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hi :/ i just went through a breakup and even though i broke up with them it still hurts and it led me to think of a story idea for you :)
basically reader just broke up with their partner and is crying and trying to make peace with it and bucky comes in and comforts her and time skip a few days of him helping her and everything they kiss and get feelings and it’s all cute and fluffy and yeah :)
hope you have a great day/night!
I’m sorry you’re going through this lovely, hopefully this makes you feel a little better. 
It hurt because you still cared about them.
Your feelings didn't just dissipate over night.
Your heart just wasn't in it. You weren’t even sure where your heart was anymore. 
No one saw you at breakfast. Or training. Or lunch. Or dinner. Not even when it was your favorite movie they had up for movie night. You stayed put in your room, trying to come to terms with the fact that you made the right choice even thought it hurt you. Why did it have to hurt so much when you were doing the right thing. Nat had come by your room a few times but the soft sniffles she heard from inside told her all she needed to know. She let you have your privacy without intruding. 
“Where’s y/n?” Steve frowned when he saw Nat come down without you. It was rare for you to stay holed up in your room all day. 
“Not doing so great, just let her rest” 
Bucky didn’t say anything but his mind started working. You had always been a good friend to him. It wasn’t even something others knew about, mostly because you were both night owls and that’s when you started to talk. The more he got to know you, the more comfortable he felt telling you pieces about himself. There were even a few nights where you comforted him through the night after a nightmare. 
He wasn’t going to just let you cry through the night alone. 
He waited for everyone to go to sleep before coming to check on you; he didn’t want anyone asking either of you questions, especially when you were already upset over something. 
You heard a soft knock at your door, ignoring it to stay wrapped up in your blankets instead. You knew Nat would probably come looking for you but you just didn’t have it in you to talk to her yet. 
You blinked hearing Bucky’s voice, quickly getting out of bed, worried he may have come looking for you after another nightmare. You wiped your face, hoping you could mask the puffiness of your face before opening the door. 
“Hey Buck” 
Bucky’s heart fell seeing your tired sad eyes, tear stains still streaking your cheeks. You were trying to look as if you were fine but he could see your fragile mask ready to fall. 
“Just came to see how you’re doing” He smiled softly, stepping inside and closing the door behind him. 
“I’m okay” You tried to sound happy but your lip already started to tremble. He took a step closer to you and you instinctively went towards him, wanting his comfort more than ever. 
“I-we broke up” Your voice cracked at the end, fresh tears ready to spill from your lashes. Bucky gently pulled you towards him, wrapping you in a warm hug, soft sobs muffled while you kept your face buried in his chest. He carried you to bed, pulling back the covers so he could lie down with you, his arms keeping you in a safe cocoon of warmth. 
He’s there with you every night. He doesn’t say much because he knows you don’t need a solution or advice. You just need someone to listen. He does exactly that. He always lies down while you lay your head on his chest. He wraps his arms around you while you vent or cry, whatever you need. 
He thinks about what you do to him that always makes him feel better; he rubs your back, gently strokes your hair. Sometimes he presses the softest comforting kiss to the top of your head, just his way of saying he’s still there, still listening. 
With each night, you start to crave his comfort for a different reason. It wasn’t over the break up anymore. You just wanted to feel wrapped up with him. Your heart skipped faster whenever he was near you. It had always been like that. You just never realized it before. The scent of his body wash made you feel warm. You want more of his sweet kisses. 
You don’t know that Bucky feels the same way.
He want’s to comfort you because he cares about you so much but he also can’t help love the way you fit in his arms. You smiles. You laugh. Your soft snores. The way you snuggle into his side when you’re asleep, chasing more of him. He isn’t sure how much more self control he can have, he wants to kiss you, be all yours. 
The team left for a mission, the both of you having the whole compound to yourselves. There's a movie pulled up on in the living room, snacks on the table, the both of you relaxed, trying to ignore the way erratic beats of your hearts. Neither of you commented on the way your cuddles had gotten closer and closer. He laid down on the couch, one arm behind his head, the other rubbing your back while you rested on top of him, using his chest as a pillow, half asleep because of Bucky’s ministrations. 
“You want anything baby?” His eyes widen when he realizes what he just called you, he couldn't even cover it up with a cough, it was loud and clear. You looked up at him, your whole body heating up, his wide puppy eyes blinking back at you. He’s terrified he’s ruined everything, that you’d scramble off him and never look his way again but instead you inch closer till your nose bumps against his. 
“I want a kiss” You whisper, your hands clutching onto henley, worried you might have overstepped but he nods, contemplating on pinching himself in case this is a dream.  He hesitates, scared to close the gap between you both, his breath hitching when you cup his cheeks in your hand, your thumbs caressing his cheekbones. His lips press against yours and now he can’t stop himself. His hands go to wrap around your body, pulling you impossibly closer. 
You get lost in each other, lips moving softly, his hands moving up your shirt to feel your skin, he’s in love with the feel of your body on his. You only break away when you both need air, your forehead resting against his, a playful smirk on your lips while you look down at him. 
“Baby?” You tease his slip up, playing with his short locks, a tiny yawn escaping your lips. He nods, letting you snuggle against him again, as you close your eyes, ready to fall asleep with your favourite soldier in the world. 
“My baby” He smiles, grabbing the warm fuzzy throw blanket, covering you both. He knows he can carry you up to your room and sleep there but your so cozy and he doesn’t feel like moving. He kisses your forehead, before letting sleep wash over, holding you close to him while he falls asleep. 
The team entered the living room the next morning, noticing the snacks still on the table, a cuddled up bundle on the couch, you and Bucky still fast asleep, both of you blissfully happily nuzzled in each others arms. Steve and Nat smiled while Sam and Tony snorted, amused at the sight before them; Bucky’s arms wrapped protectively around you, his lips curved into a little smile even in his sleep. 
“Took them long enough” 
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honestly the only person at marvel i'd trust with bucky is ryan coogler, everyone else can back tf off
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My fan work. Winter soldier.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Stare at me like that, Bucky
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She Works For The Devil
Kaylee Holmes, timid and sweet is studying accounting at NYU. To everyone around her, her life is simple, working towards her degree and living a perfect life in the city of New York. But what they don’t know is the dark secret she carries. Working for one of the most powerful men in New York, secretly involved in the Mafia underworld and forced to serve the man himself is not something you tell everyone when you first meet them. However, her life soon changes when she meets young and friendly Peter Parker, just transferred to NYU, and wonders what her life would be like if she could live it out like she tells everyone.
Warnings: Manipulation, Dominant male figures, Slavery, BDSM, Dominance, Submission, Mental abuse, Sexual themes, Dark Bucky Barnes, Possessiveness, Jealousy, 
Chapter 1
Tumblr media
Kaylee ran down the steps of NYU, speeding to make her way to the car park. If she didn’t leave now, she was going to be late and she didn’t need that right now. Carrying her heavy binder close to her chest, her bag rustling over her shoulder with the millions of books, pens, and notes she needed for lectures, she weaved through the sea of people in her way. She couldn’t bring herself to shout rude remarks at them as they hindered her from getting to her car, that wasn’t like her. Instead, she slipped past them as if she wasn’t even seen and edged closer to the car park.
Luckily it wasn’t raining. The sun was shining, warming the air and with the light breeze, it was the perfect combination. It had just turned spring which Kaylee was grateful for as winter was becoming too cold. Her favourite season was autumn. The leaves falling from the trees, the colours of brown, orange and red, hot tea in the afternoon and snuggled on the couch with a blanket was her kind of night in. She wasn’t one for going out clubbing every night, but you could say that’s because she never really had. She had never experienced a so-called night of out, out. She couldn’t tell you how many times her friends tried to persuade her to come and every time she had an excuse. I have studying, I have work in the morning, I have no money. Luckily, they didn’t get on her back too much about it, so Kaylee was able to get away with it. If only they knew the true reason.
Kaylee skipped over, seeing the car park in sight, and remembering where she parked her car. Her car was nothing special, an old VW POLO in the classic silver. She didn’t care much for cars, as long as it got her from A-B and didn’t break down on her she was settled. She was only a few steps from the edge of the path until she suddenly crashed into something, or someone. With a yelp and a grunt, a clatter of binders and bags, she hit the ground, her arm grazing the pristine sidewalk and blood rising to the top, staining her porcelain complexion. It stung where she hit the ground and she hissed in pain, gripping her arm.
“Shit… I am so sorry” a young voice came, and Kaylee looked up. She hadn’t even begun to comprehend she just crashed into someone and when she looked up, she was greeted with a pair of brown eyes. He was young, around her age. His hair was slightly curly and messy, giving him that nerdish look. He had a cute smile with small teeth and thin lips. His nose had a slight crook in it but otherwise perfect. He was dressed in jeans and a white tee, casual and it suited him. Kaylee was frozen on her hands and knees on the floor, staring at him until she realised, she was, and she shook herself out of the trance.
“Are you okay?” he asked with concern as she sat up, looking at her arm.
“Yeah, I’m fine, it’s just a graze” she brushed it off and the guy beside her sighed heavily.
“Shit, I didn’t see you, I should have been paying attention” he scolded himself and Kaylee looked back at him, a shy smile forming on her lips.
“It’s fine don’t worry, I shouldn’t have been going so fast” she couldn’t let him take all the blame for this, despite it being so. It wasn’t in her nature. That was classic Kaylee, never believing something wasn’t her fault. She wasn’t even walking that fast.
