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Sleepy Dialogue
Waking up in the morning
"Good morning, my love."
"Do we really have to get up?"
"I've just had the best dream."
"Did you know that you talk in your sleep?"
"Sorry, I didn't want to wake you."
"Love the hair."
"Did you dream about me."
"Go back to sleep, I'll fight off the monsters."
"No, don't let the light in."
"Just five more minutes..."
"You were much nicer in my dreams."
"Come back, the bed's cold without you."
"Good morning, sleepyhead."
"I had a really bed dream. And it seemed so real."
"You definitely needed the sleep."
"No, don't get up."
"I didn't know you were such a cuddler."
"You're adorable like this."
"Can we stay like this just for a minute longer?"
"It was nice... not sleeping alone."
Going to bed at night
"No, I'm not even tired yet!"
"You're not making much sense anymore."
"We should probably get you in bed."
"You're definitely yawning too much to not be tired."
"Can you carry me to the bed?"
"Will you dream of me?"
"Just put your head on my shoulder."
"You're allowed to cuddle me like a teddy bear."
"Come on, let's go to bed."
"You're about to fall asleep on your feet."
"But I need your smell to fall asleep."
"Ok, it's time for bed."
"Will you stay with me?"
"I'll see you in my dreams."
"Your eyes are barely open anymore."
"The monsters can't get you when I'm here."
"Hey, I'm not your pillow."
"Do you want to keep the light on?"
"You're voice is so calming."
"Good night, my love."
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whump-all-the-way · a day ago
sorry but im a sucker for character development. make your defiant whumpee beg and plead, make your harsh leader sob around a gag, make your weakest angry and violent, make your naïve whumpee go through hell. make your team watch as their entire sense of being collapses, make your caretaker unsure of how to care for them now that they’re so different. make your innocent whumpee’s so violent with rage that the team are afraid of them.
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givethispromptatry · 20 hours ago
“What is the first rule about being a field medic?”
“Keep your supplies in order?
“No. A dead healer can’t heal anyone. Check yourself before you offer aid.”
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lyralit · 19 hours ago
character pairings I love <3
A is stubborn and B is more stubborn
A is done with it and B is That One Person Who Will Challenge Them
A is dreamy and B is statistical
A is stubborn and B is wheedling
AB Can Read Each Others' Minds
A is the scientist and B the magician ("it's against the laws of science." "then why can I do it?" "...")
A is oblivious and B is pining
A is emotional and B emotionless
A is an orphan and B has an enormous family
A is shy and B worships them
Clumsy One and Clumsy Two
A keeps their cool and B keeps losing it
A flirty and B doesn't notice. at all.
A is the extrovert and B is the introvert but A will always make time for B around others
A is content to sit with B while they read
A is innocent as hell and B is...the opposite (but tries really hard to keep A that way)
A and B always have a plan. they just always clash.
A is big and B is small. not in the fanfic way. like, the shadow and bone way. idk how to explain it.
A has a heart of gold and B is missing a heart (bonus points if mixed with the above)
A is the dumbass and B is the Dumbass Keeper
A is the one who knows Everything about Everything and B knows Nothing about Everything. but they act the opposite.
A is tired of B's idiocy but is the only one who puts up with them
A is the Grump and B likes to push their buttons
A is loyal and B flits around a lot. but always comes back to A.
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Writing Prompt #2075
"Is it everything you dreamed of?"
"Not one bit of it."
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soulprompts · a day ago
hi friends!! basically, i watched the teaser trailer for season 2 of shadow and bone, got excited, began to reread the soc duology, and then these happened! or rather, i found an ancient unpublished fic i wrote after the first time i read the duology, and decided to make that a problem for everyone else! i hope you all enjoy these, you don’t need to have seen the show nor read the books, i actually think many of these are fairly fandomless! i just wanted to explain my inspiration! DON’T ADD TO THIS LIST! i’ll make more lists like this one! ily all, bon appetit, go forth and write or read or nap or watch tv or something!
