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First Day of Gift-Giving
One True Pairing Moments
Watching the sunset
Dancing around the kitchen
Fighting over the remote
Adopting a pet together
Going grocery shopping together
Having a friendly arm-wrestling match
Calling just to hear their voice
Giving each other lazy kisses
Taking pictures when the other’s not watching
Getting a bath ready for them both
Cooking together for date night
Brushing their teeth together
Texting each other cute pictures
Doing skin care together
Having a snowball fight
Loudly singing together
Painting each other’s nails
Laughing at the stupidest jokes
Holding hands in packed areas
Kissing each other good night
24 Days of Gift-Giving
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Short Prompt #1052
“Oh, please. You’re nothing but an ant beneath my boot,” The villain spat, leveling the civilian with a glare. Civilian, fearless in what many saw as the eye of death, gave Villain an equally fiery stare. “An ant that cares for your wounds. So unless you know someone else who can touch you without withering into dust, you can keep quiet while I work.”
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thewriterswitch · 1 day
Writer 1: Needs to know everything about the story before you can begin
Writer 2: Wings everything. Hardly knows anything about the story. Doesn’t know what’s supposed to happen next
Writer 3: Makes detailed outlines but never follows them
Writer 4: Is a mix of Writer 1 and 2
Writer 5: The sleep doesn’t exist writer
So which one are you?
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blind-the-winds · 3 days
NaNoWriMo 2022: Day 30
Total words written: 71358 Words written today: 4799
Thoughts: IT'S DONE.
No, you don't understand. You think I mean NaNoWriMo.
Lmao, baaaasically, what happened is I wrote one chapter over today's Twitch stream. Then I was like, "I want to make it a nice 70k. Let's do another chapter!" Then some people on Discord were enablers, I made it three, and all of a sudden, I ran out of outline.
I'm going to write up a proper end-of-draft post (complete with a full list of links to each day of NaNo, if you happened to miss any), so tune in tomorrow/a decent hour for people who actually sleep for that, I promise, BUT.
Anyway, have Mick and Eleanor's first kiss.
Excerpt of the day:
Mick’s body felt heavy, and the darkness ahead of him swam. And yet, he could not move. ���Come on!” Eleanor cried. He could feel her. Cold hands against his shoulder. Her scent filled his world with jasmine and strawberries. And yet, he could not move. “Please, Mick,” she whimpered. “Please wake up.” And then, her voice rose, both in volume and away from his face. “He . . . he needs help! Please, can’t you . . . ?” Alistair’s voice now, small and weak. “I’m . . . I’m sorry, Eleanor. Without Luka, I can’t . . .” Eleanor sobbed. Her touch felt . . . muted now, somehow. And then, the air grew colder. Mick felt ice ease into his lungs. “No . . .” Eleanor’s voice grew stronger. “No! No, please!” “Relax.” A new voice. A man’s. Gruff. Tired. Yet . . . Mick shivered at its every word. “Faelen told me you reminded her of the other two. She wasn’t far off.” The man exhaled, low and slow. “Nostalgia’s a hell of a thing, though. Normally, I’m not this soft-hearted, but . . . let’s just say somebody owes me a favor after this.” He grew closer. “You can save him, you know. Stop me from touching him. He needs something you have in abundance; you don’t have something a dragon can give you. Put two and two together.” Eleanor whimpered, and then . . . stopped. “There you go,” the man said. “You know how to do it, don’t you?” Mick felt her hands encircle his snout. He felt her lift his head up. He felt her hand smooth over the crest of his brow. “Mick?” she said. Her voice was so soft, so uncertain. “Mick, I don’t know if you can hear me, but if you can, please listen. I offer you my power in exchange for yours. With this, we will be bound, until the day I die.” At the edge of the darkness, Mick could see a pink glow. He shifted towards it. It felt like sunlight, edging into his soul. “Please accept,” Eleanor said. And then, she leaned in. “Please, Mick. I don’t want to lose you.” And then, he felt her lips on the tip of his snout. All he knew then was jasmine and strawberries, warmth and light. Her. “Please,” she murmured. “I love you.” And the warmth filled him, and he reached out, and his eyes slowly opened. His lips were sluggish. His mouth wouldn’t move right. Yet somehow . . . Somehow . . . He managed. “I love you,” he whispered. Their world lit up with red and pink, and Zelisek, the Soldier, the Shepherd of the Dead, stood and quietly walked away.
