kedreeva · a day ago
I think maybe we have forgotten the value of shutting the fuck up sometimes
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spectrologie · 2 days ago
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Grand Canyon at sunset during a monsoon storm
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arnaerr · 20 hours ago
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PLEASE play Dragon Age: Origins
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trufflesmushroom · 11 hours ago
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anyway i got interviewed for vice about gonchposting
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Wednesday (2022)
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thebibliosphere · 14 hours ago
How is your brother doing?
He's doing better, thanks for asking.
They've now got him on two different steroid treatments (which is not ideal because he has problems with his eyes, and steroids can make him lose his sight), but the hospital finally agreed that his immune system is desperately out of control and something had to be done.
The dermatologist he saw was also aware of MCAS (unlike the other doctor who kept saying it was made up/kept conflating it with mastocytosis.) however, she claimed there was "no treatment for it," which is absolute horseshit. She is willing to write prescriptions for different antihistamines, though. So that's something.
His one good eye is still at risk from the infection, but hopefully, the crazy dose of antibiotics he's on will start working soon.
Meanwhile, I'm trying to help my mother wrap her head around a low histamine diet from 4000 miles away. And helping her weed out any possible triggers in her cleaning supplies via Facetime. It's an ongoing process, but I am glad she is recognizing that it needs to be done and is throwing herself into it. Not least of all, because I suspect she has a milder version of it and would also substantially benefit from some of these things.
Anyway, things are still bad, but they are improving. Which is all I can ask for.
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thetittywarrior · a day ago
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tell me i’m pretty <3
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6uny · a day ago
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mellowxjane · 2 days ago
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rabdoidal · a day ago
“when will goncharov come out on netflix” “when will goncharov come out on amazon prime” no. when will goncharov reach the pirate bay
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apomaro-mellow · 2 days ago
one plot i’d like to see is one where Nancy figures out she’s into Robin first but obviously can’t make a move on Steve’s best friend for risk of things being awkward but when she learns of Eddie’s crush she hatches a simple, elegant plan to help him get together with Steve. Because if Steve’s officially moved on, she can start dating Robin and things won’t be weird and it should be easy because she’s dated Steve before, she knows his ins and outs and what makes him tick. Piece of cake operation, right?
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yaoigirlfriends · 2 days ago
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the strawhat pirates are running low on funds, and nami (and robin) have an idea :) (originally drawn for bunny day)
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wutheringheights78 · a day ago
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NEW CARDIGAN 💚!! it's made from french merino wool and the buttons are wooden :-) crocheted 100% by hand using a vintage pattern
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peachykeendamsel · 2 days ago
i think he should be slapping my pussy while making me keep full eye contact w/ him n telling me i'm his good girl.
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coldasyou · 2 days ago
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speak for yourself. i hope she opens up the eras tour with macavity.
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catladychronicles · 2 days ago
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