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When you don't feel like doing anything, do these...
Arrange your closet
Read a random book
Go on a walk
Clean your room
Write a story
Call a friend
Do laundry
Try a new recipe
Go to a place you've never been to
DIY project
Watch a movie
Deep clean
Wash your hair
Read emails
Take a nap
Plan your week, month
Do a mini research
This helps if you feel guilty that you aren't "productive" enough. Remember, don't strive for a busy day, strive for a fulfilled day.
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thepeacefulgarden · 2 days ago
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The Quest for Buddhism (107)
Buddhist cosmology
Mental Factors in Buddhism - The list of 52 important factors, Part 2
In Theravada Buddhism of the Southern Tradition, in accordance with the Abhidhamma Sangha, there are a total of 52 kinds of mental factors. The rest of 25, as follows [See the first 25] :
25 beautiful mental factors (sobhana cetasikas) accompany the wholesome consciousnesses (kusala citta). They are:
【Universal beautiful mental factors (sobhanasadharana) 】
Saddhā - faith
Sati - mindfulness
Hiri - shame at doing evil
Ottappa - regard for consequence
Alobha - lack of greed
Adosa - lack of hatred
Tatramajjhattatā - balance, neutrality of mind
Kāyapassaddhi - tranquility of mental body
Cittapassaddhi - tranquility of consciousness
Kāyalahutā - lightness of mental body
Cittalahutā - lightness of consciousness
Kāyamudutā - malleability/softness of mental body
Cittamudutā - malleability/softness of consciousness
Kāyakammaññatā - wieldiness of mental body
Cittakammaññatā - wieldiness of consciousness
Kāyapāguññatā - proficiency of mental body
Cittapāguññatā - proficiency of consciousness
Kāyujukatā - straightness/rectitude of mental body
Cittujukatā - straightness/rectitude of consciousness
【Abstinences (virati) 】
Sammāvācā - right speech, to leave evil speech acts, such as lying
Sammākammanta - right action
Sammā-ājīva - right livelihood
【Immeasurables (appamanna) 】
Karuna - compassion
Mudita - sympathetic joy
【Faculty of wisdom (pannindriya) 】
Pannā - wisdom
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仏教の探求 (107)
心所(しんじょ)〜 心の働きを理解するために重要な52要素・その②
南伝の上座部仏教では、摂阿毘達磨義論 (しょうあびだつまぎろん、巴: アビダンマッタ・サンガハ) に則り、合計52種類の心所があるとされている。残りの25種類は、以下の通りである[最初の25種類を参照]:
健全な意識 (梵: クサラ・チッタ) には、25の浄心所 (じょうしんじょ、梵: ソーバナ・チェータシカ、美しい心的要素の意) が付随している。それらは:
信(しん、梵: サッダー) - 仏法僧など、善なる対象に対して心を澄ませること
念(ねん、梵: サティ) - 気づき、自覚
慚(ざん、梵: ヒリ) - 罪を恥じること
愧(き、梵: オッタッパ) - 罪を恐れること
無貪(むとん、梵: アローバ)- 貪欲でないこと
無瞋(むしん、梵: アドーサ) - 慈しみ
中捨(ちゅうしゃ、梵: タトラマッジャッタター) - 心の平静さ
身軽安(しんきょうあん、梵: カーヤッパッサッディ)- 精神体の軽さ
心軽安(しんきょうあん、梵: チッタッパッサッディ)- 静寂な意識
身軽快性(しんきょうかいしょう、梵: カーヤラフター)- 体の身軽さ
心軽快性(しんきょうかいしょう、梵: チッタラフター)- 心の身軽さ
身柔軟性(しんにゅうなんしょう、 梵: カーヤドゥター)- 体の柔軟さ
心柔軟性(しんにゅうなんしょう、 梵: チッタムドゥター)- 心の柔軟さ
身適合性 (しんちゃくごうしょう、梵: カーヤマンニャター) - まっすぐな意識
正語 (しょうご、梵: サンマーヴァーチャー) - 嘘をつくことなど悪しき言葉の行為から離れること
正業 (しょうごう、梵: サンマーカンマンタ) - 正しい行動
正命 (しょうみょう、梵: サンマーアージヴァ) - 正しい生き方
悲(ひ、梵: カルナー) - 他人の苦しみを取り除いてあげたいという心
喜(き、梵: ムディター) - 他人の幸福を喜ぶ心
慧根 (えこん、梵: パンニンドゥリヤ) - 真理に対する智慧
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kaportka · 2 days ago
Enough with coming up with excuses why something may not work.
Enough with playing the victim.
Life is not against you. Life is your ally.
The Universe wants you to succeed and be happy. You are the Universe so of course you want what is best for you.
