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“Love is friendship on fire.”
I think the thing I love most about seeing Football!Harry and Football!Louis together is that it’s a tangible reminder that they’re best friends, first and always.
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And that’s exactly how they made it through.
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Jason and Roy will be holding hands walking down the street -Jason planning out loud what hes going to make for their dinner, Roy pulls them by their linked hands over to a store window because 'that table is exactly what our living room needs babe' - and the two of them can not figure out why people always think the two of them are in a relationship
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i guess that’s a new love language🫠
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‘Austria - American skiers’ best friends’
Austrian winter sports travel poster for the American market (c. 1970).
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They are perfect.
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Oh, you're the best friend that I ever had...
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@liquorlaughslove look at them😍
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linette no
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Me and my bestie
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Cats matchbox screen print - "Deluxe Best Friends" by  charlottefarmer1
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When we meet him in the bar, he (Coyote) seems to be a long-time friend of Hangman (Glen Powell). What else do you know about the road to that point?
Tarzan: So Hangman and Coyote are best, best friends. They both graduated from TOPGUN together as the number one and number two combo. It’s like a Shaq and Kobe dynamic. That’s how we like to look at it. So he is a person who deserves to be where he is. [More under cut about everyone else’s relationships.]
That bar scene was so important to the movie since we needed an immediate understanding of who the new pilots are and what their existing relationships are like.
Yes, everybody knows of each other because when you’re the best of the best, you hear about people. So we’ve had our encounters. Coyote has met Phoenix [Monica Barbaro] and Rooster [Miles Teller] before, and so has Hangman [Glen Powell]. Bob [Louis Pullman] was probably the only one who nobody really knew about; he slipped under the radar. But aside from Bob, Phoenix is the person who probably knew everybody such as Payback [Jay Ellis], Fanboy [Danny Ramirez], Rooster, Hangman and Coyote. But that was the first time that everybody had been in the same setting because they all graduated at different times, and they’ve all been deployed to different areas and handled different things in their military lives. Yeah, I love how every character was introduced. They showed a lot of personality.
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fizzgigfanclub · 5 months
Sex Ed
Summary: Eddie teaches the boys how to properly finger a girl
Pairing: Eddie Munson X Reader
Word Count: 2244
⚠️Warnings⚠️ : SMUT!!, fingering, oral a little bit, swearing!!, public sex(I guess), not proof read 
Masterlist  Part 2
Tumblr media
The lunch room was crowded, but you were seated at your usual spot. Right next to Eddie, who takes the head of the table. 
"What are you weekend plans, Jeff?” Dustin asked, trying to get some conversation going. 
“I have a date, and we’re gonna go to the drive in.” Jeff told the table. Then he made this awful motion with his hands. He held up two fingers and started scissoring them open and close and the moving his hand in a big circle. 
“Is that supposed to be you fingering this girl?” Eddie spoke up with disbelief. Jeff just smirked and nodded.
“Damn right it is.” He fist bumped with Gareth and you rolled your eyes.
“That’s horrible, dude.” You spoke up, adding to the conversation.
“I agree.” Eddie bumped your shoulder with his elbow. 
“What do you mean?” Jeff looked offended.
“Girls aren’t objects.” You spoke, quietly as Eddie, unintentionally spoke over you.
“That’s not how you finger a girl.” He was confident in his statement, but everyone at the table, including the baby freshmen, looked at him with surprise at his statement.
“What?” He questioned.
“So how do you do it then?” Gareth questioned, meekly from across the table.
“Yeah, Eddie. How do you do it?” You mocked resting your chin in your hand. Eddie just chuckled and stuck a pretzel in his mouth.
“I’m not gonna give you all my secrets, okay?” He laughed to himself shaking his head, but everyone still watched him expectantly.
“Just tell us, dude.” Dustin threw a grape at Eddie to get him to tell his “secrets”. “Maybe I’ll use your advise in the future.” He laughed and Mike gave him a disgusted look.
“Gross, dude.” Mike exclaimed.
“Fine, whatever?” Eddie spoke up, “first things first, and most importantly, consent is key. If they said no, well, that means no and hands to yourself.” Everyone around the table nodded and urged him to keep going.
“You wanna make sure you hands are clean. I’m talking no dirt under your nails, no long nails, and please, God, no hang nails. Jeff, I’m talking to you. I mean it, buddy, file those bad boys down.” He points across the table to Jeff who nodded and started picking at his fingernails. You just chuckled but continued to listen.
