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𝐃𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐂𝐲𝐧𝐨 𝐖𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐈𝐧𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐝𝐞
Tumblr media
- Protecting Sumeru together
- He loves telling you his jokes, so be prepared
- Playing the card game together (he definitely gets you into it)
- Helping him with his Akademiya studies
- Training together (it's just a way to get closer to you)
- Teaching him to cook different foods (he really tries his absolute best when you're teaching him)
- He would protect you no matter what
- Walking dates at night
- Being friends with Tighnari and Collei
- You knowing about his past and still loving him no matter what
- He makes custom decks for you for TCG
- After his dangerous missions, he loves being able to come home to you and spend time with you
- When you actually laugh at his jokes, he always becomes more smitten with you
- Matching choker necklaces
- He was the first to say, "I love you"
- He isn't super fond with PDA, but he does like holding hands with you (it's to keep you safe)
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crypticjackal13 · 2 days ago
Hihi!! May i request some general dating hcs for Sun Wukong and Macaque??
I hope you are having an excellent day / night! <3
- 🌸
Aw thank you! And yes absolutely I think about these monkeys....a little too often! :D
(gender neutral. I hc Mac as demisexual/panromantic and hc SWK as asexual/demiromantic)
He’s surprisingly mellow in a relationship. Opting to go with the flow of things!Loves physical affection and is very open about it. He likes wrapping his tail around you, carrying you around, and definitely gives you kisses on the cheek a lot(if you prefer the lips he doesn't mind~)
He takes mental notes of what you like. Flowers, snacks, movies, whatever. So that way if he notices you’re down he can get you something
He will let you ride on his cloud with him as long as you promise not to try and yeet yourself off of it.
If you spend the night sleeping at his place expect to wake up with multiple monkeys snuggled in with you
He’s decent at cooking so if you want something easy to make he’s happy to do it, if you wanna cook he wants to help however he can
He fidgets a lot, he’s almost always moving, don’t get freaked out he’s just very aware of Everything™
Let him do a grooming session on you. Please. It’s how he really shows his love. Talk to him while he does it, let him tell you about whatever’s been going on lately, it’s so nice and calm and intimate he loves it.
Will turn into animals to travel around with you if you let him!! Moth Wukong that sits on your arm, Hawk Wukong who flies above you, DOG WUKONG THAT YOU CAN RUB HIS BELLY—
The ONLY problem you might run into is the fact that he is terrible about asking for help or confronting his issues. He insists that because he is THE monkey king that he’s fine and can do anything on his own—this is the biggest lie on the face of the earth. Don’t let him stress himself out if you can catch it early on :/
He’s SO sweet, I promise, it just takes him a bit to get used to the fact that you actually want to be with him…he is flabbergasted
He’s quiet at first, but that’s only because he’s trying to read you. He wants to know if you’re really invested in him or if you’ll leave him behind. But once he knows for sure, he switches moods.
He’s got a lot of baggage that he’s doing his best to carry. He would never force it on you however he warns you in advance that he is NOT easy to deal with on a regular basis.
Very gentlemanly towards you. Carries your bags, definitely pays for the dates, etc.
Puts your needs before his most of the time; have you eaten, did you have a good day, if not what can he do to fix it for you. You might have to get on his case about it if you wanna try and put him first too
Not as affectionate as Wukong, however the affection he does give you is heavenly. Interpret that however you’d like~
He loves spending nights with you. He feels safer with you, he lets down his glamours, and he likes listening to your heartbeat. If you’re having trouble sleeping like he does he’ll tell you stories to get you to sleep, but he refuses to fall asleep before you do.
When he’s not training at his dojo or running his shadow plays, he follows you around in your shadow to make sure you stay out of trouble.
Overall, he’s a really good boyfriend at heart, it just makes his brain blue screen to think that someone might actually love him romantically. He adores you for it.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Munsters (2022)
written & directed by Rob Zombie
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harrystyles instagram story
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yourinstagram Happy mama
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ashleygraham 😍😍😍😍
harrystyles My loves
-> username2 SHE’S ALSO WEARING ONE!
annetwist Come visit!