" my goodness, you're not nearly as stupid as you look! "
" you have all the answers right in front of you. you just need to look at it differently. "
" don't presume that you know me just because you've heard a few rumors and read a few articles. "
" there's certainly more to you than meets the eye, isn't there? "
" i urge you to remember exactly who it is you're talking to. because while others might appreciate your tone, i assure you, i do not. "
" i'm concerned that you mightn't understand what discreet means. because the path of chaos you've just created is exactly the opposite of discreet. "
" you owe me a favour. i'm here to collect. "
" i thought it was a good time to pay you a visit. it's been so long, after all; and we have so much to catch up on. "
" you are not your father/mother/parent's child. not by anything other than blood, and that's not even on the spectrum of importance. "
" i was wrong about you. "
" you know, i was warned not to get involved with you. people insisted it was a fool's decision. but i held out hope that you'd prove them wrong. now's your chance. "
" i'm not the sort of person to fuss over hurt feelings. you're either of value to me, or you're worthless. so prove to me that you're not the latter. "
" you honestly think i don't know where you go each night? i'm not blind nor an idiot. i just trust your ability to return home unharmed. "
" have you told anyone else about this? "
" there are no children anymore. only survivors. childhood and innocence are luxuries afforded to the privileged. not us. "
" i offered you an opportunity once. to build a better world together. we both know how that turned out. and now, you come crawling back, begging for... what? mercy? forgiveness? "
" i'm with you. always. no matter what happens, i will be right by your side. do you understand? "
" we're a team, aren't we? teams stick together. even when the leader is being a prick. "
" ...i was really worried about you, you know. you scared me earlier. and i'm not saying it to make you feel bad, it's just... promise me you'll tell me if things get bad again? "
" i can't pretend to understand all this stuff you've got going on. but i do promise that i'll be here to help you through it all. alright? "
" there's a job that needs to be done before we get to work on the big task. that's why i'm here. you'll be helping me/us to complete both jobs. payment upon completion. "
" you and i aren't as different as you want to believe. that must be why you're so angry. because looking at me, all that i've done... it's like looking in a mirror. isn't it? "
" people are scared. they need a leader. and right now, like it or not, they're looking to you. so go on. lead us. "
" you've come up with some really insane plans over the years, but this is just defying any amount of belief. "
" look. i don't care if people underestimate me. i actually enjoy it. they see me as an idiot, they drop their guard, the end. but i need you to know that i'm not an idiot. okay? "
" people have died. we can't let that go unpunished. "
" the world is changing. and if we don't get ahead of it, then they'll be the ones to decide what it changes into. "
" right! what's the plan, then? and god help the lot of us if you don't have one. "
" not all of us can afford the luxury of a conscience. "
" don't make the deadly mistake of presuming my actions reflect weakness. too many have made that same presumption. and not a single one of them lived to tell the tale. "
" you're scared. i can tell. the shaking, the look in your eye... you want to run. don't. you'll waste precious time and energy, and you'll need it all if you want to live. "
" everything is gone. it's all smoke, ruin, obliterated. is that our legacy now? our reputation? destruction, devastation, death? is that who we are? "
" we've fought against powerful enemies before, but this is beyond that. if we want to get out of this alive, we need to be smarter, stronger, better than we've ever been before. "
" don't forget why we're here. there's far more at stake than our lives if this goes wrong. "
" you're the only person here i trust. we need to stick together, watch each other's backs. just because everything's changed, doesn't mean we have to, too. "
" i can't think of anyone i'd rather be doing this crazy, ridiculous, nearly definitely lethal mission with. let's go out with a bang, eh? "
" you people are completely insane. but you're also insufferably good at this sort of thing. so let's go save the world, shall we? "
" why are we fighting so hard to save the lives of people who hate us, anyway? "
" you're the best there is at this sort of thing. i'd hate to see the one who got the better of you... "