“Here, let me” the guy helped pick up her binder and bag, helping her from the floor where she brushed the dirt off her clothes. She couldn’t turn up looking like she’d been rolling on the floor. Her hair was a little messy from the scuffle, but she would sort that out later.
“Thanks” she said politely.
“I’m Peter by the way” he smiled, introducing himself. Now that they were standing, she could see how tall he was. she would say around 5,11. But that was taller than her.
“Kaylee” she said back, hunching up her binder to her chest. Her arm was stinging from the graze and the blood had quickly dried on her skin.
“That’s a cute name… I mean a nice name” Peter said in a fluster, shaking his head and Kaylee giggled. He was cute himself.
“Thanks, Peter’s a cool name too” she wanted to face palm herself at the ridiculous come back. But Peter smiled and shuffled on his feet.
“What are you studying” he inquired, pointing to her baby blue binder.
“Oh, um accounting… you” this was her final year. It wasn’t long until finals were coming up and her graduation, as long as she passed. she had worked so hard over the four years studying that if she didn’t, she seriously considered offing herself.
“Science, well chemistry, I just transferred here actually” he said.
“Oh, how come?”.
“Well, the chemistry programme here is amazing, I was studying at Queens, but the programme wasn’t what I was expecting so I talked to my dean, and he managed to transfer me here”.
“Yeah, it’s good, I didn’t think you could do that?” Kaylee furrowed her brows and Peter shrugged his shoulders.
“Yeah, neither but I spoke to him, and he agreed. I actually think my professor was drunk half the time” Peter whispered the last bit and Kaylee giggled softly, brushing back a piece of hair.
“Seriously, no wonder you wanted to transfer” she smiled, her cheeks turning a light shade of pink and her eyes creasing just a tad. He was funny.
“Yeah, I’m glad though, made some cool friends, met some hot chicks… met you… not that you’re not hot, I mean, you are, I didn’t want to-, I mean…” he became flustered again and Kaylee looked at him with her brows furrowed but laughed softly, shaking her head. He defiantly had no idea what he was saying. He didn’t seem like a typical fuck boy kind of guy. He seemed a little shy, kind of like her, the way he became flustered and stammered over his words as if he were nervous.
“I should shut up now” he whispered, looking to the ground.
“Okay” she whispered.
“So, what you doing later today?” he asked and suddenly Kaylee froze. She yanked her phone from her pocket, reading the time and her eyes widened with panic.
“Shit, I got to go” she shoved her phone back in her pocket in a flurry and Peter stepped back a bit to let her pass.
“Oh okay, I’ll see you tomorrow maybe… bye” he called at her as Kaylee ran into the car park. She didn’t have time to say a proper goodbye so did the best she could.
“BYE!” she yelled as she ran to her car, throwing her stuff in the passenger seat and started her car. Traffic was nightmare in New York, and it certainly wasn’t helping her situation. but then again, she was already late so what was the point in even trying. Kaylee sighed heavily, her stomach turning into a tight knot. He wasn’t going to be happy.
She managed to avoid any more traffic as she pulled down the side road, leading to a quiet road where she sped up. Luckily the gates were open as she reached the long driveway leading up the mansion behind the tall trees and bushes. This mansion alone cost more then ten million dollars and was on a private road away from the noise of the city. It wasn’t a long drive to the city, but the mansion was certainly hidden from everyone else. The classic fountain in the middle of the driveway was a grey stone with water trickling from the top. The grass was neatly cut and the ground white stone pavement. The array of flashy cars were parked by the double garage to the left of the mansion and Kaylee slung her car in a small empty space available, rushing out with her bag bashing her legs as she ran to the front door.
The steps were marble white with grey and the front door beautiful oak with a gold handle. Kaylee took a deep breath before pushing open the door. The mansion was quiet which meant they were already all in there. She shut the door carefully and quickly made her way down the hallway. The hallway was lit with warm lights, bouncing off the cream walls and carpet and she soon reached the dark office doors. With a final breath, she opened it, hearing his dark smooth voice which suddenly stopped mid-sentence.
A turn of heads faced her as she stood awkwardly in the doorway, eyes beating down on her, but the most intimidating pair were his. Dark blue orbs gazing at her from the head of his table where he stood proud and powerful. Kaylee sucked in her lip as she shuffled inside.
James Bucky Barnes was not a man you wanted to piss off and judging by his expression on his face, he was already there.
“Your late” he scolded softly, and Kaylee shut the door behind her.
“I’m sorry Sir the traffic was bad” she said quietly, hoping it was enough to save her embarrassment although currently she was already there with the five pairs of eyes on her. She was sure she’d get a bigger scolding but to her luck, he nodded to her empty seat to the right of his chair.
“Sit down” he murmured, and Kaylee glided over to her seat, pulling out a cream-coloured planner and a pen.
The room was filled with smoke, drifting from the ends of cigarettes clutched between two fingers of the men sitting around her at the mahogany table, glossy and smooth to the touch. Small tumblers of whiskey were accompanying them, the bottle sitting in the middle. How these men could drink whiskey and smoke all day she’d never know but the smell of smoke was making her throat dry, and she desperately needed a glass of water.
“How many shipments do we have coming in” Bucky spoke, his voice dominant and powerful as he directed the meeting currently being held.
“Three, one this weekend, the other two next month. I already spoke to Zemo, he said he’ll meet us at the docks” Steve, Bucky's second in command piped up, taking a drag from his cigarette, and puffing out the smoke in a long line.
“How much?”
“3 million, but he said he can give us the others half price, 1.5 for the guns net month” Steve replied.
“Fine, what about Stark?” Bucky said as he shuffled around his office, hands deep in his pockets.
“He said he’ll get back to us, I say we sell him the guns at full price” Clint replied.
“He’ll never spend 3 million on guns, the guys tighter than virgin pussy” Sam commented, and the men erupted in laughter and Kaylee wanted to roll her eyes at the insensitive joke but kept her head down.
“Stark will pay what we want him to pay, if he wants the guns, he’ll meet our demands and he won’t want to stop business with us?” Bucky clarified.
“Can we even afford this, 6 million dollars?” Scott wondered, narrowing his eyes which meant the five pairs of intimidating eyes all turned to Kaylee who had been noting everything in the planner. She looked up shyly at Bucky as he gazed down at her from his tall stature, leaning on the back of his chair with one hand, the other still buried in his pocket. She hated speaking in the meetings.
“Um, well…” she flicked through the pages of her planner, landing on the expenses page. Everything added up correctly and truth be told there was nothing these guys couldn’t afford. They were the most powerful Mafia in New York, one of the richest gangs in the whole country and they were worried about six million dollars.
“It looks fine” she squeaked, and Bucky smiled, looking down the rest of the table.
“There we go” Kaylee sighed softly, relaxing in the chair, and drowning out the rest of the meeting. What no one knew about Kaylee was that she worked for the most powerful and ruthless mafia in New York. She ran their accounts, ensuring their money was going in and out carefully and keeping track of their expenses. Not only that but her life was simply owned by James himself. Belonging to him in every way possible, she was serving him as an employee and as she liked to say, a slave. It wasn’t by choice her decision to work for him but more by force.
It was a very long and complicated story.
Kaylee’s parents died as she was growing up. Her mother died in a car accident when she was very young and her father developed cancer in her teens, leaving just her and her brother, Jacob. Luckily Jacob was over the age of eighteen, so he was legally able to look after her which meant she didn’t have to go into foster. Life was hard for them, having no parents and relying on Jacob for the bills, food, and being a parental figure for Kaylee. But it all changed suddenly when they hit trouble with the mortgage and the bills.
Her brother worked a steady job as a car salesman, but the pay wasn’t fantastic. He had to take matters into his own hands otherwise they would have ended up homeless. Which is how he came into contact with James Bucky Barnes. The bank wouldn’t loan him any money and time was running out, so his only option was to seek the aid of New York’s wealthiest Mafia’s. Bucky had the money and agreed to loan it but not without a debt hanging over Jacob’s head of course.
At the time Jacob believed it was his only option. The bank was going to take their house and he couldn’t do that to his sister. But when it came to paying back Bucky, Jacob was in a stickier situation than before. Bucky was an understanding person and compassionate. But that didn’t mean to say he was a lenient person. He made it very clear from the beginning he was to be paid in full otherwise there would be consequences to which there were.
So, Bucky made a deal. He agreed to call off the debt in exchange for Kaylee. Jacob was furious at first, insisting there had to be some other way but it was either double the money or her. But it wasn’t because Bucky wanted to sleep with Kaylee, she was sixteen. He may be a dominant and ruthless man, but he wasn’t some pervert. But the possessiveness in him wanted her still and he knew when she reached the age of eighteen, he could have her to himself.
Jacob refused to hand her over, but Kaylee had overheard the conversation and took it upon herself to agree. Why she did she’ll never know and most probably to protect her brother. She didn’t want him to get hurt and she knew if she went with Bucky that wouldn’t happen. They didn’t have much of a choice. So, at sixteen, Kaylee moved in with Bucky and his gang. She still went to school, a catholic one at that, a request Jacob made to keep her in the same school to which Bucky agreed. When she turned eighteen, Bucky began to treat her more like a slave, using her for his desires and pleasure and in turn giving her pleasure as well. She had never been with anyone at this point and Bucky had been her first. But she didn’t have much choice. Bucky owned her, she belonged to him, for him to use as he pleased. It was all part of the deal with Jacob.
