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How do you think genshin boys would flirt (or tried to 👀) with darling? Have good day/night and thank You!
Childe's style of flirting is being around so frequently that you cannot help but get used to his intrusive presence in your life. He has a sort of boyish charm to him, frequently making comments that are borderline obscene if you stop to think about it long enough. He somehow manages to always stop just shy of stating or doing anything too inappropriate. At every given opportunity, he speaks highly of you, even to complete strangers. He'll regale them with your exploits with an arm slung around your shoulder, stopping you from sneaking away in embarrassment. His goal is to ensure everyone knows he's infatuated with you so that even if you reject his advances, no one will be stupid enough to cross a Harbinger by trying themself.
Diluc writes you numerous letters. It doesn't matter if he's actually in town or not, writing his thoughts down on parchment is his favored method of communication. He tends to get flustered when he's actually in your presence and fears he'll make a fool of himself. Some of the letters that you receive were actually written months prior, unbeknownst to you. Diluc tends to get so thrilled by the prospect of talking to you that he goes overboard. By the time the candle's wax is melted down to the base, he's written dozens of letters, and is self-aware enough to realize sending them all at once is a little creepy. Hence a special chest dedicated to envelops sealed with the Ragnvindr crest, all addressed to you. They're sent out in socially acceptable periods of time.
Kaeya doesn't see the point in tiptoeing around his attraction to you. He knows it, you know it, everyone in the general vicinity knows it. He'll go for the classic methods before he resorts to anything of more... morally dubious morality. Asking you out to dinner (always his treat), offering to walk you home, buying you bouquets and sweets. Your hesitation to accept such displays does little to deter him. The Calvary Captain's silver tongue is infamous — how he manages to do it is beyond you. He'll come up with an excuse to lean in close, then whisper amorous promises into your ear. He keeps his voice just low enough that you have no choice but to lean in so that you may hear him. He's smooth and knows how to fluster. 
Zhongli is interesting because he doesn't know much about mortal 'courting' in this century, so you might not even pick up on the nuances of his actions unless you have a trained eye. Your parents and grandparents are going to love him though. He picks out gifts that could be associated with amorous intentions, such as jade pendants, hairpins, and combs. He is particularly taken with the notion of giving you a comb for the cultural connotation behind it. If Zhongli is romantically interested in you, he wants your relationship to span the ages. He may or may not purposefully withhold information if you aren't from Liyue, watching with bemused eyes as you accept his gifts without giving them a second thought. He's very traditional and verbally subdued in his approach.
Albedo's flirting is a slow buildup that by the time you realize what's happening, you feel you're in too deep to wriggle out. It'd look like you were leading him on otherwise. Similar to Diluc, Albedo writes to you, sometimes sending pressed flowers from the region he's in and always including doodles. He doesn't entirely substitute face-to-face interaction with this, however. He approaches you under the pretense of needing help with this or that — using so much jargon that you barely understand what it is you've agreed to. Next thing you know, you're camping alongside him in Dragonspine for a week. He'll even purposefully sabotage his work so that he has an excuse to keep you around longer. He's more sly than most give him credit for. Putting a hand on your back when he's walking behind you, sitting close by to help warm you up in the cold... he's got some game.
Xiao doesn't really flirt. There are no smooth lines, teasing touches, or romantic dinners by candlelight. That isn't to say he isn't trying — Archons know he is — but his methods don't fall under the usual courting methodology. He kinda shoots himself in the foot, because he'll help you and remain out of sight while doing so. A silent and thankless guardian. He cannot count how many times he's cleared a monster-ridden path for you seconds before you arrived. Then he just kinda... looks at you expectedly from afar the next time you happen by the Wangshu Inn. You probably think he's glaring at you. Xiao can't help but feel a little gloomy you didn't somehow miraculously put two and two together. Maybe he'll give you a cool rock to get his point across next time...
Actual secondhand embarrassment material. Somebody, please stop him. He just shows up uninvited, makes a big show out of how superior he is to you, then stands there expecting results. When you don't immediately swoon and throw yourself into his arms, his mood plummets for the day. He works best when he keeps his mouth shut. He'll grimace and say 'you look tired' then proceed to do all your impending work so that you can get more rest. For that reason, he's not too terrible to keep around, because your chores are always done by the time you get home (he denies involvement). Scaramouche genuinely thinks you should feel so honored that he chooses to grace you with his presence. He's divine, don't you know? He could start a religion if he cared to try. And here he is furiously throwing vegetables in a bowl to make you soup (he broke into your house to do so, just don't think about it that part too much). Dealing with him requires the patience of a saint.
Kazuha is another who has a way with words, though he denies this should you ever compliment him on the trait. He'll look at you with the softest eyes and say things that belong in a romance novel. Calling you his muse or things to that effect. He's so sincere that it's impossible to think it's contrived. Kazuha's flirtations feel so light and natural in the moment, it's only upon later reflection that you realize he's almost drowning you in it. The guilt really starts to pile up when your hints that you don't feel the same seem to go entirely unnoticed. You're left worrying that by entertaining him, it sends him the wrong idea, yet the thought of outright rejecting him... seems cruel. It's a dilemma he happily takes full advantage of.
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OH, HOW I LOVE YOU SO! | yandere genshin headcanons
cw. dark content, manipulation, stalking, kidnapping, mindbreak.
Tumblr media
the type to slowly break you. they slowly break down your walls until all you think about is them. and no one ever suspects a thing! how could he ever do such thing? and if ever someone does start to question about their motives, they'll just pay them off or simply remove them from the picture. he still has a reputation to keep after all. he will do anything to have you, even if it means stripping you away from everything you once knew.
ㅡ al-haitham, diluc, ayato, albedo, pantalone
oh, he will do anything and everything to keep you to himself. it will start from slowly getting rid of the people you dislike, he's only doing this for your own good! but it eventually escalates to also getting rid of other people who are close to you. he doesn't like to share after all. he just wants all of your attention to be focused on him and only him.
ㅡ childe, dottore, scaramouche
he wouldn't want to force you to anything, you're his precious little thing! but that wouldn't stop him from monitoring your every move. he's always lurking around, you might feel his prescence but it goes as fast as it came. he'll conviently show up when you need help, he's just that reliable!
ㅡ xiao, gorou, zhongli, thoma
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𝐀𝐝𝐦𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐨 𝐘𝐨𝐮 — 𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧 𝐈𝐦𝐩𝐚𝐜𝐭
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
◊ ft. kaeya, kazuha, albedo, gn!reader
◊ genre. fluff, slight comfort (albedo) genshin men admiring you :)
Tumblr media
— 𝐊𝐚𝐞𝐲𝐚 𝐀𝐥𝐛𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐡
“Something on my face?” Kaeya asked. There was a sort of curious glimmer in his visible eye. You hummed in quiet acknowledgement. He gave you a mischievous grin. The one that you loved ever so much. He leaned into your touch, pecking the inside of your palm.
“Now what are you on about?” You murmured, shifting a bit to your right so that he could readjust his legs properly next to you.
“Well nothing I suppose. You just seemed so focused on my lips. Was I perhaps wrong?” Kaeya was fond of the way you glanced away from his prying question. You two both knew better. It was almost inevitable that this would happen.
“Maybe you were, maybe you weren’t,” you countered, causing him to give you a faux pout.
“You’re a very cruel person, aren’t you, Dove?” he murmured rather fondly. There was an odd look in his eye. The kind that made someone want to melt right then and there. The warmth of his hand brushed against your cheek and you smiled at the sincerity in his expression.
“You’re beautiful.”
— 𝐊𝐚𝐞𝐝𝐞𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚 𝐊𝐚𝐳𝐮𝐡𝐚
“Are you fond of nature?” You asked, looking up at the fading autumnal leaves in the thinning branches of the trees. Kazuha’s eyes were trained on them for a moment before his gaze switched back to yours.
“I find warmth in nature,” he explained, “When the leaves turn red or back to green, I gather that it’s a beautiful experience… However, I find the best visage is the twinkle in your eyes when you admire the stars gleaming in the night sky, or the flowers blooming in spring.”
He smiled innocently when you appear surprised by his comment. The way he scattered the words into the wind had your mind in a love-dazed spin. “You… are so odd, honestly,” you mumbled averting your gaze once more.
Kazuha’s grin remained still even after you had attempted to leave his embrace. But he chuckled, brushing against your cheek to gaze at you. His eyes were kind. They had always been. But the way he looked at you was so much more wondrous than anything you’d seen before.