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ninasdrafts · 2 days
I keep replaying this moment inside my head. It’s the first time I’ve found a connection to you in years. I’m so sorry if I crept her out - it’s just that I saw her and I freaked out - I stared and stared and stared. I know who she was right away, of course. I could see you in every line of her face. In the gleaming of her eyes and in the way they crinkled when she laughed. She had your smile. She had your good-naturedness and your patience. I didn’t have to talk to her to find out. I heard it in her voice. I remember how you used to call her your baby sister when you talked about her and well, she probably was back then. Ten years later and she’s grown into this whole adult person with an exciting life and tons of friends and parties she attends and heartbreak she has to cope with. I’m not sure if she knows who I am. You never officially introduced us, but after you'd left I did my fair bit of research. And seeing her again and knowing her instantly, I couldn't help but think about how many aspects of your life I’ve missed out on. I don’t even know where you live right now. Maybe you’re on the other side of the world. Maybe you live fifteen minutes from me. I have absolutely no idea. It's weird that it took a moment like this for me to remember what it used to be like. It hurts and I feel like I deserve it, because even in hindsight it wouldn't have been fair of me to ask you to stay. But here I am, missing you like I haven't missed you in ten years and I don't know what that says about me. If it takes something as small as this to throw me off course, how can I ever say that I'm over you?
your baby sister / n.j.
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writeblrcafe · 2 days
Writeblr Cafe's Secret Santa!
Tumblr media
'tis the season to be jolly!
To spread the season of giving and being given love, Writeblr Cafe would like to present to you a game of Secret Santa for all our fellow writers. Last year we featured a lovely gift exchange, so we decided to host Secret Santa again. If you participate, you will dedicate a piece of writing to a fellow writer and receive a piece of writing from another writer in return.
Tumblr media
Who can participate?
This event is open for all writers. Any writer can choose to spread some love and gift a present through their words!
How it works:
Fill in this form to participate.
The deadline for participating is 6th December. Your pairs will be announced on 8th December via a link in your dms. After your pairs are announced, you can choose to interact with them (anonymously) to get to know them better!
On December 24th, reveal yourself by writing something kind and dedicating your piece of writing to the person you're the secret Santa of!
Tumblr media
6th December for filling in the form to participate
8th December for getting your Secret Santa through dm
24th December for posting your writing gift
Use #wcsecretsanta
Post your piece of writing on your blog and tag it #wcsecretsanta, along with our official tag #writeblrcafe or submit it (anonymously) to our blog. We will reblog every secret Santa post to our blog!
Tumblr media
Help us to spread the joyful message by reblogging this post!
If you still have any questions, don't hesitate to ask in the comment section, so our admins can answer them; or send us a jolly ask! We promise we don't bite ;-)
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theglitchywriterboi · 4 months
I hope every writer who sees this writes LOADS the next few months. Like freetime opens up, no writers block, the ability to focus, etc etc you're able to write loads & make lots of progress <3
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aye-write · 6 months
Tumblr media
Saw this on Twitter. What 3 potions would you drink?
I would take brown, white, and yellow!
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bebx · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ao3 writers are the strongest Avengers
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Thank you!
Tumblr media
@vexahlia-de-rolo @ouilah @rosegrl18 @colormetherainbow @soranihimawari
My dear Lieblinge! First day of December, everyone! I have a love-hate relationship with December. It's a cozy time, but it's also such a dark time. It just gets dark so early. How does it look like were you live?
