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staydaze · 3 days
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i'm so tired rn
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renthony · 5 hours
My project that started as, "hey, it would be fun to re-watch Steven Universe and do a liveblog" has become, "what if I did an intensive research project on-par with my American cinema censorship project, this time focusing on the timeline of queer representation in American animation?"
I am a menace and I will not be stopped. And now you will all have to hear my opinions about The Simpsons. I'm so sorry.
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“I tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter”:
The Awkward Meta-Tragedy of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman
In which I thoroughly (over-) analyze the ending of this classic work in seven parts, with perhaps gratuitous references to 2000s pop music thrown in. The introduction and links to subsequent posts are below:
                I was warned that Neil Gaiman’s book series The Sandman was a tragedy.  A post on tumblr, circulated not long after the successful Netflix adaptation’s first season released, warned new fans to not get their hopes up, to understand that the books were a Literary Tragedy to be taken seriously, and not to get carried away with fun cutesy shipping without the knowledge of what the source material would be like.  However, the post carefully, and helpfully for those hoping to avoid spoilers, did not say in what manner the books constituted a tragedy.
                So, when I first came to the end of the final installment of the series, I was shocked.
                This was not like any tragedy I’d expected.  And it felt… icky.  It felt incredibly, shockingly, pessimistic.
                Needless to say, massive, MASSIVE spoilers from here on out—you have been warned.  Also content warning for discussions of depression, suicidal ideation and suicide, mentions of misogyny, and mentions of transphobia.
                Also note that this isn’t intended as necessarily negative towards the original work, but more about the common fandom interpretation of it, as well as acknowledgment that, for better or worse, it is “of its time” and doubtless going to come across differently to a modern first-time reader.  Also, this is just my own interpretation, I’ve been told I tend to interpret things pessimistically, and I’ve only just read the books as of 2022, so I in no way position this as a definitive analysis, nor even necessarily a correct one.
Continue to:
Part 1: Tragic, but not a Tragedy… Unless you get weird about mental health
Part 2: Hob Gadling—How to win by doing nothing?
Part 3: “Façade”—So much foreshadowing, so little time
Intermission: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Part 4: Damn Daniel, Back at it again with the (symbolic) white vans
Part 5: “It sure is exhausting always rooting for the anti-hero”: Should We Even Care?
Part 6: “I reject your reality, and substitute my own”: Maybe There is Hope After All
Tagging those I believe interested: @duckland @roguelov @notallsandmen @lizajane2 @ambercoloredfox
@serenityspiral not sure if you want to read this before you finish the books, because this is literally about the ending and it might kinda ruin the experience if you're completely spoiled
@onehundredandeleventropicalfish I'm gonna be bold and tag you and hope I'm not completely wrong
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themaarika · 23 hours
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stjohnstarling · 1 day
What Manner of Man: Preface 🦇
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I have undertaken the task of presenting this material on behalf of a close personal friend who, for reasons of his own, wishes to remain anonymous. It recently came into his possession by way of inheritance, as a direct descendant of Vera Ardelian, to whom the majority of the letters were originally addressed. 
Despite their being addressed to her, Vera Ardelian never read any of what follows. 
The What Manner of Man preface is live! Get ready, we're going on an adventure.
Read it here
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svenskjavel · 1 day
Såg detta på Dunkels kulturhus i Helsingborg och tänkte att det var ett rätt based citat och typ passade den här bloggens vibe
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via @onthestrangestsea
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Aramis: Hmmm
Porthos: Hmmm?
Aramis: Hmmm. Hmm
Porthos: Hmm
Porthos and Aramis: [nodding at each other]
D'Artagnan: Did they just understand each other?
Athos: They share the same brain cell. Of course they understood each other
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We walk alone through this world, but if we're lucky, we have a moment of belonging to something, to someone that sustains us through a lifetime of loneliness.
Paullina Simons - The Bronze Horseman
Photo: Nina Leen
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borinquenaqueer · 3 days
I know we've done some shit to wolves, but what if I put on my evil science hat and gave dogs the ability to purr
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orangememesicle · 2 days
furthermore, marie kondo was right about paring down your personal library, and people shouldn’t feel guilty about giving away, recycling, or throwing out books.
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staydaze · 3 days
felix: i'm gonna start a false crime podcast. it's where i'm gonna explain crimes that never actually happened
seungmin: i'm gonna commit every single crime you talk about, forcing you to become a true crime podcast
felix: please don't do that
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renthony · 3 days
Someone tipped me on ko-fi the other day and I used the money to buy a sewing pattern to make some scrub caps for my friend who works as an ER nurse. The seller included a free pattern to make face masks, too, and the listing was on sale for $3. Score.
(link for anyone interested)
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beep-beep-robin · 2 days
time to be delusional again!
i haven‘t seen anyone talking about this but if anyone already did, i apologize!
i just. need to talk about the fact that mike has TWO scenes in s4 where he's talking to someone in their bedroom - will and el.
first of all i feel the need to point out that in the scene with el, he's literally wearing a blue and yellow shirt?
and in the scene with will it's the blue shirt but he's in front of a yellow wall. *chants* yellow and blue, yellow and blue, yellow and blue
now on to my next point.
it might be because of el's overall situation and the general mood of the scene but to me it looks like the lighting is a lot harsher and the contrast much higher in the following picture than in the scene with will (the picture after that), making the whole scene feel a lot more dramatic. it also looks a bit less saturated (but that might genuinely just be the yellow wall in the second scene).
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i also want to talk about the camera positions and the angles these scenes were filmed in. now, both scenes open with a waist shot of mike, then gradually transition into close ups of his face.
now. it might be the way the rooms were set up, but i genuinely don't think that the duffers would leave something like that up to chance - the whole scene with el is shot from more of a high angle, whereas the scene with will is continuously shot at eye level, bordering on an even lower angle. this becomes more apparent in the following pictures:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the final thing i want to point out is that while both scenes are very emotional for mike/finn's scene partners, they made a point to show el towering over mike, while will is literally kneeling in front of him.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
also just. body language. i'm aware that both of these scenes were meant to be emotional, but mike and will had a fight before their talk here. there's no reason why mike shouldn't go into this situation with the same defensive stance he went into the conversation with el with, yet he literally sits down with a smile on his face and nervously taps his hands on his thighs.
i think what we're meant to feel when we look at these scenes is that mike feels threatened by el, which is affirmed again in the van scene. he thinks of her as this superhero that he could never get properly close to, his girlfriend that he's SUPPOSED to feel closer to, maybe the personification of his repression (that is dramatic, but i want to paint you this picture lol).
while will is his best friend, who seems approachable, and he KNOWS him. they - literally - meet each other at eye level. while el is towering over him figuratively AND literally.
there's so much more to be read into this but i'm no expert so. please share your thoughts if you want to <3
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zeldanamikaze · 2 days
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I may not have drawing skills to draw ingo and emmet I wish I did though but I do have actual Polaroid photos of the photos I took with Ingo in the photo studio in legends Arceus so that’s pretty cool.
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joxnerd · 21 hours
Everybody’s reposting that video that Justin put on his story, but…
Tumblr media
Does this mean we’re getting young Ben scenes?! Are we getting a flashback scene of his death? I’m not ready for this 😭😭
Of course they could just be hanging out and I’m overreacting, but still
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