“Do you think I’m wrong, my Love?” He whispered. His breath grazed against your ear and you could feel his smile against your skin. “Because I could continue for the rest of the evening if you so wish. There’s so much I’m willing to say.”
— 𝐀𝐥𝐛𝐞𝐝𝐨
Albedo didn’t miss the odd look in your eyes when you returned from town. Your journey up the mountains of Dragonspine must have had a block in the road somewhere as you set the supplies on the table beside him and stumbled towards the bookshelf.
He frowned, going over the actions one would take when their significant other was having a rough day. He found that it was much more difficult in practice. But he slowly inched over to you, gently resting a hand upon your shoulder.
“Anything wrong?” He murmured, feeling you tense under his touch.
You seemed to think for a moment and he allowed you the time to do so.
“Just feeling a little insecure today,” you finally admitted.
Albedo’s frown deepened. You? You felt insecure? “I do not quite comprehend this…” he said softly, “You’re so captivating.” And perhaps he didn’t much else but the sincerity in his eyes and the way he practically whispered the words with such purity, you could feel your heart pound louder in your chest.
“Do you disagree?”
You stood there, taking in the incoming chill from outside the warmth of the camp. At your silence, Albedo smiled softly, cupping your face in his hands. “Because if you do, I do not mind writing up a report arguing against it.”
Tumblr media
Taglist: @xo-cuteplosion-xo @planetxiao @nonsense-corner @ireallylikehamsters @eccedentesiast-sapphic @rebeccka @the-lost-anime-dad @lettucecabbage-kun @irethepotato @kageyama-i-want-tobiors @niverine @ajaxstar @plinkuro @shizunxie @kiraisastay @lilia-sspouse @straymoon96 @coquettemaiden @leweird @ash-astrophel @uchihaeirin @lemontum @willburzone
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vynlouvre · 2 days ago
enjoying the view?
pairing: childe, albedo, diluc ragnvindr, thoma x female reader
contains: nsfw, minors do not interact, fingering, mirror sex, grinding, teasing, spitting, clit simulation, childe & albedo have oral fixations maybe its just me idk, sweet love making, a lil' eating out from our alchemist kek, blowjob, handjob, size(?) kink, reader calls diluc master like once, cuninglingus, praising, missionary, service dom! thoma
synopsis: "enjoying the view?" for the bloru sweet and spice event!
word count: 910 words
a/n: soo,, ignore how long it took b4 i got to posting T^T i was busy juggling acads & org duties lmao and i had writer's block in the middle of writing this :(( but here it is! and this is actually one of my first ever nsfw works in this blog hehe and im actually kinda proud of it omg. thank u @anantaru & @bluexiao for letting me join in the event!
not proofread
part of the bloru sweet n' spice collab!
Tumblr media
Tartaglia (Childe)
childe enjoys the way you squirm in his hold, your high-pitched whines seemed to fuel his desire to make you cum more.
his eyes lock on the way your pussy engulfs two of his fingers, your juices squeezing out of your pulsing cunt and he chuckles when you try to grind against his arm.
"you're so cute like this," he coos into your ear, slowing his pace to observe how your face contorts in the mirror, how your breasts have up and down or the way your legs try to open up more to coax him into fucking you.
a thumb swipes on your clit and you groan, head thrown back and your boyfriend has the pleasure of watching you slowly fall apart.
"if you ask nicely i might give you more than what you want~" he teases before slipping a kiss onto your damp cheek. 
as the words left your lips, childe plunges his fingers onto your cunt and - pushing it in and out. your legs moved around the sheets as your thighs clamped around his rampant fingers. 
his heart soars from the way your voice cracks from his stimulation. the squelching noises aid both of you until you reach an earth shattering orgasm.
Tumblr media
albedo tilts his head as he follows the way you moved around his grip, his deft fingers playing with your puffy clit - blatantly ignoring your loud protests of wanting his mouth on yours.
"patience, my love." he smiles sweetly before gathering a glob of spit and letting it dribble against your throbbing cunt. he swipes the hood of your nub and rubs it in circular motions causing blubbers to fall off your lips.
he thinks you're so pretty laid against his worktable, so thankful that you came into his office to see how he was doing - oh such a caring lover you were, spreading yourself on the table and offering to be ravaged.
"i wanna cum so bad, 'bedo…" you mumble, gripping on the wooden table and your boyfriend stops his ministrations to place his soiled thumb inside your mouth.
sucking cutely, you try to mimic when you suck his dick trying to send him a signal of your gratitude- he smirks and places butterfly kisses on your exposed neck.
his free hand slithers its way back onto your clit and he continues his movements- albeit faster.
your boyfriend watches as you cum violently from his stimulation, finally pulling away to place his tongue on your clit - where you weakly push him away to avoid getting overstimulated.
Tumblr media
Diluc Ragnvindr
"you're doing so good, ah- on your knees for me like this…" diluc mumbles, stroking your hair, awestruck from the way his cock goes inside and out of your mouth.
instead of whining about the size, you obediently take his size and use your hands to make up for the length that couldn't fit in your mouth.
mascara stained your cheeks from the tears falling off your eyelashes, you were so good to him - approaching your lover after a long day to suck his cock like a good girl.
a particular suck and swipe of your thumb over his slit, makes him twitch and out dribbles some of his precum which you so nicely kitten lick and diluc swore he was gonna cum from how beautiful you looked under him.
"are you gonna cum master diluc?" the way you asked him makes him flustered more than he already is, eyes straying away from yours to nod slowly.
you bob your head up and down, spit dribbling down his dick & balls using it as lubricant along with his pre to stimulate him further.
thighs squishing together, you sat back on your knees - using your left hand to bring your boyfriend's gaze back to yours.
you tilt your head, "you can't enjoy the view if you're not looking at me." you pout before keeping your gaze on him and suckling his tip. 
diluc groans, hips buckling before cumming down your throat.
Tumblr media
thoma kisses your lips as if he hadn't kissed you in a long time, his mouth glued onto yours as he hovered over your bare figure.
his hands wander from your hands, breasts, hips to your thighs which he loves oh so much.
pulling away, he glances at your love stricken eyes and holds your gaze - his cock which was rock hard from how long you were making out - makes its way to your hole, he slides it against your entrance as if testing out the waters 
your boyfriend watched your vivid expressions clearly, pushing his dick inside and grinning at the way your mouth opens in a silent scream, your arms weaving its way to his neck.
he thrusts into you and he feels himself still, you were so warm and tight and he's going insane from how fucking good you feel on his cock. 
"t-thoma, please.." you whimper, flashing your puppy eyes at him - who was he to deny his precious lover's pleasure?
thoma fluidly moves his hips, he hears the way you moan out in stutters, legs draping themselves on his back and the bed creaking from how fast he was going.
you just looked so pretty like this, that thoma couldn't resist, pinning both your hands on the bedsheets and pistoning his hips deeper into your pussy.
his lips found their way back onto yours and he mumbles, telling you that he loves you so - before stars invaded his vision and the pleasure became overwhelming.
Tumblr media
all rights reserved © vynlouvre 2022
Tumblr media
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oblooga · a day ago
skipping down 16th avenue
Tumblr media
synopsis: meet-cutes with genshin men (school au)
characters: albedo, ayato, diluc
author's note: a little fluff to make up for my unexplsined absence! honestly I don't even know what the theme for this is it's just fluff. and also this is not beta'd I have to wake up in 4 hours help me-- title is from t.swift I think he knows
Albedo Kreideprinz
unsurprisingly, you first met him in the library.
and the second time, and the third and fourth and so on. both of you being hardworking students, sharing many sleepless nights together, a shared camaraderie derived from coffee-induced bad decisions and a nonexistent sleep schedule. you'd raise your head to see him still hard at working even as the moon glowed brightly outside the window, which motivated you to continue working even as your eyelids slid shut
albedo soon became a constant in your life. academic-rival turned begrudging-lab-partner turned hesitant-friends. you two kept "accidentally" meeting each other in the library, stealing each other's spots and reference books, until one day you realized you held no animosity for him anymore, just a sort of fond exasperation.
it was much nicer this way. as you two got closer, you became privy to his meticulous notes, quick wit, dry sarcasm, his particular brand of showing affection.
sometimes you'd wake up with drool all over your notes and see a post-it stuck to the corner of your chemistry textbook-- reminding you to "at least eat breakfast if you're going to be late for class anyways".
and if you're lucky, sometimes you'd see that brilliant shy smile peeking out from the edges of his reticent exterior, as if he himself didn't know he was smiling.
that happened most often when he would brush a strand of hair from your face, you mumbling a thanks in reply; when he would gaze fondly at your unconscious form, lightly pinching you and chuckling when you slap his arm away; when he would doodle random sketches in your book, earning a groan of "'bedo why are you drawing suspicious looking shapes all over my book again"
that leads you to your next point. 'bedo. you didn't know when you'd started calling him that, but he never protested, and it just came...so naturally. you weren't going to question it; you quite like the sound of his name on your lips after all.
days pass and seasons melt away, exams arrive and leave again, and you keep drifting back to the library that you and albedo share. you don't meet up outside of these so-called study dates, but there was something nice about showing up to the library unannounced and already seeing him occupying his usual seat.
something nice in the way his lilting voice tugged at your heartstrings, casual "hello" replying your own greeting. something nice in stealing sideways glances at him while he studied, sun-kissed hair glimmering against the old oak of the bookshelves.
soon, you began to realize that the many books in the library and the prospect of straight As weren't the only things prompting you to return to the library so often.
