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transgendz · 2 days ago
My roomate are trans disabled and homeless. We were gonna get kicked out of bnb for something that wasn't our fault, but our host decided to Not do that so now we need to get money to pay for staying here longer. This is an emergency, we will get kicked out if we can't pay. I am carrying over the goal from the post I made to get out of the bnb we need basically the same amt to get us through the next several days. Most of what we got below was spent on food, and booking the past couple days+today.
Dm me for proof
V3nm0: @tab-99
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talkethtothehandeth · 18 hours ago
Let me translate some harmful/ableist sentences used by ableds that are masked as harmless intentions.
“Have you tried . . .” -> “You haven’t done enough to try to get better.”
“You’re too young for that.” -> “Your symptoms don’t match my expectations for people your age.”
“I wish I could stay at home all day, it must be nice.” -> “You have nothing to be upset about, you get to relax all day and do nothing.”
“You’re not disabled, you’re special/differently abled!” -> “Your existence as a disabled person makes me so uncomfortable that I refuse to use that title.”
“I could never deal with that!” -> “I would kill myself if I were you.”
“It could be worse! You could have x!” -> “I’m not interested in showing you compassion because your disability doesn’t seem that bad to me.”
Get the fuck outta here
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alpinecorvid · a day ago
Tumblr media
pain meds taking you from a 9/10 pain to a 4/10 pain 👌👌👌
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corginomoregi · 2 days ago
I wanna be doing things, but I'm in pain and must continue to lay down.
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kayfabefriend · a day ago
Friends who slow down to your pace when you’re walking, even if it’s a snail pace, are fucking awesome.
People who refuse to slow down and get all pissy are fucking scum
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Bitches be like “stop hurting disabled people”, but then go out and hurt their own disabled ass by invalidating themselves out of not using their mobility aids
Bitches be like “fakeclaiming disabled people is bad” and turn around and fakeclaim themselves
I am bitches
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transfaguette · 2 days ago
he can fix me (ibuprofen)
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olyia-stories · a day ago
How did I only just realise that Taliesin is giving us a character with chronic pain? In C3E35 Ashton is confirmed to be in constant pain made worse with movement. And yet, they are the party barbarian. The bro literally fights and moves so much! And Ashton does all of that in pain!
I love that Taliesin is committed to representing people through his characters
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thedisablednaturalist · 2 days ago
Classes that have participation quizzes that can't be made up (even if the lowest grades are "dropped" or they are extra credit) are ableist and also simply unfair to those who just ran into some bad luck (funeral, family emergency/commitment, sickness)
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crippleprophet · 2 days ago
the long-awaited (by me) info sheet on ankylosing spondylitis symptoms, research, and myth debunking is now available! send it to your friends, your enemies, your chronic illness groupchats, print it out and staple it to your local telephone polls - and please let me know if this is helpful, if you have questions, and if there’s anything you think should be added!
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gremlinbehaviour · 2 days ago
Having a little moment of grief for myself because I actually looked at the chronic pain scale again last night instead of just guessing where I’m at each day and realized that the only time that I’m not somewhere between a 4 and a 7 is when I’m at an 8
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newhologram · a day ago
If “pushing through” a virus can be dangerous for long-term health, imagine what constantly having no choice but to “push through” chronic illness does to spoonies. Especially considering a lot of us are this sick already FROM doing that. Idek what my life expectancy is anymore.
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raccoon-queer · a day ago
that moment when your legs hurt but you haven't even gotten out of bed yet like ??? this is Not Fair
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mintmatcha · 18 hours ago
kiyoomi's unique flexibility linked back to a connectivity disorder and he often has low to moderate bouts of chronic pain
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corginomoregi · 2 days ago
I saw a post about chronic illness that I really related to and then realized it was my own post.
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collidercore · 2 days ago
I can’t justify spending money on another cane when I already have one but it would be really nice to have one that is unique looking/matches my vibe or that is more durable and doesn’t make a loud noise whenever it touches the ground 💀 my current one is a year old and we got the cheapest option lmao
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nah-binary · 5 hours ago
hi y’all i still have $0 for food stamps right now, they haven’t refilled for the month and i desperately need to buy some groceries. Would anyone be able to send $15-$20 so i can get a small order of food until my food stamps refill ????
$blahsumsage on cash app
@blahsum on venmo
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