The newest challenge is already up on Ko-fi, so let me just say how thankful I am for your support and I wish you have a creative and successful month.
(If you become a new member or if you already are one and would like the shout-out, please let me know your handle so that I can include you here! The other shout-outs are on Instagram)
How to become a member and benefits.
Have a wonderful December!
- Jana
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Short Prompt #1051
“Can’t you see what I am?!” The monster roared, snarling and showing off their sharp teeth. “I am a beast! A demon!”
The human smiled sadly, and completely ignored the other’s threatening growl. They gently cupped the monster’s face in their hands, making Monster’s breathing stutter in surprise.
“What you are, is the love of my life. And I won’t be scared off that easily.”
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thewriterswitch · 5 hours
Tumblr media
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annarts05 · 5 months
Reminder that whatever you’re writing, you shouldn’t give up because no one else can put the puzzle together the same way you can. It’s unique to you, so stop comparing yourselves to others. That completely eliminates the whole purpose. 
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Showing when writing: Emotions [part 1]
hiding their face in their hands
wide eyes
crossing their arms around their body
shifting their weight from side to side
exaggerated movements
nervous quirks appear such as picking at their nails, playing with their hair, and rocking on their heels.
avoiding eye contact
glancing or staring at random objects
stiff smiles
scratching the back of their head or neck.
subject changing
forced laughter
big smiles
wetting their lips
constant movement
can't concentrate
wide eyes
slack jaw
harsh or erratic breathing
open mouth
slack jaw
wide eyes
covering their mouth with their hands
raised eyebrows
stepping back
stutters or stammers
Tilting back head and yelling out
fist pumping in the air
bright smiles
Shaking fist
crossed arms
Stabbing with finger
Slamming fist against something
Veins throbbing
Jutting out their chin
Clenched fist
Clenched jaw
flushed face
Eyebrows lowered or furrowed
Teeth bared
Wide stance
Tight-lipped smile
Rapid breathing
aggressive stance
Flared nostrils
Puffed chest
loud voice
lip biting
biting nails
stepping back
awkward laughter
dry lips
dry mouth
darting eyes
wrapping their arms around themselves
repeatedly folding and unfolding their arms
clutching at themselves, their hip/shoulder/stomach
drawn in/furrowed brows
avoiding eye contact
pitched voice
no appetite or nervous eating so a bigger appetite
toying with things
bouncing leg
rubbing at their face
sweating trembling
if you want to support, take a look at my story - Thoraway villain
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winterandwords · 5 months
I'm not sure I can express this sentiment strongly enough, but I'm going to try via the medium of large bolded text.
Write what the fuck you want.
Write what makes you happy. Write what makes your soul sing. Write what fucks you up and makes you cry. Write what comforts you. Write what distracts you. Write what you want to read. Write what you want to watch.
Write what you want to dream about tonight.
Write what you can't get enough of. Write what you're completely obsessed with. Write what wakes you up at 4am and drags you out of bed because you can't stop thinking about what your characters are going to do next.
Write what turns you on, if that's your vibe. Write characters you're in love with and characters who inspire you and characters you want to be friends with and characters you fucking hate but oh my god they're so much fun.
Write about things you would sell your soul to do in real life and things you would never do in real life. Write about things that are happening right now and things that happened a thousand years ago and things that might happen in the future and things you wish could happen.
Write to get a publishing deal or to sell your books yourself or not to sell your books at all. Write for your friends or for strangers or for the people who reblog your posts on Tumblr and send you songs that remind them of your characters.
Write for yourself.
Fuck any system that tells you there's only one right way to create or one valid way to share your writing. Your story, the way you tell it, has so much value. Make people smile or piss people off or do both of those things because art is divisive and fascinating and beautiful.
Start writing. Keep writing. And write what the fuck you want.
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leave-her-a-tome · 1 month
Tumblr media
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