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pizza-and-ramen · a month ago
Tumblr is Tracking Shared Links
It looks like Tumblr @staff have finally implemented tracking garbage into shared links in the Tumblr mobile app. It took them years and years, but Tumblr is finally making an attempt to track shared links you click or links you share with friends.
When you share a post and choose to “copy” a link to your clipboard, you can see that they use their (new?) url shortener, at.tumblr.com.  The shortened URL appears to contain: your blog name; either the ID of the destination post, or the short string associated with the post; and an alphanumeric string.  Eg:
The shortened URL redirects you to the destination link, but with 2 URL parameters: _branch_referrer and _branch_match_id.  Both are associated with a third-party analytics tool, branch.io.  Eg:
_branch_referrer appears to be another shortened at.tumblr.com URL, except it’s been gzipped, base64 encoded, then URL encoded.  Eg:
URL decode to:
base64 decode to (in hex for legibility):
1F8B0800 00000000 000315C4 C10D8020 0C00C089 4A1FC68F DB545069 A4805082 32BD9A5C CEABE6BA 20921A6D B286626C 12CC3C06 01450785 648BC802 7BB327C7 03DCF3AF 9E2B7C3C 072A9C5A C53B8C79 EA974BBD F71774BF F02E5500 0000
and unzipped with gunzip:
which directs to the post with the same _branch_referrer but a new _branch_match_id:
_branch_match_id, according to this stackoverflow answer, is an identifier unique to you, used to track users.  It could be based on browser fingerprinting, as branch.io’s branch_match_id is.
Anyway, there’s not a terribly easy way to avoid this tracking from the Tumblr mobile app, but if you get a link that has the id, not the string, you can modify it to the format of blog.tumblr.com/ID, like so before sending it to a friend:
Alternately, you could paste the link in your browser, allow it to redirect, then remove everything past the ? at the end, eg:
Anyway, this has been my privacy rant of the day.  Thanks for reading, and let me know if you know more about this than I do!
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eternalgirlscout · 2 months ago
please does anyone have the "it's been a week, pass the detritus" meme i need it wait what the fuck is this
Tumblr media
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dragonballwish · a month ago
Okay so musky bought Twitter, so we can probably expect some new tumblr people to crop up. I’d just like to say some words.
Please use the app as it is supposed to be used. Know that the algorithm here does not exist like other sites. This means that you create or follow the content you want to see, you share the content you want others to see. No one will be stalking your likes even if you have them public. Reblogs are the way to go. If you feel awkward reblogging, get used to it or go somewhere else. Reblogs are ALWAYS appreciated unless otherwise explicitly stated.
Also. You may not be used to this, but tumblr blogs are so fun and super customizable. You are highly encouraged to do this, because most tumblr users will block blank blogs / not-customized blogs on sight. Have fun getting to know the freedom of having a whole website to customize for yourself! Or 100! Side blogs are fun for that too!
Or you can just leave the theme as is and just have a different pfp / header just like anywhere else. No one will judge you.
TLDR; reblog posts you like, customize your blog, interact with the communities you’re entering. Otherwise, you may find that you’ll be blocked seemingly at random.
If you have any questions about how anything works, ask!!! If no one else is gonna answer, I will 🤷 welcome to tumblr
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fxa · a year ago
Tumblr media
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adulthoodisokay · 2 months ago
tumblr is the best social media platform cause i seamlessly transition between shitposts and hyperfixations and deeply personal posts without thought to how an algo will rank them. it’s just me posting to my beautiful non-data-mined followers and them screaming beautifully back.
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andmaybegayer · 6 months ago
You may think it's bad when your post leaves your usual circle, but you know you're truly beyond saving when it re-enters your circle from the great beyond with a bunch of comments it picked up on the way.
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noyzinerd · a month ago
Tumblr media
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cotyledon-tomentosa · 5 days ago
horrible new tumblr feature idea!!
on every profile there is a ‘vote off the island’ button, if over a certain number of people vote, the blog is forcibly deactivated. The vote count is public.
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jv · 5 months ago
Fuck, let's do something.
You know how tumblr still loses a lot of money, which is not great news if we want our favorite hellsite to keep existing etc etc, right? And how a way to achieve that is to get more people joining us in our cult happy sect favorite social network?
So I'm hereby recruiting all of you to the tumblr vanguard group of the tumblrtariad, in charge of keeping tumblr weird while trying to save it from oblivion.
