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Femme Fatale Playbook: How To Embody Queen Energy
Living in your queen energy requires you to stand in your power and look after yourself to the highest degree in every area of life. When tapping into this higher frequency, you realize that putting yourself first allows you to show up at your best – both for yourself and others. Here are some tips to embody the queen energy you’re meant to live in: 
Put Yourself First: Remember – your self-perception becomes your public image. You need to believe in yourself before others will. Believe that you’re worthy of living your dream life which includes achieving your loftiest goals and indulging your deepest desires. Reframe any resistance. Identify as someone who lives a life of abundance where all of your manifestations enter into your orbit with ease. 
Be Honest With Who You Want To Be: Sit down with yourself (and some writing utensils – whether it’s pen and paper or a keyboard) and journal to describe your ideal self. Don’t hold back. Indulge in your wildest dreams, goals, and fantasies. Become conscious of any limiting beliefs that come to mind as you write out these aspirations. Jot them down – they’ll give you some insight into what’s holding you back, so you can bridge the gap between who you show up as today and who you’re going to be once you put in the inner work. 
Make A Deliberate Effort To Discover Your Values, Passions, & Boundaries: Figure out what matters most to you in life. What activities, topics, aesthetics, art, clothing, hobbies, sounds, movements, books, television shows, movies, songs, and types of conversations most light you up inside? Here are some resources to guide your self-discovery journey HERE, HERE, and HERE.
Build A Strong Personal Brand & Cult of Personality: I have more tips on building your personal brand, creating your persona (or ‘Dream Girl archetype’), and an ultimate Femme Fatale playbook linked HERE, HERE, and HERE.
Prioritize All Aspects of Your Health: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Sexual, Spiritual. Celebrate your needs – they make you human. Eat a healthful, plant-based diet, exercise and walk daily, meditate, read at least 10 pages a day, journal, make to-do lists, declutter your space, self-pleasure, recite your affirmations, lean into shadow and mirror work, create morning and nighttime routines. Feeling in alignment is essential to allowing your magnetic aura to shine through. Find all of my tips to cultivate self-regard in every area of life HERE.
Read, Study, & Build A Strong Skillset: Designing the life of your dreams is an inevitable aspect of living in your queen energy. Stay informed, read books and articles on your industry, interests, current events, cultural happenings, history, and any other topic that brings you joy or you would find intriguing if someone brought up the subject at a dinner party. Mastering an evergreen skillset is essential for succeeding in your career or building a business. Living in your queen energy means living in abundance. While queen energy is a mindset, it is impossible to fully live in this dream reality without having passions and your finances in order. Start with my entire Femme Fatale booklist HERE and guide to building your dream career HERE.
Learn The Art of Detachment: Acknowledge what's out of your control. Living in your queen energy means you understand that it's important to work your hardest and smartest to determine the outcome of anything you can control. Otherwise, you have to let it go – people, professional opportunities, possessions. Projection, misalignment, or an undesirable fit does not deter you from striving toward your goals and relishing in satisfaction. Others' contempt and rejection serve as a cue for self-reflection and redirection.
Become Extremely Discreet Yet Utterly Shameless: Do as you please, but keep your business (or pleasure) to yourself. Privacy is peace, power, bliss, and radiates quiet confidence – the greatest telltale sign that someone is living in her queen energy. Learn to hold your own. You will be guaranteed to earn respect within seconds of gracing anyone's presence.
Maintain Proper Posture: Shoulder back, chest open, back straight. Don’t be shy about taking up space. 
Accept Compliments With Grace: A smile and ‘thank you’ pairing is the most confident and elegant response. Some more confidence and social skill tips are linked HERE and HERE.
Live Unapologetically While Displaying Radical Empathy: Uphold your boundaries. Live your truth. Never beg or settle for less.
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Glossy, juicy lips. Vanilla perfumes and cocoa hand creams. Business and first class plane seats. Smooth, crystal clear skin and buttery soft legs. Trips to Cancun and France. Spending weeks in South Korea exploring. Speaking multiple languages. Jewels on my wrists. Fresh macarons and hot cocoa.
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Pov: Morning routine ☀️
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Pics are not mine) ❣️
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Tumblr media
let it be easy 🍂
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my intentional morning routine:
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-I wake up around 6 AM, instead of immediately getting on my phone like I used to. I lay in bed for a couple of minutes, allowing my body to realize the transition it is making.
