bulldyke-femme · 2 days ago
So ive had this saved in my drafts for a while now- but theres a point id like to make about butch/femme identity and expression and think this is ready despite the crap i might catch for it
On my days off and when i go out for fun, lots of times i look like this vvv
Tumblr media
And other times, especially because im a blue collar dyke, i look like this vvv
Tumblr media
The thing that both these photos have in common is that, regardless of how i may appear, i am a femme lesbian. I am not magically butch at work just because i have to wear jeans and work boots for safety. On the clock I am often mistaken for a man and harassed for using the women’s bathroom, people call me sir and damn near keel over trying to correct themselves. I understand that people will look at me as masculine because im in a mans trade.
And yet im still a femme!
You know why? Because being femme is not about how i dress or how long my hair is or the job i work or the body im in, but who i am, how i love, and how i want to be loved back. Its my reclamation of my gender and sexuality and romantic life.
Theres this idea that femme lesbians are “the girl” lesbians and butches are “the boy” lesbians. Femmes are stereotyped as straight passing hyper feminine (and often times cis) girls. But if youve ever met a femme thats not always (in my experience- USUALLY) the case. We often are nonbinary (hi! Also me!) and/or gender nonconforming even in our femininity- taking the things that cishet society hates the most in women (ie body hair/body fat/masculine jobs/deep booming voices- etc) and owning those characteristics in ways that make us feel free and most like femmes 💕
I personally feel most comfortable being feminine off the clock and covering myself in glitter and being a tacky fat furry muppet because its how i feel best recognized by the butches i adore so much! But i get to reclaim womanhood or whatever adjacent, gender-fucked, lesbiany, thing ive got going on, and that doesn’t change when i wear jeans and work boots.
Femmes get to be whatever the hell we want- being broad shouldered and deep voiced and fat and furry and in a trade are not traits that magically make me incapable of being femme- and im over this whole ordeal where y’all assign butches and femmes as either “the boy” or “the girl” of the relationship and expect us to be exclusively feminine or masculine and never cross or mix- just recreating useless gender roles that we have zero reason to uphold.
(And this goes the absolute same for butches/studs who express feminine traits and DOUBLE for trans butches/studs/femmes)
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sch-uwu-lchen · a day ago
femme freaks!!! arise
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femme-bo · 21 hours ago
jsyk there aren’t only the two options of being 100% stone or 100% okay with all kinds of touching.
shout out to the ones who are mostly stone tops but okay with bottoming rarely! to stone under the clothes but okay with touching when clothes are on! shout out to touching without penetration! to “don’t touch my chest except every once in a while when I ask you to suck on them”
AND shout out to mostly stone bottoms! to “I don’t give head but I’ll touch you over your clothes” and to “if I don’t currently have acrylics on and we are in the mood then maybe”
Etc etc etc!
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g0lden-retriever-butch · 2 days ago
if you call me loverboy there’s a high chance you’ll be getting bent over and ruined
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renae-okay · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Grid & stripes? Twist my arm
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thankfulfortomorrow · a day ago
Tumblr media
Wake up everybody it’s Black (thong) Friday 🖤
What are you thankful for?
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bratvampgf · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Showin off the new hair with the cute tufts
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floralfemmes · 2 days ago
there's so much beauty in butch/femme love, so much care, so much tenderness
butch/femme love is my butch "accidentally" leaving her flannel at my place because she knows I love wearing her clothes
butch/femme love is them holding my hand while I got my nipples pierced
butch/femme love is making a necklace for my butch and them immediately wearing it and not having taken it off since
butch/femme love is giggles between moans when we undress each other
butch/femme love is tenderness and care and sex and kindness and sharing and so much more than can ever be put into words.
different people experience it in different ways, and that's part of what makes it so lovely. none of what I've listed is universal, and that's an integral part of butch/femme love: the way it varies from person to person
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chainmail-butch · 2 days ago
The lazy rays and narrow shadows of the setting sun dapple her skin as she smiles at you. Her lipstick is red and vital around her teeth. You’re transfixed. One moment you’re getting ready to take off your boots and the next you are so utterly helpless.
