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two of my favorite illustrations from this year, both from Carmilla
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You construct intricate rituals which allow you to touch the skin of other men
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Fletcher, vampire and bounty hunter⚔️✨
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twitter // instagram  // portfolio // prints
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Goodnight out there, whatever you are.
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Move In Day!
comic for class
Transcript under cut.
Page 1 Nod: Vell, does it make sense to you? Foley: … Like… Sorta? Nod: Ech! You useless, pathetic little freak- Foley: Hey! Nod: Fay-rouuuuuuuz! Foley: Ugh, not Fayrouz. Fayrouz: Yuh-huh. Nod: Get in here! Foley is beink useless to me. Fayrouz: Yo-kay.
Page 2 Fayrouz: Classic Foley. Foley: Rude! Fayrouz: So- What’s the deal? Nod: Sigh! Foley: So dramatic. Nod: So… there vas this voman- Fayrouz: Hot. Go on. Foley: Oh moons, not this again.
Page 3 Nod: I was on the subway, going southbound. And as I stepped onto the platform- I felt the hair on the back of my neck rise. And I fucked up, I think- I made eye-contact.
Page 3 Nod: I was on the subway, going southbound. And as I stepped onto the platform- I felt the hair on the back of my neck rise. And I fucked up, I think- I made eye-contact.
Page 4 Fayrouz: Ooooh. Foley: Yikes. Fayrouz: Yeesh. Foley: I mean- that’s like the golden rule- Fayrouz: Woof, I mean… making eye contact? Jeez… Nod: I know. Fayrouz: Like, who knows what she was. Nod: I know. Foley: Smells like fairy to me. Fayrouz: Oh, that was totally a fairy. Nod: I know. Foley: Classic fairy. Fayrouz: The last thing we need in this house is fairy shit. Nod: I know. Foley: Was she even hot. Nod: Yes. Nod: Vell, it’s not like I told her my name, you clowns. Also, ve vere goink opposite directions, so- *KNOCK KNOCK* Nod: Oh fuck Foley: Oh you really fucked it, Nod. Fayrouz: You literally jinxed it- that’s fairy shit.
Page 5: Fayrouz: I could hex her. Foley: I could eat her? Nod: Both of you stop. I’ll go and get the door. Vatever. Foley: Hate that idea. Nod: God, shut up, Foley.
Page 6: ???: Hello!!! Foley: Oh fuck! Fayrouz: Oh, she knows we can’t say no- Nod: Vell… at least ve have a spare room.
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thinking going with Artificer class
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Casual reminder that Vampire culture is always open to new people but that it is inherently a queer space and that it shouldn't be gentrified to better suit heteronormative newcomers.
Especially since dark aesthetics seem to be making a comeback in mainstream media.
I mean the first popularized mainstream vampire story was about lesbian vampires (Carmilla) followed by a story about a polysexual vampire written by a (by many historians presumed) closeted gay man).
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Eddie being able to read minds because he’s a vampire concept :)
“Did you know that I can read minds?” Eddie didn’t know why he wanted to have this conversation but something in his brain kept pushing it to the forefront. Steve looked at him with a ‘yeah right’ expression on his face then shook his head.
“No you can’t.” Steve said before laughing at the idea. Eddie placed his hand on his chest and playfully gasped as if he was offended by Steve not believing him. In all honesty it did sound a little far fetched once Eddie said it out loud but it was the truth.
“I’m disappointed that you don’t believe me, Harrington.” Eddie pouted. He dramatically turned away from Steve and pretended to sob into his hands. Both of them started laughing in unison due to Eddie’s performance. After their laughter died down they went back to talking about random stuff.
As the day went on Eddie could tell something was off about Steve. A few hours ago he was at his happiest, making jokes that he swore were the funniest, rambling about the basketball game that came on last night even though Eddie had no clue what he was talking about, or simply talking about how life was going for him. None of those things were brought up and he slowly became silent throughout the day. Eddie didn’t want to pressure Steve into talking about anything unless he was comfortable with doing so. When midnight came over Hawkins the boys went into Steve’s room to get ready for bed. Eddie swiftly put on his pajamas and made himself comfortable on Steve’s floor with one of his big puffy blankets. Steve stared at Eddie as if he wanted to say something but quickly turned away when Eddie met his gaze. He went to turn off the lights before hoping into his bed and getting under his covers. Eddie laid in the darkness unable to sleep because his senses were always heightened during the night, he could hear, smell, see, sometimes taste every little thing. He continued to twist and turn as he tried to ignore the sounds keeping him up. Once Eddie managed to semi fall asleep Steve’s voice made his eyes flew open.