-After that, I immediately drink a full bottle of water. This is pretty easy for me because when I wake up, I’m usually dehydrated even if I don’t realize it yet my body does. I’m able to do this quickly and easily by grabbing a water bottle the night before. By the time I wake up it’s usually warm, warm/hot liquids are actually very beneficial to your digestive system. This helps my digestive system get a head start on the day.
-I move onto making my bed. A step I never used to incorporate because I always felt it was unnecessary but once my bed is made I rarely want to ruin the work I’ve created which urges me to not get back in it.
-Tea. I always drink some type of tea in the morning, my go-tos being ginger or green. This is another thing that I do for my digestive system as well as overall calmness. Instead of doing another task while having my tea, I like to enjoy it and simply take gratitude in the drink.
-I then go into breath work, I do a Nadi Shodhana technique of alternate nostril breathing, as someone with severe anxiety breathing has become a big part of my journey in managing it. Even if I’m not feeling anxious I love to get a head start on it (something I learned from my therapist). I tend to do this practice for a few minutes and find my body in a completely calm state afterward.
The Technique:
*Sit in a comfortable position for me this is usually with my legs crossed.
*Place your ring finger on your left nostril and your thumb on the right.
*Cover your right nostril and breathe in through your left, cover your left nostril and exhale through your right nostril and repeat.
*When you are finally done with this practice exhale fully out of your left nostril.
-The next thing I like to do is engage in prayer and gratitude. I have created a specific prayer that I repeat every morning, although it changes when needed. I simply express gratitude by writing out everything that I am thankful for in that moment in my journal.
-I then move onto hygiene and breakfast which I’ll usually have a smoothie or oatmeal if I’m not fasting.
And that’s my intentional morning routine!
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empressofdiamonds · 2 days ago
Review of my past dopamine detoxx efforts, so you can learn from my fails and wins, just cuz I love you
YOUTUBE - I simply uninstalled the app off my phone. Some think it is simply unimaginable, that they can't handle it without YouTube, but Istg it's all lies your mind is telling you. If you're spending so much time on YouTube Shorts, just uninstall. It's like, so easily accessible via the YT app. On the desktop website version it is not as accessible (important keyword!), and thus, you're less likely to binge so hard. Every time I installed YouTube, Shorts was my bane. So I was so much off just uninstalling it. I also unsubbed from all my channels, I used to only have a few subs but I realized I just didn't listen to any of their content. I liked the IDEA of those people, their aesthethica, their whole mood, etc. But their content didn't help me. So out the window it goes!
FACEBOOK - That was a easy one to be quite honest, I used to post a few pictures a month, mostly food or hike trips, stuff like that. I just kept my Facebook going on for the professional groups and school group chats, otherwise it would be completely shut down. I now just don't post anything at all, nothing at all. People don't need to know every minutiae of my life. Shoo shoo.
TUMBLR - This one bit my ass hard. I unsubbed from every single blog, even my favourites, and saved the list in an archive sideblog. But it turned out I just didn't visit those blogs that often, and thus, I wasn't as active on Tumblr as much. So I'll concede, because I love my blog and Tumblr so much, I'll subscribe to a few blogs, but be very strict about my curating. One of the issues I had with Tumblr was the endless scroll of aesthethic pictures without any informative and thought provoking content... it just annoyed me to no end having to scroll and NOT MISSING THE "IMPORTANT" STUFF. (FOMO in a nutshell). Later on I'll reexamine my use of Tumblr. Maybe I'll just unsub again, maybe I'll curate it even more, to be seen. That's the beauty of this process, you can make mistakes, learn from them, and correct your shot as you go. No need to get it perfect from the start.
REDDIT - Despite deleting my account, I noticed I kept coming back to Reddit, because I lacked things to occupy my mind (veryyyyyy important to me else I'll go rabid). I found solutions that engage my mind, without absorbing negative vibes. Yeah as you might've noticed, Reddit is like so negative, and so irritating. No bueno. I installed a very simple sudoku game without ads, and downloaded a big fat bunch of boosk to read into my ebook. A massive quantity I can't ever finish them all. Smart babes gotta maintain their brains!
INSTAGRAM - It has been like YEARS since I ditched this, but I still remember very well my lesson: I obessively followed accounts of influencers, and artists and those home decorating accounts, to a point it took like a hour to check every single account's posts. Spending so much time over this, because I ASPIRED to become those people, but DIDN'T do any sort of effort. I did save pictures of artist's art, thinking I will do something inspired by their stuff, but I just did nothing. I just collected and collected and collected. It was exhausting my precious time without any good return, and as the wastage went on, my guilt became heavier. A guilty mind will do shit. It won't do stuff. It will procrastinate. So I decided to just quit, it was hard at first, but later I realized I just didn't miss it, and I was happy to have my productive, creative mind back. So yeah, good riddance
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Amal Clooney
the perfect embodiment of feminine & masculine energy.