-> yourinstagram annetwist On our way!
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34 205 likes
dailymail Rumour has it that Harry Styles and longtime girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N have tied the knot!
More in the link in our bio!
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username1 FINALLY!
username2 Noooooooo!
username3 It makes sense, they have a kid together!
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harrystyles Two bubs in a tub
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yourinstagram What you don’t see is Bean splashing daddy’s hair and making him sad
-> harrystyles yourinstagram I was playing along…
-> yourinstagram harrystyles Sure daddy
annetwist My babies are home!
mitchrowland Why didn’t you use a bath bomb?
-> yourinstagram mitchrowland Harry vetoed it
-> harrystyles mitchrowland Do you believe her?
-> mitchrowland harrystyles yourinstagram I ain’t taking sides but… Y/N’s probably right
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harrystyles Harry’s House. Out now.
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yourinstagram Proud wifey
-> harrystyles yourinstagram ❤️
annetwist Amazing baby!
gemmastyles 😍😍😍
mitchrowland Does this mean I get paid?
jefezoff Yes!
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yourinstagram Daddy’s/Hubby’s house. Out now.
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would u date me?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
They’re dating
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not a dream
Did anyone hear about the Reddit post from a pair of puppeteers who are getting married and want all of their guests to buy expensive puppets and keep them on during their whole wedding sans for bathroom breaks so the pair can have the puppet wedding they've always dreamt of?
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6 Things to master in order to live Financially Free.
1. Live below your means:
I can’t preach this enough the goal is to have the least amount of money possible going out towards bills and expenses. Living below your means allows you to keep more money that you can grow and multiple. Practice delayed gratification. I rather have a million dollar portfolio that makes me 6+ figures than own a 6 figure car.
2. Acquire Assets before Liabilities:
$1 million in assets is greater than $1 million in cash. Cash will never exceed face value but your assets will continue to appreciate in value. Buy assets first and then buy liabilities. Learn to make money in your sleep
3. Say No with no explanation. Set boundaries and stick to the them.
4. Take Risk!
Step out there and take the shot. You have to be willing to take some Ls in order to reach success.
5. Stop trying to impress people and keep up with the Joneses. Stop making decisions based off how others will view you and look at how you view yourself. If you live by the applause you’ll die by it. You gotta be willing to be uncomfortable and look stupid.
6. Practice gratitude every single day:
No matter how small or insignificant be thankful.
Credit: Taneisha Fletcher
Tumblr media
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Underneath the Hat
Tumblr media
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Study Date
Billy Hargrove x Female S/O
Warnings: Implied child abuse
Tumblr media
You looked up from your history textbook when the bedroom door opened, Billy pausing in the threshold for a moment upon seeing you lounging on his bed. To be fair, he pulled himself together far faster than Steve did when you popped in for an unexpected visit, the blond bombshell of a teen smoothly stepping in.
“You know that Neil is here, right?” Billy’s voice held a dangerous edge, his narrowed gaze briefly darting to the door like he believed that the mere utterance of the dirtbag’s name would summon him.
“Yeah, he let me in.” You explained as you set your book aside, scooting over before patting the empty spot beside you invitingly. Billy’s face twisted at the news that you’d been alone with Neil for an unspecified amount of time, his sharp features darkening with something that was distinctly possessive in nature.
“He do anything that made you uncomfortable?” Billy asked, tone dangerously low, prowling closer to you with all the grace of a predator. He loomed over your seated form in a manner that would come off as threatening to anyone else, but you had come to recognize that this particular behavior stemmed from a place of worry.
“No.” You said after a moment of thought, head tilting as you recalled how the man had reacted when answering the door. He had been hostile at first, aggressively throwing the wooden obstruction open with a scowl that quickly shifted into a charming grin once he realized just who had paid the Hargrove-Mayfield residence a visit.
You had been over before -usually to study- but only when Billy was with you, so being alone with Neil and Susan for a little over an hour had been a surprising change. Neil insisted on making conversation for the first ten minutes after your arrival, asking you a slew of questions about yourself while Susan nervously hovered nearby.
