhatterplushies · 2 days
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Trans & Non-binary puppies by @autisticgayplushie !
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genderpunks · 2 days
keep in mind that "bigender" just means someone who experiences two genders at a given time. this doesn't mean that every single bigender person identifies as male and female together. don't be surprised when you meet a bigender person who doesn't identify as either female or male, and identifies as two nonbinary, genderqueer or "other" genders. while many do and they're rad as fuck, not all bigender people identify as male and female, and they deserve just as much respect and space to talk about their identity and experience.
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