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givethispromptatry · 2 days ago
“I love you.”
“... I-.”
“It’s ok. I just wanted you to know.”
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random-writing-thoughts · 2 days ago
Thought #156
Hero skipped around the roof. Like they didn't care about their safety. Just... being reckless.
"What are you doing?" Villain said slinking out from the shadows.
"Nothing." Hero sang.
Villain tilted their head. Something was wrong. That sounded sad.
"Hero please come down here. I would like to talk to you." Villain motioned to the ground next to them.
"Why don't you come up here? The city is so pretty from up here."
"It's dangerous up there."
Hero changed from skipping to walking. "Can't you fly?"
"Yes. But you can't. Please come down. I'm worried about you. What's wrong?"
Hero sat at the edge of the roof with a huff. "Nothing you don't already know about."
Villain sighed and flew up until they were right in front of Hero. They looked Hero up and down. Hero had tear tracks running down their face and their eyes were puffy and red.
"Is this all because I stole the diamond from CEO?" Villain said sitting next to Hero.
"No." Hero said sharply getting to their feet. "It's about what you and your group did to my base. My team." Hero's voice cracked and they collapsed.
Villain jumped to their feet. "What happened? I don't know about any plan to attack your base. I was... too busy... stealing..." Villain's voice trailed off.
Hero screamed and clutched at their hair. "My team is in Supervillain's clutches because of you. They said you had ratted us out. I can't believe I trusted you. Loved you."
Villain knelt next to Hero. "I promise I never told them anything. You had sworn me to secrecy and I keep my promises. They must have found out some other way."
Hero looked up at them with tears streaming down their face.
Villain wrapped them in a hug. "I will get your team back. I promise. You can trust me. I will prove it to you."
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Writing Prompt #2081
"No, no, no, we can't just change how things work!" The young prince cried out to the council before him. "I finally just got a handle on how any of this functions!"
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writing-ideas-inc · 2 days ago
Dialogue Prompt
"You're supposed to love me! Why are you doing this to me?
" I don't want you to die. I'll do anything to save you."
-Mod Vienna @see-through-stars
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auratusaria · a day ago
Prompt No. 13
Hero cautiously walked through the lifeless street, their guard up as they looked around every now and then.
Their nemesis invited them to their base to show off a new item they've found. A mechanical cube. It was big enough to be held with both hands, every inch and corner of it scratched, nicked, and rusted.
Villain boasted about it. Tinkering about with it as Hero watched unimpressed, certain that it's just a scrapped gadget of another villain. That was until the cube suddenly lit up, lines of light intersecting as it parts of it moved, before finally engulfing the two in a blinding light.
When Hero opened their eyes, they stood in the middle of the street. An all to familiar street. Except it felt off, the street normally bustling with people is now eerily quiet. Hero immediately sought out after Villain, if they're here then Villain should be too as well, shouldn't it?
Hero took a deep breath, they don't know how long they've been walking but the more they do, the more uneasy they become. Every shop they passed by doesn't even have an employee working in it. It was almost like they were the last person on earth. But that couldn't be possible. They were just with Villain! Playing around with that broken cube, well, supposedly broken.
They hugged themself, squeezing firmly on their arm, trying their hardest to keep their calm when finally, they heard a faint voice in the distance. They rushed to it, desperate to find another person. And there they saw Villain at last, just as desperate but for an entirely different reason.
"S-see? Look! A bunny!" They stuttered, forming their hands into the shape, perhaps in the shadow it would've looked like a bunny but there wasn't any shadow at all to show it.
Despite that, the child in front of them tried to see the likeness anyway, tilting his head and squinting his reddened and puffy eyes.
"Villain! I finally found you!" Hero ran to Villain and even before reaching them, the criminal practically threw themself at the do-gooder. Luckily Hero managed to keep their balance, their eyes wide. Villain never hugged them like this before.
"Hero! You're here!"
"Y-yeah... Uhm... I'm here."
They stood there frozen for a minute, before realization hits Villain and they quickly pulled back, moving a few steps back with their head turned away from Hero. Their eyes and nape slowly turning a bright shade of red.
Hero chuckled, seeing Villain again was a relief, but the lightness of the situation relieved them even more.
"Anyway, that kid..." Hero pointed to the boy who merely stared at them, but compared to before, he seemed much calmer.