“You wanna ease into it, don’t run before you can walk. Simplicity. There’s the- the hole, and there’s the clit. You have to multitask. Start with one finger, a long one, don’t need around with that pointer finger bullshit, ‘kay? Middle finger and ring finger. Use your thumb to rub the clit, it’s above the hole, you’ll find it, I hope.” He muttered the last part to himself, but as you were so close to him you heard and chuckled to yourself. He was explaining what to do and demonstrating with his hands in the air.
“Once you kinda got that far, then you can get more creative. Some people will tell you to curl your fingers kinda like- line ‘come here’” again he demonstrated with his two middle fingers together, “but that’s not quite right. I’ve found you need to curl your fingers up like that but don’t move them. Keep them like that and move your whole arm back and forth.” He curled his fingers in the air and started thrusting his arm. Everyone looked around at each other, but you were lost in watching his technique.
“Keep doing that and rubbing the clit, faster and slower, you know, until she cums.” He finished with a small shrug and ate another pretzel off his plate.
“Wait- girls… cum?” Jeff asks, whispering the last word. Eddie and you both sigh and he facepalms.
“Yes, my unfortunate friend, they do. And it’s magnificent.” Eddie reaches over the table and pats his shoulder. “You have much to learn.”
After lunch was over and you went to your next class you couldn’t get Eddie out of your mind. You’d been friends since you moved to Hawkins last year, but you’d never looked at him in a sexual way. You honestly thought he was a virgin. Like totally. Just because he was a Dungeons and Dragons nerd, but after todays displays during lunch you wanted to see his other side.
Once the next period started, you k new you had a class with Eddie. Before he could go into the classroom you grabbed his wrist and pulled him into a supply closet and shut the door.
“Whoa!” Eddie was confused until he caught his balance and realized it was you. “Oh, jeez,  you scared me. What’s up?” He held his hand to his chest, trying to regulate his breathing.
“When you said, at lunch today,” You started saying, before he cut you off.
“Yeah, I’m sorry. I don’t really think that skirt is too short. I was just teasing you.” He explained his first comment of the period, but that’s not what you were referring to. 
“That’s not what I’m talking about...” You trailed off, a bit embarrassed to say what you actually meant. 
“What’s this about then?” He asked, seeming genuinely confused. 
“You know, when you explained to the guys how to...” You wiggled your eyebrows making a thrusting gesture with your arm. 
“Oh! When I told them how to finger someone?” He nodded with a smile and you shushed him.
“So? What about it?” He shrugged again. You just looked at him for a moment, thinking about whether or not you should tell him.
“I know this is weird, but I’ve been thinking about it and it actually like kind of turned me on and I know we’re friends, so I hope me saying this doesn’t ruin anything between us, but I really want you to finger me.” You spoke all in one breath, getting it out of the way and waiting for his response. He just looked at you with a shocked expression.
You reached for the door handle, ready to never speak to Eddie, or anyone, ever again, but he grabbed your wrist and pressing you against the door. 
He leaned down to speak to you, noses almost touching.
“You want me to finger you?” His tone was serious, but he was wearing a proud smirk across his face. 
“Yea.” You couldn’t help the smile that made its way to your lips, and you both just chuckled at the situation. 
“Okay.” He nodded, still very close to you.
“Okay.” You spoke back.
There was a moment of silence in the small supply room, but it soon ended when he pressed his lips to yours. You quickly move your hands to wrap in his hand, and his gripped your hips, pressing you to the door. Every action was quick, and heated. 
He lifted you up and placed you down on top of a small counter and stood between your spread knees. His hands were on your thighs, bunching your skirt up around your hips. 
He left a few open mouth kisses on your neck and a few hickeys you were sure would last well into next week. You couldn’t help it when a soft moan fell from your lips when his hand moved around to your inner thigh. 
His palm cupped your clothed pussy and your breath got caught in your throat. Your own fingers, wrapped up in his hair, tugged at his roots and he let out his own low groan. 
Eddie broke away from the kiss and looked down at his hand moving your underwear to the side. 
“Wow, you’re already so wet.” He all but growled into your ear.
“Been thinking about you since fourth period.” You breathed out between soft moans. 
Just like he described earlier, he used his fingertips to dip into your entrance and spread your wetness through you folds until he reached your clit. He started tracing slow, agonizing circles around your clit with one hand, and with the other he lifted your leg to place your heel at the edge of the counter. You tossed your head back against the wall as you tried to swallow your moans so you didn’t get caught in the school closet. 