“Eddie… are you awake?” Steve whispered. Eddie could hear him leaning up in bed and he could feel Steve’s eyes looking down at him even with his back turned.
“Now I am.” Eddie joked. His back was met with a pillow that hit him hard. Eddie turned to face Steve who was dying of laughter at Eddie’s pain. “Ow!”
“That’s for being an asshole,” Steve saint in between laughs. Eddie couldn’t help it and he started to laugh too. At this point both of them were sitting up fully awake. Again just like earlier when silence filled the room Eddie could see Steve’s facial expression because of the moonlight that shined through his window, he bit his lip as he looked at Eddie. He needed to get something off his chest but Eddie didn’t know exactly what until Steve sighed before speaking. “When you said you could read minds you were joking right?”
Steve’s voice cracked slightly as he asked the question. Eddie smiled to himself knowing that Steve probably haven’t stopped thinking about what he said the entire day. He wondered did it make him nervous that Eddie could do that or was it just intriguing to him.
“Nope. I was being completely honest.” Eddie admitted. Steve squinted his still being skeptical about the whole thing. Before Eddie could comprehend what was going on Steve made his onto the floor and sat criss crossed in front of Eddie with his arms folded.
“Prove it.” Steve challenged while tilting his head. Eddie’s eyes widened at the sudden request.
“What?” Eddie blurted out even though he heard exactly what Steve said.
“I said prove it. Prove that you can read my mind right now.” Steve pushed on. Eddie was very tempted to accept Steve’s challenge but right now his senses were going to overwhelm him if he used his powers.
“As much as I really want to show you unfortunately I can’t. There’s so many factors that goes into it and it’s not easy to do-“
“All I’m hearing are excuses because you can’t do it and you were lying this entire time. Is that right, Munson?” Steve interrupted with a snarky remark. Eddie wanted to wipe that smirk off of Steve’s face very badly and there was only one way he knew how.
“Alright Harrington, you want me to prove to you then fine. Think of a number and I’ll say it.”Eddie suggested. Steve went ahead and closed his eyes thinking of a number that he knew Eddie wouldn’t get. A few seconds went by and he finally came up with a number. “Do you have one?”
Steve nodded his head then opened his eyes again. Eddie took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes so he could focus. His body starting tingling meaning that his powers were actually working and they were stringer than ever tonight. Eddie started to get a connection to Steve’s mind he was able to hear faint subconscious thoughts but his main focus was the number. He couldn’t find anything at first until he finally found the number that Steve was thinking of.
“One,” Eddie paused. He needed to fully process the number because Steve thought it would be an amazing idea to pick the biggest one he could find.
“Nope! See I knew-“
“Thousand two hundred fifty eight.” Eddie finished. When there wasn’t a response Eddie opened his eyes to see nothing but shock on Steve’s face. Eddie let out a laugh, at least he didn’t have to see that smirk anymore.
“H-how did you… that’s not- what?” Steve stuttered like never before. Now that Eddie awakened his ability to read minds all of Steve’s thoughts were coming at him like a train. He covered his ears as the voices kept getting louder and louder.
“I told you. Can you perhaps stop thinking for a second. I can hear everything that’s going on in your head right now.” Eddie mumbled. Suddenly the voices stopped and Steve’s face became softer. He looked sorry but Eddie didn’t expect him to know better, it’s not easy to control your thoughts.
“Sorry. It’s just that I didn’t think that you were really able to do it.” Steve said softly. Eddie gave him a small smile.
“It’s okay, I mean I couldn’t believe that I could do it either until one day it happened.” Eddie shrugged. Steve nodded his head and sat there for a second. Eddie couldn’t hear any of his thoughts anymore now that he was fully aware of Eddie being able to. Steve made sure to block out whatever he was thinking.
“If you don’t mind me asking how long have you known that you could do that?” Steve asked his voice barely being above a whisper.
“Honestly, the moment I reunited with you guys.” Eddie remembered that day clearly. The happy smiles and warm hugs that he was greeted with made his heart melt. Most importantly when he could hear what everyone thought about him coming back it added more happiness to his entire being. Steve’s thoughts on that day caught Eddie off guard the most.
“That was awhile ago. Do you remember what I was thinking?” Steve asked this time his voice was a little louder. Eddie hoped that Steve wasn’t implying to tell him what he was thinking during that day.
“Not really… I mean yeah kind of but it’s not important.” Eddie tried to move on from the topic but Steve wasn’t going to let that happen.
“Come on tell me!” Steve quietly yelled as he shook Eddie’s arm. The more he talked the more his thoughts started to get loud. Eddie could hear Steve’s voice all around him and it started to become too much.