Over her school years, Bucky noticed how good she was with numbers and mathematics and at the suggestion from her teacher, he decided she could be of more use to them as a gang by becoming their accountant. He enrolled her in NYU for accounting and paid the loans in full, hoping that after her degree she would have all the knowledge to stay as their accountant. Every week she attended meetings, taking notes and making sure their accounts were in order, ensuring their shipments wouldn’t affect them too much.
It was a crazy secret and story that Kaylee kept to herself and only herself. It wasn’t like she could go around telling everyone she worked for the mafia. Bucky would surely kill her for that. her life wasn’t like normal sixteen year olds growing up and her life would never be the same.
“Is there anymore, I wanna watch the game” Steve groaned, and Bucky rolled his, letting out a low growl that Kaylee heard distinctly.
“Anyone else have anything that want to bring up?” Bucky said clearly over the table and the silence said it all.
“Dismissed” he called, and the flurry of chairs being pushed back and tall men standing erupted into the silence. They were all dressed in tight suits of black, crisp white shirts and black ties, expensive shoes, and cologne but with the hint of tobacco. Kaylee stood with them, pushing her chair in lightly and was about to make an exit for the door when Bucky’s voice spoke.
“Not you, you stay” he ordered, and Kaylee groaned silently to herself before slowly turning around. Steve passed her as he headed for the door, smirking as he did, and she wanted to throw her knee in his groin. She never liked him. He was an asshole and arrogant. The silence came back as Clint was the last to leave, shutting the door behind him and leaving the two of them in his office. Kaylee bit her bottom lip again and swallowed the lump in her throat.
Bucky was dressed in a smart suit of all black, black shirt underneath with his tie tightly around his neck and long down his chest. His hair was combed back, silky smooth and shiny under the lights of the office. His silver ring on his thumb contrasted against the black of his suit and made his fingers look longer and slender with his perfect manicured nails. The small cross tattoo on his left ring finger was still visible from where she was standing. Kaylee often wondered what that tattoo meant, he wasn't a religious man and he certainly wouldn't be getting into heaven with everything he's done. Kaylee hated to admit he was handsome to look out. His teeth in perfect alignment and sparkling white, his cheekbones snatched and sharp as if you could cut yourself by touching them. His jaw had the beginnings of stubble as if he had shaved a couple of days ago and his cologne dripped off him, rich and powerful just like him.
“If this is about being late…” she started but Bucky smirked, leaning on the edge of his huge desk, crossing his ankles, and gripping the edge.
“It’s not” he cut her off and Kaylee relaxed.
“I’ll let you off this time” it was a warning. Kaylee stood across from him shyly, her hair still a little messy from her fall earlier, her curtain bangs framing her face.
“How was school?” he asked.
“It was good” she shrugged, and Bucky smirked more. He knew how much he intimidated her, even after all these years, she was still so timid and shy around him, and he liked that. his possessive nature and powerfulness were a lot for Kaylee to take sometimes and it made Bucky just a bit hard knowing he was fully in charge here.
“Not long to go now, when are your finals?”.
“June… I’m trying to not stress too much about them” she admitted, and Bucky chuckled softly under his breath.
“You’ll be fine, you’ve worked so hard you’ll easily pass, or so I hope” so does she.
“Thank you, Sir,” she smiled lightly and reached up brushing her hair back, a habit she picked up when she became nervous. But as she did, something caught Bucky's eye and he pushed himself off the desk, strolling to her, reaching for her arm.
“What happened here?” he said softly with concern as he towered over her, inspecting her arm. It was where the graze was from earlier. The blood had dried, and dirt had mixed with it turning it a dark shade of red. He ran his thumb over the graze, his ring lightly touching her skin, the coldness of it surprising her.
“Oh… I tripped earlier” she said, carefully missing out the part about meeting Peter. Bucky was a possessive and easily jealous guy. He was the reason why Kaylee never had a relationship with anyone but him. She was his and he wouldn’t allow for anyone to have her except him. If she even mentioned Peter, he’d probably send his gang to do something to him and she couldn’t do that. Peter was innocent here.
Bucky tutted lightly and raised her arm, pressing his soft lips to the graze, kissing down the length of her arm and Kaylee sucked in a breath, a tingle rising through her body as he did. His bright blue eyes looked to hers as he did, darkness folding in them, and he pulled his lips away. inside his jacket he pulled a little satin handkerchief out, wiping the blood and dirt from her arm.
It wasn’t that Bucky didn’t care for Kaylee; he cared a lot for her. Perhaps it was because he owned her that he cared for her a lot. She was his property, and he had a duty to take care of that. He was a man of cleanliness and beauty and didn’t want his girl coming in looking like she lived off the streets.
The graze was cleaned, and the skin turned a blotchy red from the rubbing which would fade soon. He gave a final kiss to her arm and dropped it down.
“There, all better” he whispered, and Kaylee blushed.
“Thank you, Sir,” it was annoying he had this effect on her.
“Stay here tonight” it sounded like a question but was more of a statement and Kaylee looked up at him. Normally she would stay on the weekends but if he wanted her to stay tonight, she didn’t have much of a choice.
“Okay” she whispered. Bucky took a deep breath, reaching up and picking a piece of gravel out of her hair, flicking it to the side before cupping her face in his large hands. He leaned down and kissed her sweetly, his lips taking over hers and Kaylee couldn’t help the moan escape her lips as he did. Bucky trapped her in his body, pushing her back against the meeting table and placed his knee between her leg. He kissed her deeply, biting her lower lip and pulling it back, watching as it pinged back and let out a groan. Kaylee reached out behind her for the desk, needing something to hold whilst Bucky pushed himself deeper onto her body, taking control.
His lips moved to her neck, his teeth grazing her skin and biting at the sweet spot that made her moan. The tingles grew closer to her thighs, and she tried to press them together, but his knee was in the way. He knew exactly what he was doing.
“Sir?” she panted. His hand snaked around her neck, holding her still and his other trailed down her chest, over her top to the hem of it where he reached under and brushed his fingers over her bare chest. His lips sucked on the spot on her neck, teeth biting and earning an “Ahhh” from her.
“Shhhh” he hushed in her ear, his warm breath tickling her, and she took a deep breath. He pressed a sweet kiss to her cheek before releasing her from his captivity on the desk. Kaylee stood, brushing herself down and turned to walk out the office and as she did, she felt a smack on her ass, earning a yelp and a jolt, turning over her shoulder to see Bucky smirking. Kaylee blushed, quickly escaping out the office.
Hey so I hope you like the first chapter, let me know what you think in the comments and also if you would like to be added to a taglist
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2 • Bad For Business | YLGSE
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mob Boss! Bucky x Baker Reader
Summary: Digesting the news of who Bucky is requires some Yelena, Pizza & wine, meanwhile Bucky gets to work on his plans with the help of his right hand men.
Word Count: 5k
Warnings: none I think, angst perhaps, mob business maybe
A/N: Sorry this is late, it was my office Christmas party last night & I hadn’t finished the graphics or description in time.
Graphics by @firefly-graphics
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Bucky walked back to the office like the pavement was made of clouds, feeling as light as air, as though his spirit had been lifted to another realm from the encounter with the beautiful baker of his dreams. He needed to be cautious though, if you knew who he really was the welcome he received wouldn’t have been nearly as sweet, a soft little thing like you wouldn’t have been so willing to be alone with him, his reputation was that of a rabid dog not someone who meandered in meadows with little fluffy bunnies. 
He had the perfect excuse to see you again, but he needed to make sure of a few things before he did, for your sake he wanted to keep his cards close to his chest & not draw you into this life or the people in it including his closest friends. You were for just him, so to get the information he needed to execute his plan he had to be smart, calculating & as subtle as possible.
‘What’s up boss?’ 
Bucky cursed the fact that Steve casually walked into his office with not so much as a knock these days especially when he was lost in thought, yes, they had been life long friends, but it paid dividends to not startle a man with a gun in this business. Sam was hot on his tail & offered his boss a quiet apology for the intrusion, if Bucky was the brains of the organisation, Steve was the brawn & Sam was the calm in the storm, he often stopped the two friends from exploding at each other when Bucky demanded patience & calculated moves, but Steve wanted to cause mayhem.
As if on cue the intercom sounded & his too dumb for words secretary Chanel drawled through the speaker, ‘Mr Barneeeeessss, Mr Rogers & Mr Wilson are here to see yooouuuu.’
‘Yeah got that already Chanel, thanks’ he rolled his eyes as he closed the laptop screen in front of him, he had spent the last hour glued to it trying to find your social media or anything about you online, he only managed to find your business account & drooled at some of the creations showcased on there, already sending through a request for Chanel to order a breakfast buffet for his staff at the end of the week.
Bucky remained seated behind his oversized mahogany desk, he hadn’t changed much of the space he inherited from his father George, it remained a sore point & although yes, it looked like it was taken directly from the set of Goodfellas he just wasn’t ready to update the décor to match the rest of the modern sleek office. He gestured to the two leather armchairs facing him, ‘Gentlemen, take a seat.’ 