“That feel good? Hmm?” His pace on your clit sped up only slightly, his other hand was placed on the wall behind you. 
“More.” You whined out, moving your hands to his wrist between your thighs. 
“More, what? Use your manners.” He leaned his face down making direct eye contact with you.
“Please. Please, I need more.” You whined, followed by a loud moan when he plunged two fingers into your dripping pussy. 
He didn’t give you much time before he started pulling his fingers out and pressing them back in at a slow pace, using his thumb to rub your clit. 
“Faster, Eddie.” You tried moving your hips a bit, but his other hand moved down from the wall to keep you still. “Please.”
“Your wish is my command.” He started pumping his fingers faster and harder, and you could feel your stomach getting that warm feeling. 
“Fuck! That feels so good, Eddie.” You moved to grip the edge of the counter, to keep yourself from screaming his name for the whole school to hear.
He lowered his body just a bit and he started leaving kisses on the inside of your thighs. 
“What are you doing?” You ask, breathlessly.
“Just trust me.” He continued to leave kisses and hickeys on the your inner thigh. 
As he described earlier, his fingers curled inside of you, rubbing against the spot deep inside you with every thrust. A spot you’ve never been able to reach on your own. Your eyes screwed shut and your head tilted back with an arch in your back. 
“Fuck! Right there!” You were trying as hard as you could to contain your moaning, but it soon became too difficult for you. You slammed your own hand against your lips, hopefully to keep the volume down. 
As you were in your own little world, bucking your hips to meet each thrust, you were pulled back to reality when Eddies tongue was pressed to your clit. 
“Holy fuck.” You basically wheezed into your palm. Your other hand weaving into Eddie’s hair. 
As his fingers were thrusting at a rapid rate, and his lips wrapped around your clit you could feel your stomach tighten and your toes began to curl. 
Your hand on Eddie’s head was joined by the other one pressing his face further into you, leading his exactly where you needed him. 
“Fuck, don’t stop. You’re gonna make me cum.” Your hips were rocking as you chased your high, and your fingers pulling his hair causing him to moan against you. 
“Cum for me, (Y/n).” He kept his eyes on your face, wanting to see how much pleasure you were in because of him.
You could feel the vibrations of his voice run all the way through your body leading up to an explosion of pleasure. 
“Fuck, Eddie, oh my, God.” A combination of curse words and Eddies name was all you could manage to say as waves of pleasure surged through your body like waves. 
“That’s it, good girl.” Eddie stood back up straight and held the side of your head making you look into his eyes. 
Your pussy clenched around Eddie’s fingers as he worked you down from your high. He removed his finger from you sensitive hole, earning another jolt and hiss from you. He brought his hand from between your thighs and pressed his two fingers to your lips. 
“Open.” He didn’t break eye contact as you opened your mouth and accepted his fingers into your mouth. You let out a small moan as you tasted yourself  and licked every drop of your juices from his fingers. 
“Holy shit.” You spoke softly. You were out of breath. Very out of breath. “That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.” You confessed to your best friend. 
“Yeah? I could tell.” He smirked and you gave him a playful smack on his shoulder. 
He looked around in the closet and found an unopened box of tissues. He tore it open and took out a few tissues to clean you up. 
“You made quite the mess, (Y/L/n),” He smirked watching you jolt when he put too much pressure on your, still very sensitive, core. 
“Shut up.” You whined as you pulled your underwear back to their original position. “Help me down.”
Eddie helped you hop down from the counter top and stabilized you when you hit the floor. You adjusted your skirt and your hair and looked at Eddie for approval.
“Hang on,” He ran his thumbs under your eyes to fix the tear stained, black, rim around your eyes from your eyeliner. “Okay, good. What about me?” 
You ran your fingers through his hair and tamed a few unruly pieces and wiped off some of your own pussy juice off his chin.
“Good,” You smiled. “Now, let’s get to class before they come looking for us.” 
Eddie spun around on his heel and opened the closet door. 
You both walked to your class, side by side.
“I feel bed for any girl Jeff’s ever been with if he just found out they can cum today.” You joked as you playfully bumped your shoulder into his.
“That poor boy. And to think, he lost his virginity before me.” Eddie joked back as you two approached your class. 
I haven’t written much of anything in a while, so I’m a bit rusty.
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Iconic best friends
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