“Okay! I’ll tell you just please keep your thoughts at a minimum,” Eddie begged. Steve nodded and kept his thoughts at a minimum like he promised. “Thanks. Alright from what I can remember when you first saw me you thought ‘I can’t believe he’s alive’ that’s something you kept repeating in your head. Then there would be times when you thought no one was watching you would-“
Eddie stopped himself from continuing on. The things he felt that day started coming back and he didn’t want to relive it. His stomach fluttered at what he heard from Steve and it wasn’t filtered or something out of Eddie’s imagination it was truly what he was thinking. Eddie snapped out of his thoughts when Steve placed his hand on top of Eddie’s.
“Eddie what would I do?” Steve said softly. Eddie met his eyes. Underneath the moonlight Steve’s features came out so beautifully that it was almost unreal that he wasn’t in a museum somewhere. Eddie looked away for a split second before focusing on Steve again.
“When you thought no one was watching you would look at me and in your head I could hear you say ‘I missed him’ over and over again.” Eddie said quietly. He didn’t know why it affected him that much but the fact that Steve even cared about him made him feel things. Steve’s cheeks had a light pink blush on them as he glanced at his hand on top of Eddie’s then he quickly pulled it away.
“Well that’s not as bad as I thought it would be. At least I wasn’t thinking about something weird.” Steve said nervously. They laughed in unison and the tension in the room was still there. Both of them wanted to say something more but nothing seemed right at the time. Steve had so much going on in his brain that he couldn’t control himself from asking more questions. “Have you ever read my mind when it’s just us?”
Eddie looked away guiltily knowing that he’s definitely done it more than once and it was supposed to be for a joke until every time he read Steve’s mind he would learn something about Steve that ended up being personal. He didn’t want to do it if it meant that he would be invading his privacy so he stopped.
“Yeah but not anymore. It wasn’t my place to do so and it wasn’t fair to you.” Eddie looked down at his hands to avoid Steve’s eyes that weren’t leaving him any time soon. He expected Steve to scold him but that never happened.
“When it’s just us… what do you hear me think about?” Steve asked and he started to move closer towards Eddie.
“Steve I don’t think-“
“It’s okay you can tell me. What do I think about when it’s just us?” Steve asked again. His eyes twinkled with anticipation. Eddie knew eventually this would happens he just didn’t know that it would be this soon.
“When it’s just us you think about ‘what movies should we watch’ or ‘what kind of snacks should we eat’ things like that,” Eddie laughed lightly and Steve joined him. He frowned slightly as he started to talk. “Then when it hits midnight you start thinking ‘I wish he could sleep in my bed’ ‘I want him to hold me while I’m sleeping’ ‘if only things were different’ . “ Eddie said before looking up at Steve to meet his eyes. His mouth was parted meaning that he was speechless for once in his life.
“And you can hear all of that?” Steve asked softly. His entire face turned red and he could feel sweat rolling down the side of face. Eddie felt the energy that came off of Steve it was a mixture of nervousness but it was overpowered by excitement. No matter how hard Steve tried to hide it his body language wasn’t matching with his tone of voice.
“Yeah, I can hear a lot of things. Like whenever I get near you I can heart your heart beating out of your chest, the way your breath hitches when I enter the room, especially when you think things along the line of ‘I want to kiss him until there’s no more oxygen left between us and we suffocate in each other’s arms’. I’ve gathered that you have liked me for awhile now just because of things that you’ve thought about me.” Eddie smiled at Steve’s blushing face.
“Eddie I swear it’s n-not like that-“
“Steve I like you too.” Eddie said happily. He scooted closer to Steve so that they could be face to face now. Steve raised a brow in confusion.
“You do?” Steve asked almost surprised by that fact. Eddie nodded his head in response then slowly started to close the gap between them.
“I do. You’re thinking about how much you want to kiss me right now.” Eddie whispered his breath tickling Steve’s face as he leaned in too.
“No I’m not.” Steve’s voice was barely audible. Eddie laughed lightly.
“I know,” Eddie said softly. He noticed Steve’s eyes flicking from his eyes to his lips and Eddie smirked at that, “Now you are.”
Eddie pulled Steve in for a kiss that lasted for a few seconds before he pulled away. Both boys were smiling from ear to ear and they’ve never felt so happy in their entire lives.
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ELVIRA, Mistress of the Dark
Photo: David Goldner
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spotted at Hot Topic today! new Lost Boys earrings & necklace for the 40th anniversary. the earrings are designed to look like the ones the boys wear in the movies, though they’re not 100% screen accurate, still pretty cool!
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Vampire Girl
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It’s Amy! She’s a fun-loving little goth vamp
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Downbad art disguised as anatomy practice
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