If your plans fell through, it is never an adversity, but events aligning with a bigger purpose - the one that will serve you.
Right now you may think that life is against you, but this narrative hurts you in the long run.
Life always serves you.
Don’t go against the current. Don’t get mad. Go with the flow.
Let go of how you think everything is supposed to go. Let in the unknown and surrender to the magic of the Universe. ✨
Your thinking mind often gets in the way of manifesting your desires.
But when you trust and allow life to carry you, it will take you somewhere special.
Nothing is going wrong.
Everything is aligning for your highest good.
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boyjumps · 14 hours ago
Do not try to get 'answers' right away. The ’answers' aren't immediate.
If you put your problem into 'words that others can understand', you will find a solution.
Try to clarify the subject and predicate and organise your situation and the problems you are facing.
Tumblr media
In difficult or painful situations, just saying vaguely "I'm in trouble" or "This is not good" will not solve anything. If you just keep blurting out, "I'm kind of bothered" or "I don't feel cleared up", things will get more and more complicated.
See what is at the root of the troubling situation and ask, "What is it?" Why?"and whether or not the situation can be overcome depends on the 'question' that is puzzling you can be assembled into an approachable 'problem'.
Just thinking about it in your head does not make it a 'problem'. It is just a spinning wheel of emotions. So you need to stop that spinning once and verbalise it as a 'problem'.
In other words, putting things into words is simply stopping the emotions. Why is it impossible to verbalise the situation? It is because you have not done the work to think over your own problems.
When verbalising a problem, first write down your situation, feelings and problem in clear subject and predicate language. Or talk to someone else.
A framework of issues is then developed. This process is different from 'looking at the problem' or 'organising'. It is about putting it into concrete terms that others can understand.
Who is involved, what is happening and what emotions are inside me at the moment. You will verbalise them.
Only then can you decide whether the problem is something you can handle or whether it requires the intervention of others. Or should it be passed over or confronted? The approach will become clear.
However, before verbalisation, work to cool down the emotions is essential. This is because there are your presumptions and prejudices that can lead to violent or agitated emotions.
First, realise that you are only reacting because of your own presumptions. Then, you stop all emotions and make a state of ''flat ground'' and stop making own doubts and assumptions.
This is where the process of assembling 'questions' into 'problems' begins.
So don't be in a hurry to get 'conclusions' or 'answers', but aim first to clarify your issues in your own words and be able to bring them up in front of others.
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changingthemood · 2 days ago
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Downloadable prints for your home or office.
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silent-mindfulness · 11 months ago
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sk-lumen · 2 months ago
Go where you are respected, where you are appreciated, where you are wanted. You gain nothing by sticking it out and swallowing any mistreatment. But by walking away from those experiences you teach yourself that you are worthy of respect, of love, of quality relationships; and you also teach others that when they do not mirror the same level of respect, their access to you is revoked, end of story.
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escuerzoresucitado · a month ago
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meditation time
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the-joy-of-knowledge · a month ago
My 20s will be my most treasured decade.
I learned to play tennis in my 20s
I learned to put myself first in my 20s
I became more confident in my 20s
I defined my style in my 20s
I am at my healthiest in my 20s
I am more mature in my 20s
I developed 6 hobbies in my 20s
I made my own philosophy in my 20s
I study better in my 20s
I make friends based on shared values in my 20s
I started wearing SPF in my 20s
I have learned the most lessons in my 20s
I practiced balance in my 20s
I started driving in my 20s
I started speaking publicly in my 20s
I learned to bake in my 20s
I learned to stop comparing myself in my 20s
I began reading every week in my 20s
I became more curious in my 20s
I started investing in my 20s
You may learn somethings as a teenager or as 20 something year old, what’s important is that you learn. Growth is a continuous journey. I’m still learning, growing, and becoming.
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thepeacefulgarden · 2 days ago
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crimsonkismet · 3 months ago
Ten minutes of gratitude every day could heal you.
— Dr Joe Dispenza
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thichnhathanhgems · a day ago
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cyber-f4iry · 6 months ago
“It” Girl Affs
I am everyone’s dream girl
I am loved
I love my perfect life
I am everyone’s crush
I have so much self love and confidence in myself
Everywhere I go I stand out from everyone else
I am so beautiful
Me and everyone else KNOWS I am the prettiest girl
People are always admiring my beauty
I am everyone’s ideal type
I radiate confidence and love
I am in control of my reality
The way I walk is sexy
Everything about me is sexy
I am perfection
People drool over my beauty when they see me
My voice is addicting
I receive so many compliments every day
Everything works out in my favor
I am the creator of my reality
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tee · 4 months ago
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I like to do a little piece of writing for a little peace of mind, 
So why not come join me over on @postitforward? And get writing every day :)
Love, Tee.
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