"A-ah! I found them inside a shop. I called out to him and suddenly he ran to touch my hands and legs and started crying." Villain cleared their throat, their composure coming back to them, "it was a struggle getting him to calm down," they sighed.
"I... I couldn't help it..." The boy spoke, his voice barely a whisper, "It's been... It's been a long time since... since I saw actual people again..."
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promptful · 3 months ago
70 Taunting Enemies Prompts
Remember, requests are open.
Tumblr media
1) “Is that really all you got?” 
2) “Come on, you can do better than that.” 
3) “I’m not even sweating yet.” 
4) “Think I broke more of a sweat petting my cat than I did fighting you.” 
5) “I’m sure you can hit me if you try hard enough. I believe in you.” 
6) “So close.” 
7) “You’re… boring me.”
8) “I expected more.”
9) “Why couldn’t the cops deal with you?” 
10) “Oh, no.” (said really sarcastically) 
11) “I’m sooo scared.” 
12) “Honestly, if you weren’t threatening actual lives, you’d be more of a nuisance, really.” 
13) “This is what I was called for? You?” 
14) “What… is this?” 
15) “Do you want me to slow down for you?” 
16) “If it makes you feel better, I’ll let you get a hit in.” 
17) “This is stupid. Goodnight.” 
18) “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be good enough to beat me one day.” 
19) “Come and get it.” 
20) “That actually hurt. Wow.” 
21)  “Compared to my usual crowd, you’re nothing.” 
22) “Get out of my way.” 
23) “Move.” 
24) “Having fun?” 
25) “Aw, you’re not hurt already, are you?” 
26) “I was just playing. Surely you can take more.” 
27) “Oh my, is that blood? Just from that?”
28) “You have to get through me!”
29) “Shut up!” 
30) “I can keep going.” 
31) “This— this is nothing.” 
32) “I’ll make you regret saying that!”
33) “Then let me make this a little more challenging!” 
34) “Of course it hurts, dipshit.” 
35) “You should be scared.” 
36) “Stop— stop taunting me!” 
37) “Fun? Fun? Don’t insult me.” 
38) “I’ll show you better!” 
39) “I can’t stand you.” 
40) “Get out of my way!” 
41) “Over my dead body!” 
42) “I won’t let you get to them.” 
43) “I’ll make sure you can’t hurt anybody else.” 
44) “Over my grave, you bastard.” 
45) “Dammit, all right, here we go!”
46) “I’ll take you down if it’s the last thing I do.” 
47) “If I can’t take you down, I will never forgive myself.” 
48) “Try and move me, I dare you!” 
49) “You’re gonna regret that!” 
50) “You want to see what I can do?” 
51)  “You’re nothing.”
52) “Keep taunting me and see what happens.” 
53) “I’ll give you one chance, walk away.” 
54) “Fine, I guess we’re doing this.” 
55) “Y’know, talking during fighting isn’t very professional!” 
56) You have a stupid smirk on your face, and I’m just trying to be serious. Why are you like this? Can we fight already? 
57) Why are you taunting me? Stop— stop dancing. We’re in the middle of a fight. 
58) When the cops/superhero/my friend told me what you were doing, I wanted to stay in bed. And now that I’m here, I’m thinking that maybe I should have. 
59) Is that bomb fake or real. I can never tell with you.
60) I’m bleeding from your knife/kicks/punches, but I’m not gonna stop fighting until you’re finally taken down. 
61) Every time you taunt me, I see red, and you know this. I should be stronger, but I’m not. 
62) I won’t let you hurt the people I love. Not while I’m still breathing. 
63) You notice that I’m breathing heavy, and you just keep smirking. I— I can keep going. I can. 
64) We used to be friends, what happened to us? Why do we always have to fight? 
65) If you’d just put that gun/remote/knife, we could go home, y’know? We don’t have to keep fighting. 
66) You’re not fighting like you used to, what happened? 
67) This is pathetic and a waste of my time, you’re in my way. 
68) You’ve gotten weaker, I can’t help but let a smirk cross my lips, this is almost… funny. 
You stumble against the wall with half-lidded eyes. It’d be so easy to just stroll by you, but for some reason, I can’t help but keep taunting you. 
69) You hate me. I hate you. Yet, taunting you is one of my favorite things to do. 