" look at them all. going around, fussing over money, clothes, land... do they ever realize what's going on around them? do they ever see the bigger picture as we do? "
" you're clever. good. it's nice to have a challenge. but you should know now, you'll want to be a hell of a lot smarter than that if you want to go up against me. "
" you and i both know the risks. we both know what people like them are capable of. tell me it's all okay, and i won't question you. but if it isn't... we need to be ready. "
" it's lonely and vicious at the top. i can handle that. but you... you wouldn't survive five minutes of this life. "
" you can't survive in this world without growing a thicker skin, and erasing that naive belief that you can trust anyone you meet. least of all me. "
" if you're knocking on my door, i can only imagine it means you're here to collect. and by your demeanour, it's one hell of a favor you'll be asking, too. "
" i understand your anger. i've lived with that sort of rage for many years of my life. but you need to set it aside, understand? we need you calm if we want to get out of here. "
" oh, don't get all sentimental. i saved your life because you're worth more to me alive than dead. it doesn't signify any degree of care or affection. "
" you have one hell of an inflated ego, you know that? we were told this job was impossible. that's not a challenge. that's a fact. it is not possible. even for you. "
" i've heard it all before. one more job. one more mission. one last heist. but there's always more. it's like some sort of obsession for you. searching for another thrill. "
" enough! this is it! don't you see that?! we almost died! you almost got killed! if the saints are kind enough to save us today, it's only so we can quit while we're ahead! "
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bruciedilf · 11 hours ago
Pitching my " Bruce and Harley long lost twins " AU because Margot Robbie and Robert Pattinson look eerily similar and it gave me brainrot-
I feel like Falcone had a hand in separating them, breaking the proud Wayne clan apart ,- what's a daughter missing? Gotham's mean to it's girls, so it'll be just fitting for one to die before they lived.
Maybe it happens when Falcone's still considered a family friend. He offers to drive Martha to the hospital when Thomas can't, and Alfred neither.
As Martha Wayne screams the town down, he has a friendly chat with the staff.
Martha KNOWS she had twins; she just knows. But when she asks, everyone's so puzzled. " Mrs. Wayne, you had a boy; Just... One boy."
" That can't be right," she sniffs, even if she's holding Bruce so tightly to her, a hollow void eats her where her daughter should be. " I had a girl. I know I did. Thomas- Tommy picked that silly name for her, after his pet rabbit. I know it!"
Martha Wayne wasn't thrown in Arkham because she was dangerous; She was locked up because she was a grieving woman, and Thomas Wayne can make that go away, but he can't get his daughter back. She did exist. She was someone.
They have Bruce, until they don't.
CONSIDER THIS; Harley and Riddler in the same orphanage. Him spitting on Bruce even after his parents were murdered, and Harley feeling a sense of wanting to protect Bruce from it??
She doesn't know why. Her fists itch and twitch to punch long and wiry Eddie Nygma in the teeth for saying Bruce deserves it.
Because yes, he's a rich kid. A rich kid with dead parents rotting in the ground.
" So? You're so fucking stupid, Harley. He has MONEY now! He'll be FINE. Meanwhile, US gutter spawns here-"
Harley remembers Eddie holding down Jenny Jameson. Four years old, playful and clueless in a way Gotham murders young.
She remembers her screaming while Eddie shoved rusty nails in her mouth for taking his apple.
He doesn't care about anyone but his goddam self. He couldn't understand Bruce Wayne. Or her.
She never had any family, but doesn't that suck more? To have something love you that only death could make it stop? She sees Bruce Wayne's grief striken ashy face in that square TV.
She grieves, too. She doesn't know why. She just does.
God I love Bruce and Harley being roomates; Meeting as adults, - or as close to adulthood as they'll ever be able to touch.
Bruce doesn't understand why she hangs out with Eddie and Jack. Jack just rubs him the wrong way and Eddie looks at him, hateful edge sharp and cutting and Bruce doesn't mind that;
But he does mind Harley being around them. Especially Jack. " Ah, ya just don't know howtta have fun, Brucie. This is COLLEGE. Be there or be square. Cause he doesn't invite just anyone, ya know?"