Her dress falls softly around her heels, but your eyes are busy studying hers. Well, her eyes and the beautiful wings she’s painted around her eyes, like birds of paradise.
You can feel heat thrumming through you as you realize that she’s got you pinned in the dance.
She reaches out a single meticulous nail and taps you on the chest. You’re still in your jacket and boots when you fall backwards onto the bed. Your boots catch your legs in a way that stops you from falling how you’d like, but that’s fine.
There’s blood rushing in your ears. Your heart pounds deeply and rhythmically in your chest, very nearly shaking you. The air smells like a heady mix of your cologne, her perfume, and the Chinese food you’ve got sitting by the fridge.
Her eyes pin you to the mattress while one of her hands snakes behind her back to lazily undo her bra. It’s one of her favorites, black and flimsy with complicated lacework. She’s had that bra for as long as you’ve known her, you think.
Your attention is drawn back full force as you feel her weight straddling you. Every inch of her is flushed and ready for you. She’s barely keeping her breathing in check. You stare up past the tips of her nipples to see a face that has your doom written all over it.
She draws herself closer to you, rustling on the fabric of your jeans. You feel a wet throbbing heat pressing down on you. You can feel her pulse as her hand lightly cups your cheek. Her face is close to yours now. When did she get there?
The soft warmth of her breath makes you tremble as she whispers,
“Hey there, loverboy”
Tumblr media
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gatheringbones · 2 days ago
[“People who dismiss femininity—who consider it frivolous, or vain, or a patriarchal trap, or a product of socialization, or an artifact of the gender binary, or whatever—have been fucking with femmes for far too long. Their attempts to try to artificialize or artifactualize our feminine gender expression (rather than accepting it as natural and legitimate) is the same sort of tactic that occurs when homophobes assume gay people are looking for an “alternative lifestyle,” or just haven’t met the “right person” yet. It’s the same bullshit that occurs when bisexuals are accused of being “confused” or of “still having one foot in the closet,” or when people assume that trans men transition to obtain male privilege, or assume that trans women transition in order to fulfill some sort of bizarre sex fantasy.
We shouldn’t have to explain why we are trans or why we are queer, and by the same reasoning, we shouldn’t have to explain why we are feminine! Once we accept that on some level feminine expression is natural, that for some of us—whether female, male, both, or neither—it resonates with us on a deep profound level . . . once we accept this, then we can tackle the real problem: the fact that femininity is seen as inferior to masculinity, both in straight settings and in queer and feminist circles. Once we accept the fact that femininity exists and it needs no explanation, then we can focus on debunking the countless double standards, like that masculinity is strong while femininity is weak, that masculinity is tough while femininity is fragile, that masculinity is practical while femininity is frivolous, that masculinity is active while femininity is passive, that masculinity is rational while femininity is overly emotional, and of course, that masculinity is natural while femininity is artificial. Once we get beyond having to account for why we are feminine, then we can finally make the case that all of the dismissive connotations and meanings that other people associate with feminine expression are merely misogynistic presumptions on their part.”]
julia serano, from excluded: making feminist and queer movements more inclusive, 2013
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boyishlyfemme · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I love low quality photos
21+ only, do not follow me if you are under 21
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gogh-chase-the-stars · a day ago
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this makeup has me feeling extra angelic 😇🤍
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hunnyfemme · a day ago
Tumblr media
Stay warm out there yall 😉
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federer7 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Vieille femme achetant des marrons grillés promenant des enfants. Paris, 1930-1931
Photo: André Kertész
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moontheyo · 17 hours ago
What's the difference between a snowman and a snowwomen?
Doesn't matter. Gender is a snowcial concept.
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bratvampgf · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Inspired by @lesbiciousbeginnings longing for a Labrys tattoo here’s some Labrys tattoos I’ve done in the past year!
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