Tumblr media
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juicywritinghoard · 2 months ago
prompts to shake things up
I didn't know you wore glasses and I'm thinking normal and platonic thoughts about you right now I swear
I'm going to take over the world and no one can stop me not even y- okay well if you ask nicely I guess
you say childish like it's a bad thing but I see you eyeing that life size Pokémon plush don't kid yourself 
be honest are you crying about the commercial with the kitten in it
this marriage was supposed to be a scam but, but listen,
soooo *twirling hair and fluttering eyelashes* why does everyone think you're a freak
I know I'm your doctor and the horns growing in overnight was kind of a surprise but why do you want them removed those are sick as hell
babe. my love. song in my heart. are you purring 
okay so if you want me to rescue you from up there you have to try to come with me--okay I guess I'm picking you up
I have never been this sick before I'm sorry did I, haha this is so weird, but did I confess my love for you? f- four times? yeah? haha oh
every time you taste my cooking you just say it's amazing does it need more salt or not I swan to John
oh it's nothing it's just. you sing when you're happy and the place has been so quiet for so long, and I heard you- nevermind,
you frost cookies like you're neither left or right handed but a third other hand that you don't actually possess and I can't stand it (affectionate)
I don't think you understand how much your good morning texts legitimately keep me from rotting in bed all day 
you must be pretty down if me juggling your oranges doesn't even get a laugh out of you :( should I light them on fire? 
no I see the super powers yeah I just, I'm not sure you got them from your medication, yeah, and would you say that's a negative side effect or
ooh what's this potion do? coffee? that's a funny name. what happens if I press this button? humans are so fascinating this is the best I hope I never go home
you've been blinking SOS in Morse code at me for ten minutes honey this award ceremony is supposed to be honoring you 
when we kiss I feel like I'm floating, like literally gravity stopped working on me please don't let go?? also another kiss wouldn't hurt just saying 
so it was YOU who took a full bite out of that stick of butter!! please. please. why??
let's go on vacation somewhere cheesy and act like we're a couple wouldn't that be sooooo funny haha
okay so sleeping it off didn't work. let me consult my list. hypnotism, no. meditation, certainly not. well something has to work because I simply cannot be in love with them
I'm a spy. i can do unspeakable crimes under the morally bankrupt cover of night but I'm not sure I can pretend to look at real estate as a couple with you 
my love is your arm stuck in the claw machine. you were going to steal that prize for me?? oh my gosh. let me rescue you and also show you how to actually do this
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just-plenty-of-prompts · 2 months ago
The 'married' couple that is just friends
"You're coming over? bring me coffee I ran out,"
"ah, my friend looks like he's about to kill you, you best leave,"
"I'm going to have to beat people off with a stick aren't I?"
"Man, thanks, I haven't been able to get to the dishes, you're a life saver,"
"do you have my sad hoody? I need my sad hoody,"
"Can you come over? I need your cooking,"
"We have plans! why do we have plans?"
"you're like my child, call me daddy.... nevermind, that sounds wrong,"
"we're going to your parent's for Mom's birthday tomorrow?"
"I left you lunch,"
"who's apartment are we in?"
"I have a key, it's not breaking an entering,"
"I don't care if it's 2am, I'm lonely, come watch a movie,"
"you remembered my snacks right?"
"Did you just get slapped? oh man, I need to high-five them, where are they?"
"Nooo let me sleep,"
"do you remember where I put my purse?"
"Buy me food, I'm broke,"
"Of course, you're my ATM, who else is going to give me money and not expect it back?"
"I forgot my wallet, hey! I need your bank card,"
"This is why I love you,"
" I can't believe you're making me do yoga,"
"What are we married?"
"yeah sure take it,"
"we're out of brain cells,"
"no milk? aw man she hates black coffee,"
"Is it safe yet? I brought Icecream?"
"I got us tickets to the concert, you owe me,"
"if you're going to cry I'm going to punch someone,"
"Hey, hey, It's okay, I'm here,"
"we won!? man, I'm good at this,"
"he did it,"
"excuse me? I was innocent, you corrupted me,"
"you fixed my sink! thanks!"
"I gave a dude your number, he wouldn't stop bothering me, give em' hell,"
"What's for dinner?"
"you have plans that don't involve me? since when?"
"Happy Birthday hoe,"
"isn't this illegal?"
"who's body are we hiding?"
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glasswriter1 · 2 months ago
more otp prompts
"I'm not sure what to do with all these feelings for you."
"you're blind- you're so blind! why would i even do half the things that i do for you for anybody if i wasn't head over heels for them!"