Steve looked nervous fiddling with the buttons on his suit as he looked around the desk & office actively avoiding Bucky’s eye contact, ‘If this is about Peter, I told you we found the shipment & he’s officially been banned on upgrading any tech before a thorough test has been carried out.’ He swiftly reassured, a rare backtrack for him, usually he would dig his heels in that they had done nothing wrong but seeing the vein in Bucky’s neck almost pop from trying not to blow his lid at the kid made him choose his battle & this wasn’t one he would win.
Bucky casually swiped the air with his hand, ‘Yeah sure, that’s fine.’ Dismissing the fuck up like he wasn’t raging two hours earlier threatening to murder a 17-year-old kid.
Both Sam & Steve looked at him perplexed as to why he let it go so easily, exchanging looks of disbelief, Steve was sure he would have at least a broken finger at the end of this meeting, though he had noticed the expression on his old friends face when he came back to the office, it was soft, wistful almost, he couldn’t remember the last time he had seen his best friend without a scowl on his face, it must have been a hell of a coffee.
‘I’ve been thinking Gentlemen, we currently hold most of the city & boroughs, once the Stark deal is done I’m looking at investing some funds into legitimate businesses within our territory to funnel our profits into, if we are pleasing uncle Sam it’s easy clean money & the cops won’t be able to touch us.’
‘We own the cops Buck.’ Steve stated like it was a fact, the arrogance of his best friend was no shock, there was no shred of doubt in his mind that he believed that to be true & whilst yes, they could get themselves out of a tight corner with a call to the right person Bucky knew better than to accept that the status quo would always be a constant.
‘For now, but who’s to say a new commissioner wont fuck with us or a fresh-faced naïve politician being elected thinking they can clean up the streets of organised crime.’
Steve raised a brow at this turn of events, sure Bucky always kept them on their toes, but this was completely out of the left field, ‘You thinkin’ of going straight Buck?’
He scoffed at the mere thought, ‘Never Punk, but having clean money will make expansion easier further down the road & less questions will be asked as to where we acquired the funds. We won’t just run the city when I’m done, we’ll own it all too.’
Sam had been silently observing the notoriously savvy business man from the moment he let the shipping incident go, he relished in breaking bones to assert his leadership over his associates even if they belonged to his best friend, so to do a 180 was completely out of character. Bucky always had his own reasons behind business decisions, especially when he only gave a face value justification, Sam always knew when there was a card close to his chest he wasn’t willing to share until the time was right, all he could do was get on with it until it came to light, ‘So whaddya need from us?’
‘I need you to put in the ground work to vet some existing business’ I can invest in; the top of Grand Street in Williamsburg looks a good place to start. Small laundry business’, cafes, high turnover cash transactional businesses are the target. Gather all the accounts info, details of the owners, their social security down to their family tree, I want to know what they had for lunch yesterday if necessary. I don’t want any bad eggs, these people need to be 100% clean, not so much as a parking ticket, understand?’
They both nodded in unison with Sam taking notes down in his pad as to what needed to be done, he figured the kid could prove himself useful with his hacking skills & hopefully they wouldn’t have to work solidly for the next 24 hours if most of it could be done on a computer.
‘Get me the information by close of business tomorrow.’ With a firm nod Steve made a quick exit, he’d dodged the pervebeal bullet & didn’t want to chance it putting his foot it in further, Sam however remained seated.
‘What brought this on Bucky?’ He lifted his brows, Steve may have been his life long friend, but Sam was his closest confidant & sounding board, often trusting him with information that he wouldn’t with Steve.
‘During my forced exile to calm down, I got a coffee at a bakery, as I sat there I noticed the foot traffic, the cash swapping hands & it just came to me. Legitimising part of our operation & laundering the cash through them will help our long-term survival.’
‘Just came to you, huh? I thought you would have got your coffee to go & marched straight back to break some limbs.’
‘Normally I would but I was particularly irritated Samuel, so I decided to stick around to stop myself murdering a child.’
‘Hmmm so being in a crowded bakery helped you calm down? You, the guy who has a staring problem & whose favourite sound is silence?’ He sat back on his chair with his arms folded, Bucky didn’t fail to notice the smug smile plastered on his face as if he had solved some giant clue.
‘It was quiet, actually … & silence isn’t my favourite sound.’ He wouldn’t admit to his friend that it was now the sound of your warm voice.
‘So, do you want to tell me why you really stuck around or why you don’t look quite as menacing as you usually do? Something clearly happened, since when do you drop something so easily without breaking a finger or two?’
‘I’m clearly maturing & not resorting to violence in the first instance.’
Sam’s forced fake laughter bristled Bucky no end but in fairness he did sound like he had a brain injury from his usual demeanour of break bones first ask questions later.
‘Yeah I’m not buying that for a second, ok you’re keeping it to yourself, I respect that, but I’m sure at some point you’ll need some advice so I’m here If you need it.’
‘Just get me that information & we’ll see about the rest Samuel.’ 
A nod from Bucky told Sam that the conversation was over, he got to his feet & returned the gesture ‘Will do Boss’ turning on his heel he made his way back to his desk leaving the mob boss sat behind his desk to contemplate his morning.
Once he had the office to himself he let out a relieved sigh that his plans were in motion, he knew Steve wouldn’t ask questions, he never did & took everything Bucky asked him to do at face value. Sam, however, never missed a trick & knew there was more to his request than met the eye, thankfully he knew better than to pry further.
He would confide in Sam when he had all the intel, he was pissed off at himself for giving them so much time, he wanted to see you in the morning, hell, he’d march straight back to your bakery & wait until you closed so he could have you all to himself without any more disturbances. Usually he was the patient one, it was being tested to the max because all his mind seemed to do throughout the rest of the day was find its way back to you. 
Tumblr media
You had sat perched on the stairs hunched over with your head between your legs for a good 10 minutes whilst Yelena dealt with the line of customers that had gathered during your freak out. Your mind was swirling, running through your interaction with the Mob Boss, trying to block out the butterflies in your stomach clouding your memory by going through the things you said to him, then coming up with worst case scenarios of how he could have interpreted them & then convincing yourself you were now a target of the mob because you didn’t kiss his ring when you met him or some ridiculous custom that would have been expected of you. You had been so careful to stay away from them your entire life & then just like that the leader landed on your doorstop, flirted with you & then promised to return, he was bad for business. You were utterly fucked.
Knowing you had come face to face with the King of Brooklyn & actually enjoyed his company & even worse, wanted more of it made you revaluate your preconceived notions of how a mob boss acted & what they looked like. You also needed to address why you felt completely safe alone with the man, if all it took was sweet nicknames & them being easy on the eyes then you were a complete fool, surely there should have been signs that he was dangerous? The realisation that he was probably responsible for countless murders made you shudder in your spot but in truth you felt like no harm could come to you in his presence.
You managed to silence the overwhelming panic by thinking logically; he clearly wasn’t interested in hurting you & from all the flirting he was doing you figured it was more the opposite but was that worse? No, he wasn’t interested in hurting you, that’s all that mattered & by repeating that in your head whilst trying not to focus on how beautiful he was or think about getting lost in those ocean blue eyes you managed to calm yourself down somewhat. The residual feeling of dread however, you were stuck with, he had promised to return, that meant you now had to face him knowing his occupation & trying to reject his advances without ending up face down in the Hudson.
With a few deep breaths you rose to your feet, dusted your apron down & headed back out front to face the world, Yelena didn’t need to be dealing with you having a meltdown on top of taking peak time all on her own, the girl deserved a pay rise at the very least. Returning to the counter with a reassuring nod in her direction you were fully focused on doing what you did best, serving customers & brightening everyone’s day with your baked treats.
You finally flipped the sign to close for the day & let out a sigh of relief, one thing you could always count on was the bakery being so busy that it occupied all of your thoughts as you tackled the line of customers that at some points felt never ending, unfortunately you had the whole night in your apartment to spiral & overthink your impending visit from the man who was now a permanent fixture in your mind. You contemplated spending the evening prepping days’ worth of pastries & crashing in your father’s old apartment above the bakery that had been gathering dust, but that would leave you the rest of the week without anything to occupy your time, maybe you could finally work on clearing the upstairs out to finally renovate the space. Or not.
You decided on a moderate amount of prepping, enough for a couple of days but not to the point of leaving yourself nothing to do, Yelena caught you pacing the kitchen with your pad & pen interrupting the forward planning session currently taking place in your head.
‘Penny for your thoughts?’ you looked over to her wiggling her eye brows at you.
She managed to pull a small smile from you to relieve a bit of your anxious energy, you blew out dramatically half laughing at the ridiculous situation you found yourself in, ‘You’d need a bank vault to afford them all Lena.’
‘How about you, me & a bottle of wine spend the night on your couch & we can go through it all before you wear a hole in the floor?’
Immediately halting your worn path you realised it was just what you needed, ‘That sounds really great actually.’
‘I’ll bring the wine.’
You shook your head, you knew you had a few bottles at home that needed drinking & there was no way you were letting your employee spend money trying to walk you through this predicament. ‘Absolutely not! My crisis my wine!’
For once she relented, ‘Fine, I’ll pick up a pizza.’
‘Deal.’ You’d add it to her next wage packet, you knew she never checked the slip so could get away with adding a pizza under the radar.