Kamisato Ayato
"hello! how may I help-- oh! it's you!" you said in surprise, looking up from the counter to meet amused lilac eyes belonging to the one and only Kamisato Ayato
"what about me?" he asked in that terribly smooth voice of his, and you flushed and mumbled something after your breath. "nothing, just surprised to see you here, that's all."
you were working part-time in a boba shop for the summer, wanting to earn some extra cash so you could splurge on the newest video games coming out soon.
you didn't, however, expect to meet Ayato there. granted, you knew of his peculiar favouritism of boba-- the whole school did, he made for a very recognizable and charming student president after all. but the shop you chose wasn't the one that he frequented (judging by the lack of giggling juniors) and it was actually quite far away from the school.
ah well, you weren't going to think too hard. you had a customer to serve after all. "I would like..." lavender eyes flitting to yours, before looking at the menu again, "a chatime pearl milk tea please." he picked out his order, a crooked smile curling his lips as he did so, and you plastered on your best customer service smile and turned to make his drink.
it was only you in the shop today, but you didn't mind too much, business was quite slow after all. but you did mind the eyes that were pinned on your back, watching your every move, critically examining the way that you prepared his boba tea. you were quite intimidated, if you were honest, you hadn't interacted with ayato much aside from casual greetings, he seemingly being on too high a pedestal to reach. so being put in a one-on-one situation with him where he judged you for your job made you sweat quite a bit.
"you know," he began leisurely, startling you out of your mini-breakdown, "I used to take tea-preparing classes." if this was his way of calming you down it was working terribly. the expectations were even higher now.
"and," he continued, even as you handed him his order and a straw, "I remember a particular step that you seem to have missed. may I?" without waiting for your reply, he drew a pen out of nowhere, scribbled something onto the receipt, and handed it to you with a slight nudge. "this is a neat trick to earn as many tips as possible," he grins, reaching for your hand and pressing a gentle kiss to it. then he stalked as composed as ever, as if he hadn't just turned you into a melting puddle.
you glanced down at the receipt next to the boba he forgot to take with him and see a string of numbers, along with "may I have the pleasure of making your acquaintance?" written next to it. you sigh. if this was his attempt at wooing you, it was not working. totally not. working. you thought to yourself, even as you bit back the blush on your cheeks and added his number to your contacts.
Diluc Ragnvindr
a sculpted jawline, burning ruby eyes, baby fat still filling his cheeks albeit being the most handsome young man in the block, diluc fit perfectly in the stereotype of "the boy next door". and he actually did live next door to you.
not that it mattered much-- despite you both going to the same school, your introverted natures didn't allow for any bonding other than the polite ones you offer to any stranger.
you didn't really mind, preferring to admire him from afar instead of facing the horrifying ideal of being known.
and so it went, you and diluc, taking the bus to school together, catching glimpse of his red hair around corners or behind doors, the longest conversation you've ever shared only lasting a grand total of 3 words.
until that faithful friday. you left school late due to club practice, and it seemed that he did to, for he was in charge of cleaning the classroom that day.
you two got onto the bus, but you soon lost him in the crowd; the bus being cramped was unsurprising to you, the promise of late night fun was enough to steal most teenagers out from their bedrooms and into the streets.
you felt quite uncomfortable though, especially with how the jostling of the bus sent you careening into elbows and handrails alike, awkwardly shifting your skirt to make sure it hadn't ridden up.
suddenly the bus slams to a stop-- you flew into the chest of whoever was in front of you, landing with a soft oompf and apologises already spilling from your lips. to your surprise, the chest you bumped into was wearing a uniform. your uniform.
you raise your head to meet diluc's eyes. he coughs and turns away, accepting your apologise wordlessly even as he holds out a hand to try to steady you.
the bus suddenly starts forward again, which sends him crashing into you this time, and the hand which had been hovering uselessly finds itself on your waits. "u-um!" you squeal, and blush profusely, he stares at you with wide eyes before hurriedly trying to move his hand, but then more people got onto the bus, and his hand had even less space to move.
and so... it rests it on your shoulder. both of his hands. and yours find themselves on his chest, both of you now locked in a slow-dance position, vulnerable to the melody of the tumbling bus.
"trust me, this is not how I intended for our first conversation to go," he mutters, ears flaming red, unable to look you in the eye. you laugh a little, finding quite a bit of humour in this set of unfortunate series of events.
"well it's-- it's. well." you answer, because really, what was one supposed to do in this situation? the bus slams to a stop yet again, and you bump into his chest yet again. you two both laugh this time, mirth finding its way into his eyes, replacing the initial awkwardness that had paralyzed both of you.
and that was how you spent the bus ride that friday back home, entangled in a dance conducted by a crowded bus.
when you finally got off your stop, both of you breathed a sigh of relief. finally, you were free of the constraints of human sweat, even though the lack of warmth was more noticeable now.
after that incident, diluc always, always saved a seat for you on the bus. and sometimes he even sat next to you, "because what if you bumped into an unsuspecting stranger, it would have a negative impact on the reputation of our school. and also--"
you don't argue with him, just smile and gently lay your head on his shoulders and watch his words fade away into splutters.
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shizukano · 2 days ago
Can you imagine just being in the same room or vicinity as these immensely beautiful pretty boys??
Like the anemo boys alone are eye catching as is...like i can see kazuha & heizou just talking, & xiao is quietly listening....
My brain just threw in the image of our resident geniuses albedo & tighnari discussing smtg as well...
...but then they just suddenly turn to look at you and some of them just SMILE! It doesn't even have to be all of them! Just one or two of them throwing a smile your way, doesn't matter what kind of smile bc they'll look gorgeous either way--
Point is attention from these handsome men isn't good for one's heart...
This isn't even including those like diluc, zhongli, al-haitham, etc
((I'm in need of a nap i think...))
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fawningov3r-u · 11 hours ago
╰► ៸៸ being the s/o of the monstandt boys…
characters ; albedo, bennett, diluc, kaeya, razor, venti.
genre ; headcannons.
warnings ; some suggestive themes here and there.
lower-case intended (:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
❏ ៸៸ ↳ 𝐀𝐋𝐁𝐄𝐃𝐎 was somewhat oblivious when he first started developing feelings for you because he had never fallen in love.
after the strange feeling stuck with him for a few weeks, he had finally consulted Sucrose about it, hoping she knew what he was feeling.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ when she explained that he had, indeed, fallen in love with you, everything clicked. the way his heartbeat sped up whenever you smiled, his sketchbook filled to the perimeter with sketches and drawings of you, his mind wandering to your smile late at night… everything.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ thus, he composed a painting of you and asked if you could continue to be “his muse and inspiration for everything he does.” and how could you possibly refuse when he practically painted you as the Mona Lisa?
❏ ៸៸ ↳ he is ever so charming. he loves to see what’ll make you tick and whatnot. watch out for that, lmao.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ loves to call you “darling” and “love/my love.”
❏ ៸៸ ↳ Sucrose finds it adorable how he looks at you with so much love and admiration.
oh yeah, you and Albedo are practically her parents by always watching over and protecting her. she appreciates you two a lot.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ kisses on your fingertips and shoulder blades are a regular thing with him.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ always brings extra blankets when you two go out adventuring in Dragonspine. he’s accustomed to the cold at this point, so he brings them for you (:
❏ ៸៸ ↳ one of his soft spots is seeing you play with Klee (“: he always thinks about what it would be like to start a family with you.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ the first about—five pages of his newest sketchbooks are just you. doing what? well, that’s up to your imagination.
