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requested by anon: Monica & Chandler in 5.01 ↳ FRIENDS (1994 - 2004 ) | “The One After Ross Says Rachel”
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aroaceconfessions · 13 hours ago
I don’t know the word (squish?), but my best friend just admitted to being interested in a queer platonic relationship with me.
At first, I was interested in her romantically. When she told me she was aromantic, I was a lil sad, but happy to be her friend. But. As we grew closer, I found I was happiest with her in a non-romantic relationship.
Recently I realized we…had become more than friends. Today she asked me if I wanted to be her queer platonic gf and I was so happy. I love her so much. No one on Earth has ever made me so happy. She’s my rock. She’s my world. She’s my sunshine. It feels so much deeper than any sort of romantic feelings ever have. I love her.
- 💛🍯
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shima-draws · 4 hours ago
Because I haven't seen yet, are Juliana & Florian the PC names?
Yup, Juliana’s the female MC and Florian is the male MC!
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Some thumbnails I’ve made in the past for streams!! ⭐️✨
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“I’ve gad a very long, hard day” | 5x02
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BLACKPINK with their managers
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«Вольный стиль»(неоф.рус.)
яп. フリー!Фури:!
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aroaceconfessions · 15 hours ago
I’m aroace but sometimes I think of how nice it would be to have some kind of queerplatonic poly lesbian relationship and to raise an adopted child (or more) with my partners. I love caring for people it makes me really happy. And I would love to share that happiness with others. I don’t want to be in a romantic or sexual relationship I just want to have this kind of family.
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specialagentlokitty · 11 hours ago
Joey x reader - perfectly perfect
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Hi! I have been feeling down lately so may I please request this kind of comfort Joey Tribbiani pls? With chubby!fem reader? I have been feeling kinda stress and insecure and anxious and depressed lately because of personal things, school and the negativity in my head😞. Sorry for asking so much though. Thank you!💗🫶🏻- Anon💜
Joey wasn’t one to pick things up straight away, sometimes it did take him some time, but when he noticed you hadn’t been around, he immediately knew something was wrong.
You always came over, at the same time without fail, it was routine for the pair of you and it had been for years.
If you couldn’t make it you would always make time to call him and let him know.
But today, there was no text. There was reason why, and there was no call today, and you didn’t respond to his calls either.
After a while Joey decided he was going to go see you.
“Joe, it’s late.” Chandler said.
“I know, I’ll be back later.”
With that Joey jogged out of the apartment and got a cab outside.
He was nervous, he didn’t often go to yours, but he was worried about you and he needed to know that you were okay.
Getting out, he looked up at the building and sighed to himself as he headed inside.
He made his way up and hesitated outside your door.
You said he could always let himself in, but he didn’t know if he should at this point.
Did he knock? Did he just walk in?
Hesitating for a few more minutes in his internal debate he just let himself in and quietly closed the door behind him.
“(Y/N)?” He called softly.
He heard a mumbled reply come from the other side of the apartment and he headed over in that direction.
Making his way to your bedroom he stopped just outside the door and knocking, waiting for your soft reply for him to come in.
He opened the door and looked around, finding you swaddled in your blankets.
“Hey.” he whispered.
Joey frowned a little, walking over as he sat on the side on your bed.
“What’s wrong?” He frowned.
Joey loved you hyper, loving, happy self.
Seeing you like this was heartbreaking for him.
He reached out and you pulled away from his touch.
He didn’t need you to tell him what was wrong, he knew immediately and it broke his heart even more.
“Come here…”
He shuffled over, laying down as he held his arms out to you.
You looked at him, his little grin he always wore when he wanted to cuddle you.
It was a little grin you couldn’t ever resist, seeing it made everything seem so much better, easier in many different ways.
Shuffling over, you wiggled into his arms but didn’t move the blankets away from your body.
“You’re beautiful, stop hiding away from me…” he mumbled.
“I can’t…”
Joey sighed and held you a little bit tighter.
“You’ve dated much more beautiful women…” you mumbled.
Joey chuckled softly, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.
“You are beautiful, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. You’re so hot (Y/N), I don’t care what other people think, you’ll never change my mind on that.”
Joey kept whispering sweet things to you, telling you how hot he thought you were, how incredibly beautiful and perfect you were.
He was madly in love with you, everything about you he loved.
He never thought he could be so in love with one person, but here you were, stealing his whole heart, his whole life, and he was okay with that.
Even if it meant telling you every day how much he loved you.
Everything he needed in life was you, and he was never ever going to let you think so bad about yourself
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Snap: Lillyjeud
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tuffluuhv · 20 hours ago
to my fellow "walks behind their friedns on the foot paths", "gets forgotten about when saying goodbye", "left out of photos", "never reached out to first", "only there when needed" people- I love you. you're important and valuable. please don't think that just because others can't see your worth means that you'd don't have any. you have all of it. you are worth the texts first, and the sidewalk spaces. you are worth a kiss goodbye. you are worth being front and centre of group photos and being invited because people want you to be there. you are worth existing simply to exist. I love you.
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aroaceconfessions · 2 hours ago
My other aro-spec friends are very anti-relationship, which I totally get, and I'm glad they're happy with that. But I'm kind of starting a relationship with someone and even though I know they'll be supportive to my face about it, I can't help but wonder if they'll secretly think less of me because I ended up in one. I use to like the idea of being "above" relationships for a while (not above the people in them, but able to be content without one) but then, well, met someone I liked, and we wanna be together. I feel like I'm less aro-spec and less independent for ending up with someone romantically. I rlly don't think my friends would think that and they for sure wouldn't say it to me but I dunno, I worry
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high-quality-tiktoks · 9 hours ago
“Wow Brad...that’s concerning”
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