Our first action will be to make pikaman a fucking global phenomenon. See this:
Tumblr media
This could be YOUR neighborhood. YOUR college. YOUR workplace. This could be EVERYWHERE.
How? Here, take this:
That's the fucking pdf with the image up there. Print a bunch of them (or just one, or five hundred, whatever you want) and go out and paste them around.
Could you think a better way of:
- make the normcore people in your community weirded out and a little bit concerned.
- get the people-who-would-get-tumblr actually say "wtf I need to check this".
- maybe get your local nutjob tv network catch with it and have your work featured as a clear sign of a Satanic pokemon conspiracy.
All in the name of Tumblr. There are A LOT of us here even if everyone would tell you this place died years ago. We are more than enough to make the fucking pikaman pop-up in every country in the world.
Let's do it friends. To the printers!!
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befuddled-calico-whump · 5 months ago
the secret to happiness is finding a niche community you vibe with on Tumblr Dot Com
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brightwanderer · 11 days ago
Investing in the important blue checkmarks in the hope that at some point I will receive CRAB
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simpleclownherder · 3 months ago
The concept of a “real version” of internet content is so interesting to me.
irl museums feel special. Your “This is the real Starry Night” moment feels significant, certainly more significant than just googling the Starry Night and finding the first thing off Google. You already know what the Starry Night looks like before seeing it in the museum. But there’s a certain power to knowing this is the original. Van Gogh crafted *this* with his own hands and people have been admiring *this* for hundreds of years. It’s just special.
It’s the same kind of feeling with World Heritage tumblr posts. Comments like “This is a legendary post, I’ve only seen this in screenshots” are very common. It feels more real than just seeing it screenshotted or copied. It feels like a real piece of tumblr history. It’s wild to realize the original version of the post is still kicking around the internet in its original form.
But it’s not. It’s just a server sharing a copy of the original data and your screen rendering it for you. Same process as if you looked it up yourself. Nearly the same process as if you found a screenshot. It might not even be stored on the same physical server as the original upload, depending on how they’ve done maintenance over the years and how many backups they store. The version in front of you is no more real than the screenshots you’ve seen.
Except isn’t it??
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welcome2tmblrbestie · 7 months ago
(I can't control who sees this so if you're not a new user just ignore me lol)
See unlike all the haters on this hellsite (no offense meant i love you) i recognize that tumblr.com kinda needs its userbase to increase if it's going to survive long term
anyway for that reason i've been building out this sideblog as a resource to new/returning tumblr users :)
❓ what is this blog???? you may ask
i reblog posts i come across that provide insight into Tumblr's...
history - changes in functionality and trends over time
culture - inside references, esoteric memes, and general believes
meta discourse - dialogue about the state, development, and future of this hellsite (affectionate)
anyway if you're new, consider this your welcome pamphlet.
no i'm not saying you should follow me, just that if you're so inclined, feel free to scroll until you're overwhelmed and decide it's not worth the effort and leave the website altogether wait no that's not the point of this bl--
Also just wanted to plug real quick that if you wanna filter through my reblogs, I use the following tags:
#tumblr functionality - how does tumblr work, how do you accomplish a certain task, what are its features, what are its bugs, etc.
#tumblr history - discussion/referencing events or iconic posts from tumblr's past
#tumblr etiquette - basically all those do's and don't's people keep making lists of for some reason
#tumblr culture - anything related to the nonsense we pull here (like tumblr holidays or the fact that your post gaining thousands of reblogs isn't an accomplishment but actually you being the victim of a coordinated attack)
#tumblr meta - posts about tumblr.com as a website or company, generally. if i reblog a post from staff there's a good chance it goes here.
#inside jokes/memes - i try to avoid posting these because the question of what's iconic enough to qualify is so subjective, but certain memes (eeby deeby, lil wayne's clop clop clop, do you love the color of the sky) certainly deserve to be mentioned because you will see them referenced at some point
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fxa · a year ago
Tumblr media
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eternalgirlscout · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i made this blog in 2012
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andmaybegayer · 4 months ago
I'm glad we have Brett Afloweroutofstone he's like a news correspondent. I log on and I think Let's go now to our man in Washington he's just listened to six hours of dubious rap music and written an insightful screed about Bitcoin, what is his take on the situation in Ukraine?
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