❝oh,  welcome back,  my love. busy day, I presume? You’re timing is perfect,  I must say. I just finished my last experiment for the day… sit down on the bed, and I’ll brew us a pot of tea, then you can tell me all about your day,  hm?❞
❏ ៸៸ ↳ likes to experiment with the things you like, the things you don’t… different things you’ll react to. one of his favorite things about you are your reactions.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ if you’re cooking or like—looking through your commissions, he’ll come up from behind you and start pressing kisses down your neck and onto your collarbone. just… randomly?
❏ ៸៸ ↳ he’s a little obsessed with you. he finds himself mesmerizing everything you do and indulging himself in it. sometimes he’ll even finish your sentences because he’s just been studying you for so long he knows what you’re going to say.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ wear his coat, and he will literally melt into a puddle right before your eyes.
however, wear just his coat, and you’re playing with fire. you do know he can probably create a potion for just about anything,  right?
❏ ៸៸ ↳ his kisses are always slow and passionate, even with his tongue!!! his goal is to pull away with you wanting more.
has a thing for when you pull his hair when making out…
❏ ៸៸ ↳ makes you breakfast in bed since he always wakes up earlier than you to get a headstart on his research.
he'll always cover you with an extra blanket when he first wakes up as well.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ whenever you're sleepy, he'll ask you to sit in his lap while he's still researching so that you aren't alone/feel lonely when you're sleeping.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ if you can't sleep, he'll always hum until you fall asleep.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ you make him feel as if he isn’t just chalk and dust—like an actual, living and breathing person.
Tumblr media
❏ ៸៸ ↳ 𝐁𝐄𝐍𝐍𝐄𝐓𝐓 was highly hesitant about asking you out at first because of his bad luck, but with enough assurance from Fischl and Razor(he tried his best to understand), he decided to do it.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ he had bought you a bouquet of cecilias from Flora because he was scared that if he picked them himself, they would like start on fire or something. you assured him that you appreciated the gesture either way.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ the relief on this boy’s face when you accepted his confession is hallucinatory. he engulfed you in his arms while thanking you repeatedly. and after realizing that you might be uncomfortable with his impulsive hug, he pulled away with a face as red as a rose and apologized awkwardly.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ he was a little too shy at first to call you a pet name, but then he overheard other couples, and he started to think that maybe you didn’t feel loved enough because he never called you one, which is how he started calling you “clover” or an occasional shy “baby.”
❝ah! welcome back,  clover! o-oh, um… you don’t mind me c-calling you that,  do you? I heard other couples calling each other cute names,  and I thought clover was fitting for you because you always give me a sense of g-good luck… i-if it makes you uncomfortable, t-then I can always drop i-it!❞
❏ ៸៸ ↳ this boy is so infatuated with you; please treat him with care <//3
❏ ៸៸ ↳ you act as the group’s (Bennett,  Fischl,  and Razor) designated parent, always carrying extra supplies with you when you go out with them.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ he’s insecure that you’re gonna leave him because of his luck ): he needs lots of assurance from you; please give it to him.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ when you two are cuddling/sleeping, he prefers that you rest on his chest because it keeps him grounded and assures him that you’re there with him and haven’t left.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ generally, in the mornings, you’ll find him with his arms tightly wrapped around your waist and his face nuzzled in the crook of your neck. he won’t let you go for a while.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ gushes about you like you’re some kind of super famous celebrity.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ the amount of times he’s tried to cook you something but almost burnt down the house is unruly. he almost always feels guilty, but you give me a kiss on the forehead as consolation, and he feels better :)
❏ ៸៸ ↳ speaking of kisses, when you first kissed him on the lips, he stared at you dumbfounded with a face redder than Diluc’s hair before asking for another one.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ he’s like a touch-starved puppy. he melts at the slightest touch from you and always leans into your palm.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ loves when you run your fingers through his hair or kiss the corner of his eyes—especially in the early mornings <3
❏ ៸៸ ↳ you always give him a kiss before he leaves for his commissions as a “good luck charm.”
❏ ៸៸ ↳ one of the best people you can rant to. he’ll always sit patiently and listen to your troubles.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ you're always there to patch him up whenever he gets injured from his commissions.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ scared of touching you or bringing you anywhere because he's terrified that his bad luck will end up hurting you someday.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ brings you home little souvenirs from his adventures to always show that he's thinking of you (':
❏ ៸៸ ↳ he always has to drag you away from punching someone who trash-talks him.
"b-baby! calm down, it's okay! i-i'm kinda used to it by now. and anyways, who's the one with a beautiful and kind significant other? obviously not them! so I'm fine!"
Tumblr media
❏ ៸៸ ↳ 𝐃𝐈𝐋𝐔𝐂 didn’t give falling in love much thought because he figured he’d be too busy running the tavern and protecting Monstandt from the Abyss Order.
he also thought that no one would like him that way because of his cold and blunt demeanor. at least compared to his brother.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ then you came along, and everything changed. you showed him patience and kindness, and with the snap of a finger, he fell head over heels
❏ ៸៸ ↳ he had two different thoughts running through his head: “what if she doesn’t feel the same and ends up getting the wrong idea of my motives and never shows her face to me again” and “what if she feels the same but right when we’ve finally settled down,  she dies in my arms like father did.”
❏ ៸៸ ↳ those thoughts alone were enough to keep him quiet cause seeing you fall in love with someone else was more bearable than losing you for good.
on the other hand, Kaeya did not let his brother staring at you with such adoration go overturned. so, he kept nagging at him to confess to you which FINALLY got him to give up.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ he had no idea how to confess to you, definitely not taking any pointers from his brother. therefore, he just awkwardly told you, hoping his sincerity was enough to woo you.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ and when it was, it felt like he could finally see color in the world again. he felt so thankful that someone like you, kind and gentle, could love someone as vacant as him.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ you are always his number one priority. your. safety. comes. first!1!1!
❏ ៸៸ ↳ your drinks are free at the tavern! (which a certain bard and cryo user think is unfair…)
❏ ៸៸ ↳ likes to call you “darling” and “dove.”
❝my dove, what’re you doing with that glass of wine? no. put it down. you’ve had enough to drink for one night. goodness, you’re starting to remind me of my brother.❞
❏ ៸៸ ↳ is terrified the Abyss Order will target you to get to him.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ is fully aware you know how to protect yourself, but he still prefers that he goes with you on your commissions, so he at least knows that you’re unscathed.
if you were to get fatally injured under his watch, he wouldn’t ever be able to forgive himself despite your protests.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ expresses his love with actions rather than words.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ doesn’t know how to convey his feelings properly; he’s a bit stiff and awkward; bare with him here.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ hugs you from behind whenever you’re cooking or reading if he’s feeling exceptionally touchy.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ sometimes, you’ll help him bartend at the tavern when you’re free, and there’s always these occasional drunk men who flirt with you that he wants to burn alive LMFAO. (might make a one-shot out of this.)
❏ ៸៸ ↳ similar to Albedo, Diluc undoubtedly melts whenever you wear his jacket! most of the time, he lets you wear it unless he has to go to Dragonspine for something.
will always drape his jacket over your shoulders whenever he notices you’ve grown cold.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ always kisses you on the forehead before he’s off somewhere.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ he doesn’t trust the world with you, which is why he’s so possessive and overly cautious whenever you go out.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ his kisses are slow-burn, if that makes sense? like—they start slow and sweet, then escalate to passionate and needy. he finds himself becoming desperate for your lips against his.
always has a hand on your chin while kissing you, using his index finger to lift it so that you meet his gaze before firmly grasping it so that you can’t shyly turn away.
his lips are always warm, so kissing him is quite pleasant (:
❏ ៸៸ ↳ imagine on cold nights, when you’re shivering and all, Diluc peppers warm kisses down your shoulders and onto your stomach to help warm you up. (which 100% doesn’t actually help but LMFAO,  who cares? it’s Diluc,  ffs.)
❏ ៸៸ ↳ whenever he wakes up before you, he’ll always observe you sleeping because he finds you adorable whenever you’re so at peace with yourself.
draws shapes and patterns on your hips or legs while waiting for you to wake.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ he lets you play with and do his hair and he tries not to admit that he adores it. he does.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ whenever you patch up his wounds is when he sometimes feels the luckiest to have you. 