"you really can't tell, can you?" A says. "I'm embarrassed by my feelings for you. I'm so dumb for keeping them alive. i love you. there. you heard it. happy now?"
"i wish i could spell your name with the stars."
"i think we both need a therapist to figure out whatever the hell this is." A mumbles against B's lips. "It's getting to my head."
"Me?" A asks. "Are you sure? Out of the billions of people out there, I'm the one you chose to love?"
"I'm not sure how long i can go on for without driving myself insane with all this love for you. Please just... just do with this confession what you will and set me free."
"I like how obsessed with me you are," A smiles. "Makes me feel like the most important person in the whole world."
"Stop smiling. It does things to me I'd rather not talk about."
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promptplanetblr · 7 months ago
different ways to say ‘i love you’
## for best friends or for lovers, if you pick the right ones
“you’re so dumb.” [insert fond smile here]
“you could punch me in the face and i would still want you ngl.”
“are you cold? here you go. come here.”
“you have stars in your eyes. i like looking at it.”
“i trust you. it’s okay.”
“you’re driving me crazy here.”
“wherever you want to go, i promise i’ll be with you every step of the way.”
“i’ll be damned if i don’t make you smile at least once today.”
“...please stay.”
“hey…” [hesitates] “be safe, alright?”
“i’ve been worried sick! where the hell were you!?”
“so what? you’re still my [name], idiot. i don’t care about what they say!”
“let me take care of you today. don’t do anything in return, just let me.”
[cups person b’s cheeks] “you are a menace and you almost died back there if it wasn’t for me.”
“how did you even get sick? you look ugly. come here.”
“i will never not think about you.”
“you… you don’t even have to love me back, you know?”
“i’m— i’m happy when you’re here. i’m happy.”
“this—” [points at their chest] “—this belongs to you. always.”
- mod sushi | masterlist
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givethispromptatry · a day ago
"Who gifted this to you? This title? This land?"
"No one? I found it myself. The land was sad so I helped things grow, people joined me as I did, and then they just started calling me King. I don't know what to tell you."
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writing-ideas-inc · a day ago
Dialogue Prompt
"I think I see something blocking the exit, let me just-"
"Don't touch that."
"What? It's just a rock, I'm sure it's-"
"Do not touch that."
"Are you... okay?"
"I will be, as long as you stay far away from that thing."
-Mod Minita
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sass-ishmoon · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Look, I know, I know I am obsessed
But can I, pleaaase have this prompt as a Good Omens fic? Where can I make a comission, omg. I need Crowley as an honest to god spy and Aziraphale as a Michelin inspector. I just ugggh! Need it
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promptful · 6 months ago
Meaningful Gestures Prompts
Welcome to my side-prompt blog! Ask me anything from writing, to prompt requests, and even join my discord where I can be frequently found!
Smoothing your fingers down your lover's tie, fixing where your lover couldn't tie it right.
Brushing your lover's waist/shoulder as they pass.
Instinctively pressing your hands against your lover's cheek as they passionately rave, only for them to stop talking and gape, completely distracted by the lack of distance.
Hooking your ankles together underneath the table.
Linking your hands together as you walk through school/a building/the streets--finger rubbing over your lover's knuckles softly.
Putting your hand on your lover's chest as they doze peacefully into the couch arm, focusing on the subtle beat of their heart on your hand.
Unflinchingly settling your head into your lover's lap while they watch television/are reading a book/doing their favorite hobby. Then asking your lover to explain what's going on/what they're doing.
On a whim, pulling your lover into an alley and pressing your lips firmly against theirs, getting lost in each other's touch while the streets bustle outside.
Holding your jacket over your lover's head as they hide from the rain, finding their formal outfit more important than your casual wear.
Whispering jokes/loving words in a lecture/school/church/a meeting. Trying not to laugh/flirt back in fear of disturbing everyone else who's trying to pay attention.
Putting your hand on your lover's thigh and feeling their eyes on you as they try to figure out your motives. Whether the touch is teasing or just for fun.
Mapping out your lover's features while they sleep in your arm, smoothing your thumbs down their cheeks, throat, collarbones, chin and nose.
Hooking a thumb into your lover's belt loop/pocket as a crowd surrounds you, making sure that you don't lose them in the people.
Pressing tiny kisses against your lover's shoulder while they're bent over a desk, trying to focus even though your touch is distracting them.