Usually you would feel utterly relieved once you crossed the threshold of your apartment each night, despite your somewhat noisy neighbour it was a serene escape compared to the bakery, you rarely make plans after your workday due to the sheer exhaustion of being on your feet all day, but an impromptu night with Yelena wasn’t ever declined especially when you didn’t have to get dressed up & go to a bar. You had managed to finish all the batches of prep, plus the extra needed for a big order that came in late for an office buffet so were dead on your feet arriving home.
In an attempt to ease some of the racked-up tension you decided to take a prolonged extra hot shower, focusing the jet of water onto your shoulders in lieu of a massage you would definitely appreciate after your day. You scrubbed & polished yourself to within an inch of your life before drying off & slipping into the navy cashmere loungewear set you had spent far too much money on in a ‘fuck it’ retail moment. Seeing the transaction on your bank statement on the Monday knocked you slightly queasy but as soon as you felt the softness against your smooth skin you concluded they were definitely worth every cent.
Knowing Yelena was due anytime you busied yourself around your home, watering plants, picking up laundry, putting back the various baking books on your ridiculously tall book shelf you were taking inspiration from the previous night until your buzzer sounded.
You pressed the button & could hear the stomping before you saw her, she appeared at your door, accompanied by apparently the world’s biggest pizza, how she managed to get that to your apartment & up the stairs without it going everywhere was a modern-day marvel as far as you were concerned.
You laughed out loud at the sight, ‘You do realise there’s only two of us?’
Her grin was infectious, ‘Can you believe this was a medium?’
You gawped at her statement, ‘Jesus, do they cater to giants?’
‘I bet you $20 I can finish your half & mine.’
You weren’t keen on the idea of her throwing up three quarters of a pizza on your sofa but really wanted to see if she could do it, ‘I’ll take that bet, make yourself at home & I’ll get the plates & wine.’
She shouted through to you in the kitchen as she cleared the space on the coffee table for the ginormous box ‘We up to episode 4?’
‘Yeah should be lined up from last time.’ You yelled back as you loaded the plates, napkins, glasses & bottle onto a tray. 
‘Sweet, my girl Sharron for the win.’ In Yelena’s typical fashion she didn’t even wait for a plate & had managed an entire slice in the time it took you to come back to the lounge, where she put it all you’d never know.
‘We were blessed this season, Lattrice Royale, Chad Michaels, Phi Phi, literally the greats’, you made yourself comfortable as you poured out the wine & grabbed yourself some food.
After a delicious slice of pizza roughly the size of your head Yelena’s patience had run out, she paused the Drag Race episode you were enjoying & turned to you ready for a full rendition of the earlier events she had walked in on.
‘That’s enough for you.’ She practically wrestled the second slice out of your hand, throwing it back into the box.
‘Hey, I was eating that.’
‘No, I want to know what happened today.’
‘I can eat & tell you.’
‘No, you can’t. You never talk & eat, you chew & hold a finger up & don’t say a word until all the food is eaten. Come on, tell me now, eat after.’ 
‘True, ok, fine.’
You dabbed the corners of your mouth with a napkin & began telling her about your encounter with the mob boss, for the most part she stayed surprisingly quiet with the occasional question & although you wanted to omit the nicknames & warm words he said to you, you thought it would be better to give her the entire picture. The smile you were battling throughout managed to escape on occasion, but you kept it tight lipped for the most part, you couldn’t help the swirling butterflies when you told her about the wink. 
‘How did it make you feel?’ The one thing you hadn’t expected from your little firecracker of a friend was for her to ask you about feelings, most people thought she was cold, ‘dead behind the eyes’ was one of Scott’s favourite things to note, being terrified of her as he was, but you always insisted she was incredibly warm & friendly. 
You let out a long sigh, ‘hmmm, honestly? It felt nice, nice to have some attention from a guy who, let’s face it is smoking hot.’
‘Yeah, I’ll give him that, completely your type too.’
‘I know, right?’
She narrowed her eyes at you sensing more, ‘hmm, come on, what else?’
‘Stupidly enough, he made me feel completely safe, which is so dumb because I’ve spent my whole life not trusting strange men, not letting down my guard but I felt like I could with him & that no harm would come to me … that is until you told me who he was & now I feel even dumber for letting a pretty face completely eradicate all my instincts.’
You could see her thinking behind the understanding smile on her face, ‘I think your instincts are just fine, from what I have been told, yes he’s dangerous & you shouldn’t get involved in that world, but he is very protective of those he loves or are loyal to him.’
You took a big sip of wine to swallow those words, they really didn’t help the conflict brewing in your head, ‘And how would you come across this kind of information?’
‘My sister Nat, she’s involved in all that. I don’t speak to her very often, I didn’t want to get tangled in that life but after seeing him & especially after seeing him being clearly into you I rang her & asked about him.’
You hated yourself for wanting to know more about him, you shouldn’t, you should run in the complete opposite direction & not look back, he’s a dangerous man, an incredibly hot, rich, dangerous man. Maybe knowing more would be the nail in the coffin you needed to not get involved.
‘What exactly did she say?’
‘Not much, I kept my questions vague.’
‘And?’ You sounded hopeful, like she was about to say he had a heart of gold & to go for it. 
‘Exactly what I said, don’t get involved.’ The sternness in your voice told you she knew more but wasn’t sharing.
‘I know. It’s just …’
She curtly cut you off, ‘Just what?’ 
‘He was so hot & interested, apparently that’s all it takes to question my morals & sanity.’
‘Honey, if you want hot & interested all we need to do is go to a club. Your hot little backside will have all the men you want lined up, no morals need to be tested.’
The line could have been as long as the Brooklyn bridge for all you cared, there was only one you were remotely interested in … god damn it.
Tumblr media
The next day passed at a snail’s pace & all Bucky could think about was you in your bakery, hair in a bun & a sprinkle of flour on your cheek that he would dust off with a brush of his thumb before tasting the honey on your lips, he wondered if you were thinking about him too, hoping he would come through the door. He didn’t dare ask himself why one sample of your sweetness had him addicted.
Steve & Sam had been droning on for an hour about a Mr Rafino, the owner of the laundrette at the top of Grand Street, his accounts were clean as a whistle & he was an upstanding member of the community, it quietly comforted the mob boss that you apparently had good people surrounding you, but all Bucky wanted to hear about was you, he knew demanding your information first would have been an obvious tell, even for Steve to cotton on to. He half-heartedly flicked through the print outs, despite his plan being half thought out purely in an effort to save face & garner information about you, it actually made sense from a business perspective & the more he heard about these small business’ the more he was considering going ahead with investing in them all.
‘Ok finally at the very top of Grand Street, Honey Bunny’s Bakery.’
It was like Sam intentionally kept you until last trying his patience to its ultimate limit, Bucky tried not to sit up straighter at the mention of your bakery or intensely study the clipped together dossier they had been working on.
‘Now this is the money maker on the street, prime location, the accounts are very impressive, no rent or mortgage so overheads are minimal, running costs & cost of sales are the main outgoings as you would expect. Owner takes a minimal salary, does her own books, marketing, pretty much everything in house & has one employee, so wages relatively low to turnover. Speaking of turnover this place makes a killing, the sales are high relative to the size of the operation & although it is susceptible to poaching from rivals the customers tend to stay loyal.’
Bucky nodded along trying not to smile at how savvy you were at running your business but with only one employee he knew you were likely working all hours to keep things running as smoothly as you did, if you accepted his business offer he would make sure you employed more staff to take a break, maybe he could steal you away, fly to Paris to taste some of the world you recreate in your bakery each day, walk the banks of the Seine hand in hand & explore the Louvre to admire the paintings & sculptures, all whilst knowing he had the real masterpiece wrapped in his arms.
‘As for the owner, like the rest of the street not so much as a traffic violation on record, no police record whatsoever. She is an active member in the community, raises money for local women’s shelters, organised street parties, marches for race, women’s rights, gun reforms. Donates all her unsold goods to the local hospital each night, hand delivers them to a nurse who she knows down there for the staff & patients. ‘
An angel, just as he thought you would be, he knew what he needed to do; formulate a business plan tonight, go to the bakery in the morning & invite you for a meeting to discuss his plan. He would impress you with the office, the plan & as the deal was being done he could spend the time getting to know you, sewing himself into the fabric of your world & then you would be his.
‘Do you think these people would want investment from the Mob? They are clearly law-abiding citizens, why would they be interested in getting into bed with the bad guys.’
Why Steve decided to use that phrase Bucky didn’t know but he was a hairs breath away from having his head slammed into the sold wooden desk they were sat around, his jaw was creaking it was tensed that intensely. 
‘He has a point; do you really want to potentially ruin their reputations & livelihood because you want to make clean money? They seem good people, maybe we’re best staying away & go about this differently.’
Of course, he wouldn’t be funnelling anything into your business that was illegal, yours would be a real investment, there wasn’t a chance in hell he would taint you in any way with laundering cash, he could see the potential of you & your bakery & would offer you the opportunity.
‘Well we’re not exactly going in with the horse’s head approach, it can be done subtly, we can set up a holding company to invest rather than go direct. They aren’t then directly associated with us & their reputations remain intact, we take over the business operation & not the day to day running, we can do all the laundering away from the premises on the books & through banking deposits & they can plead innocence if anything went wrong.’
‘Hmm It’s your call.’ Sam sounded sceptical but if the business’ said no he didn’t care, they would go about it the old-fashioned way if they had to threaten them & take over the whole business instead, your answer however would be final.