❏ ៸៸ ↳ you keep extra ointment and cooling patches on you because Diluc sometimes burns himself from his vision cause’ he clutches his claymore so tightly.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ if you were to kiss his scars, burns, etc. gently... he would not be able to control himself and just throw himself on you, his lips eagerly on yours in seconds.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ i imagine his hands are giant...for some reason, so whenever you hold his hand, his completely envelops yours, and he absolutely lives for it. 
❏ ៸៸ ↳ likes to pepper kisses in the crook of your neck just to hear you breathy/breathless you get cause of it.
Tumblr media
❏ ៸៸ ↳ 𝐊𝐀𝐄𝐘𝐀 was a hard one to read at first because you couldn't tell if he was just being his normal playful self or if he genuinely liked you
in reality, he was actually very smitten by you and, similar to Diluc, was hesitant to tell you.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ his main concern was that he didn't want you to think he was being a creep with some ulterior motive or something of the sort.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ and so he went to Lisa for some words of advice, and she made sure to emphasize he shouldn't sound so flirtatious when confessing and should be a bit more genuine.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ asked you over for dinner, pushing a bouquet of windwheel asters and cecilias into your arms when you got to his house.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ when he finally got to confessing to you, he stumbled over his words a little because he was so scared of messing it up.
so when you accepted his feelings, it felt like he could fully breathe again. he immediately pulled you in his arms and squeezed you, promising you he'd take good care of you (:
❏ ៸៸ ↳ nicknames can arrange from flirtatious to lovesick. some of his favorites are "angel," "doll," "baby," and "princess/prince."
❝ah,  I see my angel has decided to come visit me from the heavens. how's your day coming along,  my princess/prince? no one's been giving you trouble,  I presume? archons know if someone is and what'll I do to them if someone is…❞
❏ ៸៸ ↳ lots and lots of teasing! he loves to see you all flushed because of him.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ his hands are naturally very cold because of his vision, and he'll sneak them up your shirt or press them against your cheeks to mess with you.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ Diluc doesn't know how you put up with him but is grateful that you keep him in check.
and even though he won't admit it, he's glad his brother found someone that makes him so happy.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ you humble him from time to time when he gets too prideful.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ he stopped going to the tavern as much because you mentioned that you started getting worried and frustrated that he drank so much.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ always keeps an arm slung around your waist or shoulder while you're out together.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ wants to celebrate every accomplishment you achieve. finished all your commissions for the week? fuck yeah, date time!
❏ ៸៸ ↳ although he's flirty, ever since he started dating you, he reserved his flirting for you alone. if someone makes a move on him, he'll scoff and brush them off.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ his kisses are always passionate and warm. he wants you to be reminded that you're his s/o and nobody else's with each kiss.
he normally has a hand on your jaw or chin so that you can't move away from him. (this only applies to if and when you're flustered!)
he loves to trail his kisses down your jaw and collarbone. seeing you shiver from pleasure boosts his ego LMFAO.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ leaves love bites down your neck and collarbone.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ he doesn't take people giving you trouble lightly.. he'll happily give someone a lesson or two if it means they'll leave you alone for the greater good.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ won't sleep for days if you're hospital-ridden because you got critically injured. he'll be at your side through all of it.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ gets so worried that you're going to disappear like everyone else in his life.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ when it's the two of you alone, he'll take his eyepatch off so you can trace around his covered eye. it's one of his favorite habits you have.
Tumblr media
❏ ៸៸ ↳ GOODEST BOY #1!1!1!1
❏ ៸៸ ↳ poor 𝐑𝐀𝐙𝐎𝐑 had no knowledge and experience in crushes, so when he gained butterflies in his stomach when he was around you one day, he internally panicked because he thought he was sick with something.
however, when he explained how he felt to Bennett, his friend happily assured him that he had not fallen to some new illness but rather was in love with you!
❏ ៸៸ ↳  Bennett encouraged him to tell you because he thought you two would be the cutest couple in all Teyvat. (and let’s be honest,  you are.)
❏ ៸៸ ↳ since he had no prior knowledge of confessions, he didn’t know if there was an appropriate time for it or if he should dwell on it, so he just flat out told you how he felt when he saw you next.
you didn’t understand what exactly he was implying at first, but when you put the pieces together, you melted right on the spot.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ his nonexistent tail wagged when you cheerfully explained that you reciprocated the feelings!
❏ ៸៸ ↳ since he isn’t as adapted to relationship customs, he usually refers to you as “lupical.” but when Bennett described what affectionate nicknames are, he started to call you “pup,” as well. (because baby wolves are called pups!1!1!)
❝um,  lupical… friend Bennett told Razor that a—kiss was something that people in relationships do. So Razor wanted to know i-if you wanted to try it...❞
you had to explain to him what it was at first and what to do before placing a chaste kiss on his lips (:
❏ ៸៸ ↳ is a sucker for any affection; he always indistinctively leans into your touch.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ Bennett playfully teases him about how lovey he gets with you.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ looves to cuddle you! his favorite position is when he’s lying on your chest or stomach so that he can fall asleep to your heartbeat with his arms enclosed around your lower half. he finds you very warm and soft <3
❏ ៸៸ ↳ you teach him a lot of things he never got to learn growing up (:
❏ ៸៸ ↳ protective of you, but not in a possessive way. he just can’t stand the thought of you getting hurt. so he always stands in front of you whenever you guys encounter any hilichurls, treasure hoarders, etc.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ pouts whenever he smells another guy’s scent on you before hugging you tightly so you’re covered in his scent.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ you like to brush through and do his hair, the feeling is shared; he loves your fingers running through his hair.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ teaches you lots of survival skills.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ teaches you how to make lots of veggie dishes!
❏ ៸៸ ↳ good luck trying to hide any injury from him; he can smell blood from a mile away.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ ever since you taught him how to kiss, he’ll randomly go up to you, grab your face, and just give you a biiig smooch.
his kisses are hard to put into words. they’re warm and passionate, per sé. you can tell how much he loves you when he kisses you <3
❏ ៸៸ ↳ you and Bennett help him with bigger vocabulary words that he isn’t generally used to—then focusing on how to form a sentence correctly.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ lots of camping dates! he gets nervous with lots of people around, preferring to be with you alone in the woods somewhere with not as much noise.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ he sometimes licks you as a form of affection ):
he’s also tried licking your wounds clean, but you’ve gently explained to him that it’s unsafe and unsanitary.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ he likes to affectionately bite/nibble on you, so you have various bite marks scattered on your body because of him.
Tumblr media
❏ ៸៸ ↳ 𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐈 feared falling in love because being an archon meant that he was immortal, and he knew the chances that whoever he would fall in love with wouldn’t be.
and he was doing good at first! so for a while, he didn’t get so worked up about it.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ then you showed up in Monstandt, and after becoming close friends with you, fell hard.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ at first, he decided against the idea of telling you for a few reasons, such as not to ruin what you guys had and not to get insanely attached to you as he did with the nameless bard, just for you to die right in front of him.
but his feelings for you deepened with time, and he didn’t want to live tied down by his past and rather just live in the moment with you at his side.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ and so, he confessed to you via a song he wrote and, at the end, gifted you a bouquet of cecilias.
it felt like time stopped for him when you said you felt the same, and he couldn’t help but squeeze you in his arms.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ likes to call you “windblume” and “cecilia.”
❝ah! welcome home,  windblume! did the warm winds bring you any comfort today? I hope you know that whenever the wind envelops you,  that’s me hugging you when I’m not at your side!❞
❏ ៸៸ ↳ if you’re taller than him, he’ll beg you to give him piggyback rides everywhere.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ dedicates most of his songs and poems about you <3
❏ ៸៸ ↳ he’ll give you random kisses just randomly; it doesn’t matter when or where; he just likes to watch the color rise to your face (given if it’s visible with your skin color.)
❏ ៸៸ ↳ if you need to destress or relax, he’ll take you up to the hands of one of the Statues Of Seven or up to Starsnatch Cliff.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ if he sees you injured or upset by another person’s hands or words, he will GLADLY rearrange whoever did it. his carefree and childish demeanor flips in a second.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ begged Albedo to help him find a way to maintain your youth if not make you immortal.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ this boy is infatuated with you; it’s unreal </3
❏ ៸៸ ↳ you’re the only one he gets to see him in his archon form, and he finds that really special.
he absolutely melts whenever you kiss or trace over his archon markings. his stomach always fills with butterflies when you do it.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ if your hair is braid-able, he’ll braid your hair to look like his so that you’re matching <3
he taught himself to do all different kinds of braids, so don’t worry about your hair type.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ he likes to hum you to sleep or to calm you down; his voice is pleasant to listen to, so you never digress.
