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panzerdrako · 3 days
The Kindly Ones
Part Ten
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Woke up from a Very Silly Dream. For Dream Reasons, I was magically transformed in to Holly Mop (@joydemorra ) and placed gently in a stroller/shopping cart. I was then taken on a walk in said stroller, with Neil Gaiman and Sir Terry Pratchett (Sir Terry was actually pushing the stroller with Neil leading the way.) After enjoying a nice walk on roads I remember from my childhood, we arrived at an outdoor market much like Pike Place. And then... Neil and Sir Terry started singing "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE. Woke up singing "If you've a date in Constantinople, she'll be wating in Istanbul..." Anyone want to try their hand at interpreting this?
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graphicpolicy · 13 hours
Don't miss The Neil Gaiman Dark Horse Collection Book Bundle on Humble Bundle!
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Lose yourself in realms of myth and mystery in these Dark Horse graphic novels featuring the stories of New York Times best-selling author Neil Gaiman! With the The Neil Gaiman Dark Horse Collection, discover gorgeous adaptations of celebrated novels like American Gods and Norse Mythology. Explore twists on fairy tales (Snow, Glass, Apples) and legends from classic literature (A Study in…
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alexzpaintings · 1 day
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IG / TT / prints
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dailyaziraphale · 1 day
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Aziraphale Of The Day: he looks like he's just remembered that he left the oven on at home
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dorian-debrah · 1 day
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daily-crowley · 2 days
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Crowley Of The Day: “i’m telling you it was this big!”
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azfellie · 3 days
hob tries to feed dream anything that’s not wine.
he goes all out and finds some of the most fanciest restaurants in london, reserves places and looks carefully on the menu to find something that could satisfy his stranger. weirdly enough, he’s never seen the other eating any kind of food given, unless his sister fed him something she herself enjoyed. but to take food from hob? the stranger could never.
hob reserves a place in the ritz. university professor wages cried in his wallet, but hob has made a decision and he’s gonna do anything to get dream to try some fancy food. two months in advance is a long time, but hob has waited enough for his stranger (100+ years in his absence certainly made a difference) and he’ll probably wait some more if the chances are even.
finally, when they both get to the ritz, hob can see from dream’s face — the food’s a disaster. funnily enough, the stranger reminds hob of a little kid, who’s in his picky eater era, so hob gives up the ritz, pays and wonders how can he get dream to try food that’s not disgusting for him.
(‘i am not in need for human food in order to function properly, hob gadling’
‘mmh yeah okay gotcha’)
so hob’s final destination was mcdonald’s.
and boy what he would give to see dream devouring his mcflurry and sipping grape juice he got somewhere else.
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vyvanxe · 2 days
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you've heard of "Morpheus wearing Garret Pugh in s1", so now please consider "Morpheus should wear Iris van Herpen for s2"
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thatnerdyqueer · 3 days
Ok, but the way Good omens is explaining the way Adam is slowly causing the end of the world... it's... chilling.
It's all very funny, hilarious, until suddenly, like most of us at some point, he just stops and wonders why all this awful stuff (and he's only just realising, as the audience are, that it is awful, not funny) is happening and where we've all gone wrong. And he wonders, like most of us at some point, whether it wouldn't be better just to start again.
And, like all children at some point, he starts to imagine his ideal world - a world where he has control, where he isn't at the mercy of the tides of fate.
What he doesn't realise, though, and this is the scary bit, is how much power he wields. His friends can see it, and they're scared too. He's the only one who can't see how dangerous he might be.
It just goes to show how dangerous it is to have immature people in positions of power. Even if they don't mean to, they're going to make colossal mistakes. We all do - it isn't their fault. But the problem is that they have enough power to make those mistakes matter. Cause awful, powerful ripples.
Ahhhhh Neil, Terry, you are amazing writers. This sequence is so well done. You think it's hilarious, you enjoy it so much, and then that realisation slowly dawns and you realise what's happening and you realise you can't blame him because he's just human. We all think these things, at some point and oh oh oh gosh it's just so well done.
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liberaleffects · 1 day
Albert Einstein was asked once how we could make our children intelligent. His reply was both simple and wise. “If you want your children to be intelligent,” he said, “read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” He understood the value of reading, and of imagining. I hope we can give our children a world in which they will read, and be read to, and imagine, and understand.
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gasbunny · 21 hours
Sandman Fan Cover
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ferrarimarco · 2 days
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DEATH commission (2021)
Ink, pencil and screentones on A3 paper.
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A moment of appreciation to two of my favorite artist that have made art for Sandman: J. H. Williams III and Yoshitaka Amano.
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This two have definitely draw some of my favorite interpretations of Dream of the Endless in the whole comic saga and I love, love, LOVE Their art so much! They inspire me so much.
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ruby-gold · 8 hours
Crowley: "It's tradition that there's an angel on top of the Christmas tree."
Aziraphale: ...
Crowley: "and you wouldn't want to break with traditions, now would you?"
To everyone who told Christmas maniacs like me to hold it together until December:
Well here we are, December 1st!
Time to come out my fellow lovers of the festive season. Let's blast Michael Bublé, sprinkle cinnamon and gingerbread flavour everywhere and don't forget: it's not corny if for it's Christmas.
I decided to have a Good Omens themed Christmas tree this year and am in over my head drawing tons of little doodles to have them printed and hang them on the tree.
This is the first of many.
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dailyaziraphale · 2 days
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Aziraphale.exe has stopped working
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