polyamorouscultureis 2 days ago
flirting with multiple people at once and forgetting who you've already told things to
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pollyna 2 days ago
Ron isn't a violent man. A dick, an asshole, prone to have more negative than positive things to say? Yes, yes and yes. But he's far from being violent. Said so there are limits he can't bare and alcohol isn't an excuse to not peak when someone isn't interested. They got back that morning from the USS Layton and they have been drinking at the O-Club for hours because they're all home and safe and they deserve a fuckin' break. Him and Ice? They're double, if not triple, celebrating. Winning Top Gun, getting back from the mission and scoring the men, in this case the woman too, they were mooning over for almost three months? If that doesn't call for a celebration what does?
Ron is dancing, Carole between him and Goose, and oh he can't thing of a better place to be and better people to be with. When Carole kisses him it taste like the Sherry Temple she ordered two hours before and then Goose tastes like beer and rum and yeah, he's probably dead and in heaven because there's no other explanation.
At least until a no from a voice he knows to well takes him back to earth. Someone, some fucking civilian, has Ice the wall and he's trying to kiss him. Ice who never drinks too much because he hates loosing control of the situation and who was dancing with Maverick the last time he checked. Ice who's been smiling all night and kissing Pete every two seconds because apparently drunk Ice means affectionated Ice and Mav was beeming under all that attentions, face red as a tomato and happy as a kid. Ice who's is kicking the civilian in the balls and punching him in the face because, just as Ron, he isn't a violent person but, differently from Ron, he knows how to land a punch or two. The civilian who looks pissed enough to not realise the man isn't alone and when he find himself a couple of inches from the ground he can't help himself to do anything else but screaming oh the fairy has friends! Ron would like to say he throw the final punch, he really would. Just like Mav would like to say the same but the first is still have the dude from his left underarm and the second is focused on Ice. But Carole, Carole has her hands free and she just swings her right first in his face and the dude is done. Ron barely notices letting the dude go because he has to check on Ice and wants to kiss Carole because such a badass sweetheart and he wants to ask Goose to take them home because he needs to get f-
In which order all of it happens is still a mystery the day after because Carole kissed Goose while Ron was checking on Ice and then Ice was hugging him and kissing Maverick at the same time and Ron is pretty confused on how that was possibile considering how tall he is and how tall Maverick isn't. Then there was another drink, some of the expensive shit only Ice could ever bother spending his money on, two distinctively different hands on his ass and Maverick was fussing over Ice a hand southern than he could ever be comfortable thinking about and one directly under the other man shirt. And, the morning after, there's a soft materass under his back, Goose is spooing him and he's spooning Carole, the house is silent and the headache is killing him.
Carole drove Ice and Mav home before us murmurs Goose in his ear so mine and your best friends are safe and we can sleep. Don't open your eyes Ron, sleep please and so he does.
now in fic format: here.
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missfay49 2 days ago
Lucy got to be a polygamist after all, good for her!
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racc0jello a day ago
Tumblr media
WOW this is super late, but regardless, i wanted to celebrate the anniversary of deltarune chapter 2's release!!! these silly robots have done SO much good for me, and i'm really thankful for all the friends i've made from them, so thank you all so much!!! 馃А
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eli-zab3th 2 days ago
The best feeling in the world is when you're your Authentic Self鈩 and people like you for it
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sailoreuterpe 2 days ago
"Just so. Said he not that the transfusion of his blood to her veins had made her truly his bride?"
"Yes, and it was a sweet and comforting idea for him."
"Quite so. But there was a difficulty, friend John. If so that, then what about the others? Ho, ho! Then this so sweet maid is a polyandrist, and me, with my poor wife dead to me, but alive by Church's law, though no wits, all gone鈥攅ven I, who am faithful husband to this now-no-wife, am bigamist."
*Goes to AO3 to look up the fanfictions--again*
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sunshinequean a day ago
So I鈥檝e landed on a name for my husband鈥檚 newest partner. She will now be referred to as Bella.
My husband shared her contact information with me so I鈥檝e begun communicating directly with her which is lovely. She鈥檚 got fun, bubbly energy and in her messages she let me know she thinks of me and cares about how I鈥檓 doing / feeling and she鈥檚 looking forward to meeting me.