" He smells like... Smoke. And bleach," he scrunches his nose. " And he's...Mean."
" That's just how he jokes around! He's a funny guy if you have a sense of humor."
and he HEARD Jack make fun of the scars on Harley's back; He's seen them, because Harley's world doesn't have the word " shame" in it and changes around him frequently.
He did freeze, the first time he saw them. Pale and scarred. Close to unintelligible depending on the lighting. But he does see them. It'd be a kindness for him if he wouldn't.
Dragged. With a sharp object, mkst accurately a piece of glass or razor blade. Thin, but deep. Letters stretched from one shoulder blade to another.
To which Eddie laughed with, because he and the kids at the orphanage were the authors. They figured if Harley wanted to defend that family so badly, she'll have a sign that fits.
But she didn't need to know that. Bruce does. Bruce knows everything about anyone, seems like.
" No, I mean, - mean to YOU. He makes dumb blonde jokes even if you're at the top of their class. "
" Yeah, well, " Harley shrugs, painting her eyelids with green and purple; She doesn't like either, but Jack told her she'd be prettier if she changed her make up. " Told him I didn't like it, so he's gonna stop...Eventually. he's nice to me sometimes."
" He should be nice to you ALL the time. Just... Don't go. I'll watch that horrible Grey Ghost reboot if you stay with me."
Harley is weak for his puppy eyes; She really is. " Please, Harl. Don't go."
"... Fine," she groans. " I'll be a loser. Just for my favourite roomie."
" I'm the only person who responded to your ad."
" Wanna know why? We're probably meant to be in eachother's lives."
" I don't think Gotham is kind enough to give me a friend like you."
Harley actually tears up and CRUSHES Bruce in a hug, nevermind Jack's stupid " never touch Wayne" rule. " BRUCE. We're gonna be BFFS forever. I'll make you a teeth necklace."
" I think the bracelet's enough."
" You'll be maid of honor at my wedding."
" That's not what it's called."
" You'll be my kid's weird uncle that says phones ruin families and not decades of fermented generational trauma."
Sure. Bruce can be anything, if he's with her, and she's with him.
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whumpster-dumpster · a day ago
Can you write for a Whumpee that loves Halloween and got injured so they can’t go trick or treating? Bonus if someone’s there to console them!
“Next year, you’re [doing injurious activity]!”
"My mask puts too much pressure on the swelling."
"I didn't want my bloody wounds to be real this year!"
"If you did go, you'd make a really convincing mummy."
"I could still be a believable [costume character] on crutches!"
"The [accessory] that goes with my costume can't fit over the cast."
"If a Halloween axe murderer comes for me, I won't be able to run."
"Give me a list of your favorite candies, I'll be on the lookout for them!"
"Maybe [injury] will kill me while you're off having all the fun and I can haunt you."
"I hope trick-or-treaters don't come to my door. All I've got right now are painkillers."
"Hey, you may not be able to trick-or-treat but a horror movie marathon isn't so bad."
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seafoamicecream · a day ago
“Let me buy you a drink.”
“Sorry, I don’t drink. Alcohol and superpowers don’t mix well.”
“I see. Then, how about a coffee?”
“Bad idea. The last time I had caffeine, it…it got pretty ugly. Soda is out of the question too, in case you were going to offer. Too much caffeine and sugar.”
“I’m sorry. It must be hard to live like this. But you wouldn’t have any problem with a water bottle, would you?”
“No, water I can do.”
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tragic-feline · 2 days ago
Prompt #1
(Cw: Almost death, but no actual dying. Murder-y themes BAHAHA)
The hero watched in horror as they witnessed the villain writhe in agony on the ground.
"what did you do?" They whispered delicately as their voice shook. They looked up at their mentor who was looming above the dying criminal with disgust in their eyes.