❏ ៸៸ ↳ if you asked him to flip the world upside down, he probably would…? he’s that in love with you.
Tumblr media
fawn ; wooo!!! first Tumblr post finished, we’re not going to talk about how it took!!! :DDD anyways, I’m going to come back to this and add Mika sometime soon, but I need a brain refresher LMFAO. i hope u enjoyed this and feel free to request things!!! (: have a lovely evening/day/night deers <3
up next ; Monstandt women & primordial Albedo headcannons.
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morbific-or-felicific · a day ago
Biochem major Albedo who you always see in the campus coffee shop but is still somehow almost always drinking instant coffee
Biochem major Albedo who always stays in the library until late whenever he has lecture notes to write or assignments to work on
Biochem major Albedo who keeps a can of instant coffee in his bag
Biochem Albedo who you can see making coffee in the library if you stay there long enough (yes, he has gotten yelled at for this and no, he will not be stopping any time soon)
Biochem major Albedo who makes everyone in his class upset that the prof marks tests on a curve
Biochem major Albedo who finds the class rather easy despite the amount of people who are working incredibly hard to get even remotely close to his marks
Biochem major Albedo who offers to tutor you when he sees that you’re very pretty struggling with the class and it’s totally not an excuse just to get your number, nope
Biochem major Albedo who actually takes you to the campus coffee shop instead of just offering you some of his instant coffee
Biochem major Albedo who you can't help but daydream about while he tries to explain to you that you’d been discussing prions the last time you’d met to study and not amoebas like you’d previously thought
Biochem major Albedo who tries not to laugh while you attempt to draw diagrams he considers so very simple
Biochem major Albedo who almost makes you cry whenever he explains to you how the work you did was mediocre at best
Biochem major Albedo who you couldn’t help but find so attractive that you had a hard time looking him in the eye when you spoke to him
Biochem major Albedo who texts you and asks if you want to have a study session this weekend
Biochem major Albedo who has you come over for a ‘study’ date and ends up with you in his lap instead of a textbook :)
Tumblr media
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Into the cold
Tumblr media Tumblr media
➳ Albedo x gn!reader
➳ Oneshot ; 1.5k
➳ Fluff, Hurt/comfort ; Depressed thoughts
Summer is over, the gloomy days of fall and winter arrive, and you struggle to keep yourself from tumbling down the hole of darkness. But your beloved alchemist proves to be a beacon of light. [27.09.2022]
Zep's Note ; While writing this, it suddenly kinda reminded me of the song 'Winter Flower' by Younha and RM - idk if anyone knows it, but it's a very pretty song. Also this is a very self indulgent piece, so I might take it down lol.
content under the cut | masterlist
Tumblr media
The look etched onto your face was one of worry as you glanced up at the sky. The change of season had stolen the sun, hiding it away behind thick packs of gray clouds. It no longer bore the ability to brighten the world below with its gentle rays that kissed everything in its wake. No, all that was left behind was a blanket of gloom that rested over the city of Mondstadt, and the otherwise so gentle wind that traversed the nation now brought forth a chill of cold that ran down your spine. You heaved out a small sigh, lowering your gaze as the first raindrop landed on your cheek and left a wet trail as it trickled down to your neck. Another downpour would roll over the land of freedom, it seemed, and with a hint of sadness you thought back to the days of summer that seemed so long gone. 
You felt it in the pit of your stomach, an ever-lingering feeling that came to pester you when the world around you seemed to have lost its spark. It was as if invisible hands clawed at your being, and their attempts to pull you into their grip of misery were strong. You dreaded the darker days of autumn and winter, for the absence of the sun left behind a void that sucked you in and pulled you under.
It happened every year, it was a cycle you couldn’t seem to break away from. You spent the season of sunshine trying your hardest to climb up that downward spiral of gloom and depression, but as soon as the days grew darker, you were relentlessly pulled down again into your own personal pit of misery. You needed the warmth and light of the world around you, because you couldn’t find it within yourself. 
It wasn’t that bad yet. Fall barely began a few days ago, and you still relished in the higher spirits summer had brought you. Nothing had happened yet. but you felt the pull in your stomach. The darkness was trying to win you over already, and you knew it wasn’t long until you would succumb. There was no point in trying to fight against it, to try and hang onto the final straws of light you could reach. You were only fooling yourself if you believed that you could outrun the darkness. 
The rain picked up, but you hardly cared. Still, out of habit, you took a few steps backward to take shelter in the alchemy stall in the city. Thick raindrops hammered onto the canvas that covered the small corner, protecting the few books and pots and pans that stood gathered in shelves against the wall. Timaeus wasn’t there, and neither were Sucrose or Albedo. In fact, the plaza was empty, but most inhabitants of the city were smart enough to head home when they saw such a deck of rain clouds approach. It was just you and your gloomy thoughts, cornered by the heavy downpour. 
You rested your gaze upon the rainy sky once more, and the gray clouds that packed together reminded you of what was happening inside your mind. Dark thoughts would gather, forming patterns that would lock you up and tear you down until it was raining and storming perpetually. Soon, the days would grow cold, and the last remnants of all that you thought you built up would freeze over.  
You truly couldn’t help but worry about the months to come. 
     “Y/N,” a voice called out, and you tore your gaze away from the sky.
You didn’t hear his footsteps approach at all, not when the screen of rain thrummed down onto the pavement. Blissfully, your thoughts came to a halt when electric blue eyes sought yours, peeking through wet strands of blonde hair. His entire being was soaked as he stood in the downpour, looking naught but surprised to find you there.
     “Albedo,” you said flatly, failing to add a little spark to your tone.
The male entered the cover of the alchemy stall, and small droplets of water dripped from his drenched coat. He shook it off, draping it over the alchemy table. You watched how a trail of wetness now covered the pavement around the crafting table before you turned to look at the newcomer again. You were happy to see him, like you always were. 
     “Were you waiting for me?” Albedo asked. “You should’ve opted for my office in the Favionius’ Headquarters instead, it’s warm and comfortable there and  I wouldn’t want you to end up sick because of this weather.”
Were you waiting for him? You didn’t even know. Maybe something within your subconscious being had pulled you towards the alchemy stall, longing to see your beloved alchemist again, but you never consciously decided to await his arrival back in town. It was true that your worries had started to grow as soon as he left, but you had been so caught up in your looming fear that Abedo didn’t pop up in your mind even once. That was how deeply immersed into the spiral that pulled you down you had gotten. 
     “I don’t know,” you truthfully replied. Though Albedo’s appearance had successfully shaken you from your thoughts, you were still a bit out of it, and anxiety didn’t cease its ruthless gnawing at your stomach. 
     “Something is bothering you,” Albedo pointed out, sharp as ever. 
You nodded, for there was no point in denying it. The Chief Alchemist often saw right through you, with his observant eyes and analytic mind. One plus one was two, and your absent facial expression combined with your flat tone was a clear indication that something was off. Additionally, Albedo was aware of the inner struggles you often had to face, and telling him about it would probably offer you a chance to breathe. Silently, you gazed at the rain, wondering how you were going to put the darkness that dwelled in your mind into words. 
     “I’m worried,” you admitted, feeling heavy. “The darker days are coming, and those aren’t exactly my best days. I’m afraid of falling, I’m scared that everything will collapse again. I’m not ready for such darkness to pester me again. It’s scary, how it pulls me under in an attempt to ultimately drown me.” You looked at the alchemist next to you, sadness in your eyes. “It feels as if the only defense I have is the happiness brought forth by the sun. Without it, the misery is set to roam freely, and I’m terrified. I don’t want to feel like that anymore.” 
Albedo looked at you, and his electric eyes softened significantly until his gaze was tender. He pulled off his wet gloves, the soaked material sticking to his skin before he finally got them off. He placed them over his coat and brought up his hands to cup your cheeks. The pads of his fingertips were cold against your cheeks as he gently coaxed up your face. When you were looking at him wordlessly, he let his hands drop along your sides, meeting again on the small of your back as he hugged you against him softly. 
     “Y/N,” he began, looking at you earnestly. “I’m aware that it’s not within my power to lighten the inner battles you have to fight, which is a regret of mine that I’ve scornfully come to terms with. But please, do not forget that you won’t have to face the darkness alone, for you have me right by your side. I may not be the best when it comes to offering the support you need, but I will try my very hardest. I’d like to think that I gained quite a lot of knowledge as well as experience when it comes to the way human beings work and I’m certain that I can be there for you.” 