Honestly the first connection could not have gone better. I鈥檝e been having a crazy amount of anxiety about Bella and for some reason almost all of it has washed away after reconnecting with my husband last night, getting her very thoughtful gift and connecting directly with her today.
It sounds like her and her husband have been practicing kitchen table poly for many years. I think we鈥檝e more or less landed on that being our vibe when it comes to doing poly too. I鈥檓 very much looking forward to meeting her and her husband. It sounds like we might all attend the Halloween event on Sunday ( @charlottehurtz included) and meet up. Our little polycule is growing and I鈥檓 so happy to welcome more connection, love and passion into our lives.
Going forward I鈥檓 going to have to weigh how much I will be sharing on my blog. Out of respect for both of his other partners and their separate private relationships I will likely be sharing less intimate details unless there鈥檚 something particularly juicy to share that specifically involves me. @charlottehurtz as a sex worker has always been comfortable with me sharing details but I鈥檓 not sure how Bella will feel or if I even want her to know about my blog.
Just know my husband has two other partners that he鈥檚 thrilled about. He fucks one of us (almost) every single day. Sometimes more than one of us in a day.
My identity as a cuckquean is evolving by the week. I believe I likely will always be the more monogamous partner. I think that I will always have compersive feelings to his intimacy with his other partners but as we get deeper and deeper into this poly lifestyle I鈥檓 just not sure if 鈥渃uckquean鈥 is the best label for my role in this.
I鈥檓 happy and bit proud of myself regarding this evolution. Initially I took on the title of cuckquean to work through my feelings of my husband opening up our relationship. I dealt with a lot of insecurities and self hatred when this journey started about 4 years ago. I worked through that by using kink. Over time I鈥檝e learned to give up control by throwing out a lot of the rules I put in place to 鈥減rotect鈥 our relationship. I stopped needing to be across / present for every message, every conversation, every meeting /date, every moment of intimacy.
I think this is the better place to be. The journey ahead of us is very long and I know that throughout our marriage partners may come and go. Some partners may never leave. Some relationships may crash and burn, others may fizzle out. But I will always be by his side supporting him and loving him through it all.
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transfloppa 2 days ago
when did it become so normal to hate polyam people
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i hate this app
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zephyr-heart 2 months ago
I love you QPRs, I love you polyamory, I love you relationship anarchy, I love you aromantics with partners, I love you people who don鈥檛 want relationships, I love you I admire you loveless community, I love you ignoring amatonormativity <3
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polyamorouscultureis 2 days ago
Polyam culture is already having a couple of partners and still being woefully bad at flirting
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musings-from-mars 6 months ago
鈥淚f she鈥檚 your girl then why she-鈥 we鈥檙e polyamorous. she鈥檚 our girl. kiss me bro
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one-time-i-dreamt a month ago
ABBA had a fifth member (she didn't sing or anything, she did backstage stuff) and they all were a polycute, but she was tricked to leave them and marry some guy. 40 years later she discovered the whole scheme, left the guy (who btw is kinda trash), reunited with ABBA and they live happily together.
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vigilantsycamore 4 months ago
Just for the record, I do think polygamy (i.e. marriages between more than two people) should be legal. If a group of consenting adults want to get married they should be able to do so, no matter how many members that group has.
"What about [example of an extremely unhealthy poly relationship]?" What about it? Do you think all monogamous relationships are healthy?
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joeyridersvoid a year ago
Polyamorous relationships are not for everyone. Monogamous relationships are not for everyone. Romantic relationships are not for everyone!!! We are all different people with different needs, maybe just stop trying to condense the human experience into a homogenous gray monolith!!! aaaaaaaa
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deepseatime 3 months ago
Tumblr media
idk where this idea came from but i couldn't not make it once i thought of it
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sunshinequean 13 hours ago
My husband and I are laying in bed taking a little afternoon nap after a yummy brunch. I woke up feeling extremely horny and cucky.
The cucky horny kinky part of me wants him to cum with @charlottehurtz tonight. The logical rational normal part of me is like girl you鈥檙e crazy enjoy your special damn day with your husband.
I can only imagine y鈥檃ll thoughts on what he should do 馃ぃ
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beansprean 2 months ago
Tumblr media
[ID: Two muscular arms clasping their hands together in solidarity. One says "Jackie and her non-guy husbands" and the other says "Nandor and his non-girl wives" /end ID]
Loving this new trend
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