Wrapping your arms around your lover's waist and pressing your forehead against their back/resting on their shoulder, swaying to music only the two of you can hear.
At your lover's complaining, rubbing a spot where they ache, smiling as they lean into your touch and melt at both the touch and warmth.
Standing still as your lover rubs smudged lipstick/lipstick stains off of your skin, catching them off guard by pressing a kiss against their fingertip.
Pushing your lover against a wall after one too many teasing comments, but being met with unsaid tension instead of the quiet. Both of you unable to continue with the jokes.
After coming home from work/a long trip, finding your lover sobbing on the couch/in bed after a hard day, wiping away their tears with soft touches and gentle words--trying to convince them it's okay, and that you're there for them now.
Softly resting a hand on your lover's shoulder as they face something more difficult than ever, not bothering to exchange words as the touch does it all the same. You've got this in the bag.
Having your lover list everything they're insecure about, and responding with gentle caresses, kisses, and compliments about those areas.
While someone demeans your lover, standing up for them. Either in word, or by physically placing yourself right in front of them as a protective barrier.
Carding your fingers through your lover's hair after a bad nightmare, not caring that it's sweaty or matted, but just that they'll be able to get a good night's sleep, even if it's at the sacrifice of your own.
Protecting your lover's sleep as they doze on your lap, making sure nobody bothers them as they entrusted their peace to you.
Reading up on the things your lover enjoys so that when they talk about them, you'll understand a little better and be able to hold a conversation.
Tracing invisible shapes on your lover's skin as they're busy doing something stressful, keeping their attention half on what they're doing, and half on you.
Very softly placing butterfly kisses on your lover's skin up the length of their arm, either stopping at their neck, or drifting back down to their pulse point.
Reassurance in the form of food/movies/games, forcing them to take a second away and relax with you.
Not accepting that it's time to start the day, and pinning them onto the mattress with either your whole body, a leg, or more risque touches.
Visiting them at work, either with lunch, or just to spend the afternoon with them as they try to get things done. Whether they actually get things done, or thing devolve into flirting/romantic gestures is up to you.
"Hold on, let me fix this for you."
"God, you look so good."
"I'm... uh, dammit, your lips are so distracting. Are you doing this on purpose?"
"Your hands are always so warm."
"Be real with me, love. Do you really care about what I'm doing, or do you just want me to talk you to sleep?"
"If we get caught kissing in a small, dark, kind of shady alleyway, it's on you."
"Couldn't you wait to kiss me at home?"
"Please, I don't want the rain getting both of us sick. I volunteer to be tribute--take my jacket."
"Stop, stop! We're going to get in trouble, and I refuse to be yelled at because of you!"
"I am trusting you with that hand, darling. I hope my trust isn't misplaced."
"I promise I'll stay close."
"You know, I am trying to focus... but I can't deny that it doesn't feel good. Keep going, please."
"Take a small break, for me?"
"Never thought I'd have someone to sway with me in the kitchen... I'm glad I was wrong."
"You have lipstick on your cheek, here let me-- oh."
"I-- you-- where we we?"
"Kiss me, please."
"It's going to be okay, I promise."
"Let yourself cry, I'm here now. You're safe."
"You may think differently, but I love this about you."
"Every part, no matter how you feel, is amazing to me. I could spend all day explaining everything I love about you."
"You want to get to them, you go through me."
"Don't worry, I'll keep you safe."
"They're just a jerk, why don't we just go somewhere else?"
"I won't let them put their hands on you."
"I'm right here; I won't leave your side. Go back to sleep, darling."
"C'mere, I don't mind letting you sleep on me."
"Hey, leave them alone. They just fell asleep."
"Don't you dare wake them up."
"Wow, you really did your research, huh? That's amazing..."
"Next time, we can talk more about--"
"You know, you make these kinds of things not so painful, so thank you."
"Hmm... I don't whether to appreciate or complain that you're distracting me."
"I love how your pulse races for me..."
"Do I make your heart jump?"
"Come on, watch this movie with me. I promise it won't be as bad as the previous one."
"I bought this really cool game. Come and play it with me?"
"Hey, I got some food. Why don't we go eat in the kitchen for once?"
"Hrmg, I'm not moving. Don't make me."
"It's far too early for this..."
"Please, we need to get up."
"Touch me again, and I'm pushing you off the bed."