‘I’ll work my way through all this in more detail then make my decisions, ultimately we will run this completely separately from our real business. I’ll have Thor set up the holding company & funnel some money into it for the time being & then I’ll deal with the investment decisions & proposals to the owners.’
‘You’ll do it?’ Sam was ready to send his friend to a head doctor after all this, Bucky usually made the decision & then everyone else would execute it so for him to want to be this involved was a growing concern.
‘Of course not Samuel, I will work on the proposals & someone else can do the meetings so they aren’t aware of who the investment is from.’
Bucky stood up gathering all the documents in front of him into his leather folio trying to encourage them to leave him in peace, ‘If that’s all gentlemen I have somewhere to be.’
A total lie & Sam looked like he knew that, Bucky just wanted to go home to go over the information about you with a fine-tooth comb ready to pop by your bakery first thing to make you an offer you couldn’t refuse.
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Tumblr media
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antiheroapologist · 18 hours
Just because he is a trained killer doesn't mean he can't be my comfort character.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yes, he has murdered, beaten, and assassinated hundreds of people. Just because he didn't bring them comfort doesn't mean he can't bring me comfort.
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cottontears · 11 hours
Tumblr media
ೃ⁀➷ kinkmas request #4
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ intro ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ roulette ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ masterlist
ೃ⁀➷ P39:#(teacher/student) with C:#10 (bucky)
ೃ⁀➷ bucky barnes x fem reader
ೃ⁀➷ word count: 0.9k
ೃ⁀➷ warnings: explicit smut, teacher/student (duh!) spanking, (reader being a bad girl who needs to be punished), p in v sex, cream pie, reader is a college student
ೃ⁀➷ a/n hi dove, i did spanking and teacher student! i hope this was what you were looking for!
ೃ⁀➷  linktree ╰➤ pinterest╰➤ work in a03╰➤ requests are open check rules
──────── ✧ ────────
professor barnes was an asshole.
especially to you.
your friends told you it wasn’t personal. but when you saw that red angry D- in one of your best work, you could not help yourself. you marched across the college campus, and barged into professor barnes office.
he looked up from his work slowly, meticulously.
you gulped, already regretting your rashness.
he acknowledged your presence, calling you by your last name. infuriating you further.
“mr. barnes. i have held my tongue for some time now, but i find the way you treat me unfair. i have done nothing wrong, yet i think you have a negative bias against me.”
“my, my, so formal. but you can drop the act now, can you.” his lips parted in a grin.
“what do you mean?” a crease formed between your brows.
“disrupting my class, playing in your phone, disinterest in my class, late assignments… i could go on and on, but we don’t want that do we?”
“no sir.” you mumbled.
“be a good girl and say what you mean.”
“i don’t like it when you are mean to me.”
“well, you have not been behaving like a good girl.”
the air was tense, his voice low and heavy. there were connotations to his words that you did not want to read into. but you did. his pupils were dilated. was he angry? turned on? both?
“well, what can i do to be a good girl for you? tell me what you need from me and i will do my best to provide that for you.”
“i want you to bend over the desk.”
you nodded and followed his instructions. your short skirt rising to show your ass, the cool air caressing your flesh.
you could feel the palm of his hand ghosting over you. you shivered, your skin breaking into gooseflesh, your cunt throbbing with need.
the next thing you felt was a smack against your ass, red and angry. you groaned.
“you take it so well, let’s see how much you can take.”
your cunt dripped through your panties as he spanked you twice.
you were trembling with effort. tears prickled your eyelids. but you wanted more. you lifted your hips, spreading your legs. giving him an eyeful of the outline of your pussy through the thin wet material of your white panties. he slid a finger over your panties and you moaned softly.
“fuck me, bucky, take me over your desk.” you gasped.
“so we are on first-name basis, aren’t we? i guess we are, seeing as i will have my cock in you soon.” 
you felt him drag your panties down, as he lowered himself to the ground, his face level with your cunt.
he licked you open and you slammed a hand against your mouth to keep the noises down.
his hands gripped your hips as he nipped and kissed your cunt.
“bucky, god, i need you so bad.”
“i see that faraway look you have during my lectures. what do you think about instead of paying attention.”
“i think about sucking your dick. under your desk, in the middle of a class. i think about me being messy, sloppy, and you trying to keep it together. to not be found out. i think about you cumming in my mouth, on my boobs, anywhere, i think about the noises you would make once you pushed your big cock inside my cunt.” you groaned out.
“fucking hell. he pushed two fingers into you, and the fantasy and the pressure had you cumming, making a mess, dripping down his hand, down your thighs.
you felt clothing rustle, a belt unbuckling, hit the floor.
you gripped the edges of the hard wooden desk as he aligned himself with you. 
pushing the head of his cock in slowly, softly. groaning your name, moaning out expletives as his throbbing cock was enveloped by your tight, warm, pussy.
the pressure had you screaming out his name.
once he was fully sheathed in you, you were moaning, your legs trembled, and your skirt brushed against his pelvis.
he pushed out slowly, only to slam into you, you yelped, and he groaned.
you reached a hand dow, between your body and the desk, to apply pressure to your clit. the added pleasure had your cunt weeping, making his thrusts messier.
you clenched around him, squeezing your eyes shut, focused on your pleasure, just as he was focused on his own.
he was vocal, telling you how good you were, how bad he wanted you. how he would burn in hell for fucking one of his student’s but it felt so good, you were worth burning for eternity.
as he slammed into you, the both of you shook, sweat coating your skin, his thrusts loosing rhythm as the pleasure build up between the two of you. and he slammed into you hard. you felt his come gushing inside you, dripping down your thighs, and you climaxed, biting into your hand as your body shook.
once he had pulled out, he turned you around harshly, pulling you to him, crashing his mouth into yours, you had barely come down from your high, you wrapped your arms around his neck as his lips met yours.
you broke apart panting, smiling at each other as you inhaled each other’s air.
“was i a good girl mr. barnes.”
“you are a very good girl, and i will be seeing you again.”
“good.” you grinned
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𝐒𝐧𝐨𝐰𝐛𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐟𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭
Tumblr media
pairings: bucky x reader
warnings: flufff!!! mentions of sex, but that’s about it :)
summary: you convince bucky to have a snowball fight with you and things get a little out of hand
a/n: here’s another dayyy!! this is such a cute idea and i loved writing this!
christmas collab masterlist 
“Bucky. Hey, Bucky,” you whispered, nudging the supersoldier who currently had you trapped in his arms. He groaned, sleepily, tucking his head in your neck.
You felt slightly guilty, knowing how hard sleep came to him, but when Nat opened your bedroom door, waking you up and giving you a swift nod, you knew it was important.
“Buckyyy,” you dragged out the ‘y’. “Wake up.”
“What time is it?” he grumbled.
“7-ish... Bucky!”
“Hm? Doll? What is it? Are you okay?”
Bucky shifted, opening his eyes, searching your face for anything wrong, but instead, he was met with your smiling face, a small giggle escaping from it.
“It’s snowing!”
Bucky’s brown knitted in confusion.
“It’s the first fall of snow! C’mon, we have to go out! The team’s waiting!”
You got up and ran to the door, Bucky’s footsteps following you, before you felt an arm wrap around your waist.
“Doll, you’re not going out like that. You’re gonna freeze!”
You looked down at your attire, as if just realising what you were wearing.
Bucky was like your personal heater, so you opted to sleep in one of his shirts and panties, sometimes, not even that.
Quickly, you threw on some sweats, a thick hoodie and your jacket. You skipped the gloves; you’d always liked the feel of snow. Bucky was also dressed appropriately, a beanie on his bed hair. You smiled and kissed him softly, before taking his hand and dragging him outside.
The cool, crisp air was refreshing. Nat came over and pulled you to where Maria and Wanda were standing as Bucky went over to the guys.
“What took you so long?” Yelena asked.
“Bucky.” you replied simply.
Before Yelena could speak, however, Nat cut in.
“Okay. So, we’re doing a snowball fight. Girls against boys.”
“But there’s more of them! How’s that fair?!” you protested.
“We’re better.”
“True, but-”
“Nuh-uh. No negativity. We’re gonna win this. Rules are simple: you get hit, you’re out.”
“Fine. When do we start?”
Maria stepped forward, nodding her head to the other end of the field, “According to the boys, now... Y/N, duck!”
You ducked quickly as you heard the snowball hit the snow behind you. Slowly, you stood back up, lifting your head to see who threw it. Your eyes met with Bucky’s, a guilty smile on his face.
Oh, it was on.
You immediately gathered a handful of snow, making your hands ice cold and wet. You pressed your palms together, molding the snow to somewhat resemble a ball.
You launched it across the field, watching as it hit Tony as he was turned sideways to talk to Bruce, the man in question yelping in shock and frustration.
“Really, Y/N?!” he shouted from afar.
“Sorry.” you shouted back, a huge smile evident on your face.
You and the girls laughed in amusement and delight as you watched Tony trudge off to sit on a tree stump, beside Vision, who decided to skip the game, as Wanda gave you a celebratory kiss on the cheek.
But, before you knew it, a snowball came flying past, narrowly missing Maria.
Within seconds, you all formed a line, chucking snowballs one after another at the boys, while also dodging the ones thrown by them.
As the match went on, more and more lost.