Long ago, when you just met the Chief Alchemist of Mondstadt, he was a man struggling to decipher human feelings. With his brilliantly logical mind, he failed to comprehend something as fleeting and unbound as emotions. But so much had changed, and over time the male had developed an understanding regarding those matters. You truly weren’t alone anymore, and the darkness that threatened to overtake you was a burden you could share. 
You offered the alchemist a hesitant smile, reciprocating the hug and resting your cheek against his shoulder. His body was cold against yours, but it didn’t matter. You always managed to find some warmth within his embrace, even though his own body temperature was all but warm. His wet hair tickled your face, but the sensation only helped you to ground a little more. You took some time to relish in his embrace, reminding yourself that you were okay; you had your beloved alchemist right beside you, and he would stay there. He would offer you the warmth you needed when the sun failed to do so. With him right next to you, you would get through the days where the cold tried to overtake you. 
Albedo had become your safe haven, with his calm and collected demeanor that always managed to weave through and then soothe your anxiety. Even now, moments after worry had almost gotten the best of you, you felt yourself calming down in his embrace. 
It was going to be okay.
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amorisqasayid · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ in this segment i’ll be assigning lines from my favorite poets to genshin impact characters along with a little paragraph of romantic stuff. today’s victims are the knights of favonius !
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ jean , lisa , amber , kaeya , albedo , sucrose , noelle , eula x gender neutral reader
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ angst in some , kinda suggestive in kaeya’s and lisa’s
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ today’s poet will be khalil gibran ! 
Tumblr media
if sucrose was anything , she was a beautiful flower. a flower with delicate petals and colorful face , one of romance and bashfulness. you always told her that the morning dew was lucky to be the first to see her each and every day , just to watch her face blossom into the color of valberries. oh , how cute she was and how beloved as well. had your darling flower asked you to bring her the elements , you’d ask her what color ribbon she wanted around them. her shy confessions , “ i, i love you. . . ” and her quiet compliments , “ uh , oh , uhm , you look amazing. ” stopped time and brought you the eternal peace that the grass must have felt when the flowers of teyvat danced and decorated them in song and color.
sucrose , song of the flower xxii by khalil gibran
“ i am the lover's gift; i am the wedding wreath; i am the memory of a moment of happiness; i am the last gift of the living to the dead; i am a part of joy and a part of sorrow. ”
even when all seemed perfect in life , researching the secrets of an awful world would be what kept albedo away from you. your chalk prince used to draw you in the bark of every tree he passed and write your name in the stars that veiled the both of you in the late nights , and yet , he could never be yours forever. you knew it well. you knew that when the depths of the earth opened itself for him to see it’s insides , he’d forget to paint your pictures on the tree bark and no longer would the stars be blessed by the consonants of your name. you never blamed him , for he was not one made for love. he was one made for anything and everything but love. and yet , you still cradled your chest when the stars didn’t call to you. 
albedo , song of fortune vi by khalil gibran
“ man and i are sweethearts he craves me and i long for him, but alas! between us has appeared a rival who brings us misery. she is cruel and demanding, possessing empty lure. her name is substance. “
she was just as beautiful as the nature around her. she was amber and shined just as it would. she was like the rain , pretty crystalline drops that tasted like the sky against you tongue. she was like the clouds , soft pillows for the birds to sleep on when gliding grew tiresome. she was like the rainbow , had you followed her long enough , she would lead you to a pot of gold. “ let’s go do something fun today , ” she’d say to you , and you were inclined to listen. when the storms beckoned the clouds to release their tears , they would , and when amber , your sun and sky , asked you to follow her to the ends of the earth , you had to. you loved her too much to say no.
amber , song of rain vii by khalil gibran 
“ the field and the cloud are lovers and between them i am a messenger of mercy. i quench the thirst of one; i cure the ailment of the other. the voice of thunder declares my arrival; the rainbow announces my departure. ” 
eula practically yielded to your charms , helplessly. your soft voice , your kind eyes , your innocent touches. . . she was defeated by it all. she was defeated by you and yet she welcomed the sword that you stabbed into her chest. she wore it with pride because it was a symbol of how she was yours and how you’d always be hers. or so she thought. you see , time was an evil and horrible thing that even the most abyssal couldn’t escape. all it took for all the beauty to end was a moment in time where she couldn’t be there to protect you with her greatsword. and all of a sudden , she was yielding to a love that fell into the depths of the ocean , a place her frosty exterior would never let her reach.
eula , love chapter ii by khalil gibran
“ when love beckons to you follow him, though his ways are hard and steep. and when his wings enfold you yield to him, though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you. “
“ allow me to help you with that , ” was something noelle would always say , except when it came to you. instead she’d say , “ do you think you could help me with this ? ” oh , yes. she wanted nothing more than for you to help her with things , even when she could do them on her own.  when she realized she liked you so much , she began to ask for help instead of jumping at the chance to help you. of course , she still helped out , but she loved getting your assistance much more. it was nice to be taken care of every once in a while and you always seemed willing. perhaps , next time when she asks you to help her carry the knights of favonius’s weapon orders , she’ll tell you how you make her feel like dandelion stems in the wind. 
noelle , marriage chapter iiii by khalil gibran
“ fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup. give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf. sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone, even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music. give your hearts, but not into each other's keeping. ”
she was always so immersed in her work that when jean realized her love for you , she was caught off guard. suddenly , she wished to die at the hands of your sword and understand the love that hurts so badly. suddenly , your voice was the only melody she wanted to listen. she suddenly desired. she desired you and your presence. her eyes would always glance into your direction when you sat beside her , working on the mountains of worksheets that covered her desk. how many hours did she spend dwelling on that desire while she gazed upon your radiance ? she’d scold herself for getting so lost in you , but how could she not ? especially when you grinned and said , “ good morning , jean. you look pretty as always. ”
jean , let these be your desires by khalil gibran
“ love has no other desire but to fulfill itself but if your love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires: to melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. to know the pain of too much tenderness. to be wounded by your own understanding of love; and to bleed willingly and joyfully. ”
there never came a day where she thought she could find someone who’d be hers forever , until the day lisa met you in the akademiya. it was a confining place , restricting you both to your studies , to the insatiable pursuit of knowledge , and yet you both found time to pursue each other. it was those little moments in the library when she’d tug your arm close and pull you into discrete corners where you guys could share kisses. “ name all the flowers of teyvat , ” she’d whisper as she pressed kisses along your neck. and then one day , you separated to pursue your dreams. no longer did those moments stick to you the way you thought they would. they died in that library. where is your beloved ?
lisa , lover’s call xxvii by khalil gibran
“ recall you the hour i bade you farewell, and the maritime kiss you placed on my lips ? that kiss taught me that joining of lips in love reveals heavenly secrets which the tongue cannot utter ! ”
in your presence , kaeya is sure of nothing but his love for you , and yet , in your presence his heart aches. he laughs with you , teases you , presses his lips to your own and yet there’s a feeling settling itself in the icy parts of his heart. it was a part he tried to hide from you , and yet you found it anyways. his body would be hovering over your own and while you’re bodies were so close , you could see the cavity in his heart. “ i love you so very much. you’re my favorite star in the entire sky. ” your words filled the hole in his heart and he felt as though he could have seen the deities who robbed him of his land. standing before them , heart filled with melted gold , age showing itself on his face. grinning in their faces. 
kaeya , song of man xxv by khalil gibran “ my mind is filled, but my heart is empty; my body is old, but my heart is an infant. perhaps in youth my heart will grow, but i pray to grow old and reach the moment of my return to god. only then will my heart fill ! ”
Tumblr media
tags ,,, @ghost-hyacinth  @pandoa @idiaia @sleepybunboo  @mlk082 @pastelmages​
​dm me or send an ask if you’d like to be on it as well !
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merzkihstuff · 2 days ago
hullo! can i ask for sfw headcanons with albedo and gorou reacting to seeing their fem! s/o wearing a miniskirt for the first time pls? ty!!
Hello hello!! I’m so sorry this took so long!! </3 QwQ
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
➤ (Albedo & Gorou x F!Reader) SEPARATE
➤ Warnings: Quite suggestive
Tumblr media
Albedo loses his composure quite literally. He tries to hide it by making small talk to distract his mind and peering eyes as he sees the outside wind blow your skirt around from the back, exposing your cute little panties that were of lace and silk. Be immediately got the memo and tensed up as he turned around to “look” at the documents he placed on his bulletin board.