Feminine in her mannerisms and how she presents herself but rightfully masculine in her career, Amal Clooney is a beautiful representation of what it means to balance your feminine and masculine energy.
Tumblr media
who is she?
Amal Clooney, now 44 years old, is an international lawyer, human rights activist, mother, and wife to the famous George Clooney. When she’s not representing powerful clients before international courts, she is advising political governments and individuals on legal issues. She is a brilliant woman known for her high profile cases, accomplishments, husband, and fashion. She is described as “a brilliant legal mind” and “knows her brief inside out”. Her accolades make her the ideal role model and inspiration for young women.
her background
Amal is a Lebanese-British lawyer and activist specializing in international law and human rights. She was raised in England by her educated father and entrepreneurial mother. Following high school, she studied at Oxford University and graduated with her bachelor’s before attending New York University of Law where she got her Master of Law degree. 
Tumblr media
influenced by strong women
Amal is a product of her environment. As mentioned, she was raised by an entrepreneurial mother. Her mother, Baria Alamuddin, is an award winning journalist. Baria has interviewed some of the most notable and prominent figures in the world. Amal’s mother and grandmother both are strong supporters of women empowerment and education which you can see in Amal’s philanthropic work. Another example of being influenced by strong women is when she worked in the office of Sonia Sotomayor, the first woman of color and Latina to serve on the supreme court. She even had the pleasure of working with the judge for the United States Court of Appeals and a NYU Law faculty member. It’s obvious that Amal was fortunate enough to have examples of strong and powerful women not only in her home but in the workplace.
I admire Amal for her intelligence, wit, and ability to keep most of her personal life private. Not much is said about her private life, but colleagues have mentioned that Amal has a ‘commanding presence”. This is obvious when watching her interviews — her energy fills the room. She never overshares or says more than necessary, but when she does speak it’s worth listening to. As you probably guessed, she is an intelligent woman. Fluent in English, French and Arabic. Her cleverness and well articulated speeches immediately captivates those around her.
Tumblr media
love life
One person who was captivated by her mind is her husband George Clooney. In the world of law, she was already a celebrity but became one in the literal sense when she became involved with the well known bachelor, George Clooney. George had a long history of dating gorgeous, famous women but never settled down. He even publicly said he would never get married... this was until he met Amal in July of 2013, in Lake Como Italy.
Similar to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the two met through a mutual friend. This is why your connections, network, and personal brand matters — those can open more doors for you than a dating app can. While most women would fall at the feet of George, Amal didn’t. In fact, he chased her for months before they became serious. He claims he fell for her because of intelligence and personality, but I assume the chase also had a huge impact. Amal is highly intelligent and understands seduction. She knows if she were like every other woman, she would get treated like every other woman. Instead, she stayed committed to her career and mission while making time for him when she could.
Tumblr media
In 2014, the two love birds became engaged only after a year of dating. The Clooney’s were married in Sept of 2014 by no other than the former mayor of Rome. Their beautiful multi-million dollar wedding was in Venice, Italy and was one to remember. After they said “I do”, the couple moved to a multimillion-dollar estate built on a small island in London before having their twins in 2017. Together the couple committed to philanthropic work for women’s and human’s rights. It’s rumored that they’ve donated over $22M to a variety of charities. In 2016, her and George Clooney founded Clooney Foundation for Justice. She has partnered with several other charities, such as Aurora Humanitarian Initiative, and has her own scholarship program to send young girls to college.
Tumblr media
awards & achievements
I would love to end this off not talking about Amal’s love life but the amazing things she’s accomplished. Her list of her achievements and awards are way too long to cover so I’ll mention the few I thought were most notable. Amal was awarded the most fascinating person in 2014, the World Economic Forum’s 2016 Young Global Leader, and Time magazine’s Woman of the Year in 2022. Her fight for human rights has made her a noble activist, leader, and role model. She uses her celebrity status to shed light on political issues that may have otherwise been thrown under the rug.
Tumblr media
Amal has shown us that you can be a feminine family woman while being successful at your career. Her brilliant mind has captivated the red carpet, magazines, and one of Hollywood’s best actors. Amal is an inspiring mother, wife, and activists. Her poise, style, and grace are just a few elements to her feminine charm. Her healthy balance of masculine energy is portrayed in her ability to relentlessly peruse her career, fight for meaningful causes, and excel in a highly competitive field.