"I did your job for you." Superhero shrugged nonchalantly in response. Hero fell to their knees and placed a hand on villain’s cheek. The villain looked pale, and if they hadn't been taking hitched, shallow breaths hero would've assumed villain was already dead.
“You're a monster.” Hero hissed as they looked up at superhero, carefully pulling villain into their arms. 
“We’re heroes” superhero chuckled dryly as they turned to walk away.
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whump-all-the-way · a day ago
a whumpee trying to escape, only to be pinned down the second they get out of their cell. a guard stands above them, their boot holding their crossed wrists together at the small of their back. “it’s tried to escape again, sir. what should i do with it?” the guard radios in. whumpee breathes heavily, the adrenaline pumping through their veins; the guards foot digs into their wrists, the skin raw and red from the chains they’ve just escaped from. they hear a beep, a muffled voice and they’re dragged back to their cell by their hair.
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givethispromptatry · 20 hours ago
“What do you think is going to happen if you go through with this? Money? Power?”
“I was promised peace.”
“You will never receive peace.”
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writing-ideas-inc · 15 hours ago
When a murderer is at large in a secluded wilderness getaway, two people survive the original massacre because they’d wandered off to find cell service. Neither of them had wanted to go on the trip, and they continue to narrowly avoid death by being distinctly terrible at interacting with the natural world. For example, they don’t predator-proof their food supply, and a wandering bear, attracted to the scent, thwarts the killer from approaching them. Still, as their bond strengthens and other survivors drop like flies, good luck might not be enough to save these two from a cold blooded killer, or each other.
- Lynn
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xxevil-pleasurexx · 20 hours ago
Imagine Scaramouche in SAGAU
This content includes: Cult like behavior, jealousy. If this content disturbs you, please avoid reading or proceed with caution.
Scaramouche, who adores the creator with all of his non-existent heart, is willing to do anything to stay in the creator's good graces. Even if he has to stand so still in the freezing winds of Snezhnaya.
The creator, ever so benevolent and generous, offers their thick coat to him. They would state with a smile that they are not bothered by the cold. That Teyvat wouldn't let their creator to freeze.
Scaramouche would absolutely flush. He couldn't accept it! Not in his wildest dreams! Even someone as egotistical as him would never do that.
All his hesitance flies out the window when he sees his grace's features dissolve into a sad frown. Oh, he couldn't stand to see his creator sad. Putting his thoughts aside, he accepts the coat with a blush spreading to his ears and his chest. Seeing his creator's bright smile only made his blush burn brighter.
However, the second the creator is away from his side, his haughty attitude is back. He would put up a casual front as he walks in front of the creator's other acolytes, flaunting the giant coat and sparking a sense of rivalry and jealousy. He makes sure to be extra when in front of the Raiden Shogun and the other Harbingers.
I mean, you can't blame him when it is the creator who obviously favors him, right?
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writers-block-dead · a day ago
Hero x Villain
Villain circles the Hero who is tied up to a post, eyeing them carefully but with an obvious air of confidence aimed to scare the hero. “You told them exactly where to find me-”
“That’s not true!” The Hero desperately cries to the Villain, holding in sobs of fear and regret.
“They circled me, destroyed my home,” The Villain is seething at this point. They stopped circling the Hero and instead, stands in front of them, eyes level with each other. A look of pure hatred sends the Hero into a spiral within their own mind. “You made me think you cared about me!” “I do! I do!” The Hero cries. “I love you,” it comes out as a broken murmur. In an instant, the Villain looms closer in front of the hero’s face. Close enough that the Hero can smell the ashes of the Villain’s home. Close enough that if the Hero were not tied up, one simple lean forward and they could kiss those lips they used to call home. But instead of moving any closer to their lips, the Villain’s mouth sit’s dangerously close to the Hero’s ear and in a soothing but malicious voice, the Villain whispers,
“I don’t believe you.”
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write-on-world · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
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