"I'm staying here, and I'm not moving. I do not care about your empty threats! Hey-- wait-- what are you doing?"
"I bought two sandwiches... by total accident, of course. Thought I might come give one of them to you, and maybe while I'm here spend some time with you, hm?"
"This... isn't doing work. But I don't think I mind."
"Thank you for joining me, love."
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just-plenty-of-prompts · 2 months ago
Anger Prompts list
"Are you out of your mind!?"
"did I say I needed your help!?"
"When was I meant to find out? when it was too late!?"
"get out of my face!"
"you're ruining it!"
"I worked my ass off on this and you just had to walk right over my effort!"
"I would push you in front of a train if murder wasn't illegal!"
"How many times do I have to say no!"
"I don't care!"
"Is that it!? you're giving up!"
"I won't let you beat me!"
"I'm better than you could ever dream of being!"
"Your words mean nothing to me! nothing!"
"What is your brain for!"
"go be a fucking ornament,"
"I don't need you dragging me down,"
"you!? what are you doing here!"
"I refuse to work with a useless brat!"
"If you didn't jump in, she would still be alive!"
"you ruin everything!"
"What did you say!?"
"Why are you crying!?"
"Just because I don't deserve it, doesn't mean I'm not going to take it!"
"where did you even get that idea!"
"use your damn ears!"
"what use are you!?"
"don't fuck up this time!"
"give me a god damn break!"
"I work harder than everyone in this entire place!"
"There isn't a way to turn back!"
"you crashed!?"
"I'm perfectly calm!"
"you utter moron!"
"Why won't you just leave me alone!"
"take a dive off a roof! see if I care!"
"Who ate my food!"
"I'll break you myself!"
"there's a grave waiting for you!"
"oh, now you show!"
"Who's stupid idea was this!"
"I can't believe I fell for that!"
"you like toying with me!?"
"I'll show you what the best looks like!"
"I am not cranky!"
"go to hell!"
"like I'd choose to waste my time around you!"
"Break a leg, and I mean literally!"
"There is no way I'm getting on that!"
"Why am I always in the wrong!?"
"Forget it!"
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introvert-unicorn · a month ago
A list of unique names you can use to name the characters of your story
Aicha: A female name from Arabic origins, meaning " being alive and well."
Andromeda: A female name of Greek origin meaning "advising like a man."
Atticus: Masculine name originated from both old Greek and Latin, meaning " belonging to Attica."
Atlas: Gender neutral name from Greek mythology, meaning "great strength and support."
Bathsheba: A female name originated from the Hebrew, meaning "daughter of the oath."
Blair: Is an English Female name from the early 1200’s and has its roots in Scottish Gaelic origin. It means meadow, field, or a plain.
Cassandra: A feminine name of Greek origin meaning "shining upon man."
Celeste: Gender neutral name, originated from Latin, meaning "heavenly."
Circe: Gendre neutral name originated from Greek mythology, meaning " flying bird."
Cora: A female name originated from Greek mythology, meaning "heart."
Ellis: Masculine name from English and Welsh origin, Ellis means benevolent. 
Elora: A female name from Hebrew origins, meaning " my God is my light."
Emerald: Gender neutral name from Persian origins, meaning "the color green."
Esme: Female name originated from French which means "to love and be loved."
Godiva: Female name from English origin, meaning "God's gift."
Hayden: Gender neutral name from English origin, the name Hayden means fire.
Huyam: Gender neutral name from Arabic origin, meaning "passionate love."
Idriss: Masculine name of Arabic origin. It means studious or lord. It is also the name of a prophet mentioned twice in the Quran.
Jamila: Female name originated from Arabic, meaning "purest beauty."
Maria: Feminine name form Latin origins, meaning "of the sea" or "beloved" or "rebellious".
Pandora: This feminine name means all gifts according to Greek origin.
Primrose: Female name from English origin and means first rose. It refers to a flower that blooms early in the spring.
Rune: Gender neutral name originated from both German and Swedish meaning " preserved secret."
Samar: Gender neutral name originated from Arabic, meaning "evening conversations (including Arabic music and poetry).
Seraphina: Female name originated from Hebrew, meaning "ardent and fiery."
Serena: Female name derived from the latin word serēnus, meaning " calmness, tranquility and serenity."
Sahir: Masculine name of Arabic origins meaning "sorcerer."
Sybil: Female name originated from Greek. Sybil means prophetess.
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