haystarlight · 3 days
People from this country are always so beautiful
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(the flag is super pretty, too)
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Image by Courtney Ahn
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Remy richards❤
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alienpunkwitch · 3 days
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Lesbians and Asexuals
Asexual Lesbians
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i wish all non-passing trans people a very pleasant evening
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brandtandstein · 2 days
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Probably the most salient moments of our story Think of Me, from DC Pride 2022, written, drawn and coloured by us, lettered by the amazing Frank Cvetkovic.
It meant a huge deal to us when @whatthe-shea​ asked us to be the ones to bring Connor Hawke out of the closet as asexual. We’re both asexual ourselves, so having the chance to broaden representation in superhero comics was absolutely great.
The monologue was really important to us; not only was the letter format our way of referencing Connor’s old habits of writing letters to his mom from his adventures, but it was also the most elegant way to thread a bunch of different needles in terms of establishing Connor’s current continuity, bring him out of the closet, and try to explain at least one of the ways being asexual can feel in an allosexual society to help readers who might have little experience with asexuality feel like they could relate a bit more.
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paintfroge · 2 days
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bi and pan solidarity!
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nightfallsystem · 3 days
I hate the new polyamourous flag it feels like forgetting our history and a kick in the face.
I get the original one is eyestrain and that's why people make eyestrain accessible flags! But fucking ditching the original flag in favour of this shitty redesign is shit and feels like forgetting history for me. We don't need a new flag, the original one is fine, the creator is good and the symbolism is good. The new flag is shit imo.
Fuck the new flag
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idontdotears · 3 days
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lgbtpopcult · 23 hours
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Willow 1X01, Disney+
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when the sun loved the moon ☀️🌙 . ⋆。°✩.
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Should I hide it❓
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Getting ready for the Reptoid Gala 🦎✨️
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tgirlsisland3 · 2 days
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redheaddyke · 2 days
If a lesbian isn’t cold when it comes to men and openly notice when they think a guy is attractive non-lesbians will immediately start questioning their sexuality, not believing they’re a lesbian.
If a lesbian is cold when it comes to men and whenever there’s a guy everyone finds attractive they act like they don’t care or that men are not attractive or something like that non-lesbians will call that lesbian a man hater and probably other negative things.
What do non-lesbians want us to do? Based on this behavior I’d say they want us to not exist because they can’t comprehend people who are not attracted to men.
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rhfffas · 2 days
Kate and Yelena are on a mission, and Kate hits her head.
They can't go to a hospital in order not to blow their covers, so that leaves Yelena takes care of a concussed Kate, that night Kate says SO many dumb shits
Kate doesn't remember much the next day but Yelena's more than happy to remind her
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