“Let me rephrase. Did he do anything that wouldn’t be considered socially acceptable?” Billy growled, eyes roaming over you as if to look for any outward signs of any foul play.
“He had trouble holding eye-contact, thought my boobs were more interesting to look at.” You offered once Neil’s staring problem occurred to you, snorting in amusement when Billy’s gaze immediately flicked down to your chest.
“You can’t come here by yourself.” Billy groused as his stare once again turned to the door, clearly brooding over his bastard of a father’s disgusting behavior toward a female who was underage. You sincerely hoped that Neil never started looking like Max like that just because she wasn’t actually his biological child. Because if you ever caught wind that he had, no one would be able to stop you from hacking the fucker to pieces feet-first.
“Billy, nothing happened.” You sighed, shifting in order to sit properly.
“Not this time, no. But you can’t be sure that he won’t try anything in the future.” Billy started to pace, running a frustrated hand through his golden mane.
“I’ll be fine. We have a plan if anything happens, remember?” You gently reminded, reaching out to catch his wrist when he passed in front of you. It was an argument that the two of you had every time you went over to his house. You promised the blond that you wouldn’t tell anyone about Neil’s physical abuse towards Billy, but if the man laid even a finger on you or Max, you were going to get Hopper involved.
Billy’s jaw was tense, posture coiled like a predator waiting to pounce. He didn’t resist as you tugged him over to the bed, the blond obediently plopping down onto the mattress. You swayed in order to rest your head on his shoulder and Billy exhaled heavily, the air rushing out of his lungs as he finally relaxed.
“Promise?” He hummed, so quiet that you wouldn’t have caught it had you not already been paying close attention to the blond.
“I promise.” You chirped, confident that you could hold up your end of the plan if push came to shove.
Figuring that he would want a minute to recover from the emotionally charged moment, you leaned away in order to blindly reach out to grab the textbook. Instead, your fingers hit a pile of wrappers, scattering them every which way.
“Oh, right. Your candy stash is gone.” You said mildly as you finally managed to snag the book, pulling it into your lap before flipping to the page you left off on.
“Of course it is.” Billy snorted, eyeing the mess of wrappers with a raised brow. He didn’t comment on the state of his room because it normally looked like a pigsty and a few wrappers didn’t make much of a difference in the long run.
“Could I bother you with the task of replenishing it? I’ll pay.” You asked hopefully, glancing at the blond as you gestured to your trusty shoulder bag, which you had haphazardly tossed onto the sturdy desk that you had talked Billy into getting.
“One of these days, I’m gonna tell you that you're shit outta luck.” Billy grunted, but he pushed to his feet anyway. He dug through your shoulder bag for your wallet, retrieving it with a triumphant hum. He unzipped the leather pouch and leafed through the cash that you had stopped at the bank to withdraw.
“I would like one of those variety bags, please.” You stuck your nose back into your current reading material, trusting Billy to take the amount of cash that he needed. “And get whatever you want.” You added, because you knew for a fact that he would only buy you what you wanted unless you said otherwise. As expected, there was a momentary pause before the brush of paper on paper resumed, then Billy zipped up the wallet and returned it to your bag.
“I’ll be back in ten. Do not leave this room.” Billy commanded, waiting for you to respond with an exasperated nod of agreement before he sauntered out of the room, the roar of his Camaro starting up a minute or so later. You listened to the vehicle’s growl fade as Billy pulled out of the driveway and started down the road, presumably in the direction of the nearest grocery store.
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Come book shopping with me. We'll spend hours looking at the endless amount of books, eventually picking out one we think the other person will like and buying it for them. Then we spend the next week or so annotating it before we swap them over to see their thoughts
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do not be out here dating homophobic men if you are someone who has gay family/friends that are well into your life, don’t date someone that would make your love ones uncomfortable. 
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Swipe right.
Here’s the animated version of Hubbath’s phone screen, as seen in the Instagram version.
Tumblr media
Also: Thank you so much to everyone who’s already grabbed a Mr. Satan plushie from Makeship.com! You guys rule!
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