Oh whatever happened to poor Kreideprinz…
Gorou could smell you coming from a mile away, but what he didn’t expect was for his nose to start trickling blood when you dropped something from behind you and bent over to pick it up. Your clothed sex being hugged so tightly as he stared with all do disrespect. He knew you knew what you were doing… and it was working. The poor general had to excuse himself from his duties to drag you home for a “little talk…”
Tumblr media
Apologies to all of you who sent in requests!! I will be working on them as soon as possible!! I finally have some spare time to do what I love and entertain my readers <3
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genshinlovecorner · 2 days ago
Genshin Impact Men with an Insanely Tough S/O
gender neutral reader, mondstadt edition
Diluc was immediately attracted to you as soon as you displayed your strength. He was almost ALWAYS protecting other people and never really had anyone to protect him, per say. When he learned that you could fend for yourself with the strength of a Harbinger, Diluc was mesmerized, needless to say. Not to mention how hot you were in battle, God. He couldn't get you out of his head.
Kaeya thought you were a rather interesting being. Of course, he'd never pass up the opportunity to allow you a position in aiding the Knights of Favonious. Your strength was like no other, practically superhuman. Would Kaeya brag about his darling's strength to anyone who'll listen? Yes, yes he would. And he does. Kaeya feels more secure when you're around, something he hasn't felt in a while.
Albedo would suspect something's up when you show him how much you're capable of. You had a vision just like him, but for some reason you were far more superior than even the knights in terms of strength. You didn't have much prior training for anything, which piqued his interest. Your strength is nothing bad and he's glad you're using it for good but it makes for an interesting conversation with him.
Venti, much like Kaeya, brags like no other. "Oh yeah? Well my partner can beat you up!" type beat, as if you'd ever do that to anyone who's just making a short joke about your boyfriend. Venti loves when you show-off your moves in combat or simply just take down a few enemies. Cheers you on during your battles and encourages you to push your limits.
Bennett thinks you're the coolest person ever and begs you to train him yourself. He's never met anyone more stronger than you and he's utterly fascinated. You're the perfect addition to the Adventure Team and Bennett's super stoked! Always listens intently during your training and attempts to follow your moves despite him tripping sometimes... it'll take a bit for this to go anywhere.
Razor appreciates your strength and doesn't make too many comments about it. After all, as long as you're helping him fend off predators and hunt, there's no need to discuss it. Definitely praises you for your good work and sleeps more soundly at night knowing you're right by his side.
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thetaledeliveryservice · a day ago
I’ll fully admit now I have little knowledge but I wanna see how this might turn out what about some wholesome headcanons between Itto,Albedo,and Sara these are like the only three I’m aware of when dealing with a mute player if that counts?
Even if you don't know much about Genshin, I recommend you at least lookup Itto. That precious oni is worth letting this game take over a giant chunk of my life.
Arataki Itto
Arataki "Your One and Oni" Itto talks more than enough for the two of you. While he has made the effort to learn sign language to better communicate with you and has made sure the other members of the Arataki Gang have done the same, he gets that not everyone else has. So he's happy to act as your translator and voice should the need arise.
He doesn't try to infantilize you or act like you can't do anything for yourself just because you can't talk. He actually gets upset when anyone acts like you're dumb just because you're mute, and will happily stand up for you against these people.
People around Inazuma find it kind of interesting to watch the two of you hanging around each other. The oni who can't keep his mouth shut most of the time, and his partner who doesn't speak a word. It's oddly sweet to them.
Look, when you first meet him...Be prepared to be questioned a bit about your mutism. Is it by choice? Were you just never able to speak? Were you injured somehow? Though if the questioning clearly makes you uncomfortable, he'll stop. He just can't turn the researcher brain off most of the time.
He already knew sign language before the two of you got together, so if that's your main way of communicating with others, he's already able to understand what you're trying to say. He's even teaching it to Klee so the two of you can talk to each other when he or someone else isn't around to translate.
If someone tries to make fun of you for being unable to talk, he will pull the "I don't get the joke, do you mind explaining it?" bit while staring at them blankly until they break and apologize.
Kujou Sara
When Sara isn't performing her duties as a general, she can be a bit...awkward. So she may be a bit stiff at first before the two of you got together. But even before you two started dating, she made efforts to accommodate your disability. One of her soldiers even spotted her pulling an all-nighter going through sign language books, including some that were for different dialects.
She also doesn't think of you as less than because of the fact you can't talk. She's reprimanded any of her men who dared to either make fun of you or make some unsavory comments about you. You may have to stop her from making some of the run several dozen laps around the encampment.
She actually likes the comfortable silence between the two of you. Most of her days involve her barking orders to listening to the sounds of metal clashing against either training dummies or more metal. So coming home to you, where not even talking is necessary to say who much you love each other, is a little slice of paradise to her.
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n0tamused · a day ago
Honest question-👀 How many primos can we get f2p until 3.1 second phase? I need Albedo
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funeral-grayy · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
yn moves to liyue to chase her dreams of opening a flower shop. follow her on this journey, where she’ll make her way through the men of genshin impact. reverse harem with end game. angst, fluff, smut. everyone in this fic is 20+. modern au with a twist. this is collab between me and my best friend uwu
DM to be added to the tag list!
f!reader, plus size reader, explicit smut, drug use (accidental)
(specific warnings will be added to the beginning of every chapter)
Every other friday
chapter one - death after noon
chapter two
chapter three
chapter four
chapter five
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teyvatkisses · 2 days ago
How do they kiss? Where do they liked to be kissed? [Mondstadt Men ft Dainsleif]
Diluc is very private with his affection. He’s more likely to be one for subtle hand holding if you two are in public, but when you two are alone he adores kissing your cheeks. Very quick but not fleeting; he’s more likely to give you one on your left when passing by only to turn around and kiss your right side with a sort of bashful furrow of his brow. He loves when you kiss him on the nose though. He finds it cute in his own way, a sort of silly gesture he allows himself to laugh at so he can kiss you properly. 
Kaeya, unlike his step-brother, is very open with his affection. Loves pulling you to his side and kissing your temple, no matter how much taller or shorter you are compared to him. It’s a sort of sign of trust; he always closes his eye whenever he does it, a signal letting you know that he’s comfortable around you to put his guard down for a second. Contrary to temple kisses, he loves when you pull him into a suprise kiss on the mouth. He likes laughing into you and wrapping his arms around you, gladly reciprocating the kiss with affection and passion. 
Albedo is probably the least affectionate, even in private. He prefers quickly kissing your palm before continuing his work, and sometimes just holds your hand in his as he writes notes. He enjoys a kiss every once in a while, but he’s more interested in just spending time with someone he enjoys. If you kissed him on the cheek, though, he’ll blush and be wordless for a moment before gently kissing you back. It’s rare for him to do that; most times he’ll just stick with taking your hand in his to kiss. 
Dainsleif is one for very soft neck kisses. He likes giving them when he holds you, how little he does, enjoying knowing that you’re a living being and that the moment is concrete in time. He isn’t super affectionate, more likely to enjoy taking you by the hand or shoulder to lead you out of danger or for you to do the same to show him around. If you kiss him on the mouth he’ll turn a lovely shade of red, though. 
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noiadiaries · 2 days ago
albedo x afab!reader; nsfw 🔞! nipple play?, implied creampie, very mild tbh
accompanying albedo to dragonspine, because you're always curious about his work and new findings and want to keep him company.
albedo enjoying the help you provide, even with your limited knowledge on alchemy. you're always handling him components, or getting a fire and food ready and stocked up before the next storm rolls in.
but albedo loves your warmth the most. the way you feel wrapped around him, welcoming him into your arms and cunt. albedo loves your moans and whines when he moves in and out of you, or when he slides his tongue up your stomach to wrap his lips around your nipple, nibbling and flicking it and ending it with a pull before moving to the other.
albedo loves how your lips feel on his neck, biting and sucking the skin around the star marking. he loves how you ask him for more and more, not to stop, when you're oh so close but oh so sensitive. he can't help the way he thrusts a little harder, a little deeper, the way his fingers slide to your clit as his lips keep playing with your chest.
albedo loves how your walls flutter around him, as if bringing him impossibly close to you, as if milking him of all his cum, of all he has to give. and he would gladly give all of him to you.
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