After Tony, it was poor Bruce, who got hit while bending down to pick up some snow. Then it was Wanda, who turned away for a split second, because her hair was sticking to her face. She trudged off, mumbling in Sokovian as she went to sit with Vision. Then, it was Clint and Sam, who got shot by Nat and Maria respectfully, because they were laughing too hard about something. Maria was next, getting distracted by Natasha who bent down for a second. Nat and Steve went out next as they both had aimed for each other, and miraculously hit.
Now, it was just you and Bucky left.
Throughout the game, somehow, the teams had managed to get closer and closer, leaving you and Bucky about 10 feet apart. You had a snowball in each hand ready to throw. And you found your chance when he turned his head slightly to smile smugly at his team who were cheering him on at the sides. He may have been a highly skilled and trained assassin, but he still had a large ego. 
The snowball hit him directly on his neck, Bucky shouting out as the cold snow trickled down, some falling into his jacket.
“Oh, you-”
You screamed as Bucky came hurtling forward, his snowball that he had prepared hitting you, soaking your shirt. You fell back, as he fell on top of you, the both of you landing with a large, ‘umph’.
He lay on his back in the snow, bringing a hand to his chest while laughing incredibly hard. You took the opportunity and straddled him, before dumping a whole load of snow on his face. Bucky spluttered as he found his breath after wiping the snow off. He flipped you over, so he was now on top of you. Your hands were brought up and pinned above your head.
“The fuck? No.” you spluttered.
“Apologise, or else...”
“Or else what?”
Bucky swiftly picked up some snow with his spare hand and dumped it on you. You screamed out as thee cold seeped through your shirt.
You managed to flip him over again, before the cycle of dumping snow on each other carried on. By the end, the two of you were drenched and breathing heavily. Lying side by side, you took his hand,
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For my dear @burninblood 💕
Tumblr media
An early Sankt Nicolas days present, since I think you were nice ~🤗 A lonely longing soldier for you💕 Im sorry for the Outfit....its the only nice one I have at the moment 🥺 ....*sigh* i wish he would look at me like that🙈
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My fan work. Winter soldier and Soldier Boy.
Tumblr media
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Endgame Bucky because reasons
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Pairing: Boyfriend! Bucky x Virgin! Fem! Reader
Word Count: 3.3k
Summary: you had never been interested in sex, or men for that matter- until you met bucky. now bucky and you had been going strong for months, and there's no one else you’d want to lose your virginity to. now the only challenge was making it seem like you were experienced...
Warnings: SMUT, reader losing her v card, dry humping, teasing, lots of pet names, PRAISE kink, slight playful choking, size kink, breeding kink if u squint real close, aftercare, reader has some anxiety, bucky being a really, really big sweetheart and a charming gentleman. seriously would die for this man.
“so i told you none of it was accidental, and the first night that you saw me, nothing was gonna stop me. i laid the groundwork and then saw a wide smirk on your face, you knew the entire time... you knew that i'm a mastermind and now you're mine.”- mastermind, taylor swift
Tumblr media
Tonight was the night. 
It was the night that would change your life, the night you would be thinking about each time your head hit the pillow, and when you’d wake up in the morning. 
The clock continued to tick slowly, almost mockingly as you waited, fingers twisting themselves into a knot. It was life-changing for you, but the same for anyone else. Everyone else continued with their lives, all in their own little fantasy worlds, with their issues and desires. 
It was confusing to think about, to wrap your head around. You wanted to scream at the top of your lungs, just for anyone to hear you, so they could offer their advice, or not care at all.
 Hey world! I’m a virgin, but my boyfriend doesn't know that! How do I go all the way with him without making it awkward?
But you kept your mouth shut, as you always did about things that mattered most to you. 
You sat and waited, like a patient in the waiting room, desperate to get seen. The door remained shut, the doctor refusing to come out. You knew Bucky wasn't supposed to come to your place until later, but the anticipation was killing you. 
It fired a pit in your belly, causing you to feel almost lightheaded as you waited, re-churning old worries and anxieties around in your mind like butter. 
You were in university, had been for some time now- but you were still a virgin. It made you feel stupid, even though you knew it didn’t matter. Virginity was a social concept. 
It was stupid, and dumb, and anyone could do what they wanted with their body whenever they wanted. Despite this, you still felt bad. Memories of your high school friends giggling and rushing to tell you of their sex lives haunted you, and even though you knew it probably was shit sex, at least they were getting some. 
You were surprised Bucky hadn't pushed the matter, regardless of the fact the two of you had been together for a few months now. They were the best few months of your life, and he had never made you feel so safe and comfortable in your own skin. 
So why was this so nerve-racking? 
He was obviously waiting for you to make the first move, to make sure you felt secure with his intentions. You hung your head low, hands coming up to rub your tired eyes as you sighed in the quiet. 
This was stupid. You were being stupid.
“This is stupid.” Bucky called from his spot on the couch, banging the remote with his hand as his head slouched back over the couch back. 
The internet had gone out for the second time this week, your landlord refusing to call the company no matter how much his residents complained. You watched the Netflix Error screen pop up on the screen again, the loading screen making Bucky's eyes roll along with it. 
“Trust me baby, I know.” you said, popping a blueberry in your mouth, its sweetness exploding in your mouth. 
“I guess we won't get to see Andrew Garfield's beautiful biceps after all.” Bucy hummed, tossing the remote so it buried itself in the cushions, a chore the two of you would have to complete when he’d want to watch cartoons with you in the morning. 
It sounded lame, but the amount of happiness you got from eating sugary cereal and watching old shows you both watched as kids was exhilarating. 
Bucky reached his arms out, an indicator he wanted you to curl up in his lap, a silent order you happily obeyed. “I guess not.” you pouted, trotting over to your personal teddy bear, breathing in his calming cedarwood scent. 
His skin was warm to the touch, fingers reaching to tuck a stray strand of hair behind your ear- lingering just a little longer than they needed to. You smiled as you looked up at him, your legs straddled across his lap, arms linked loosely around his neck.
 It was a position you often sat in, his need for personal touch consuming every waking hour when the two of you were together. But this time, it felt almost different- in a way. 
There was a secret message intertwined into your touches as you rested your head on his shoulder, nose nuzzling the side of his neck as you hummed softly. You breathed him in, utterly consumed by him as his hands found their place at your sides, repeating the same soothing strokes up and down your body. 
It was delicate, but you were hungry. 
You didn’t know how to approach this, this overwhelming urge you were feeling. 
How was this supposed to start? 
You didn’t want to outright tell Bucky, because that felt too weird. Too naked and vulnerable for your liking. You had to hint that you had done this, and that you wanted to do this- because you did.
 But you were inexperienced. And you knew that Bucky had experience- which made you feel even more stupid if you messed up. 
You were frozen, a realization hitting you all at once that you didn’t know how to even begin to approach this. The endless hours of planning this, planning exactly how and when, and who did not compare to the actual moment at hand. 
Bucky sensed this, as he always did- picking up on your sudden small movements. A catch of a breath, a fidget of the hands, the continuous tapping of a foot never got past him. “Sweetheart?” 
“Hmm?” you poked your head up, meeting his soft gaze as he studied you intensely. “What’s going on inside that pretty little mind of yours hm?” he asked, large hand coming up to cup your cheek as if the thoughts would trickle out into his palm. 
You gnawed on your lip, teeth digging into the flesh as you debated. 
Hold it off. You will sound like an idiot. Don’t even think about mentioning it.
 “M’just thinking.” you smiled, yet it wavered. 
“Just thinkin?”
 “Just thinkin.” you replied, thankful he didn’t push you further. Instead, he just kissed you- lips soft and inviting against yours, tasting of peppermint. You moaned, body leaning closer to him on instinct, hips rolling against him. 
“I’m gonna find out what's on your mind eventually.” he whispered, making you shake your head in response, a coy little smile plastered across your face like a mask. 
“Maybe.” you teased, kissing him again to shut him up. It was a little game you liked to play with him- fighting for that sense of dominance, though deep down you knew he always possessed it. 
Bucky’s hands roamed, making you shiver with excitement, his hips bucking up in sync with yours as the minutes dragged on. It was hot and heavy, gasping breaths and teeth and tongue. 
But this, this was about as far as it had gotten with you two. This teasing, this edging and dry humping until someone spilled in their pants. 
But not tonight. 
You didn’t think you could leave it at this tonight. 
You decided to take a risk, bringing your hand down to rub across the smooth planes of his stomach, brushing your fingers across the bulge in his pants, making him hiss.
 “Doll if you keep doing that I dont think I’m gonna be able to control myself.” he growled gently, forcing your eyes to meet his own predatory gaze. 
“I don’t want you to.” you breathed, a hint of a whisper that seemed to blend with the heavy pants, the rise and fall of his chest. An eyebrow was raised, hand sliding up to fit perfectly around your neck as if it were a choker. 
“Yeah? You want me to fuck you pretty angel?” he asked, making you nod. 
“Yes but- but I’ve never-” 
He stopped. Instantly, his hands cupped your face, thumbs brushing your heated cheeks with such delicately it was as if you were a petal upon a blooming flower. 
“Woah, woah lets step back for a second angel. You’ve never… you’ve never been intimate with anyone before?” 
You shoke your head. 
This was embarrassing. Holy fuck this was embarrassing.
