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whore4d1lfs · a day ago
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she is my god.
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velvetyaura · 2 days ago
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prettypinkmoon · 2 days ago
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Say yes to me..
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malusokay · a day ago
How to master public speaking
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Confidence can be learned. Don't compare yourself to others. Everyone starts somewhere; you just need to gain experience and get comfortable. <3
Prepare in time. To reduce stress and anxiety, start learning, researching, and practising early!
Note cards. Make yourself note cards to help you stay structured and focused. Use bullet points instead of full sentences to make your speech more fluent and natural.
Properly research your topic. Questions are only scary if you don't know the answers; try learning as much about it as possible!
Practice your speaking, present your subject to a friend or family member who knows nothing about the topic, and let them ask questions, so you know where to improve.
Have a friend sitting in the back of the room; focus on them when nervous and tell them to signal to you when you have to speak louder. Like a small hand sign!
Posture. Stand up straight, don't hide your hands.
Ask for advice. Look for someone who you can learn from, annoy them with your questions, ask them to proofread your work and ask for guidance.
Don't chew gum. Obviously.
Mindset. Everyone is feeling the same way, people want to listen to you, people want to help you, you can do this. Positive affirmations!! <3
Once you get in the flow, it will get easier. Going to the front and having everyone looking at you can be scary, but once you start speaking, it will immediately get better!
Calming down. Try not to overthink it.
Eye contact. look around while speaking, if you can't look people in the eyes, try looking at people's hair. Fake it until you make it.
Use your hands to be more engaging! Don't stiffen up, you can also walk around the room to seem more relaxed.
If it's a PowerPoint, add pictures to make people pay attention. It will also get the attention of you if that is something that makes you nervous!
Speak formally, don't use curse or slang words.
Prepare for potential questions. You can also plan questions with your friends that they can ask you! teamwork, haha.
It will be over before you know.
Getting used to presenting your work takes time, with every time you do it, it will get a little bit easier. I promise. <3
As always, Please feel free to add more suggestions in the comments!
✩‧₊*:・love ya ・:*₊‧✩
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333angelnumber333 · 2 days ago
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becomingthatgirl111 · a day ago
teas you should include in your diet and some of their benefits
green tea
antioxidant promotes fat burning, improves physical performance, accelerates metabolism, relaxes, improves mental focus and concentration, acts as a neuroprotective, is good against stomach diseases, improves the quality of life.
red tea
helps to lose weight, increases energy, aids digestion, reduces stress, strengthens the immune system.
black tea
is an antioxidant, ideal to be consumed before meals, as it prepares the digestive system to work properly, protects the immune system, prevents tooth decay and oral diseases, reduces stress, activates the mind, improves concentration and memory, diuretic.
white tea
this tea variety highest in antioxidants cares for the skin, moisturizes the skin, perfect anti-aging drink, is good for oral health, helps to lose weight, eliminates bad breath.
lavender tea
helps sleep, relieves menstrual cramps, improves skin health, helps with stomach problems, relieves headaches, is very relaxing.
jasmine tea
helps against stress and tension, reduces the chances of colds and flu, helps to lose weight, helps to improve circulation.
ginger tea
relieves inflammation, improves brain function, relieves menstrual cramps, regulates blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol levels, and promotes healthy digestive systems.
matcha tea
burns fat, provides energy, can help reduce anxiety, improves skin, improves concentration, improves oral health, quenches hunger and quenches thirst naturally.
how many cups of tea to drink per day? 3 at the most
when do i drink tea? sometimes in the morning, but i usually drink it after lunch and dinner.
remember that teas do not replace meals, they only complement to improve our health.
and it is much more recommendable if you get natural tea since its benefits are more potent.
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bbltheque · 2 days ago
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she kinda smart, she kinda extra
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femmefatalevibe · a day ago
Hiii, love your blog💕 Any tips on how to reprogram mind? It seems to have a huge impact but I don’t know where to start, thank you already✨
Hi love – thank you so much! Some general tips are below:
Let go of limiting beliefs (I'm not smart enough, skinny enough, courageous enough, social enough, etc. to accomplish [insert desired goal or accomplishment here])
Replace your limiting belief with a more supportive, empowering belief. Use proof and concrete examples from your past experience to support this more helpful belief.
Reframe your story: Do you tell your story from a victim mentality or a place of shame/helplessness? While any traumas you endured are not your fault, it's your job to validate your experiences. Have compassion for yourself and start to find ways to re-contextualize your origin story from a more self-empowering place. Give yourself agency over your past to live more in the present. Reclaiming your power in the present will enable you to strategically plan your future according to your goals and desired lifestyle.
Write down your goals in every major area of life (career, health, relationships, self-development, finances). Use this framework to consider the person you need to become to achieve these goals
Consider the habits you need to implement to become your ideal self. Start implementing them over time. Start with one (the smaller, the better at first). Slowly add more habits or increase your endurance/focus (physically or mentally) over time with each of these habits until you reach a sustainable upper limit that you can practice daily/weekly
Surround yourself with like-minded supportive people: Friends, family, mentors, intimate partners, etc. Your circle influences your thoughts (which inform your actions). Find individuals who lift you up and help you towards your goals. Cut out any toxic people or those trying to bring you down (if possible).
Hope this helps xx
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lovekawaiidoll · a day ago
… busy Princessing 🎀
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bsnskz · a day ago
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themoongirls12 · 2 days ago
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221124 | YEOJIN 💌🐻
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queenofcoquette · 7 hours ago
~getting through rough times~
hey loves. if you saw my last post then you’ll known that right now i’m not feeling the best, but i want to share some tips that get me through these low points. i love u all and we can get through this together :)
understanding your feelings: the first step to healing. it’s crucial to understand how your mind works, and understand how you can get closer to stability and happiness.
take a page or two to journal about what is causing this pain- begin to understand it before you heal. this might take a while but consider everything that may affect your mood- whether it’s past traumas or current events in your life
take deep breaths and have moments of silence- when bad thoughts come, take deep breaths. unplug and take some silent time to self-reflect
reflect on how you can deal with your struggles.
healing: resting and relaxing while also making sure to take care of yourself.
talking it out- find a support system/person that you can turn to to speak about how you feel. 
take naps/rest
spend time doing comforting things- maybe watching your favorite movies or listening to your favorite music
practice self care- ik it’s hard to get up during these rough times, but you do need to take care of yourself. keep up with your hygeine, get a little movement in, eat good, etc.
at the end of the day, everyone’s methods for coping with rough times are different, since we all have different lives, situations, etc. i want you all to remember that we can get through this together :) you’ve gone through struggles and you made it- and you’ll continue to make it!
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I’ve got my eye on you…
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