X, @luxuryandbrown | You might like: Meghan Markle: Femininity Breakdown
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hypergamiss · a day ago
I really enjoy elegantly astonishing people when they think I am not intelligent. I definitely fall under the category of “pretty privileged” but 9/10 I am perceived as a ditzy blonde because I am attractive. I am still learning how to small talk because I am naturally introverted, so I mostly listen and observe conversations. This makes people think I don’t have anything to contribute but I’m usually trying to be polite and not interrupt someone else. I’ve always been that way and I am working on it. Then somebody in the conversation or meeting finally decides to ask for my input and everybody involved is always floored. She knows about marketing? She knows about coding? She can handle accounting? Etc… and usually a lot more than people that dedicate themselves to a certain subject because I nerd out and read several books for each subject or take on a course in case something comes of it. Megan Fox always talks about how people underestimate her intelligence because she’s attractive and is labeled as a hot intellect once they take the time to get to know her as a person. I couldn’t relate more. I don’t really ever plan on not continuing to educate myself and constantly experience things that will contribute to my knowledge. It’s like I am always behind the scenes running a show under everyone’s nose until someone decides look past my looks and be genuine (but that is rare). I try to be genuine as well and remind myself that if someone is in the same room for a meeting it’s usually for a damn good reason and I shouldn’t let their appearance convince me otherwise.
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bbltheque · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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pinkrenaissance · 2 months ago
The dream girl I'm trying to be
reads one book per week
is ahead of her college assignments and readings
is top of her class
is hyper feminine
has manners, grace, poise and elegance
is always put together: nails, hair and outfit always on point
listens to jazz and classical music
is extremely cultured
seeks validation within, not on other people
has flawless skin
cooks healthy meals for herself and is not a sweet tooth or impulsive about food
attracts masculine, high caliber men that wants to provide for her and apprecieates her feminine presence
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femmefatalevibe · 2 days ago
Imperfection is inevitable. Start anyway. Your future self will thank you.
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adviceformefromme · a month ago
Less consuming, more creating. Imagine how much time wasted everyday spent consuming on social media, Netflix, movies, Youtube, Podcasts...mindless scrolling. Imagine if you poured all that wasted time and energy into creating the life of your dreams? Pouring into your business ideas? Creating that painting, that song, that dance whatever your thing is. And believe me, there is something within you, an idea, a gift, a skill that’s waiting to be unleashed, something you could be sharing with the world but instead you are wasting your life consuming. Now is your time to snap out of consuming, and create. Create with all your soul. It’s not a dumb idea, it's not delusional. Your dreams have been planted within you for a reason. Now is the fucking time more than ever to start living them, breathing them, and creating them.  
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peoplefromheaven · 8 months ago
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thekeptkitten · 2 days ago
it’s all a part of the process
when a gong is struck there’s vibration that needs to work itself out before it finds its stillness again.
just like a metronome, it needs to swing in either direction a few times before it finds its centre.
you’re finding yours.
you’ll swing this way and that, nothing is going wrong. you’re just getting your footing. trust the process.
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lifeas-elle · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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blushydior · a month ago
         morning routine ideas 🥞🫖
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
how you spend your morning dictates your whole day. create a relaxing structure to truly get yourself ready before heading out into the world ♡
wake up early; before 8am.
don’t go on your phone. right when you wake, bask in the silence and background noise.
meditate by focusing on your breathing.
say affirmations to yourself: “i have woken up in my desired reality. today will be a good day. i am okay. i’m healthy, beautiful, and inspiring. something amazing will happen to me today. i am kind and gentle towards myself.”
open up any blinds to let the light in
make your bed. tidy up your space.
say hello and cuddle with your pet(s)
wash your face & brush your teeth
walk your pet(s)
make a simple breakfast and drink water and/or tea and eat it outside or looking out the window.
journal. self reflect, how you feel, what you’d like to accomplish, etc. make it a goal to be more kind to yourself and keep your thoughts in check.
read a few chapters of your current read. 
what are some things you need to get done today? make a plan and set out to get it checked off.
exercise, try a new routine.
choose an outfit, do your hair, try some new looks for the season. have fun. try new things, who knows? maybe you’ll end up loving it.
go on a walk in your neighborhood. 
get in 10,000 steps
buy yourself flowers.
light a candle
put on your favorite feel good songs. let yourself go and freely sing and dance to it.
begin your studies.
rest if needed!
try a new recipe
spend time in nature
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lovemeinluxuryslap · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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