 “No I haven't. I know it's embarrassing and totally lame, I understand if you dont want to do anything anymore.” All he could do was shake his head, shushing your words. 
“It's not embarrassing at all. It's kinda hot actually, that I’m the lucky one to get you like this. But angel, are you sure you want to do this… with me? You want it to be with me?”
Because truth be told, you couldn't imagine doing it with anyone else. You wanted to be Bucky, more than anyone else. 
“We can stop at anytime, okay? Don’t feel like we have to do this, or it’s too late to say no. You want to stop, we stop- no questions asked. And tell me if I’m doing something you don’t like, please.” he insisted, making you giggle as he kissed your lips gently. 
The breath was stolen from your lungs as you were suddenly swept upwards, definitely gravity as Bucky picked you up in his arms. You wrapped your limbs around him tightly like a koala bear, curious as to where he was taking you. 
“Where are we going?” you asked expectantly, watching as he made his way to your bedroom- to the layers of blankets the two of you had tangled in so many times before. 
Never like this though. 
“I’m not allowing your first time to be on some silly couch angel. I’m gonna take care of my girl.” he cooed, laying down upon the sheets, standing over you with a gleam in his eye. 
“So now what?” you breathed, scared on how things would play out next. You weren't quite sure what exactly you truly liked yet. You knew you liked when Bucky was gentle with you, when he would whisper sweet praises in your ears and when he would coax you to an orgasm. 
But during actual sex? It was a clean, blank slate. 
“Can I take these off sweetheart?” he pointed to your sleep shorts, butterflies in your chest fluttering so hard you could hear them faintly in your ears. You nodded, too scared to say anything, too scared to even breathe in case you woke up and this was all a dream. 
Bucky's hands were soft as they slid up your thighs, and you lifted your hips slightly to assist him as he slowly tugged them off- savoring the moment as much as you were.
 “There we go.” he smiled as he tossed the shorts to the floor, watching you eagerly slide the shirt off your head to reveal yourself to him. 
All that was left was a small scrap of fabric covering you, one that was getting wetter and wetter with each passing second Bucky looked at you like that. 
Like you were the most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes on. Like he was mesmerized, like he was hungry and only you could satisfy them. You couldn't help but laugh nervously as he took you in. 
“S’beautiful. So, so so pretty, such a pretty girl.” he babbled, raising your leg to rest over his shoulder as he peppered kisses to your inner thigh all the way to your ankle. You couldn't help but let your hands slide up to cup your breasts, closing your eyes in pleasure as you toyed with your nipples.
 “That's it baby. Do what makes you feel good.” he groaned, rutting himself against the bed frame as he watched you play with yourself in rhythm with his kisses and scrapes of his teeth against your skin. 
“I want you Bucky. Please, want you so bad.” you begged, one hand reaching down to run your fingers through the silk strands, getting lost in the ink.
 “Yea? You ready sweetheart?” 
“Please.” was all you could whisper, watching with delight as he rose to his full height, towering over you as he undressed himself for you. His shirt was tossed with your shorts, lost to the memory as his belt unbuckled. 
This was happening. This was really, truly happening. 
So many emotions were rushing through you like a freight train, anxiety, excitement, passion. It was overwhelming, but Bucky understood this. 
“We can stop at any time. We can stop right now if you want, baby. I know it can be nerve-racking.” he assured, wanting nothing more for you to be comfortable and happy. Your happiness was his. It was something he often told you, and it brought nothing but a warmth that spread through your body. It felt nice to be cared about, to be looked after and cherished. 
“I want this.” you murmured, desire laced in your tone as he leaned over you. 
“I want this too. I’ve wanted this since the moment I’ve laid on that gorgeous lil body of yours.”
 “Pervert.” you teased, his laughter echoing throughout the room before he peppered kisses across your cheeks, causing your to squirm. “You’re such a minx.” he cooed, kissing you once more on the lips before he slid your panties down your thighs, over your thighs and toes before they were also, like everything else- forgotten. 
Your breath seemed to get caught in your throat. The gentle pitter-patter of rain that slid down the windows echoed from the end of a tunnel, the candle you had lit a while back seeming to glow just a bit brighter to highlight the wanderlust in Bucky's eyes. 
“Please.” was your only confirmation, your form of consent as he entered you slowly. You gasped, muscles tightening as you clawed his biceps. It was an unfamiliar feeling, intrusive as he moaned softly. 
“Shh, just relax angel. Good girl.” he praised as you exhaled, wincing slightly at his size as he stretched you out. 
He was big. You had known this, but it was different with him actually inside you. 
“Do you wanna stop?” he asked, concerned. You shoke your head. “No, no I’m okay. Just feels weird is all.” you whispered, moaning slightly as he filled you even more, bulge appearing from your stomach. 
“You're doing so well for me sweetheart, so so well. M’so proud of you darlin.” he cooed, making the fire in your belly flame that much higher. 
Bucky stayed inside you, unwilling to move for a few minutes until he knew you were comfortable. Your nails began to declaw from his arm, little crescent moons doting his muscles as your breath filled your lungs easier. 
“Can I move?” he hummed and you nodded, the feeling of pain morphing into some form of pleasure as he shifted. 
“Oh fuck-” he moaned, his forehead brushing against yours as he rocked his hips, causing your back to arch, chest brushing his. 
“Bucky oh god..” you drawled, finally understanding. 
So this was what the hype was about. This is what people lived for, people died for, people killed for. This sense of connection, the closeness you reached, the feeling of bliss. The feelings that sparked inside your core that were new, something that made your head spiral. It was like Bucky had you under some spell, like this was some sort of daydream your body felt so tingly. 
“You're so wet angel- n’ so tight-” he gasped as he filled you to the hilt again, finding a gentle, easy rhythm that sent you to the heavens. You were mindlessly babbling, no words coming out of your mouth coherent as your eyes rolled. 
“I- love-you-mghm.” you moaned with each thrust, your body jolting as the bed rocked from Bucky's movements. His hand pinned yours above your head, a makeshift handcuff as his lips found yours again, silencing your whines.
 “I love you so, so much darlin, so good to me. Just let go for me baby, let go.” he whispered, your body following his commands as you felt the coil break, release washing over you as you clamped down on his cock.
 “O-Oh god-” you panted, hiccuping on your noises as you struggled to catch your breath. “Good girl. Good, good girl.” Bucky coaxed you, riding you through your orgasm. 
You sensed his breath hitch, his noises getting louder with each shift of the bed frame- and you knew he was getting close. “Inside. I’m on the pill.”
 “Oh god baby shit shit shit-” he panted, your words turning him on even more than he thought was possible. His grip tightened around your wrists as he came inside you with a growl of your name, possessiveness seeping out of him from the way he kissed and bit along your collarbone. 
You felt full and warm, Bucky’s chant of “I love you, I love you oh god I love you” against your skin making you giggle. 
“Thank you for taking care of me.” you smiled. 
“Thank you for being the most wonderful, most beautiful girlfriend in the history of the universe.” he teased, freeing your hands from his grip so you could run your fingers through his hair once more, cupping the sides of his cheeks as he always did to you. 
You winced slightly as he slowly eased out of you, feeling his cum slowly seep from your abused hole. “I know pup m’sorry, I promise you're okay.” 
He kissed you not once, not twice but three times as you pried your squinted eyes open, your body slowly relaxing as he stood. You stared up at the ceiling, watching the blades of the fan spin as the cool air washed over your hot and sticky skin. 
Going over so many things in your mind, relief spilling through each aching muscle. You had lost your virginity- and there was nothing to be scared about. It wasn't so much the actual sex you were worried about- more so the stigma you were worried you'd inflict on yourself. Scared you would do something wrong, or worried Bucky would look at you differently after hearing you had never done it with anyone else. 
Of course the thought were irrational, you knew this now looking back on them but they were still valid nonetheless. 
Bucky's footsteps snapped you out of your trace, and you now realized you were too deep in thought to even notice him leave the room. A smile was plastered on his face, baby blues seeming to glow brighter than they had all night- if that were even possible. 
A damp facecloth was in his hand and you watched as he sat down beside you, bed dipping slightly as he brushed the warm cloth between your inner thighs. “So that happened.” you said, as if you were stating a fact at a business conference. 
“So that happened. Are you happy that it happened?” he asked and you laughed, hiding your face behind your hands. 
“So happy it happened. I wanted this to happen.” you confessed, snuggling into him as he lay down beside you, capturing you in a soft embrace. He kissed the top of your head, wrapping his arms around you tightly, as if he were scared you would let go. 
“You’re a mastermind.” he chuckled, the happiness rushing through you so contagious you wondered if everyone else in New York could feel it. 
You hoped they did. 
You knew they had other plans, other dates and things to stress about, but you hoped just for one second- they could feel the whisper of your giddiness in the wind. It was the kind of giddiness a child got when they ran downstairs on Christmas, seeing Santa had left them one cookie, but enough crumbs so they’d know he was there. 
It was the kind of giddiness you only got when you were with Bucky, in his arms. 
“What’s on your mind?” he’d ask again, later that night when the moon was high, sleep threatening to tug you under its waves. 
And you’d tell him. 
You’d tell him every little thing, about how much you loved him, how much you cared for him- how the feelings you had for him were like no other. And he’d kiss you again, drunk off the taste of you, until your lips were swollen and any worry you had were left far behind. 
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